Building A Global Brand Homework Essay Sample

OSIM is a multinational company that markets, distributes and franchises a comprehensive range of healthy lifestyle products, which cover four key areas such as health, fitness, hygiene and nutrition. The objective of OSIM is to cultivate in consumer a positive outlook toward life and healthy living through the shopping experience. Brand identity is how the company wants the consumer to perceive their product or their brand. The brand identity of OSIM is a combination of the founder’s last name, Sim and the letter “O”, which represented the company’s aim to be a global leader in healthy lifestyle.

The OSIM brand names was selected due to its being pleasant sounding, easy for consumer to remember and pronounce and also to create a positive recall among consumers. The corporate brand name OSIM was used as its umbrella brand identity. Its allow the company to extend this brand to specific products such as the OSIM Millennium, a massage chair, and the OSIM Mermaid vacuum cleaner. OSIM marketing strategies are focusing on wide geographic market coverage and a comprehensive point of sales network.

OSIM has used concept shops as a point of leverage on its brand value. In these concept shops, OSIM has focused on two key features which is ambiance and shopping experience. Using this concept, it will make OSIM consumer feel more secure and have a comfortable experience in the store. The branding strategy reflects the nature of new and existing brands element to be applied to new and existing products. As a multinational company, OSIM branding strategies are to extend their brand to specific products and also introduce a new product.

In order to achieve their strategy, OSIM has introduced a new corporate logo, advertising taglines to keep the customer informed of their new products and also engaged several popular celebrities to endorse their products and the concept of healthy living. Besides that, OSIM also involve in corporate sponsorship for charity events in Singapore. The brand extensions implemented by OSIM is a wise movement and also advantage to the brand product as well as the company names.

The advantages from the OSIM brand extension are that they can facilitate new product acceptance, reduce risk to convince the retailers about their new products, reduce the cost of launch and it helps to renew the interest of the consumer about the products and automatically will helps OSIM to extend their sales outlets and also their market coverage all over the world. In order to inform and communicate with the consumer about the new products, OSIM has created and build a new brand identity of the company. They have introduced new and enhanced a corporate logo of OSIM.

The new logo features arcs in three colours which are blue for the sky, green for the land and orange for light and spirit. The new logo showed to the consumer that OSIM ready to enter the new millennium and embodied the company aspiration to become a leading global brand. Besides that, they also have advertised their own taglines in the advertising campaign such as “Health is an attitude to life” and “Good health begins with care”. These taglines will encourage the consumer about the importance of healthy living and also will let the customers know about their new products.

Besides that, OSIM has engaged several popular celebrities to endorse their products and at the same time it can influence consumers to use their products. OSIM also has involved in other activities such as corporate sponsorship for charity events, raised funds for and support other organization activity. To make the consumer more confident before purchasing their products, OSIM will ensured that their staff have sufficiently knowledgeable about the products, pleasant approachable and good in communication skills which can influence consumer to experience their products.

The branding process that introduced by OSIM is good because it helps the company to express to the customers and the target markets the kind of organization it is. Besides that, it is the total promise that OSIM make to customers. In achieving the company’s long term objective which is to build a global brand and extend their market coverage to more places, there are three ways that OSIM can be implemented such as : a)Improve the quality of the product OSIM can improve their brand image by producing or giving their consumer with high quality product. By having a quality brand, the company can ensure that they have edge over the competitors.

Besides that, they also have a potential of charging a higher price which would lead to a greater profit margin. b)Improve the location and placing Location is a very important factor when trying to set up and improve upon a brand image. The consumer will prefer to find the new product which easier to get and to contact. As a multinational company, they need to be in the right place to appeal their target audience. c)Product promotion Promotion is the best medium that can help in improving their brand image greatly. By promotion, it can influence the consumer to buy the product and also will make people believe about their company.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Exacerbation

People with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), especially those who have chronic bronchitis, may experience a rapid, sometimes sudden, and prolonged worsening of symptoms (cough, amount of mucus, and/or shortness of breath). This is called a COPD exacerbation. These exacerbations often are life-threatening and can lead to hospitalization. With treatment, many people recover and return to the same level of shortness of breath they had before the exacerbation. COPD exacerbations often occur more frequently, last longer, and are more severe the longer you have COPD.

Because a COPD exacerbation can be serious, if you have a sudden worsening in your usual shortness of breath that does not improve after using your medication, have someone take you to the emergency room. Call 911 if necessary. Cause The two most common causes of a COPD exacerbation are:1 * Infection in the airways of the lungs, such as bronchitis, or in the lungs, such as pneumonia. Infections are the most common cause of COPD exacerbations. Infections usually are caused by a virus but can also be caused by bacteria. * Air pollution.

A COPD exacerbation results in a dramatic increase in mucusproduction in the lungs or narrowing of the airways of the lungs (bronchial tubes). The increased mucus production and airway narrowing reduce airflow in the lungs, which results in worsening symptoms of cough and shortness of breath. The cause of about one-third of COPD exacerbations is unknown. 1Other causes may include heart failure, allergic reactions, the accidental inhalation of food or stomach contents into the lungs, and exposure to temperature changes or chemicals. Symptoms The symptoms of a COPD exacerbation are your usual symptoms suddenly getting worse. These include: * Increased shortness of breath and wheezing. * Increased cough with or without sputum (mucus), and a change in the color or amount of the sputum. * Fever, insomnia, fatigue, depression, and confusion may also be present. Treatment Treatment of a COPD exacerbation depends on its severity. It may involve several visits to your health professional’s office or to an outpatient clinic, or it may require you to be treated in the hospital.

A number of medical organizations have developed recommendations for the treatment of COPD exacerbations. These recommendations generally include using: * Medications that relax the bronchial tubes (bronchodilators) and make it easier to breathe. These medications may include inhaled anticholinergics (such as ipratropium bromide) and beta2-agonists (such as albuterol). * Oral corticosteroids, which reduce inflammation in the bronchial tubes and may make breathing easier. They are typically given for 5 days to up to 14 days in those who are not already receiving long-term therapy with oral corticosteroids. A machine to help you breathe (mechanical ventilation), if you are having severe breathing problems. This is used only if you are not responding to medication. * Oxygen, to increase the amount of oxygen in your blood. * Antibiotics, which are often used when a bacterial infection is considered likely. People with COPD have an increased risk ofpneumonia and frequent respiratory infections. Although most infections are caused by a virus, some are caused by bacteria. Most studies support the use of antibiotics.

But some experts believe that since most exacerbations are caused by viruses, antibiotics should not be used unless there is a demonstrated bacterial infection. * Treatment may also include: * Intravenous (IV) fluids, to treat dehydration. * Other bronchodilators, such as intravenous theophylline. These are used only if you are not responding to other treatment. * Diuretics, which remove water from the body by promoting urine formation, if you are suspected of having heart failure. Prevention of COPD Exacerbation

Preventative strategies that may help patients with COPD prevent acute exacerbation include: * Pneumonia and annual flu vaccine (a flu shot can decrease serious illness and death by as much as 50% for patients with COPD). * Handwashing * Balanced diet, sufficient amount of exercise/activity and adequate sleep * Avoiding exposure to environmental irritants such as air pollution (pay attention to air quality alerts), extreme temperatures and cigarette smoke (including secondhand smoke).

* Avoid crowds, especially during cold and flu season Chronic bronchitis. Lung damage and inflammation in the large airways results in chronic bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis is defined in clinical terms as a cough with sputum production on most days for 3 months of a year, for 2 consecutive years. [22] In the airways of the lung, the hallmark of chronic bronchitris is an increased number (hyperplasia) and increased size (hypertrophy) of the goblet cells and mucous glands of the airway. As a result, there is more mucus than usual in the airways, contributing to narrowing of the airways and causing a cough with sputum. Microscopically there is infiltration of the airway walls with inflammatory cells.

Inflammation is followed by scarring and remodeling that thickens the walls and also results in narrowing of the airways. As chronic bronchitis progresses, there is squamous metaplasia (an abnormal change in the tissue lining the inside of the airway) and fibrosis (further thickening and scarring of the airway wall). The consequence of these changes is a limitation of airflow. [23] Patients with advanced COPD that have primarily chronic bronchitis rather than emphysema were commonly referred to as “blue bloaters” because of the bluish color of the skin and lips (cyanosis) seen in them. 24] The hypoxia and fluid retention leads to them being called “Blue Bloaters. ” Emphysema Gross pathology of a lung showing centrilobular-typeemphysema characteristic of smoking. This close-up of the fixed, cut lung surface shows multiple cavities lined by heavy black carbon deposits.

Lung damage and inflammation of the air sacs (alveoli) results in emphysema. Emphysema is defined as enlargement of the air spaces distal to the terminal bronchioles, with destruction of their walls. 22] The destruction of air space walls reduces the surface area available for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxideduring breathing. It also reduces the elasticity of the lung itself, which results in a loss of support for the airways that are embedded in the lung. These airways are more likely to collapse causing further limitation to airflow. The effort made by patients suffering from emphysema during exhalation, causes a pink color in their faces, hence the term commonly used to refer to them, “pink puffers”.

Poems About Feelings Of Love And Death Analysis

In this assignment I will be comparing the poems Remember by Christina Rossetti and the poem Funeral blues by WH Auden. I will show some intensive points of comparison in the form, structure and language used and how both poems deal with love, tranquillity, peace and death. Both poems are about the feelings of love and death. There is a universal feeling between love and death, as they don’t change, and neither do their feelings. In “Funeral Blues” the feeling conveyed is that once the person you loved has gone there is no point in life anymore and everything is over.

Whereas “Remember” is saying to remember the loved person when they have gone at the beginning of the poem but in the sestet the author tell the person she is writing the poem to that they should forget them. “Remember” is a beautiful poem that speaks from death, reminding the people who are left behind to remember the person who has passed on. This poem tells people to remember the departed, but not to be sad that they are no longer sharing a life together. Remember” is a bitter sweet. She suffered from ill health throughout out her life and so it is not surprising that she should explore the theme of death. As a Christian, Rossetti believed in the afterlife and so this poem is poignant with a sense of hope that death is not the end. In the first line, which is the theme of the whole poem the narrator asks to be remembered. Remember me when I am gone away,” This line sounds like someone pleading. She wants recognition.

At this point it could be a couple separating or someone who has to go on a journey. It is only when reading on to the second and third lines that suddenly the reader is aware that it is about dying. It is described as a “silent land”. “When you can no more hold me by the hand,” The reader is made aware that this is a physical separation. The lines that follow on then reveal separation through death. It is the loss of a loved one and about deals with missing the physical contact such as holding onto that person.

This then leads onto the loneliness of death when you can’t share your dreams with a loved one anymore, indicated when the narrator says, “Remember me when no more day by day You tell me of our future that you planned:” Even the ordinary becomes important when a loved one dies such as chatting about day to day events. Christina explores the grieving process within “Remember” after the shock and sadness of someone dying then there is the stage where the one who has died isn’t thought of constantly. The sadness and pain is still there but it isn’t as acute when it is forgotten for a moment.

Even then she has advice for the bereaved person when she tells them; “do not grieve” (line 10) The grief process follows on to the pain of thinking about a loved one and feeling pain because of the memories it evokes and the loss of them. In this case the narrator’s advice is to forget about her because she doesn’t want the person to “remember and be sad,” Beautifully written, packed with emotional content of love and loss it is a hopeful poem. It is the type of poem that brings comfort at funerals. Hearing the words aloud somehow makes 1070285980 even more meaningful.

In a nutshell the narrator is asking to be remembered but ironically if the remembrance of her brings sadness she would rather be forgotten. Funeral blues is the perfect poem for expressing the anguish of the loss of a loved one, “Funeral Blues” says exactly what most people are feeling as they deal with the loss of a spouse or other dear person. It’s a heart-breaking, beautiful and true poem. In “Funeral blues” Auden makes the bitter attitude of the speaker toward the subject of death apparent to the readers through the use of symbols, imagery, personification and metaphor.

In the first stanza Auden states “stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone.. ” The clok being stopped may signify the fact that he who died has run out of time and also to ask those who knew him to stop what they are doing and reflect as it’s the end of time as we know it. The telephone being cut off brings forth the idea of silence. Auden does this to show the deceased the respect they deserve. Auden believes in honouring the dead with a moment of silence to pay respect.

In the second stanza the speaker states “let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead”. She uses the metaphoric image to convey the pointlessness of her life and also her greif. What point is therefore aeroplanes to fly in circles? She is comparing the pointlessness of flying in cirlces to her life without a partner. The poems “Funeral Blues” and “remember” are beautifully dark twisted poems dealing with the concept and fatality of death and facing death in its morbid face. This is shown throughout by language and form used by both writers.