Body Image In The Media Sample Essay

The portrayal of body image in the media has profound effects on the public perception of what is or should be acceptable as the perfect type of body or the desirable body image. The significance of body image and the role of the media has to do with the effects of such images on the social construct and the psychology that children grow up with and thus the adults they become. Galioto & Crowther, (2013) expresses that the body image in the media not only affects women but effects are found, also on the body image that men ought to portray. The main argument is that the populism that is reinforced by media and entertainment has led to the perception of super slim women and muscle bound men which is rather unrealistic in the real world. Body image has pervaded the advertisement and visual entertainment aspects to influence the extent to which individuals are even able to socialize. Grogan, (2016) reports that even on social media, women have tended to use their body size as a means of portraying overtly sexualized images of themselves similar to men who attempt to show aggressive content of a ‘lad culture’ which also has its sexual aspects. The socialization and globalization of body image has and will continue to bear significant social influences and thus psychological implications on the growing generation requiring collaborative action to promote both body and mental health.

It is agreeable that how we feel about ourselves goes beyond the inner satisfaction with our personality and life choices but also has to do with our idea of our physical outlook; our body image. Body image in this sense is not only sensual but also psychological involving our emotions, imaginations and perceptions of ourselves. Homan et al., (2012) points out that our body image is never a constant factor but instead ever changing influenced by our self esteem which is determined mostly by our social surroundings . Indeed, our entire perceptions of social values and our place in the society is a construct of the society itself. Research, for instance, explains that television can trigger an individual to think about body issues such as their weight, general health, their complexion, general attractiveness and the likes (Halliwell, 2013). With development of technology there is increased exposure to media that has increased the need among young people to look good or to adorn the image that is acceptable at the time. While one cannot contend against such trends, the begging question is usually who makes the decisions that are later on acquired by the younger or older generation as to what type of body image is perfect.

Significance of such a question is often blur until one witnesses some of the extreme cases where individuals go so much out of their way to portray certain images. Several studies have consistently confirmed that the mediated idea of the perfect body image is often unrealistic or rather unachievable by most. Grogan, (2016), points out that body image is particularly vital during adolescent when the individual begins to gain consciousness of their body image. Essentially, at that age both boys and girls begin noticing each other and the need for social acceptance encompasses all the youth. There are concerns that the mediated idea of body image may have significant impacts on the ability of adolescents to fit in with others. Grogan, (2016), continues that the adolescent stage has profound influences on the future of the individual such that the body image perceptions that the individual acquires while young may emerge to be the same idea they have of themselves even as adults. Meanwhile, the media continues to influence the manner in which we perform most of our activities, including how we eat, how we speak to each other and also, importantly, how we perceive ourselves and our bodies.

In America today, it is rather a struggle to maintain an identity with the constantly changing socio-cultural environment due to a globalized society. The inability to capture who we really are as a society outplays as a dilemma among the youth. There are several vices that are attributed to media consumption that are simply trends that the public quickly picks up as the acceptable way of life. [citation] explains that at adolescent stage most of the youths do not really have a say what they want to be like but are rather led on by social media and peer groups. With such a slippery slope there is usually a great extent to which body image is influenced by the individual level of self esteem and how much they value their own decision over external perceptions or influences. The rationale is that apart from the need for social acceptance adolescents also usually need a sense of purpose in the sense of what they want to be and how they are to achieve the same. Accordingly, considering their age implications, adolescents remain susceptible to most influences that come their way and are easily persuaded into certain behaviors.

A Brief History Of The Overweight Woman

There was a time in the United States when overweight women were more attractive than skinnier women. In today’s society, body image is a hot topic. A derivation example of the controversial image occurred in the 19th century, 3 parts of obesity were discussed from the Stone Age of the Renaissances when fatness or obesity was beautiful and healthy and meant prosperity. (Mimi Matthews) Based on the population belief of the 19th-century obesity or fat ‘were just only water “and so were only driven out of the system by sweating. A definition of Body image is the manner of how people feel about themselves and others’ physical appearances including height, weight, and shapes of the body. In other words, it reflects how a person expectation is much more of themselves. Unfortunately, the fact of body image has been played an enormous poor role in insecure people’s lives. Negative causes of body image are social media, personal relationships, and personal mental and physical health. First, Social media may contribute to a person body image, Websites and applications now in the day like Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and others more has been a powerful influence on body image. Television, advertisements, famous artist, and other media can all have a powerful impact on how people regard their bodies.

Attritive people idealized features and bodies seem to present an ideal body type, and advertisements often suggest everyone can achieve a like a body, face look if the person making the effort. An example base of media and tv propaganda can be one describe of transmission of the ideal body, people might only have to turn the tv on for few minutes to hear the message that if we look a certain way can have that ideal perfect-looking partner hanging off our arm, or that perfect dream fact, all we have to do is buy the advertisement shampoo, get the right hair to attain the correct weight and all the love, success and glory we desire will follow” Hatvany says. these marketing messages may be harmful because the standards of physical attractive showed by the media are sometimes inflexible and may not be attainable at all a person can change the hair color, or cut their hair, use color to change eye color and attain a more toned physique at the gym however , others unique characteristic of their bodies such as facial structure, body shape, and voice may be more difficult to change. And costly procedure may be required to do so. Some aspect of a person ‘s body, such as height, are unable to be altered by engaged in extensive or extreme behaviors, such as excessive dieting and exercise or repeated cosmetic health concerns such as depression, anxiety and eating disorder.” research indicate that body dissatisfaction is the best – known contributor to the development of anorexia nervosa and bulimia(Stice,2002) people who are experiencing high levels of body dissatisfaction feel their body are flawed in comparison to others, are more likely to suffer from depression, isolation, low self-esteem, and eating disorders.

Much more, a Personal relationship can affect self-esteem and body image no discarding that family or close friends can be a grand negative judgmental on people’s life. Some of the self-esteem in a family are who strictly culturally have beliefs or tradition on others physical apparel. For example, could happen on unsatisfied love panthers, who continually made toxic comments about their partner, making partner take the decision like lose weight to drastic changes to grant their love partner. Acquaintances are who often affecting this generation for bullying others, unfortunately, many people had lost their lives or attend to suicide they’re own life. sometimes friends and parents think they are helping when they make certain comments, but they aren’t. Often these comments can do more harm than good. You may need to change some things in your life to be healthy, but you don’t need to listen to everyone’s opinion about your body. (ACOG,) Try responding to negative comments with these offered s statements by “Women’s Health Care Physicians.”

Study Abroad As An Extension Of The Goals And Experiences

When deciding to attend the University of Wisconsin Madison, I embraced the opportunities and responsibilities that would come with moving to a place so far from home. Growing up halfway across the country in New York, I came to Wisconsin not knowing anyone. Since then, I have attained many incredible experiences that have exposed me to a different culture and helped me grow personally by going out of my comfort zone. I now understand when family speaks of “midwestern values”, as I have gotten the chance to experience them personally. I envision study abroad as an extension of the goals and experiences I’ve come to value here in Madison. Studying abroad would provide me with the opportunity to gain fresh new global experiences and to continue to grow as an individual all backed by the support of UW-Madison.

It wasn’t until coming to college that I gained a greater appreciation of the importance of becoming truly self-sufficient. Small responsibilities like cooking and cleaning are steps that foster valuable life skills. Even larger responsibilities like budgeting, managing and analyzing my financial spending continue to help me make better decisions each month. Living in an apartment with three other girls this year has reinforced the need for flexibility and cooperation. Exploring Madison with friends has shown me there is more to the city than just the campus life. These lessons in living independently have provided a solid foundation for living abroad, the courage to explore new areas and the maturity to make better decisions.

My academic studying habits at the University level have taught me autonomy, the maturity to speak up, ask for advice and the importance of taking risks. I feel that strong organizational and time management skills are key to balancing academics and social demands. I have learned that working in groups requires flexibility of all members. As a Sales and Promotions committee member of Mu Kappa Tau, I organize and manage merchandise sales for the Wisconsin School of Business. As sales manager, I work with other committee members to organize shift times for sales. When shifts are left empty, I took responsibility for finding replacements or filled in in order to keep the store open. I look forward to cross-culture group settings as it fosters greater diverse perspectives to problem resolution and comradery.

Much like my time here in Madison, I want to use my experience abroad as a chance to further enrich my life both inside and outside of the classroom. In past few years, our family has been privileged enough to have traveled abroad in Italy, Spain and Portugal; Here I realized the thrill of studying abroad in a foreign country engulfed in rich history. Successfully navigating through all our trips gives me confidence to travel abroad. Study abroad will enable me to gain deeper appreciation of other cultures and gain insight into their views on the business world and global markets. I look forward to becoming a more well rounded candidate through the immersion of diverse experiences which the study abroad program offers.

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