An Eye For An Eye Principle In Society Writing Sample

In the discussion concerning the “an eye for an eye” principle, I support Jones, who said that this commandment would not leave a blind society, but to a one-eyed society, which is different. To my mind, both sides are right in some aspects because violence leads to even more violence. However, it is sometimes impossible to fight violence only by non-resistance to evil, and punishment should serve as a restriction against new crimes and abuses.

The side I have chosen is connected to the overall level of development of humanity. It seems to me that at the moment, there is too much violence now in the world, which makes it impossible to totally refuse to use penitentiary systems. Although it may seem a paradox, sometimes weapons and prisons are on guard for peace. There are always people who are willing to break the rules, steal things, abuse defenceless and weak people, or do something else. If they knew that they could be met with a weapon or caught by police and put into prison, they would not feel unpunished.

Thus, the metaphor concerning the one-eyed society means that although punishment for crimes is hard and leads to aggression, it is still a restriction. A one-eyed person would remember the obstacles at which they have lost the eye and would not repeat their mistakes. When people become kinder and build a developed society, where they will care about each other and work for the common good, it will be possible to refuse from the eye for an eye principle. Still, it seems that people are not ready for it yet, and this transition should be gradual.

What Makes Leonardo Da Vinci Different Among Painters

What I Find Inspiring

Leonardo da Vinci is an iconic figure in the world of art and science, with certain admirers even referring to him as a “genius.” The thing that inspires me the most about the life and legacy of da Vinci is the pure vastness of his imagination. Apart from gifting the world masterpieces such as “Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper,” Leonardo skillfully combined science and art. He was not only a visionary, but an architect, a researcher, as well as a scientist. While most people would probably mention the bewitching smile of Mona Lisa as a source of inspiration, my favorite piece by Leonardo da Vinci is “The Last Supper.” As a devoted Christian myself, I have always admired the painter’s talent in re-imagining Biblical scenes. It is easy to disassociate yourself from those depicted in the Scripture. However, it was da Vinci who showed me the humanity and emotion of Christ and his entourage.

Universal Truths of Humanity

While Leonardo certainly captured the human narrative exceptionally well and played with the themes of betrayal, love, and joy, his primary focus was always nature. In all of his paintings, he tried to show a complete narrative instead of capturing a moment in time exclusively. He dedicated most of his life to exploring his urge to understand nature, which became the primary theme of his artistic endeavors. He wanted to create a genuine and true image of the real world. Therefore, out of the universal truths of humanity, he preferred authenticity to be a central point in his art. Gifted with a scientific mind, Leonardo was curious about every phenomenon in the outside world so that the graphic representation of said phenomena was completely authentic. Furthermore, the artist tried to make sense of nature and the world around him by discovering its laws and finding patterns. Leonardo da Vinci used his passions for art and science to show the interconnectedness of nature.

What Makes Him Different

Some might argue that Leonardo is similar to any other artist of the same era. Indeed, certain similarities can be noted, particularly a variety of references to the Biblical text as well as other distinctive traits of the Italian Renaissance. Despite that, the painter’s work was unique mostly due to the innovative techniques he utilized, the incorporation of science into his work, and the re-imagining of the human form (Gates, 2019). In comparison to other traditional, well-trained painters, Leonardo was always willing to take a risk, experiment with positioning, or introduce an innovative artistic approach. There have been hundreds of depictions of “The Last Supper” before and after da Vinci’s masterpiece. However, Leonardo was the first to tell a story through the painting instead of capturing a singular moment in time (Worrall, 2017). The artist’s “The Last Supper” is truly an emotional narrative. As Christ proclaims that one of those sitting at the table will betray him, each of the apostles has a unique reaction.

Elements in da Vinci’s Art

I have decided to paint nature as my creative art project. Two elements of Leonardo da Vinci’s technique I would like to use our linear perspective and authenticity in capturing flairs and fauna. Linear perspective works best for a naturalistic approach I have chosen to take. As for the second element, I believe that studying the plants I am going to paint will help me to capture them more realistically and find fresh ways to paint them, just as Leonardo did.


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The Volkswagen AG Stocks Analysis

This paper examines the valuation of Volkswagen AG to determine the adequacy of the stock valuation. The company currently has a P / E ratio of 5.78 as of August 2021 (YCharts, 2021). The automotive industry currently has an average of around 10, but many companies in the same sector are at roughly the same level: for example, Kia is under ten, and Mazda is around 16 (Baur & Todorova, 2018). The pandemic impacted all sectors of the world economy, but this indicator now remains relatively at the same level (Romano, 2020).

Only Tesla is significantly out of the list for this indicator, which is explained by the comprehensive media coverage and the development of promising developments beyond electric cars’ technology. According to this indicator, the company is now at a low level, but this often leads to rapid growth, which is confirmed by the jump in March 2021 (Richters, 2021). Given the industry average and the company’s plans for electric factories on various continents, charging points, communications, and autonomous driving developments, the company is currently undervalued.

In order to calculate the book value for each share, the company’s balance sheet for 2020-2021 is used. The total assets of Volkswagen AG are 497,114,000 thousand. Then it is needed to subtract the company’s total liabilities of 368,331,000 thousand; the result is a total equity gross minority interest of 128,783,000 (Yahoo Finance, 2021). Dividing the resulting number by the total number of outstanding shares 501.295, the answer is approximately 256.9.

The current share price of Volkswagen AG is 201 euros, while at the end of 2020, it was approximately 156. The number obtained is significantly higher than the actual value of the shares. The book value of a share is the proportion of the net assets of an enterprise per share. It is a crucial criterion for assessing the activities of an enterprise. The market price of a share is usually higher than the balance price in a successful company. In this case, the company’s securities are undervalued. The market values ​​the enterprise below its book value. By buying securities with such an indicator, the investor understands that he is paying for them less than the actual value of the share of assets attributable to them.

Analysts generally define the company’s shares on the market as favorable for buying. However, they highlight a relatively significant risk, according to the safety rank. As a recommendation, an assessment of the company’s future is proposed, which, in general, is seen as promising against the background of its developments (Obermatt, 2021). According to another report, Volkswagen AG is coping with the chip crisis with dignity, but there are fears in the future about inflation due to rising interest rates and the success of banks (Cohen, 2021). Finally, concerns about the environment in European countries, the difficulties of entering emerging Asian markets, and competition leading to a technology race are not in favor of the company.

However, the company’s successful diversification, also in the luxury market (Strategy Stocks, 2021), forms a solid foundation. International experience, coupled with innovative developments, balance the future perspective with the voiced shortcomings, and in general, it is recommended to monitor all these factors; otherwise, the investment is described as risky. As a guideline, partnerships with other companies in the industry should be monitored, the evolution of innovation, oil and fuel prices, influenced by political factors and laws in emerging markets that tend to restrict overseas companies, as in the case of Volkswagen AG and India.


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