A Critical Analysis Of The Religion Of Islam Essay Sample For College

Islam is a belief system that I think has been greatly taken out of context. Often times, in our current social climate, we see members of opposing religions like Christianity focusing on the parts of Islamic scriptures that are destructive. What many people neglect to see is that like in any religion, there are positive and negative parts of the history behind it. There are beautiful parts of islamic scriptures just as there are beautiful parts of Christian and Jewish scriptures. We tend to focus only on the negative aspects of opposing beliefs because it makes feel like we are even more correct than we did before.

Especially in the United States, there is a negative connotation that comes with the use of the word/name “Muslim” it is almost a bad word in many parts of the country. Clearly this has a lot to do with the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. This attack was committed by people who happened to be members of a sect of the Islamic faith, cursing anybody who committed themselves to a Quran in this country. What many people neglect, though, is that this group of muslims is a very small portion of the Muslim community, as well as a portion of the community that many muslims do not accept as true members of the faith. Misunderstand and negative propaganda against the muslim faith in the United States has caused a lot of tension between the Muslim, Christian, and Jewish communities, even though they have a lot more in common than they might think.

I find it very hypocritical that the Christian community harvest so much hatred toward the Muslim community for a few reasons. One of these reasons being that many Christians in the United States will hold strong to the notion that their faith is one of love and acceptance. After all, what would Jesus do? Right? With Jesus being such a prominent figure in the Christian faith, you would think that more followers of the faith would actually try to act on the teachings of Jesus more often. I often have qualms about these beliefs because many Christian people are quick to point out the dark sides of other faiths, but are not so quick to remind themselves of the skeletons of Christianity’s closet. If you bring up the Crusades, the Holocaust, or the Inquisition to a person of strong Christian faith you are likely to receive an explanation surrounding the people responsible for these happening being radicals of the faith. This is true, the people who caused these events were, in fact, radicals of the faith. Failure to realize that the same is true of radicals in the Islamic faith is where the hypocrisy lies.

I firmly believe to the key to creating a more harmonious relationship is requires willingness from all parties involved. We have to be willing to take the time to understand the beliefs of others. We have to be willing to listen to what others have to say. We have to be willing to put aside pride and prejudice. The only way that we can get along is to actually try to get along, rather than finding reasons why we do not. This sounds like it is not difficult, because it is not. The only reason that this is hard is because people cause it to be that way. Of course, as a person of little to no faith, I might make it sound easier than it is. It seems like people who do not understand the world around them are the first people to speak about why others are incorrect. That is the main opponent of harmony.

A Review Of An Annotated Bibliography On The Dangers Of Red And Processed Meat Consumption

Micha, R., Wallace, S. K., & Mozaffarian, D. (2010). Red and processed meat consumption and risk of incident coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes mellitus. Circulation, 121(21), 2271- 2283.

The merits of this study are presumably credible due to the fact that they were undergone by AHA (American Health Association). The authors of this journal explain a study that was conducted testing red and processed meats. This study was significant because these two types of meats are the unhealthiest and most concerning to one’s diets. The consumption of these meat products was linked to several health issues including coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes alike. The use of advance statistics help calculates the degree of these issues, however, much of this process was nearly impossible to understand. This study was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates scholarship, which is generally only granted to extremely important issues. So, these findings are very significant to Nutrition and Science alike.

These findings are very significant to my topic at hand. Although this article was difficult to understand because of the high degree of mathematics utilize. But one can certainly conclude from the results that these two things are correlated. I would like to use this information to show the direct results of consuming red meats and processed meats. This information has certainly made me more cautious of what I consume. Heart issues are most often fatal and the effects can often not be reversed. It is important for audiences to realize that not all meat is bad, it’s about the type of meat and moderation of consumption. Most food can be linked to negative health issues, not only meat. This research will be highly utilized when trying to show the negative effects of a traditional meat diet.

de Boer, J., Schösler, H., & Aiking, H. (2014). “Meatless days” or “less but better”? Exploring strategies to adapt Western meat consumption to health and sustainability challenges. Appetite, 76, 120-128.

The authors of this journal aim to show techniques that lead to a reduction of meat consumption. They understand that for some people, eliminating meat is somewhat impossible. However, reducing the consumption can significantly increase one’s health. This article appears to be highly credible, for the information and statistics presented match up. Many other links are also utilized to help prove specific points. I feel none of the authors are bias in any way, they do not come out and say that meat consumption is bad, rather show the data as to why too much can be a bad thing. Basically, the power of moderation. The authors of this selection also show how plant based proteins can be supplemented. This information is often times left out, however, it is very important when switching diets. I feel the ideas represented in this article are true and link up with other information I have already retrieved.

I feel that this article can be very beneficial to my research. Reason being that it includes how to alter to a new diet. After I reach my conclusion of which diet is healthier, I can use these results to show how to alter one’s diet. By receiving plant based proteins, one can healthily adapt to this new diet. These shifts from consuming meat daily to consuming less of not even at all, can be very difficult. Even in my own personal life, I have tried consuming less meat products. At first, I craved them, and noticed the lack of energy I had. But I have switched to plant based proteins like tofu and beans, and they help aid this issue. I’m pleased with the organization of this journal, and I feel that it will direct me in a better understanding of my focused topic for this semester.

The Feminist Views On The Controversial Topic Of Abortion

Abortion can be precisely defined as a “medical procedure used to end a pregnancy and cause the death of the fetus” (Merriam-Webster). Even though abortion is legal and practiced in many parts of the globe, it is still a problem surrounded by controversy for it concerns and addresses one’s moralistic and ethical views and beliefs. In one hand, various people perceive abortion as a personal choice women are entitled to take. On the other hand, others view abortion as murder and do not differentiate it with killing an innocent human being. Although abortion is an issue of controversy, still many women abort for several reasons.

Although to some people abortion may sound unethical and immoral, many people, especially feminists, perceive this topic as a personal choice where women must have the right to choose because after all, it is her body. Pro-choice activists and feminists advocate that criminalizing and banning abortion will actually make it worse. The illegalization of abortion may lead women that opt to abort their pregnancy to illegal clinics that perform illegal and unsafe abortions which are very likely to cause health issues for them. Furthermore, criminalizing abortion won’t reduce the number of abortions. Actually, it will lead to black market clinics that perform unlawful and dangerous operations. Moreover, according to pro-choice activists, abortion is a safe medical procedure and a minor operation that have been practiced since time immemorial. 88 percent of women who took the decision to have an abortion and underwent the procedure have reported the success of the procedure with no side effects at all. Last but not least, many women who decide to deliberately end their pregnancy are often rape victims. Third-world countries such as India has the highest numbers of rape victims, and keeping that pregnancy will constantly look back on that horrible and unpleasant incident they went through. Thus, pro-choice activists call for worldwide decriminalization of abortion to allow those unfortunate victims to let go of the past.’

An alternative view of abortion is the pro-life activists who call for the right of life for everyone including fetuses. They advocate that moments after pregnancy occurs, the fetus becomes a human life with a soul. This fetus, according to pro-life activists, has the rights to live just as his mother does. In short, they claim that life starts at conception and that during the surgery -abortion- the fetus actually feels the pain of such procedure. Furthermore, pro- life activists encourage women who are considering abortion because they do not want to raise a child to give themselves the chance to re-think of such huge decision. If they’re aborting because of simply not wanting to raise a child, activists recommend women to give birth and give up the kid for adoption or “foster care”. Millions of people out there who are unable to have children opt to adopt kids. So, instead of aborting the fetus, the mother may just give him or her up for adoption rather than taking the fetus’ life. In addition, pro-life activists manifest that apart from the physical pain abortion causes, the psychological pain is much, much greater. PAS or post-abortion syndrome is a condition that forces women into a mental and psychological breakdown where the aborter may suffer from depression and melancholy as a result of her decision to kill an innocent soul. After all no religion, country, community and so on condone the harming, murdering and suffering of innocent human beings, let alone an innocent unborn child. So, according to pro-life activists, abortion isn’t really that different from murder. Moreover, according to them, legalizing abortion is unethical and immoral and will only lead to the death of more innocent unborn children. Therefore, the best way to prevent such dishonorable and unethical practices is to criminalize and restrict access to abortion.

There are many reasons that lead women to abort their pregnancy, the causes vary from financial issues, health problems to social troubles. To begin with, a big number of women that decide to deliberately put an end to their pregnancy feel that they are not prepared for a child. They perceive the responsibility of raising a child as a massive burden they want to avoid. Such responsibility requires a lot of time that some women may not have simply because they want to focus on their careers. Moreover, some women cannot afford to have a child. Giving birth is very costly, and what comes after giving birth such as medical care for the mother and the child and so on costs a fortune. Consequently, financially- burdened women opt to abort their pregnancy rather than giving birth and having financial difficulties in raising their kid. Furthermore, abortion occurs as a result of premarital sexual relations where the couple runs out of options but to put an end to the fetus’ life. In the Arab world specifically, where religion and family morals are in control, premarital sexual affairs are widely rejected and condemned. As a result, hundreds or even thousands of pregnancies are aborted discreetly. In addition, abortion may take place if a pregnant woman has health issues and keeping the pregnancy will only make it worse for her. Sadly, pregnant women with health issues face an ultimatum to either abort the child or keep the pregnancy on track but risk her own health, or even life. Thus, the vast majority would opt for an abortion rather than jeopardizing their lives.

Nadia was going home one day after completing a night’s shift at a local restaurant. Two years ago, after her father’s death, being the eldest of two brothers, she had to work to support her small family and to put herself through college. The restaurant wasn’t too far away from her home. Probably a twenty minutes’ walk. That night was dark and cold, the sounds of owls screeching were loud and terrifying. Nadia zipped up her jacket and paced to get home quickly. Three blocks away from her home, two men sat on the right side of the road. The sound of their loud laughter penetrated her ears. “They must be drunk,” she thought to herself. Nadia wanted to pass the block without getting seen by the drunkards, so she went to the other side of the road, and walked slowly so her footsteps won’t be heard. Unfortunately, she stumbled on an empty juice glass and fell down. She fell down on the glass and hurt her back. She couldn’t get up. She had no choice but to yell at the two drunkards to help her up. That how desperate she was. The drunkards heard her screaming and walked to the other side of the road to see a helpless female lying down at the floor.

Sadly, but not shockingly, they took advantage of her and put her in agony. Two days later, there she was lying on her bed thinking about that experience all by herself. She knew that it would be a disastrous idea if anybody else knew what had happened that night. She didn’t know what to do. But she knew keeping her pregnancy was out of the question. She could never do that. On the other hand, she couldn’t murder an innocent soul. And on top of all that, abortion was illegal and there was not a single abortion clinic out there she knew of. She was stuck in a dilemma. But after all, she made up her mind. She didn’t want anything to remind her of that horrendous incident. So, after intensive searching on the internet for a black market abortion clinic, she somehow found an address and a phone number. She called that number and made an appointment for the next day. The next day she went to the clinic on time. That clinic consisted only of one messy and dark room. She knew the risk of having a medical procedure in an unqualified and illegal clinic. But she didn’t have any other choice. Abortion was widely rejected and not a single hospital or legal clinic offered such procedure. All she wanted was to abort the fetus’ life, but what happened is that her life got aborted too.

Abortion is a provocative issue for the concept of abortion to some people is infuriating because it interferes with their religious and ethical views. To them, abortion is as immoral as murder. Nevertheless, to others, the issue of abortion is purely a personal choice that nobody has the right to intervene or intrude in but women. With the activity of feminist movements and the call for women autonomy, abortion is very likely to be decriminalized and legalized all over the world in the upcoming years.

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