A Letter From My Future Self On The Revisions Made To A Previous Essay Essay Example

Greetings from the future how are things going one in the past? I’m sure you have a lot of things to do since you‘ve just moved to Tucson. It is almost the end of the semester here, and I wanted to improve one of the essays that you will write for the English class The essay I improved is a profile of the wallyball club at the University of Arizona. Well, you’ll do a good job writing the essay, but you‘ll kind of go out of topic talking about the game itself instead of the club or community So, the strategy I followed was to remove unnecessary information about the technical rules of the game to make the essay serves the prompt better For example, I deleted the sentence “to ensure the ball bounces back as fast as expected, there is a range in which the circumference and the weight of the ball should not exceed.” This sentence sounds too technical, and the information.

It is actually implied in the same paragraph. For example, when Murtadha, my interviewee, said “The ball itself is different. The wallyball is light and loud, which makes it easier to follow the ball after it hits the walls,” it makes it obvious that the ball will have to have some unique features in order for it to bounce back after it hits the ball. The part I added to the essay is a small paragraph about the Facebook page that the club created I did asked Murtadha about it during the interview, but for some reason I didn‘t include it in the essay, Considering that the Facebook page is a part of the community, I thought that adding it would balance the technical and untechnical parts of the essay. What demonstrates my point the most is the sentence: “If we have started communicating by email we wouldn’t have built this unformal relationship, which I think is the type of relationship students want to build.”

This is because it shows how the page have had affected the club and the relationship between the members. Moving on, I must tell you that you’ll face a lot of challenges and hard work, so keep that in mind. You’ll write a lot, and you‘ll be required to review your mates writings as well. But don’t worry, this will not be a waste of your time nor a source of distraction, reviewing your class mates’ essays will help you gain a new skill that you‘ll definitely need in the future; which is revising papers on global and local levels, and good news for you, you will gain this skill! Of course, you’ll need to provide a lot of effort at first. But then, you‘ll find yourself able to catch mistakes here and there, whether they are local or global! Way to go! However, you‘ll need more practice in giving feedback and suggestions Even when you become able to recognize things to be edited you‘ll have a hard time editing them, so make sure you work more on that point.

The third point on the third goal states that you should have the ability to suggest revisions by the end of the course, but I’m afraid to tell you that you will not reach that goal! Preventing this from happening is hard. What I would suggest for you to do and what I will do in future classes is to start writing feedback while you’re mate is present, Show them you’re work and ask whether they find it helpful or not. This way you get a clear opinion on how well you’re writing feedback. But things can get trickier than that! Each person might have different perspective on how they would like to receive feedback and suggestions. By keeping on asking people to evaluate you‘re feedback, you’ll eventually experience almost all opinions and you’ll be ready to review any paper with solid comments that satisfy multiple perspectives, Nothing more to say, just keep up the hard work and be ready to fight your way through the semester! Future Rawan is so proud of you!

The Driving Age Should Not Be Raised To Eighteen In The United States

The driving age should not be raised to 18. Many people believe teens on the road are the major cause of accidents, but that’s not true. One of the best and most memorable things about being a teenager is finally turning 16 and being able to have a little more freedom. It’s something you dream about from the time you’re five years old. Teenagers should be able to drive at the age of 16. Teenagers are always wanting to be off with their friends living life and being able to drive makes it a lot easier. Parents don’t have to take time out of their day to drive them around everywhere, plus teens can drive siblings places they need to be, and even run simple errands for family members. it makes life a ton easier on everyone, Teenagers always want to be with theirfriends. I’m only 14 years old and I’m already making my parents go crazy with all the places | want/need to be.

My parents can’t wait until the day I turn 16 so they can have a break from spending their own gas money and taking time out of their day just to drive me around. Teens want to be everywhere doing everything more than any age group out there. Being a teenager can be the best, or worst years of your life. And taking away driving wouldn’t help make them the best. Teenagers can help out siblings. Whether a teen has siblings or not, almost all of them have a younger person in their lives that has places to be too. Parents are usually in charge of getting them places, but with having older kids that can drive, it makes it seriously easier to get everyone where they need to be. Teenagers can help run errands. if a parent or somebody else is sick, or too busy to do something they need to do, a teen is an awesome candidate to have run to the store and pick up some milk or some bread.

Teenagers need to experience independence. They need to be able to experience what it is really like in the real world and how scary it can really be, but also how great it can really be if they are responsible. It’s a great way to discipline teens as well, teens love driving privileges and if they do something wrong taking away those privileges is a great way to teach them wrong from right. Teenagers should be able to drive at the age of 16. It’s not only a matter of them being able to have fun, but it teaches responsibilities and can help out family members and friends too. 16 is the perfect age to drive and that should never change. So, I hope not only the government but also citizens come to realize how important teens driving really is, and that it’s not the only cause of accident on the road. And I hope the driving age stays how it is supposed to be. In conclusion, raising the driving age to eighteen in the United States may have unintended consequences, limiting the independence and opportunities for teenagers. The current system with a graduated licensing approach strikes a balance between allowing young drivers to gain experience and ensuring their safety on the roads.

A Study Of The Effects Of Early School Hours On A Student’s Life

Studies have shown the negative side effects of students who are forced to wake up early to attend school. Whether it be academic performance or an increased risk of health problems, it is pretty clear that times set for classes to start are not considerate of students’ needs. With New Jersey’s average start Lime at eight o’clock in the morning, it is no wonder why we hear so many student complaints. Waking up at early time is not the only cause for these complaints; we also need to consider: homework load, extracurricular activities and sports, along with maintaining a social life. Balancing all these variables is hard enough as it is, let alone with having to wake up early and worrying whether or not you will make it to school on time, Homework load is a huge factor in any student’s life. Some students spend hours upon hours doing homework, preparing for a test, or making up missed work.

When you miss a day of school, you have twice the work load to carry, which not only causes stress to the student for having to make up two days‘ worth of work, but also causes stress to make it to school, even if you have a legitimate reason. Personally, I have known students who have spent hours on work for one class, and after that, they still have more to go. How does one expect a student to keep up with their work, and the next day be at school at seven thirty, sharp? It is such an unrealistic expectation, and yet, it is still set there and has been for years. It is no wonder why student grade point averages are decreasing, More and more students are having trouble keeping up with their work, and on top of that, keeping up with their social life. You have heard it from psychologists, doctors, and parents; it is important to have friends, be well socialized, and be involved in your school and/or community.

But how is that to be expected of students when they do not have time to leave their house, considering how much homework they have and how little time they have to do it? Yet, we still expect students to get to school on time, give their undivided attention, and maintain a C average (or higher) GPA, when the night before, they finally got to sleep at midnight, and then had to wake up six hours later to get ready for school. These days, most high schools consider sports to be a pretty important part in their school’s reputation. So much is expected of athletes: showing up to practice on time, attending all of the games, practicing daily to maintain skills, all while keeping up with their school work and having to meet a certain GPA to be eligible to stay on the team Practices go on for hours, away games are even longer, but still, players are expected to hand in homework the next day, as well as be fully prepared for any upcoming tests, all while waking up in the early hours of the morning in order to get to school on time.

The amount of stress all of these factors put on a student is outrageous, but yet, change has not happened, and we are still waiting for a sign that it wills Remember in elementary school, when everything was easy and you didn’t have to work about balancing anything? I remember simpler days, where I didn’t have to be at school until nine o’ clock, where everyone in the classroom was your friend, and you were not expected to stay up for hours to complete homework or study for a test. If middle and high schools made the simple change of starting a little bit later, it would make a world of difference for most, if not all, students, Let this be a wakeup call to New Jersey middle and high schools; change needs to happen, and it needs to start now

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