Black Is Beautiful: The Story Behind The Exhibition Free Sample

The world we live in has come very far in terms of reaching equality on different levels as compared to even fifty years ago. However, the age of minorities not being given a voice has resulted in the absence of their perspectives in many social spheres – art is no exception. That is the case with racial minorities – which includes black people in the United States. It is not that there is not enough work produced by black artists, or that these artists are not gifted – but black representation is still a rarity when it comes to the global scene.

That is why it is so important to intentionally seek out art produced by black people and try to understand the story behind the authors’ vision. This particular exhibition is focused on the works of three black photographers who demonstrate their interpretation of the world around them. It is interesting that some artists – like Roy DeCarava – never aimed at making a sociological statement that might be expected from a person of color. He simply thought that no one but a black man can depict other black people as they are. Others – for instance, Lorna Simpson – purposefully wish to draw the public’s attention to the peculiarities of black culture and how much it is an integral part of who the culture representatives are. Then there is LaToya Ruby Frazier, who went even further and decided to target black working-class communities – being a part of this population group herself, she feels that their struggles are heavily underrepresented. Neither perspective is better than the other – but it is essential that different angles and points of view were explored since there is an abundance of them when it comes to black art.

Either way, one should always strive to come out of their comfort zone and explore the world outside of the view familiar to them. In this regard, exhibitions such as this one are extremely useful – not only do they provide the works for examination, but they also give necessary context as to who the artists behind these works are. Thus, various outlooks featured can be understood more clearly and resonate with people on a deeper level.

Social Security Plan After Retirement

Life after retirement can be challenging, with several needs to satisfy. For a comfortable life after employment, one needs to have a reliable saving plan enabling an individual to easily access services like healthcare. The social security plan formulated to protect people after retirement faces a financial crisis due to unemployment issues (Shuman, 2020). I will opt for the solo 401(k) to have a better retirement plan. By using the solo 401(k) plan, I will have added advantage of remitting contributions as both employee and employer.

Based on the volatility of the stock exchange market, I would consider not investing in my retirement savings because of uncertainty. Instead of the stock exchange market, I would rather pick a different investment that guarantees the safety of my money in the long run. If I can pay for private health insurance, I can contribute more from my paycheck to get more returns upon retirement (Ramirez & Lewis, 2018). I would advise the government to increase the full retirement age to save social security and Medicare program. This will help the government reduce the number of years the benefits are paid to the people.


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Wealth, Opportunity, And Teen Pregnancy Relationship

Girls from disadvantaged families are much more at risk of early pregnancy. Firstly, children from dysfunctional families often suffer from a lack of sexual education. Pregnancy at a young age is a consequence of early sexual initiation, improper or no contraceptive use, and a lack of awareness among adolescents (Yglesias, 2012). Secondly, early pregnancies of girls from disadvantaged families are directly linked to their disadvantaged economic status (Hanes, 2012). The wealthier the family, the more dignified the upbringing it can provide and vice versa (Engber, 2012). Girls from disadvantaged families mostly give birth because it seems the only way out of their situation and the only way of life.

The problem of teenage pregnancy prevention is handled inter-agencyly. Three types of services – the family planning service for preventing early pregnancies, the medical service work together effectively. The main task of these services is to provide adolescents with access to quality sex education (Rector, 2012). It is not a question of “keeping away” from knowledge about one’s sexuality or informing about the possibility of contracting an STI, the increased likelihood of “getting infected” when intoxicated, or HIV/AIDS. Most researchers see sexuality education as more than just information about biology and contraception. The main thing is to raise positive standards in the younger generations and provide the foundations of morality. It means the formation of values of a healthy lifestyle, children’s self-esteem, a conscious attitude to parenthood, positive marriage, and family attitudes, and a culture of gender relations. Sexuality education is not limited to contraception and protection from disease but is part of personal formation and includes health issues and moral, legal, cultural, and ethical aspects.


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