Advertising’s Overdue Revolution: A Creative Analysis Sample College Essay

The speech titled “Advertising’s Overdue Revolution” is a very interesting read. I will attempt to break the speech down into a number of main themes discussed by the author. I will then examine each of these themes and decide whether or not I agree with the points presented. On the issues that I have a difference of opinion, I will examine why, and try to support my argument with relevant facts.

How much is advertising responsible for the highest credit card debt and lowest household savings in years?

Let us make sure we understand what advertising is before we tackle this question. I will not be talking about one particular ad, but from the common theme underlying every ad. There is no question in my mind that advertising has contributed to this. As mentioned earlier a person gets hit with 3000 ad ideas a day. There is of course going to be things that a normal person will see in some of these ads and have a want for. However, advertising is a way for companies to communicate the ideas and products they are selling to the consumer. Can you imagine if there was no advertising at all? How could a company introduce a new product to consumers? They could lay a product in a store and hope people buy it. Of course, it may work for something that looks easy to use and when customers’ have seen similar products. What about when it is a new innovative product? Then of course how would they know what it even is if there was no label on the package. Isn’t the packaging a form of advertising at the point of sale? As you can see when you view it in simple turns, advertising is needed to sell products.

Moving into the 21st century, technology is changing, more companies are popping up, more products are available than ever before, and researchers’ ae developing new ways to advertise each year. Therefor, it is no surprise consumer debt is at the highest level in recent years.

Advertising is increasingly being scrutinized and codes of ethics are being adopted and revamped around the globe. The author of “Advertising’s Overdue Revolution” proposes three clarifications of the industry principles in North America. They are:

1. Promote only those goods and services that benefit human development.

2. Refrain from promoting reckless, irresponsible, competitive consumption.

3. Changes to laws regarding the way we market to children.

Let us examine each of these proposals and decide if it is a good idea to implement any those ideas.

1. Promote only those goods and services that benefit human development.

I do applaud the author for recognizing there is a problem and wanting to do something about. But I see a large problem with his first proposal. With capitalism, free enterprise, and little government control it is impossible to regulate industry and force them to promote only the goods and services that benefit society. Most industry’s are profit driven, answering to their shareholders for instants in a large corporation. There are a few exceptions to the rule such as non profit organizations. The proposal sounds like the building blocks and ideology of a communist government. A communist country is where the state controls the industry, economy and owns all property. In that case it is theoretically possible, but even then the government is using their own subjective view of what promotes human development.

If we believed in this principle, we would be opposed to the most obvious products that harm human development such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and nuclear power. We would also have to be opposed to giving kids candy as it has no nutritional value. Big Macs, Coke, Pepsi, and potato chips would all have to be banned. What benefit do these food products offer us? They have no nutritional value and one could argue that soft drinks are addictive because of their caffeine content. The list doesn’t stop at food products, but one can easily see the flaw in such a principle.

2. Refrain from promoting reckless, irresponsible, competitive consumption.

Although it is difficult to implement, this principle is possible. Keep in mind as mentioned earlier that our society is based on capitalism and free enterprise is the main theme of it. All of the companies and corporations selling products or services are profit driven. Although they may appear as not promoting reckless, irresponsible consumption, in some cases it is done just to build good public relations. Building public relations will only go so far. It is not enough to regulate the industry and let advertisers be self governing.

Let us take a look at Player’s Light for instance. Of course, they are no longer able to advertise because they are a cigarette manufacturer, and the current regulations prevent them. The firm sponsors formula one races, and other sporting events throughout the country each year. At first glance it may appear that the firm is contributing to the sport of car racing and they look like a nice corporate sponsor. However, they have alternative motives. The firm that produces Player’s Light has been accused of continuing to advertise their cigarettes by finding a loop hole in the law. Carefully examine all the posters and logos at these sporting events and you will notice that the firm has deliberately chosen to make everything the same colour as their cigarette packs. Walk into a corner store and you will notice a large sign on the wall promoting “Player’s Racing Team.” Conveniently it is called Player’s and the sign is blue, the same as the packaging for the Player’s Light cigarette’s. The point I am trying to make here is that although the firm is unable to advertise in Canada, because they are profit driven they have found a loop hole in the law, and the public relations from the whole thing is just a bonus.

The only way to effectively prevent reckless irresponsible consumption is to have government regulate the advertising industry. I mean companies can still advertise but each ad must be carefully scrutinized and must pass tests with high standards before they can be aired. There is already a government agency responsible for this. However, some would argue that they need tougher new regulations and standards as companies and firms develop more sophisticated ads.

3. Changes to laws regarding the way we market to children.

Let us examine the implications of marketing to kids. Phycologists have proven that to a child all information is educational. They can’t distinguish between advertising and other types of information. Hence, it is impossible to “target” them without being manipulative. Some countries in Europe and the province of Quebec have even banned advertising to kids under the age of 12 based on this evidence. I think most people would agree that advertising to kids is unethical. However, it is most likely not going to create a stir for example if it is Ronald McDonald and later that day your kids ask for McDonald’s for dinner. Most parents deal with that and the politicians would be under little pressure to do anything.

The real controversy begins when we hear of companies such as cigarette manufacturers’ marketing to kids. In recent years cigarette companies have been in the spot light and some have even settled lawsuits with some states, while admitting that they targeted kids with their ad campaigns for years. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that companies target kids so they later will become a frequent user or buyer. Remember I have already illustrated that companies are profit driven. Once kids become addicted, they are continually profit for the remaining of their life. Hence, even if the legal age for smoking was totally enforced, what good does it really do if a kid is already conditioned to begin smoking when they become an adult. And often cases the laws as they stand does not prevent underage smoking and drinking. It would be interesting to know how much market share and profit loss the tobacco and beer companies would have if underage usage was completely stopped.

We have examined the more serious product that can be dangerous and deadly to underage users. Let us take a look at a few different things. According to an article in American Demographics entitled “Born to Shop” children as young as three ask for brand names, and at six months babies recognize corporate logos and spokesmen. That is scary especially considering 93% of teenage girls say shopping is their favourite activity. On this issue I do agree with the author. I think we should ban all advertising to children less than 12. The evidence shows that children under that age cannot make an informed decision. To relate this to a topic discussed earlier, that credit card debt is at its highest level ever. How much of that debt is contributed to parents buying things for kids that are subjected to these ad campaigns. For example Levis’ jeans, Nike shoes, Tommy Hilfigger shirts, and other expensive brand name items that kids increasingly demand so they can fit in or so they do not stand out and get beat up. As you can see, it can be argued advertising to kids creates a number of social problems.


Experiment About Two Types Of Variables

In an experiment, researchers measure two types of variables: independent and dependent variables. (a) Which variable is manipulated to create the groups? Independent variable (b) Which variable is measured in each group? Dependent variable 7. Can a nominal variable be numeric? Explain. Yes. Just as described in the textbook (Page 100), numbers on a nominal scale identify something or someone; they provide no additional information.

Common examples of nominal numbers include ZIP codes, license plate numbers, credit card numbers, country codes, telephone numbers, and Social Security numbers. These numbers simply identify locations, vehicles, or individuals and nothing more. One credit card number, for example, is not greater than another; it is simply different. What’s more, a nominal variable could be converted to a numeric value by coding. 13. A researcher measured behavior among all individuals in a small population.

Are inferential statistics necessary to draw conclusions concerning this population? Explain. Inferential statistics are procedures used that allow researchers to infer or generalize observations made with samples to the larger population from which they were selected (Page 87). So if the research had limited access to the population, then the inferential statistics are necessary; if the small population is small enough to allow the research to have full access, then inferential statistics are not necessary. 17.

A researcher measures the height and income f participants and finds that taller men tend to earn greater incomes than do shorter men. What type of research method did the researcher use in this example? It’s correlation method. The correlation method involves measuring the relationship between pairs of scores. No variable is manipulated and the two variables are measured for each participant, and the extent to which those variables are related is measured. In this case, the researcher measures the relationship between the height and income of participants. 1 . Researchers are interested in studying whether personality is related to the month in which someone was born. (a) What scale of measurement is the month of birth? Nominal scale. (b) Is it appropriate to code the data? Explain. It’s not necessary because coding is the procedure of converting a nominal or categorical variable to a numeric value and the month of birth is already numeric.

Children’s And Youthful Criminality In The USA

In 1956 г , in the USA left the book “ Youthful criminalism ” under edition S.Meklelana ‘s Grant. This book represents the aggregation of articles of the American writers who are engaged in research of a job of kids ‘s and vernal criminalism in its assorted facets. In the book sentiments of responsible solons, attorneies, head-shrinkers, sociologists, authors, instructors, parents and representatives of other groups of the population at a job of criminalism among bush leagues in the USA are stated.

In the present information those sentiments which represent the greatest involvement for the Soviet reader are short stated merely. In peculiar, considerable involvement is caused by sights of some the American writers of the grounds of kids ‘s and vernal criminalism and about methods with which aid, in their sentiment, apparently it is possible to accomplish lessening in growing of criminalism among bush leagues in the USA.

In the bulk the American writers look intoing inquiries of kids ‘s and vernal criminalism, are far from unwraping of the valid grounds of criminalism among bush leagues. In the USA they try to explicate tremendous growing of kids ‘s and vernal criminalism any the minor grounds. Merely separate writers in the articles presented in the considered book, seek to suggest shy at the true grounds of criminalism among bush leagues, without opening therefore wholly the sights on this point in inquiry.

All American writers who are engaged in research of a job of kids ‘s and vernal criminalism in the USA, grade immense growing of criminalism among bush leagues. The kids ‘s and vernal criminalism is a calamity of the modern American cogency. The job of kids ‘s and vernal criminalism in the USA, harmonizing to the bulk of writers, is sharper, than in any to the universe state.

Data, available FBI, show that the offenses of all toxicants made in the state in 1954, have increased on 8, 2 % in comparing with 1953, in 1953 the criminalism was above on 8 % in comparing with 1952 How much this general addition in criminalism in the USA is caused by growing of criminalism among bush leagues, it is seeable from the following information. Harmonizing to FBI, in 1953 immature felons to 18-year-old age had been made 53, 6 % from among all car larcenies in 1174 metropoliss ; 49, 3 % of all burglaries ; 40, 1 % of all other sorts of larcenies ; 18 % of all robberies and 16, 2 % of all colzas.

If the inclination to growing of kids ‘s and vernal criminalism takes topographic point and farther the undermentioned coevals will witness a consequence more than 41, 8 million instances of theft, 15, 8 million burglaries, 7, 4 million car larcenies, 2 million robberies, 3 million physical force and more than 200 1000 Americans will look killed. Now in the USA every twelvemonth more than 1 million adolescents make one or several offenses. If it will non be possible to suspend growing of criminalism among bush leagues, that, harmonizing to Klendenena ( see the named book, p. 9 and с л . ) , by 1960 the kids ‘s criminalism increases more than to 1, 5 million instances a twelvemonth.

The kids ‘s and vernal criminalism in the USA in the development as some writers mark, accepts more and more unsmooth and terrible signifiers. Young felons who broke 10 old ages ago street lanterns, interruption now skulls of people. Therefore, harmonizing to Evane ( p. 41 — 42 ) , the job of kids ‘s and vernal criminalism is one of the greatest jobs in a life of a modern American society.

Than so broad development and rise in offense among bush leagues in the USA speaks? On this inquiry among the American writers who are engaged in research of kids ‘s and vernal criminalism, there is no common sentiment. Barron Milton ( p. 59 — 63 ) considers that in motion of kids ‘s and vernal criminalism is observed defined or fluctuation. He can non explicate these fluctuations, but their perusal, from its point of position, allows to pull the of import decisions.

The kids ‘s and vernal criminalism additions during the periods of economic prosperity and falls down during the depression periods, additions in a readying clip to war and the war and falls during the universe. From here Milton concludes that most plausible grounds of addition in criminalism among bush leagues in the USA are either war or prosperity. The opposite image is observed with criminalism of grownups. The criminalism of grownups Begins to worsen during prosperity and war and rises during depression and the universe. Milton explains this opposite inclination of criminalism of grownups and kids to that character of economic alterations in military or the peace clip renders assorted psychological, societal and economic influence on grownups and kids.

Some American writers great value in development of criminalism among bush leagues give faiths. In their sentiment, incredulity in God — the serious factor act uponing growing of kids ‘s and vernal criminalism. Harmonizing to many, on growing of criminalism among bush leagues the great influence is rendered by the cartoon strips published in the USA in million circulations and in the bulk depicting offenses, made chiefly bush leagues. Influence of these cartoon strips on kids enormously. Comics specially intend for adolescents and, in kernel, contain all necessary lessons how it is necessary to perpetrate offenses. Adolescents study on such cartoon strips and travel on offenses already with the ready formula.

The force and sadism are preached in many cartoon strips. And all it is accompanied by apparent illustrations. Under the influence of one merely comics the criminalism of bush leagues in the USA has increased in 1954 in comparing with 1947 by 20 % . Vertham Frederik ( p. 78 — 91 ) as a consequence of legion supervising and researches has come to a decision that the cartoon strips depicting offenses, are the serious factor in growing of kids ‘s and vernal criminalism now. At the same clip he believes that cartoon strips non alone and in many instances at all the most of import factor, but, doubtless, most inexcusable factor.

The portion of writers considers kids ‘s and vernal criminalism in the USA as consequence of imitation. Finally, from their point of position, immature felons gain experience and cognition in condemnable trade from grownups environing them. Between criminalism of grownups and bush leagues there is a direct communicating: when kids on experience of grownups see that the Torahs set uping certain regulations of behavior, the regulation inquiries connected with inebriation, gamings, trade etc. , can be ignored ; see that grownups can go forth “ dry H2O ” , they start to copy this grownups.

On development of criminalism among bush leagues the great influence renders distribution to the USA alcoholic drinks and drugs. Along with alcoholic drinks and drugs in the USA on bush leagues fatal influence the exposure render, the illustrated playing cards, home bases, film, telecasting screens, the slides, the illustrated books and the booklets stand foring low sexual deformations. The big measure of all these adult stuffs specially intends for young person that makes the large concern which income fluctuates yearly between 100 and 300 million dollars.

Absence of effectual Torahs on battle against spread of drug dependence and the eroticas, poisoning heads and organic structures of adolescents, from the point of position of many writers, is one of the serious grounds of kids ‘s and vernal criminalism in the USA.

Some explain criminalism as consequence bad personal to environment. The portion of writers specifies in flood of schools, failing of Torahs, a broad circulation of instances kids parents, public indifference to kids who are in a hard state of affairs, and other fortunes as on societal conditions or the grounds which promote growing of criminalism among bush leagues.

Sightss of the American writers at the grounds of criminalism among bush leagues are inconsistent. Some writers consider kids ‘s and vernal criminalism as consequence of terrible conditions by which the life in slums is characterised. They specify that the households populating in these slums, normally really hapless, huddle in little suites. Parents frequently face the great troubles connected with unemployment. Therefore in blighted countries about all possible signifiers of offenses and defects more frequently dressed ore.

Harmonizing to other writers, a prevailing sight that immature felons in the bulk leave from countries and hapless households, now does non stand for the facts. Young felons leave every bit as households with an mean or tenable prosperity, and from households with a low prosperity.

The portion of writers asserts that the bulk of immature felons is “ s

ick children” . Their oppositions flatly deny it. From their point of position, immature felons mentally healthy and physically strong, like all those kids who do non do offenses.

Separate research workers a criminalism chief cause see in parents. They consider that in most instances offenses are made by kids of whom parents do non care or heedlessly concern their instruction. Incorrect instruction of the kid in household conditions consequences, from their point of position, in development of condemnable sets in the early childhood, and to neutralize these sets later barely. If parents heedlessly concern instruction of kids, the last spell on street and become felons.

As show the information when the adolescent goes on a offense, it is normally found out that this adolescent has been left by parents to the clemency of destiny, of it did non care, struggles made on it between parents, inebriation and any other indecent influences in a household bad impact. The divorce broad circulation, stiffness in common dealingss between parents, absence of normal conditions, attention and supervising and other abnormalcies in household conditions make considerable impact on growing of criminalism of bush leagues in the USA.

A figure of writers considers wrong the grounds of kids ‘s and vernal criminalism to cut down to influence of parents or unnatural dealingss in a household. They believe that the criminalism ground are bad material conditions, deficiencies of spiritual instruction, bad school conditions, the description of force in movies or telecasts etc.

Sightss of the American research workers and at a school function in development of kids ‘s and vernal criminalism in the USA are inconsistent. One assert that between criminalism of bush leagues and school there is a direct communicating, others deny it. So, for illustration, Howard Uajtman ( p. 71 — 78 ) specifies that the subject of adolescents became now the large job at schools of the USA. In a figure of schools direction and directors do non pass any work on discipline care at school. Uajtman consequences instances of drawing of physical hurts knifes, whippings of instructors, clashing of adult females downwards on school ladders, slayings of other students from fire-arms, extortionate dark onslaughts and other offenses made by students.

A spot different point of position on a instance in point Ernest adheres to O.Melbi ( p. 69 — 71 ) . He agrees that the subject at some schools of the USA truly is a critical job. However, in its sentiment, the serious antisocial Acts of the Apostless made by bush leagues, are instead rare. Now serious disciplinary jobs arise at the American schools where educational procedure is severely adjusted. At schools in which instructors are able to involvement the students, seldom it is necessary to run into troubles in subject.

In sights of the writers which articles are presented in the considered book, has non found the acknowledgement sentiment bing in the USA that the criminalism among the Negro population is more drawn-out than among the white population. In peculiar, as specifies Klendenen ( p. 14 and с л . ) , there is no footing to asseverate that the criminalism is apparently more built-in in Negroes, than any other members of the American society.

Therefore, many American writers analyzing kids ‘s and vernal criminalism, can non or merely make non wish to open the chief ground of growing of criminalism among minor century of the USA, rooting in the kernel of a capitalist system. From here, of course, and methods which they offer in battle against kids ‘s and vernal criminalism, can non impact a small basically lessening in criminalism among bush leagues and the more so, wholly to decide a job of kids ‘s and vernal criminalism in the USA.

In battle against kids ‘s and vernal criminalism in the USA the diversified actions are offered. Some of them have naif character. So, for illustration, Edgar Hoover ( p. 169 — 175 ) , considers that the job of kids ‘s and vernal criminalism can be resolved apparently ” merely by ingraining by the grownup of high moral qualities by agencies of faith. Other American writers besides specify in a faith great influence in the bar of offenses. In their sentiment, the church and a temple are the of import agencies for ingraining of moral and societal qualities of the American young person.

From the point of position of many, the most effectual action which can be undertaken for the control over kids ‘s and vernal criminalism, instruction of parents in the spirit of right public presentation of the parental responsibilities by them is. For lessening in kids ‘s and vernal criminalism it is offered to set about the certain stairss directed on strengthening of a household and riddance or, at least, limitation of many conditions, harmful to kids, care with councils and the aid in household inquiries, to perplex divorces, to better the plan of amusements, to beef up censoring of telecasts, movies, etc. As one of actions for battle against kids ‘s and vernal criminalism some offer strengthening of duty of minor felons. From their point of position, reform of condemnable penalty should convey success in battle against criminalism of bush leagues.

One of the practical actions apparently advancing realizations ” the control over kids ‘s and vernal criminalism in the USA, harmonizing to Hoover, is remotion of fingerprints at all adolescents arrested for serious offenses. He suggests to reassign carry oning battle against kids ‘s and vernal criminalism in custodies of national constabulary as last to make it easier and easier. Local constabulary: has no sufficient experience of battle against criminalism of bush leagues. Transporting out in a life of this action, harmonizing to Hoover, apparently is the of import measure to the determination of a job of kids ‘s and vernal criminalism to the USA.

Necessary action in battle against criminalism of bush leagues, from the point of position of separate writers, is the liability of parents for causation of a belongings harm of a private belongings by their kids. The imperativeness disclosing in the imperativeness names of those immature felons which commit heavy and perennial offenses, besides can do indispensable impact on parents and coerce them to give more than attending to behaviour of kids.

Many among bush leagues consider as serious action for the bar of criminalism a way of their energy on utile concern. In last coevalss, from their point of position, adolescents worked more, hence to maintain them in custodies it was easier, than now. During the modern mechanised epoch kids frequently appear in a problem of that at them it is excessively much free clip. For this ground it is necessary to back up more the civil ( secular ) , school and church administrations supplying the plans of remainder for young person.

Some American writers for battle against criminalism of bush leagues offer transporting out of certain system psychiatric and any to other aid to immature felons, strengthening of attention of kids in houses, any administration of constitutions, nines, infirmaries, etc. Many consider that with kids ‘s and vernal criminalism it is possible faster and to fight more economically by broad realization of plans of instruction and remainder for all kids in national comprehensive schools. The great value in battle against growing of criminalism among bush leagues, harmonizing to separate writers, has an employment of the immature work forces who have left school.

The large possibilities in the bar of criminalism of bush leagues many writers see at school. With that terminal in position they offer to pass a new kind of the subject at schools, which kernel consists in making unit of ammunition adolescents training conditions, to hold on them the psychological influence, a sense of duty conveyance by it for the Acts of the Apostless. And, the new subject, from their point of position, will be effectual agencies merely in the event that parents and instructors will hang together in transporting out of disciplinary influence on adolescents and at schools and at place.

As preventative care against ingestion of drugs separate writers offer hospitalization of nuts and a rigorous compulsory sentence about gaol arrangement without remotion of action or conditional glade on bond of the minor felons recognised guilty of spread of drug dependence.

For battle against kids ‘s and vernal criminalism some writers suggest to restrict or neutralize gamings for kids. From their point of position, the public sentiment should raise the voice against proprietors of the whorehouses, in secret selling to adolescents liquors and assorted adult merchandises. The care of the considered book is that in general.

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