Basic Vs. Applied Research: Pros And Cons Sample Assignment

Reports are commonly separated into different types based on the audience that it aims to target. Therefore, basic and applied research appears to be widely used for a specific group of people, educational researchers, and potential users related to the same field of study, respectively. Overall, the reports serve distinct purposes as they focus on solving different problems in the chosen topic; however, both basic and applied research still have their benefits and drawbacks to the audience.

To begin with, basic and applied research seem different as their aims and audience are entirely dissimilar. For instance, basic research focuses on formulating a new theory or hypothesis based on the findings of other researchers. In contrast, an applied report seeks to provide the reader with the solution to the chosen problem (Check & Shutt, 2017). Their structures are also distinct as the academic research includes an abstract to elaborate on all the parts of the piece while applied one starts with the executive summary that describes the findings and methodology. In addition, the number of pages dedicated to the literature review is considerably smaller in the applied report.

As stated, applied research commonly focuses on literature analysis to tackle a specific issue in the field of study. Therefore, they are helpful to people that study the same subject and seek to advance their knowledge on the topic. Moreover, the applied report provides more information concerning the study’s findings, elaborating on statistics and charts (Check & Shutt, 2017). To be more particular, an executive summary is usually presented by the authors with bullet points to adequately illustrate the primary ideas highlighted in the research (Check & Shutt, 2017). On the one hand, this type of report is helpful to the audience as it mainly focuses on the solutions and outcomes without including an abundance of extra data. On the other hand, the findings cannot be generalized and can be applied only to the specific topic. Overall, this type of report is helpful for the audience seeking the answers to their questions without having to read an enormous amount of literature.

As for the basic research, it is mainly targeted at educational specialists and students as it is published in journal articles. It is significant to note that academic reports require peer-review from “several experts in the field … prior to acceptance for publication” (Check & Shutt, 2017, p. 9). The responsibility of publishing in the journal articles leads to the report’s authors reviewing and editing their work until it meets all the requirements. Check and Shutt (2017) consider this process beneficial to the writers as they spend considerable time reviewing their mistakes so that they can learn from them and not repeat them in further works. The revisions assist the researchers in advancing their skills and, consequently, help “the entire field moves forward as researchers continually critique and suggest improvements in each others’ research reports” (Check & Shutt, 2017, p. 9). As for the disadvantages, authors may face challenges while correcting and reviewing their reports prior to submitting them to the journal article.

To sum up, basic and applied research both aim to advance their audience’s knowledge. However, their preparations seem different as submission of the basic report is more challenging than of applied one due to the mandatory peer review, which is usually followed by several revisions. Still, the applied study appears to be more structured and on point as its focus is on the outcomes and findings and not the literature review.


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At-Risk Factors For Youth In Alberta

In one of the provinces of Canada called Alberta, the protection of children and young adults is serious, and the level of at-risk occasions is insignificant. However, one of the massive problems that might influence the youth of the location and their future is an environmental disaster. For instance, global warming and lack of resources do not allow young people to predict their future and make certain plans. Moreover, these factors influence the general health condition of the Earth’s population. The province of Alberta has a specific website where the governmental authorities post different interventions and show how the plans are executed to protect the youth from unexpected events (Alberta). The changes in the environmental conditions are not the key problems that the experts face in this area, and more attention is paid to the problem of sexual abuse and parental neglect (Alberta). The number of cases is not significant in this part of the country, but authorities believe that parents should not underestimate this issue and detect the problem in the early stages of its development.

3 Several interventions aim to improve the young’s quality of life in Canada. For instance, according to Alberta, there is a program called “Child Abuse Hotline,” which provides parents and their children with an emergency phone number to help prevent the risk factor. Moreover, an intervention known as the “Office of the Child and Youth Advocate” provides a vulnerable part of society with a lawyer who can help defend their rights. Children advocates understand the psychology of young people and can find the right approaches to solve the existing problems (OCYA). The chart presents the services of the organization by their importance, where 1 is the most important aspect of the intervention according to OCYA.

Services of the office of the child and youth advocate

British Columbia is one of the famous provinces of Canada, but it faces several problems in the children’s protection process. The level of crimes in this region among young people is increasing due to the lack of high-quality education (Public Safety Canada). Children from the age of 12 to 17 commit different types of crimes like burglary or killing (BC Children’s Hospital). They also state that parents do not want their children to live in this location due to the increased risk of beings abused by others. Consequently, British Columbia experiences a lack of professional workers in different industries like healthcare and education. This issue raises an additional problem identified during COVID-19 when the percentage of child deaths increased rapidly (BC Children’s Hospital). The authorities of the province have managed to apply several interventions to solve this massive problem.

COVID-19 intervention

25% For instance, source selection intervention was produced to ensure that healthcare workers find the right treatments for the child’s symptoms of COVID and understand the difference between adults. Also, an important program called “COVID-19 resources for parents and children” was created to give potential patients an understanding of the problem in full detail and avoid restricted events during lockdowns (Public Safety Canada). This regulation has allowed children to avoid bullying while returning to school by conducting online interaction classes. Moreover, because an increasing percentage of children in the British Columbia province have psychological disorders, the intervention helped decrease the possibility of the increasing problem by allowing children to have informal communication during lessons and breaks. The program also included other information regarding life during the COVID-19 pandemic. The chart clearly shows four main interventions during the disease which have equal importance in this global issue provided by the governmental source called Public Safety Canada.


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The Classic Musical Film Grease Analysis

The classic musical film Grease was my choice because of its plot. The plot centers on the meeting and relationship of two young people, Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson which helps me focus on the love portrayed in the film and how it is affected. This is because of the many social ties that keep them apart at school and therefore they find it difficult to accept their love for each other. The other characters in the movie are also engaged in minor relationships, which range in intensity but converge together at the end of the movie in a Tale fashion aiding me in my research. The social issues portrayed in the movie also contributed to my choosing this film because they are the same problems that currently plague our society. Grease contributes to social reform by addressing a range of social concerns adding to the reasons why I chose it. Overall in the Grease film, there are many unsettling concepts but many of them are linked to the participants’ strong characters which eventually results in love, and in the end, students get to learn the moral lesson that love is unselfish.

The Grease film portrays different love styles like Eros, which is all about romance, desire, and interest, is depicted in the movie. This is displayed when Danny, the delightful American lad, and Sandy, the simple Australian girl, first meet and fall in love instantly. The entirety of the two teens’ summer is spent flirting and declaring their eternal devotion to one another. They eventually end up swearing an oath of infinite dedication and part ways for good after meeting up over the summer and finding love (Juslin 150). Eros’ description of the exhilarating feelings that the beginning phase of a relationship demonstrates it was among the love styles in this movie. In the Grease film, Danny, who immediately went ahead and told his friends about the girl he had met during the summer, illustrates the love style philia, which is the love that grows over a deep, long-lasting friendship. Folks with platonic love make you feel very connected to them and you can share information with them, trust them, and respect them on a very individual level. Sandy has shown philautia, a love style that is all about self-love and self-compassion, in a very open way.

Even though it may seem basic, our relationship with ourselves is essential, and certainly, it has to be nourished. Sandy battles with herself throughout Grease as her relationship with the Pink Ladies exposes her to new concepts of femininity. Sandy’s transformation has attracted criticism for forcing her to alter who she is for Danny, but it is also the logical culmination of her character journey, which starts with self-discovery and confidence and concluded with her ultimate rebirth. Sandy is forced to comply with the realization that their decent appearance is masking the more authentic woman within after being subjected to Danny and the Pink Ladies. By making Sandy into a greaser girl, the subject’s road toward self-discovery is accomplished. This makeover represents Sandy’s reincarnation and her recently found self-assurance. Philautia was featured prominently in the movie and is a love style that is vital for our self-esteem and confidence (Pauk 50). It also affects how we engage with the outside community.

Proximity is a force that has an impact on this film, especially on Danny and Sandy. Even though Danny had real feelings for Sandy, he seemed to be affected by forced proximity which is a general concept for any scenario that forces the characters to spend more time together whether they want to or not. Once Danny unearthed that Sandy was his schoolmate, he demonstrated how much of an impact forced proximity has. Sandy was now near to him and was there to stay as opposed to the summertime when they knew they would be together just for a while and part ways but now they had been forced to face each other and school in the same school making ting a little bit awkward. Danny wanted to be delighted to see her, but she was unable. Because of the forced proximity, he couldn’t help but try to look good in front of his male friends or wow his male friends by trivializing his emotions for her. He also had to maintain his composure to not show how much he cared for her and damage his image.

Another powerful force in Grease is sex, and it also depicts a woman’s exciting sex life. The Pink Ladies’ leader, Rizzo, is continuously called a slut and this results in her having a sexual relationship with guys anytime she pleases, often to the point of putting all common sense aside in the process. When Sandy finally finished being the sexily ready woman she intended to be to finally get Danny, the embodiment of masculinity, the film’s climax portrays how sex is a force that had a great influence on this film and the cast´s relationships.

The love story of the unrelated teenagers Sandy and Danny is the primary focus of this movie, which is essentially about love. This portrays that the road to pure love is not easy, but in the end, both people can decide that it is essential to change to become a more interesting partner to the other. They both change, so they are nonetheless mismatched, but this makes them ideal for one another because they have comprehended the value of the teaching that love is selfless. This is another illustration of the irony of love which is kind of accurate since love is unpredictable.

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