Application Assignment: Gestalt Therapy Sample College Essay

Defining the Core Constructs of Gestalt Therapy. In an experiment, the therapist prompts Helen to respond to her mother. Helen’s hidden emotions towards her mother (anger, pain, fear, or hurt) are internalized rather than expressed. When the therapist encourages Helen to communicate with her mother Sara and express her anger, Helen expresses feeling disconnected from her mother.

Helen speaks to her mother after sitting down, expressing her longing for approval and acceptance. She wants her mother to be pleased with what she has done. Later in the video, Helen talks about her relationship with her father. With a Gestalt therapy perspective, we can examine how Helen sees him and identify any defense mechanisms she uses to avoid forming a connection. Helen believes that his absence from their lives is unfair because she thinks he didn’t make any sacrifices for them.

Helen holds the belief that her father’s continuous work prevented him from being actively involved in her and her siblings’ lives, especially when it came to their relationship with their mother. She believes that her brother’s current state of distress is a direct result of their father’s absence and she makes an effort to not display any anger towards him. However, deep inside, she is genuinely saddened by the fact that he was not present to shield her from their mother.

Helen is frustrated and struggling to communicate her anger towards her mother. She believes that her mother is redirecting her anger due to her father’s absence. While Helen is upset with her father for not being there, she acknowledges his demanding job as a doctor. However, she still feels that he should have been more involved in their lives when he was home. Ultimately, Helen’s anger seems to be primarily directed at her father but unintentionally projected onto her mother. It is possible that she thinks her mother should have insisted on his presence for the sake of the family.

Helen’s apparent anger towards her mother actually stems from her true upset with her father. She is bothered by the fact that he has a strong bond with her siblings and is involved in their lives, despite not being there for them previously. In Helen’s opinion, he does not deserve a positive relationship with everyone after neglecting them during their childhood.

Although Helen acknowledges that her mother was present for both her and her siblings, others perceive the mother as having issues. However, Helen believes that her mother should have made better choices to ensure their father’s presence in their lives.

While it may seem like she blames her mother for their past, she is actually upset with her father. The text implies that there is an unmet need in Hellene’s world.

Helen is investigating the link between her previous bond with her mother and her present life. She aims to attain contentment and harmony with her spouse, yet she realizes that her past is obstructing her advancement. The text suggests that Helen’s difficulties with her husband may originate from her connection with her father. Therefore, it can be inferred that Helen is undergoing a journey of comprehending and addressing the influence of past encounters on achieving resolution in her current situation.

What is Hellene “top dog” suggesting? According to Helen, she believes that when she feels sorry for herself and the therapist tries to manipulate her or turn her into a therapeutic goal, it demonstrates popularization. From my understanding, Helen is going through popularization when the doctor advises her to be angry at her internal mother rather than her current mother. Similarly, Helen experiences popularization when she realizes that she needs to stop making herself unhappy and acknowledges that she is harming herself by doing so.

Helen attributes her unhappiness to her husband and believes that her mother affects her well-being. Instead of taking responsibility for herself, Helen shifts the blame onto others. These beliefs have become ingrained in Helen, leading her to ignore her own contribution to her well-being and instead concentrate on assigning fault to others, including her husband and mother.

At first, Helen tried to blame her husband for her unhappiness in life. However, she eventually realized that the true cause was her internalization of her parents’ actions. She ignored the important role her father had as a doctor while her mother took care of their home. Over time, Helen understood that it wasn’t just her mother’s fault for her unhappy childhood. Instead of taking responsibility in her marriage, Helen placed blame on both her parents and spouse without realizing that it was actually her own emotions stemming from how she was raised.

I believe Helen is currently accepting and taking on more self-responsibility. She feels that she is growing and working towards her goals. Helen has internalized her past relationship with her mother and the doctor is using Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapy to encourage her to bring that past into the present. The goal is to change the decisions made during her younger years and help her find happiness in the present. There might be some internalization of a dysfunctional relationship with her husband due to her mother’s dysfunctional relationship with her father. This is the final stage of Gestalt therapy called integration, where opposing issues are identified and Helen becomes conscious of what truly causes her unhappiness.

In the experiment, Dr. Oakland is forging a therapeutic alliance with Blake by encouraging him to express his true feelings and speak honestly about any difficult emotions he has been holding inside. Dr. Oakland prompts Blake to use clay as a medium for expression and gives him an opportunity to talk about himself. Blake creates a clay whale and expresses feeling safe and comfortable in the water, just like the whale.

Dry Oakland employs clay as a therapeutic medium to assist Blake in releasing anger and expressing emotions. In the video, Blake acknowledges that he directs his anger towards his mother, but he recognizes that his actual frustration is aimed at his father who lacks involvement in their relationship. However, Blake hesitates to confront his dad due to concerns about harming their bond and further reducing quality time together. Regardless of this fear, Blake finds comfort in the company of his mother, which brings him joy. The inquiry remains: what Gestalt techniques does Dry Oakland implement during this experiment?

Maya Creation Research Paper The Mayans

The Mayans believe that Mother Earth was a mammoth monster. It was an alligator, frog, and a polo-neck combined. Above her was a sky with a bed for each planet and domains of motion for the Sun and the Moon. Below her was the underworld where heavenly organic structures passed when out of sight. All around her were the liquors of rain and boom. The divinities of the nutrient workss and animate beings attended her. All nature was alive and it was invariably deceasing and being reborn ( Burland 1771 ).

The Mayans are American Indian people who lived in southern Mexico ( Miller “Maya” Grolier ) . The Yucatan was the centre of the Mayan civilisation from about the first century B.C. (” Yucantan” Grolier ) . They flourished in Mexico and cardinal America from 250 to 1600 A.D. (” History of Agriculture” Grolier ) . Their ascendants had crossed the Bering land Bridge from Asia ( Miller “Maya” Grolier ) . Honduras was one time a portion of the Mayan Empire. It had flourished between 250 and 950 A.D. ( Seligson “Honduras” Grolier ) . The Mayans besides had lived in Mexican provinces: Yucantan and Chiapas, British Honduras, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador ( Burland 1770 ).

By 1200 B.C. , they had dominated trade paths. The trade paths extended from the modern Mexico province of Guerrero to Costa Rica ( Miller “Maya” Grolier ) . The Mayans had changeless cultural and commercial contact from other folks such as the Aztecs. They were with the cardinal and coastal Mexican civilisation that had influenced them and influenced other civilizations ( Harrison “History of Latin America” Grolier ).

The Mayans worshiped peace divinities ( Matthews 45 ) . They besides worshiped a Godhead who lived beyond the sky, and believed it was male and female. Mayans besides believed that males were more of import ( Burland 1771 ) . They explain this with the fact that adult male came foremost ( Thompson Internet ) . They besides believe in fulfilling the Godheads and fear decease. The Mayans had similar beliefs of creative activity and similar and non similar Gods with the Greeks, had a belief in a Heaven and a Hell, four efforts at doing worlds and three different universes made.

The Greeks had believed there was nil, that the universe began with Chaos, which is similar to the Mayan belief that there was no Earth, no Sun and no Moon. The lone being was the house of Gucumatz, which is Heaven where the male parent and female parent of all animals lived. The other is the house of the Ahauab de Xibalba, which is Hell. In Hell, Hun Came and Vucub Caquix, Lords of Hell lived ( Eufraccio Internet ).

The Mayans had many Gods: Ah Puch, a God of decease; Akhushtal, the goddess of childbearing; Cit Bolon Tum and Ahau Chamahez, the Gods of medical specialty; Kan-u-Uayeyab, the God who guarded metropoliss; Kukucan, the air current God; Ekahau, the God of travellers and merchandisers ( The Mythical Encyclopedia Internet ); Ixtab, the goddess of the noose and the gallows. The Mayans believed that if a individual committed self-destruction by a noose, he or she would travel to her Eden.

And Izamna is the Sun and sky God, he regulations over the dark. They besides call him “God D.” His rubric is “Godhead of knowledge.” He was the laminitis of Mayan civilization. He taught them book, healing, and the usage of calenders and brought them his people maize, which is maize, and chocolate tree, a coca seed. Ixchel is the Earth and Moon goddess and patronne of pregnant adult females. She invented the art of weaving. They think that she was the consort of Itzamna. She had besides given birth to the Bacabs ( Eufraccio Internet ).

Bacabs, the kids of Izamna and Ixchel, are a group of four protective divinities. They are the canopic Gods. There are four Bacabs. They stand at the four corners of the universe, the central points. They besides supported the celestial spheres. The first one four of the Bacabs is Cauac. He is the South and his colour is ruddy. Next is Ix. He is the West and his colour is black. Following is Mulac. He stands for the North and his colour is white. Kan is the last one of the Bacabs. He is the E and his colour is xanthous ( The Encyclopedia Mythica Internet ).

Hun Came and Vucub Caquix were the swayers of the underworld, called Xibalaba. The steep route that leads to the underworld is really unsafe. There are downpours; it is flanked by the abysms, and it is covered with irritants. Vucub Caquix had two kids. Kabrakan causes temblors and the disappearing of mountains. His brother Zipakna makes’ mountains rise through temblors ( Eufraccio Internet ).

Hun Came and Vucub Caquix invited Hun Hunahpu and Vucub Hunahpu to a ball game. When Hun Hunahpu and Hunahpu arrived, Hun Came and Vucub Caquix killed them. Hun Hunahpu’s caput was placed on a dead tree that came to life. Ixquic, a virgin, wanted a fruit. Hun Hunahpu told her to open her manus, where he ptyalize. She immediately became pregnant. She gave birth to Hunahpu and Ixbalanque. Hunahpu and Ixbalanque killed Hun Came and Vucub Caquix to revenge their male parent’s decease ( Eufraccio Internet ).

There are some Mayan Gods that have similar maps with the Grecian Gods. Hunab Ku is the God of Gods, as Zeus is the God of Gods. He besides is a Godhead. Nacon is the God of war, as Aries is the God of war. Ah Kinchil is the Sun God, as Apollo is the Sun God. Kinich Kakmo is besides a Sun God whom the Macaw symbolizes. Ahmakiq is the God of agribusiness, as Demeter is the goddess of agribusiness.

Hun Hunahpu is a birthrate God. His boy is Hunahpu. He besides is a Godhead God. Him and his brother, Ixbalanque became swayers after their male parent’s decease. Hunahpu became the Sun God and Ixbalanque a female Moon divinity. They are the parents of the first brace of worlds ( The Encyclopedia Mythica Internet ).

The Godheads made four efforts to make animals. The Godheads wanted animals to idolize and praise them. All efforts failed but the last effort. The last effort was with maize. The maize is of import to the Mayans. The Godheads called them the “First Fathers.” The four animate beings that found the maize were a mountain cat, a prairie wolf, a crow, and a parrot. They were to look for suited edifice stuffs ( Cotterell Internet ) . The first animals consisted of wood. They displeased the Godheads with them, so they created a great inundation. The inundation knocked them over. Eagles would pick out their eyes while some chiropterans chopped off their caputs and panthers broke and mangled their castanetss. What was left of them had climbed to the roofs. After mounting to the top, the house collapsed. The animate beings so killed the subsisters ( Thompson Internet ).

Hunab Ku rebuilt the universe after three floods that poured from the oral cavity of a sky snake. Dwarfs, the builders of the metropoliss, lived in the first universe. An vague race, Dzolob or “the wrongdoers,” had lived in the 2nd universe. The 3rd and concluding universe was for the Mayans ( Eufraccio Internet ).

As in any myth, the Mayans believed in many things that started the creative activity of their clip. They believed that there were four efforts at making adult male, there was a Heaven and Hell-like most beliefs, there were three different universes created, and that there were different Gods for about everything.


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Movie God’s Not Dead

Josh found himself in confusion for having to choose between his faith and his future life. He refused to obey the instruction causing the annoyance of his professor. Radios gave him a disheartening task. If Josh will not admit and write that “God Is Dead,” he must prove God’s existence by presenting well scholarly, academic arguments and proof for the benefit of the course. Moreover, he’ll have a one- on-one discussion in front of the class. Auspiciously, he was able to defend his belief against his atheist professor.

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”. Truly the movie “God’s Not Dead” awakened me as a Christian. That it takes fervent heart and passionate faith to really fight for what you believe. Josh is a great example for this. He stand to his belief and prove to everyone the existence of God. He sacrificed and took a risk of losing his loved ones and his future life not because he wants to but because he knows what he’s doing. His faith is indeed consistent and immeasurable.

Josh’s stand to his that and belief is somehow analogous in standing up for your best friend. You don’t want someone to trouble him nor someone dismay him. You don’t want to happen this because you care and love him. You’ll do everything to protect him and to make him happy. Truly, this movie taught me that “Faith takes God without any Ifs”. Questions, disbelief and confusions shouldn’t be entertained by your faith especially when you know God is with you. Moreover, standing for what you believe can bring you to the peacefulness of your mind and the lifetime of thy heart.

With almost no one in his corner, Josh wonders if he can really fight for what he believes. Can he actually prove the existence of God? Wouldn’t it just be easier just to write “God Is Dead” and put the whole incident behind him? GOD’S NOT DEAD weaves together multiple stories of faith, doubt and disbelief, culminating in a dramatic call to action. The film will educate, entertain, and inspire moviegoers to explore what they really believe about God, igniting important conversations and life-changing decisions.

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