Analysis Of Honey And Mumford Learning Styles Essay Example

The aim of this subdivision intends to place and analyse my acquisition manner, personality and squad function by different sorts of psychometric trials. Then I can understand myself more and it ‘s helpful for me to find my future calling. They are VARK, MBTI, Honey & A ; Mumford and Belbin. They are utile to allow me more understand my favourable and preferable acquisition manner, personality and squad function. Furthermore, my strengths and failings will be identified as good by the trial consequences.

What is larning manner?

Harmonizing to Harold ( 2008 ) , the term of larning manner is the construct that the people can place which manner of direction or survey is the most effectual acquisition manner for them.

Therefore, different people have their ain sole acquisition manner. We should clearly understand our ain acquisition manner and find the most suited method for larning for bettering our larning effectivity.

Why acquisition is of import?

Learning result is the updated cognition. It plays an of import function in the determination devising. ( Wen,2004 ) . Therefore, larning is a readying for the future calling way and to be success. The result of acquisition is knowledge which can update and better you in order to confront the challenge of the occupation and transport it out swimmingly. And it will be helpful to do a right determination. Hofmann ( 2008 ) stated the universe is altering quickly. Therefore, the people should accommodate the altering state of affairs through the acquisition invariably in order to keep the fight.



It is a set of questionnaire that can assist the people to place their acquisition penchants which can ease the effectivity and efficiency of larning. It has become apparent that can diverse the preferable acquisition manners to the pupils through the four physiological larning manners of ocular, aural, read-write and kinesthetic. ( Dargo,2004 ) . The trial was ab initio developed by Neil Fleming since 1987 in New Zealand.

Analysis of VARK

As the consequence shows, I have a multi-modal acquisition penchant.


VARK ( 2011 ) stated this perceptual manner which the penchant for information is “ heard or spoken ” . Aural larning seems the most suited acquisition method for me. For case, in the school, I prefer listening to the lector to understand the cognition and theories. If I faced some troubles of the content or feel baffled, I wo n’t waver to inquire the lector after the lesson. And besides I would discourse with my schoolmates in order to happen out the rule and work out the troubles.


VARK ( 2011 ) stated this penchant is for information displayed as words. Read/Write acquisition is rather similar to my larning method. I would wish to take my larning English method as an illustration. When I saw some new vocabularies which I did non cognize, I would compose it down to my notebook. And I would read it invariably and on a regular basis when I was free. Furthermore, respects to the alteration method of scrutiny. I besides would compose it down to my notebook which portion was of import for memorising.


VARK ( 2011 ) stated this penchant includes the word picture of information in maps, spider diagrams, charts, graphs, flow charts etc. Ocular acquisition is besides rather similar to my larning method. For my analyzing method. After read the content of the text edition or notes. I would pull a diagram to sum up and garner all the things. I think it can do it clearly to understand a wall of text.


VARK ( 211 ) stated this mode refers to the perceptual penchant related to the usage of experience and pattern. Although this penchant I have got the lowest mark, it rather matches my learning manner. Such as larning Mathematics, after learned a new expression, I would use it for computation. Initially, I could non cipher the right reply. I would make more and pattern more until I was corrected. And so, when I calculated the same type of this inquiry following clip, I could make it rapidly and accurately.

Significance and restriction of VARK

VARK is good for me to understand my preferable learning manner. However, the trial seems excessively comprehensive as it allows the occurrence of multi-model learning public presentation. Taking my instance as an illustration, I have the multi-model acquisition public presentation every bit good. The points of different facets are balance and similar. Therefore, the consequence of the trial is likely non specific and sole plenty.

Myer-Briggs Type Inventory ( MBTI )

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ( MBTI ) is a self-reporting, psychological instrument designed to categorise persons based on their penchants in four countries. ( Hamilton et al,2002 ) . Based on the province of Zemke ( 1992 ) , MBTI can separate the people into 16 personality types based on high and low points on the four countries. It developed by the mother-daughter squad of Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers.

What is personality?

Wall ( 2008 ) stated that the personality is “ the form of corporate character, behavioural, temperamental, emotional, and mental traits of a individual ” . And our personality type can find people how to interact the universe, gather the information, do determination and orient our life styles. And besides find the communicating manner to others.

Analysis of MBTI

Harmonizing to the trial consequence, I belong to ESFP and ESTP. It stated that I am an Extraversion, Sensing, and Perceiving. The major difference of consequence is between Feeling and Thinking.

The consequence identified that I am Extroversive ( E ) , I rather agree that. I realize that communicating and being active are the most of import for set uping the societal web. Therefore, I am willing to do new friends and unfastened my head to chew the fat with them. Particularly, I enjoy chew the fating with the seniors. It ‘s because I can larn a batch signifier them through the communicating. Such as they would portion about their life experience, positions and values to me which truly made me to derive a batch and alter my head.

Refering the Sensing ( S ) . I besides agree with that. For illustration, I prefer making undertaking with my group mates because I believe that the better effect would be got through interaction and treatment. Respects to Perceiving ( P ) , It besides rather lucifers me. Making the undertakings measure by measure or consecutive is non my wont. I prefer being flexible and happen out the executable manner for making the undertakings. Refering the Feeling ( F ) and Thinking ( T ) , they besides match me. I would concern and see others ‘ feeling as I realize the importance of harmoniousness.

Significance and restriction of MBTI

Tan ( 1999 ) indicated that “ MBTI is a utile tool for heightening calling guidance and forces development in direction. ” It would be helpful for me to find my calling way. Such as I am Extroversive ( E ) , possibly I can accommodate the plants which are required to pass on with the clients. However, Tan ( 1999 ) besides stated that the “ personality types identified are non cast in rock ” . It means the penchants will alter depends on different state of affairs. Peoples can pull strings their replies to obtain the “ right ” consequence. It means the consequence of the trial can be changed easy. ( Kennedy & A ; Kennedy, 2004 )

Belbin ‘s Team-role

Harmonizing to Bebin Associates ( 2012 ) , It can place the strengths and failings of the people in workplace. The Belbin team-role stock list is a well-known and constituted step for designation of single squad functions ( Senior and Swailes, 1998 ) . It was developed by Meredith Belbin in 1969 and it can mensurate penchant for nine Team Roles. ( Belbin Associates,2012 )

What is team function?

Team-role is defined as “ inclination to act, contribute and interrelate with others in a peculiar manner ” . A squad does non merely intend a group of people with the occupation rubric. It is a fold of persons. Every member should understand each other ‘s function and execute most efficaciously and of course. ( Belbin Associates, 2012 ) . The squad function described how the single tantrums into the squad. It did non intend the persons perform a peculiar map. ( Rajendran, 2005 )

Analysis of Belbin ‘s Team-role

Harmonizing to the BELBIN trial, I am most likely an Implementer. The least preferable squad function is team worker and completer closer.

As an implementer which I got 100 points, the trial said I am disciplined, dependable and capacity for taking practical stairss and action. I agree with that. Take the group undertaking as an illustration. Every group mate would be assigned certain of work. I could ever likely do it good and subject it on clip. And I am rather practical because I ever request my group mates to concentrate and do more attempts on the portion which constitute the highest Markss.

I got 90 Markss as a Specialist. The Specialist has the features of being resolved, self-motivated, dedicated and able to supply cognition and accomplishments in rare supply. I instead agree with the trial consequence. For illustration, I likely will advert some theories from the text edition or notes in order to remind my group mates the undertaking what is involved.

Significance and restriction of Belbin ‘s Team-role

Partington and Harris ( 1999 ) stated the Belbin ‘s Team-role can place the strengths and failing of direction squads. It is utile for me to recognize what my preferable squad function is and act which place in the squad.

However, Jackson ( 2002 ) identified that the squad function would non be prognostic of squad public presentation. The trial merely indicated what the function you are, but did non affect weather you can execute good on the team-role.

Self -assessment

Honey & A ; Mumford acquisition manners questionnaire

Honey & A ; Mumford acquisition manners questionnaire is a research instrument was developed for assisting reply the research inquiry bespeaking the development of a valid and dependable measuring instrument to fit and find pupils ‘ acquisition manners penchants within a higher educational establishment. ( Penger & A ; Tekavcic,2009 )

It includes major four types of acquisition manner which are activist, reflector, theoretician and pragmatist manner. ( Penger & A ; Tekavcic,2009 )

Analysis of Honey & A ; Mumford acquisition manners

I am Activist which is really strong penchant by the trial consequence. As the trial stated this type of individual prefer act foremost so see the effect subsequently. I am so surprised because that decidedly is me. For case, when I was required to make undertaking, I would make it foremost whether the way was right without comprehensive planning which merely depended on my idea. If the jobs happened, I would seek aid actively such as ask my schoolmates or instructor and happen other ways until calculating out all of the jobs.

That is rather hazardous as the effect is ignored. Furthermore, I besides enjoy here and now as the trial sated. It is because I ever think that the hereafter is unpredictable, no 1 will cognize what will go on. And I am besides open-minded. I am willing and appreciated to person who could bespeak my mistakes, state me some new things and learn me some new cognition. As I realize that larning should be better through interaction.

Restriction of Honey & A ; Mumford acquisition manners

Caple and Martin ( 1994 ) stated that even though Honey & A ; Mumford acquisition manners focused on larning from experience and it did non vouch whether the experience was effectual acquisition. And they besides mentioned that the significance of larning from experience by Honey & A ; Mumford acquisition manners was equivocal. For illustration, what can precisely been learned from experience.


Summary of trial consequences




Honey & A ; Mumford

Consequence of Psychometric Test










My features

multi-model acquisition penchant









capacity for taking practical stairss,




act foremost so see the effect subsequently,

Enjoy here and now,


Notes: E=extroversive, S= detection, F= feeling, T=thinking, P= comprehending

Self consciousness – overall synthesis

Harmonizing to the analysis of the consequence, I have be more understanding of myself. My strengths and failings are indentified as follow:


Based on the VARK trial, I have a multi-model acquisition penchant so that different larning ways can be applied during my learning procedure. I am an extraversive individual through the MBTI trial. I enjoy to new friends and being willing to speak with everyone. And I am besides friendly and understanding the importance of harmoniousness what can assist me to widen my societal web. In relation to Honey & A ; Mumford acquisition manners, I am rather open-minded.

This attitude can assist me to hold more opportunities to larn from others. It can broaden my mentality. Refering team-role, I am rather disciplined and punctual. I ever can complete the plants on clip. And the practical personality helps me to take the practical measure for minimising the chance cost. And my character besides can assist me acquire good along with each group mates.


As I have a multi-model acquisition penchant, it is rather balanced of each acquisition manners. It implies that I have no specified acquisition manner is outstanding which influence the consistence of larning procedure.

I realize I am rather unprompted. As the Honey & A ; Mumford trial indicated me I would move foremost so see later. Even though it is better than merely believe and make nil. It will do a batch of hazards. Therefore, I should see more before doing the determination.

Besides of these, I can non truly work independently. It is because I have got usage to the teamwork for a long clip. I find some troubles when making this undertaking as it is single work.

After understanding my failings, I wish I can better it every bit shortly as possible and heighten the efficiency of acquisition as good in order to confront the challenges in my hereafter.

Section A.2 – Deduction of Career Choice

Career pick

The merchandise selling has become a about indispensable portion of a company ‘s income watercourse. And the right merchandise selling can increase net incomes, better competitory placement, and advance the company in the good repute. ( Makens & A ; Bowen, 1996 ) .Therefore, selling is an of import portion on the success of the company.

Based on my consequences of self-assessment in old subdivision, I would wish to make up one’s mind to develop my hereafter in the selling industry.

Career Path

Trading manager


Senior Merchandiser

5 old ages

Assistant Merchandiser

As I am a fresh alumnus and have non plenty related experience and industrial cognition. Therefore, I wish I can get down from my calling way at Assistant Merchandiser in Multinational Corporation as the entry degree as the MNC ever offer some effectual and systematic preparation plans to the employees.

Harmonizing to the occupation advertizement from JobsDB ( 2013 ) , the grade holder would be reached the occupation demands. And I can hold chance to help and prosecute in some gross revenues and trading activities every bit good. I would roll up more practical experiences of the selling industry. During this period, I can heighten my communicating accomplishments, interpersonal accomplishments by acquiring along with the co-workers and related industrial cognition. And be more understanding about the basic process of selling.

Around 5 old ages subsequently, I would be able to be a senior merchant. Harmonizing to the occupation advertizement from JobsDB ( 2013 ) , the leading accomplishments and planning accomplishments are required. For case, this place is needed to develop and implement the procurance schemes. And the farther communicating accomplishments and interpersonal accomplishments are besides required as it is needed to set up and develop a good relationship to the providers.

In the senior degree, I wish I can be the selling manager within 10 old ages. Harmonizing to the occupation advertizement from JobsDB ( 2013 ) , the Master ‘s grade of Business of disposal is required. In order to accomplish the occupation demands, the strong interpersonal accomplishments and direction accomplishments should be had for edifice and beef uping the concern relationship. The strategic thought head, sense of concern and prediction accomplishments are required every bit good for doing the right determinations. The rich practical experiences besides can non be ignored.

Career and myself

My strengths and failings have been identified by four self-assessment trials in the old portion. In this subdivision, my strengths and failings would be used to analyse the lucifer and mismatch between my personality and calling chance.


First, my learning public presentation is Aural. It allows me to concentrate on communicating as I get the new information by heard and spoken. And I am willing to pass on with everyone. The merchant which is my identified calling is needed to construct and keep the good relationship to the providers by communicating. And dialogue is ever the chief undertaking for merchant. It is because the merchant needs to negociate the monetary value every bit low as possible in order to increase the fight. Whether the dialogue is good, it ever depends on the communicating. Therefore, the good communicating is good for my calling.

Second, I am an extraversive individual which besides matches to be a merchant. The extraversive personality enables me to spread out my societal web more easy. As a merchant, societal web is rather of import as it is helpful to happen the right provider to increase the fight of the company. Furthermore, as I am an implementer, I have capacity for taking practical stairss and action. It is really necessary for being merchant. It is because a good merchant who can take the practical stairss to buy the right merchandises what would straight act upon the net income and repute of the company. Harmonizing to the Belbin trial every bit good, I am disciplined, dependable and punctual which besides can assist me to carry through the demands of being a merchant.


However, there are still some failings which are needed to better in order to be a successful merchant. First, the Honey & A ; Mumford trial indicated that I am an militant. I am rather unprompted as I would move foremost so see subsequently.

This would be a large error to be a good merchant. A good merchant should be really careful and considered before doing the buying determination. Otherwise, the effect would be rather serious such as influence the benefit and repute of the company. Furthermore, I am a feeling individual. I would do the determination or judgement based on my personal value. It would allow me do the incorrect buying determination. Therefore, I should better this failing and see more critically and rationally before doing the determination.

Second, the Honey & A ; Mumford trial besides identified that I enjoy now and here. It means that I prefer stay here and non willing to confront the challenges. It would do me can non be promoted to the higher degree of my calling way. I should alter my head and be willing to confront each challenge. Otherwise, no affair how many old ages subsequently, I would be still an helper merchant. Therefore, after understanding how my failings mismatch between my personality and calling chance. I should better my failings every bit shortly as possible in order to carry through the demands for being a good merchant.

Movable accomplishments

There are several movable accomplishments which I need to possess. Different calling degree has different demands of movable accomplishments. They are helpful to my calling way no affair at which occupation place. Farmer and Campbell ( 1997 ) stated that the movable accomplishments are a nucleus of generic accomplishments that information professionals possess which can be transferred either to other functions or other sectors within the profession.Press the Escape key to shut

hypertext transfer protocol: //

The movable accomplishments may incorporate different sort of accomplishments. They are communicating accomplishment, interpersonal accomplishment, clip direction accomplishment and job resolution accomplishment.

Communication accomplishment

Communication accomplishment has great importance in the work country as it includes all countries of life. It can be able to show oneself or to understand the others right are required for success and satisfaction at least in simple degree. ( Unalan, & A ; Tengilimoglu & A ; Akdemir, 2009 )

In the phase of junior degree of merchant, a good communicating accomplishment can better the relationship and harmoniousness with the co-workers and increase the on the job efficiency on some everyday work.

In meddle and senior degree, a good communicating accomplishment enables to pull off the subsidiaries more expeditiously. And besides profit to dialogue every bit good. As a merchant, keep a good relationship to the providers is really of import. It can heighten the ability for bargaining.

Interpersonal accomplishment

Interpersonal accomplishment associates with people accomplishments which are needed to interact with persons to complete a undertaking. And besides associate to an person ‘s behaviours and attitudes, interpersonal communicating and group behaviour. ( Lerouge, Newton & A ; Ellis,2005 )

The interpersonal accomplishment in junior degree should follow and obey the orders from the foreman in order to fulfill their demands. In meddle and senior degree should hold a higher interpersonal accomplishments. It ‘s because it needs to pull off a squad and organize the subsidiaries to accomplish a specific end.

Time direction accomplishment

Stanley ( 2004 ) stated that clip is the most valuable trade good and it is easy wasted and can ne’er be replaced so that the clip direction is indispensable. Time direction is a procedure directed toward analysing work and the clip it takes to finish assorted assignments.

The clip direction is really of import on any degrees of the calling way. In the junior, it is merely needed to complete some everyday plants on clip. However, the clip direction accomplishment plays a more of import function on the center and senior degree. As here non merely pull off your ain clip, but besides pull off your subsidiaries ‘ clip through motivation and coordinating.

Problem resolution accomplishment

In existent state of affairss, job work outing accomplishments can to bring forth thoughts to work out new jobs and the ability to make or offer utile service in certain civilizations. And it is besides an attempt to happen some solutions when face the hard state of affairs.

( Nair & A ; Ngang, 2012 )

Problem work outing accomplishment is required somewhat as ever merely managing some everyday plants in junior degree. However, in the center and senior degree. When confronting the issue, all subsidiaries would depend on your guiding and way. Strong job work outing accomplishment will be really of import as you are the leader of the squad or section

Life long larning

Glastra, Hake & A ; Schedler ( 2004 ) pointed out that womb-to-tomb acquisition is needed because the economic system and personal life universe is altering quickly. Life long larning can lend to the person ‘s cognition, abilities and accomplishments uninterrupted betterment.

It is a tendency that the persons are traveling to be encouraged for developing their accomplishments and competencies invariably. ( Skok & A ; Marjana,2010 )

The people will larn more efficaciously as they can make and use the cognition depends on their ain demands and demands via life long larning. ( Dimitropoulos & A ; Panagiotis,2008 )

Life long larning can bring on me being mature and wise to manage everything in the life.

Academic cognition

I would wish to spread out my academic cognition by analyzing the Master of Business Administration in City University of Hong Kong. There is at least three twelvemonth working experience among the entryway demand of the class. ( City University of Hong Kong,2012 )

Therefore, I will roll up three old ages experiences in the selling industry in order to hold adequate making to use the maestro grade.

The class aims to offer an experience-based acquisition attack. Harmonizing to aims of the class ( City University of Hong Kong,2012 ) , after the completing the class. I will be able to synthesise and use cognition across subjects to real-business job. This advanced cognition will profit my calling development particularly in direction degree.

Language accomplishments

Language accomplishment plays an of import function in concern as it can increase the commercial chance. ( Griva & A ; Sivropoulou, 2009 ) .

Having a good linguistic communication accomplishment is good as it assists understanding of conversations, communications and dialogues between practicians and foreign clients ( Thitthongkam, Walsh & A ; Bunchapattanasakda,2011 )

Mandarin and English are really of import in Hong Kong concern environment. A good my linguistic communication accomplishment can heighten my fight. I would wish to use the Business English and Mandarin parttime class for the better future readying in Hong Kong Language Training Centre ( Hong Kong Language Training Centre Ltd,2012 ) . It is because a merchant is ever needed to pass on with the foreign providers.

Negotiation accomplishment

Negotiation accomplishment plays the of import function to make a reciprocally good understanding that can set up farther concern relationships ( Rudolph & A ; Kleiner,1992 )

A good dialogue accomplishment is indispensable to the merchant. It is non merely increase the company ‘s net income by the lower buying. It besides can construct up a better relationship to the provider. Therefore, I will use the dialogue accomplishments in workplace certification class in Informatics Professional Development Centre ( Informatics Education HK Limited,2009 ) Different dialogue accomplishments will be learned in the class. I can hence my dialogue accomplishment after the class which will profit my calling way.


To reason, I have identified my preferable learning manner, personality and squad function, and have an analysis of them every bit good. It enables me to cognize more about myself. Furthermore, I have determined my future calling way as a merchant base on my penchants and characters.

Furthermore, I have a set of my life long learning programs in order to increase my fight and fit the demands of my calling way. I wish I can upgrade myself invariably. And so eventually, I can make the top of my calling way.

Who The Heck Is Neil Simon

Brighton Beach Memoirs, The Odd Couple, The Out-of-Towners, The Sunshine Boys are just a few of Neil Simon s most successful plays which have kept millions of people amused for many years now. His success in the playwriting business has earned him respect from his readers and recognition not only as the most successful playwright, but one of the best.

Brighton Beach Memoirs was written as a reflection upon his own childhood life. Simon was born in the Bronx, an area located in New York City.He joined the United States Army at the age of 16 and studied for a short time at New York University and at the University of Colorado. Simon was later discharged from the Army in 1946, he then worked for Warner Bros.

, where his older brother Danny, worked for the publicity department. The two wrote many comedy sketches for radio and television comedy stars. Simon wrote his first play, Come Blow Your Horn (1961), which was featured on Broadway for over 2 years. Brighton Beach Memoirs (1983), was just one of out of his three autobiographical plays.

It was written as a reflection upon his own childhood life growing up during the depression in New York City. Like the Jerome and Morton family in the play, Simon lived in a house occupied by 8 people. According to Simon, life was very much like that of the life in Brighton Beach Memoirs. Making ends meat was tough and Simon s own father was similar to Jack Jerome.

Simon expresses his own deep and personal feelings for his father in Brighton Beach Memoirs. In reality, Simon s father was not as vulnerable to care and love, as he wanted him to be.He never checked his report cards, nor did he ever ask about them. Jack Jerome, however, seems to care about Eugene s schooling with great concern.

It is as if Simon created Jack Jerome to the father he wanted as a child growing up in the Bronx. Simon incarnated his role into the character of Eugene Jerome. Like Simon during his childhood, Eugene has a great interest in the sport of baseball and hopes one day that he will be able to play for the New York Yankees. Baseball was very important to Simon because it kept him entertained, despite the harsh era he was living in.

Eugene is somewhat similar, other than his desire for sex; he has his interest in baseball, which helps him get by during the Depression. Simon also kept his own memoirs like Eugene did and wrote in it every day. Stanley Jerome was modeled after his own older Brother, Danny Simon. Danny looked after Simon with great care during his childhood, much of how Stanley looks out for Eugene in Brighton Beach Memoirs.

The life in Brighton Beach Memoirs shares a similarity with the childhood life of Neil Simon.This playwright gives his readers a glimpse of his own life, despite the fact that he his known as a very private man. In conclusion, Neil Simon is indeed one of the greatest play writers of all time. In spite of his wife s terrible death in the 70 s, he still managed to present millions of readers with this extraordinary play.

He has managed to overcome his own struggles to develop his own craft and the many rewrites and rejections. Neil Simon s patience and dedication to play writing has earned him the respect of many critics, and many readers.

Speech Of Tribute

I can remember a time in my life that we all can refer to. A time when the world seemed too big to get a grasp on, too big for it to see you. I believed it would swallow me whole but as you can see, it didnt.

Remember when we were young and our hopes were high, our goals and dreams seemed untouchable Sure you do, I remember. Well, most of us by now have came in contact with our goals and dreams, or if not yet, pretty close. I know I have. Either Ive come real close, or actually accomplished them.

Ive been given a lot encouragement over the years, a lot of guidance, and pick- me ups that Ive needed to get me where I am today.And because of this one person I am able to love others and myself, believe in myself, push myself to do things I dont want to, and to recognize someone like them for all they have done for me and helped me with. The wonderful person I am talking about is my father. He has help me believe that I have the ability to attain whatever I seek; within me is every potential I can imagine.

He has always told me to aim higher than I believe I can reach, and that so often, Ill discover when my talents are set free by my imagination, I can achieve any goal.If people offer their help or wisdom as I go through life, accept it gratefully. He has also told me that I can learn much from those who have gone before me. Never be afraid or hesitant to step off the accepted path and head off in your own direction if your heart tells you that its the right way for you.

To always believe that I will ultimately succeed at whatever I do, and to never forget the value of persistence, discipline, and determination. And that I am meant to be whatever I dream of becoming. Because of him helping me believe these things I am gonna be somebody someday.So, I ask: What would I do without you, Dad What would I do if I didnt have you to love me, to advise me, to talk to me when I am feeling down, and to celebrate with me when Im happy I Thank you for being the best Dad I could ever have asked for.

Thank you for giving me life. Thank you for your influence, your undying love. Thank you for your example. I see you in myself and my ways, and I appreciate the positive characteristics you passed on to me.

I love you so much! I hope that everyone has someone in their life or did have someone in their life to help them and to teach them things my Father has taught me.

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