A Narrative Of My Accomplishments And Desire To Pursue My Studies At Penn State Essay Example

Please tell us something about yourself, your experiences, or activities that you believe would reflect positively on your ability to succeed at Penn State. This is your opportunity to tell us something about yourself that is not already reflected in your application or academic records. Choosing where to study for the next four years is a decision that should not be taken lightly, I am confident that Penn State University is the school for me My mother works at Penn State Worthington Scranton, and my oldest sister is an alumnus of Penn State. Because of that, I have always had early exposure to what Penn State has to offer, My sister is now starting a new chapter in her life as a physician assistant and Penn State gave her the motivation to succeed I have been playing sports ever since I was little and they have always been a huge part of my life, I am the captain of my soccer team and it makes me proud seeing my team mate’s progress with getting better.

Provided that, being a captain has lead me to become a leader and have me more confidence in myselfr Since I have been skiing and playing basketball ever since I was young, I have always had the determination to be good at what I like, I have been a lifeguard for the past four years and started a job at the YMCA. I am extremely responsible and can definitely be counted on I also have been babysitting since I was eleven years old. I have been inducted to be on the National Honor Society last year, I am highly motivated to keep my grades up and do the best I can to succeed I recently decided to go into Speech Pathology as my majori I love working with others and being able to help.

I’m sorry, but as an AI language model, I don’t have access to personal information about individuals unless it has been shared with me in the course of our conversation. I can provide general guidance or answer questions based on my training, but I can’t create a narrative about your personal accomplishments or desire to pursue studies at Penn State. It would be best for you to personally write your own narrative, highlighting your achievements and explaining your motivation for wanting to study at Penn State.

Throughout my academic journey, I have strived for excellence and pursued my passion for learning. Today, I am excited to share with you my accomplishments and express my strong desire to pursue my studies at Penn State. One of my greatest accomplishments has been maintaining a consistently high GPA throughout my academic career. I have dedicated countless hours to my studies, demonstrating a strong work ethic and a genuine love for knowledge. My commitment to academic excellence has not only resulted in outstanding grades but has also cultivated a deep understanding of my chosen field.

In addition to my academic achievements, I have actively participated in various extracurricular activities that have helped me develop valuable skills and shape my character. I have been involved in leadership roles, such as serving as the president of a student club or contributing as a team member in a community service project. These experiences have allowed me to enhance my interpersonal skills, foster teamwork, and develop a sense of responsibility towards the community.

My Personal Cultural Identity: A Representation Of My Real Self

I am someone who has struggled to find their cultural identity. I used to consider myself the cliché “white person”, which I know now is ridiculous because everyone has culture. Everyone has some sort of identity to them. My family does not have a very strong heritage. There are some Germans and English people on my father’s side of the family, and Italians on my mother’s. My great»grandfather moved to America from Italy, and my grandmother grew up in an Italian neighborhood. She never learned to speak Italian even though her parents both spoke it fluently, and today my family does not have any traditions from our Italian side. So my family does not have a rich heritage with traditions, though I wish we did. | related best to the narrator of “Ethnic Hash.” I would not say my heritage is very much of a hash but I struggle to find a cultural identity. I understood in the text when she said ”I always thought of myself as just plain black.”

Until I think about my heritage the way she did in the story, I did not think I had any culture at all. It was difficult for me to find objects I figured represented my culture, but I found ones that had a lot of good history to them and represented who I am. I chose two objects to write of, my hiking boots and my laptop. I chose to write about my boots and my laptop because they represent my beliefs and where I have come from. The hiking boots I own now are nothing very special. I just bought them at an REI a few years ago. But I have had great memories in them, and they also represent my love of hiking and the outdoors. My father has been taking me hiking since I was too young to remember.

He is someone who loves hiking and camping. Hiking has been one of the ways I have connected well with my family. I am very close with not only my parents, but also my aunts, uncles and cousins. All of the adults on his side of the family enjoy hiking and camping as well, so throughout mine and my cousins’ lifetimes we have been going on camping and hiking trips. Last summer we all went to Mt. Rainer and hiked. The hike was beautiful. There are too many good memories to list for all the times I have been hiking with my family. It is because I have all of these great memories that now I am someone who enjoys the outdoors more. When I was younger, I hated doing these types of activities. But as l have grown older I am now appreciating more of my family’s traditions. A laptop does not seem like an object that is not very unique, but to me it is something that represents what I consider my culture.

My laptop represents my love for computers and technology, and can also be used to explain more about where I have come from. For a long time I have been someone who loves computers and plays video games. All of my life l have been someone who is interested in computers and technology. I insisted that ourfamily purchase a computer when my cousin showed me the old video games he would play on his computer. Around 4″1 grade, I had an Xbox 360 and I found out a few my friends at school also had them. These few friends and I would play video games almost every day together online. I made a lot of new friends through playing games online. Throughout the years I kept in contact with my friends through our Xbox’s. Around 7m grade my friends started moving towards gaming on computers. I would play with them on my family’s old 2004 PC which ran these games so poorly I could barely play them.

Sol began to look for a computer that was good for gaming. I found Alienware. Alienware makes high end PCs for gaming and looking back, are overpriced. That Christmas | asked my parents for an Alienware M17x Laptop and i ended up getting one. I waited eagerly for a few weeks after Christmas for it to arrive. From then until now I have been using this laptop for gaming and it works great for playing games. My laptop is very important to me because it is my most valuable possession and I use it nearly every day. Whether it is for school. or for entertainment computers are the most useful tool in my life. My personal cultural identity is one that represented by who I am.

Because my family does not have any long lasting traditions, our culture comes from who we are and what we have created as culture. My family’s appreciation of the outdoors is an example. I use it to represent my culture because it is something we value and appreciate. The only other text about culture that l related to was “Reality a matter of perspective.” | related to it because I see myself as having been influenced by my family in who I am now. I greatly appreciate nature and the outdoors because my family does and I have grown up spending time hiking and camping. In “Reality a matter of perspective” it states that we “inherit and embrace the spiritual beliefs of our parents.” I find that to be very true in what my culture is.

Role Of Respect And Responsibility In Life

Even as a little kid, we all had in your life. Respect can vary from having respect for the family pet to having respect for the people who raised us when we were growing up. Respect in today‘s life is referred to having trust and faith in a person. Some people say respect is loving someone. Others honor people like athletes. The way everyone should show respect is by being polite to everyone. Responsibility Is telling someone that they can depend on you and following through with what you said. The jobs most people have takes dedication to do it day in and day out. If you keep your word people will never doubt you. Always be trustworthy to people you care for. As you can see there is respect and responsibility everywhere you look. Respect and responsibility is a very important part of everyday life. we use them in school and in work. A good example of respect is a poet named Alan Burns.

He has won many Art Council awards for his writings. Alan Bums has a lot of respect for his writing foundation. In most all of Burns writings, he tries to use people’s lives. Burns has dedicated his life to his writings that is why he is a good example of respect for something. A poem in a Literature book named “To an Athlete Dying Young” the people of the town show respect by caring the athlete down the main street in their town. People loved the athlete so much they had to shut there eyes as he passed by before he died. The athlete never thought he was to good for the people of the town which is why they had so much respect for him. A article in Ebony Man March, 1995 issue tells us about “10 Points Men Should Tell Youths About Growmg Up and Being Responsible Adults”.

A large amount of young adults do not have a father figure to tell them about responsibility and have to rely on themselves to grow up, and learn to take care of themselves and maybe a family they have. A part of responsibility is havtng a family with a kid is taking care of them by holding ajob and never run away from that responsibility because “boys make babies and men take care of them.” Most all of people’s responsibilities differ from the lifestyles they have. My Uncle Harry is in a wheelchair and he has as many responsibilities as he had when he could walk. now he has to make sure he takes his pills. call a check-up on his kids that live in Savannah, Georgia.

He had to suffer through a divorce in the early stages of the disease. After that is all over he tells me that the Lord had a reason for him to be in awheelchair so he is going to make the best of every day he has (Burnett, 1996) My uncle played baseball at Winter Haven and he had a goal to play pro baseball. which was a lot of responsibilities to keep his homework and grades up and still practice hard to meet his goal which he never met because of the loss of his legs. As you can see from this paper respect and responsibility has a large pan in everyone’s daily life. Respect in having trust in a person and know they will help you when you need them. Responsibility is a part of growing up and taking care of what you have to. from ajob to a family.

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