“Bullet In My Neck” Literary Analysis Essay Example

It is not easy to get over the trauma of being shot, let alone to forgive the person who is responsible for the shooting. It also depends on the situation in which one is in, in that moment and how he/ she gets out of it. In the case of Gerald Stern, a poet on his way to a conference, he and his companion Rosalind Pace were cornered and shot at while stopped at a red light for no apparent reason. Although most of the shots were misfired,

Stern took on to his neck. Injured, Stern and Pace managed to drive away from the scene and drove around, lost with no help, eventually finding himself at the entrance of a hospital where he and Pace were attended to. In his essay, “Bullet in My Neck,” Stern describes both his and Pace’s emotional responses: where Pace was shocked, in disbelief, and frightened, later filled with anger and sorrow, Stern was also in disbelief and frightened, but mostly in grief.

In his essay, Stern makes the claim that it is best to move on from trauma and to forgive the person who has wronged you. Although I agree that to move on and forgive is best, I also believe it the circumstances of the situation should be given weight when determining how much one should forgive/forget. After being in the hospital for a day and a half, Stern still went to his conference. He got his appearance for the conference rescheduled just so he could show up and be there. He didn’t want the shooting coming in the way of his life’s work. Stern says, “I didn’t care, as such, for the conference itself, nor for the measly bucks they were probably going to give me; what I cared about was being there, going back to my life, not letting the shooting defeat me”. He felt that it was very important for him to still go to the conference and read and talk.

Continuing on was so important to him even though his neck was three different colors with a bullet in it and he was bloody and he looked and felt ill. He did not want to let what happened to him stop the events in his life. Stern did not want to let the shooting slow him down or break him in anyway. He wanted to keep moving on and not let the fact that he got shot bring him down. It is really important to move on from trauma because if you stay traumatized it will do you no good. All it will do is hold you back and keep you in fear. Compared to Stern, Pace was very angry and that held her back from moving on whereas stern did not want the shooting defeating him so he wanted to move on and still go to that conference to feel like he has not been overpowered by his situation.

Although full of grief, Stern was more positive about the shooting and less angry because he was grateful to still be alive. Stern confirms, “If anything, I felt lucky. The bullet didn’t kill me, the gun on her side misfired.” He was exceedingly miserable because he wondered as to how someone can do such a thing to another human being. He was heartbroken by all the malice in the world to drive someone to do such a thing. There were a lot of shots that were misfired that did not kill either one of them. If he wanted he could have thought of the whole situation in a negative way.

For example, Pace was in shock and was traumatized and angry at the shooters. She was in pain and angry and screamed for two hours because she was taking everything in a negative way. If she had thought about the situation as Stern did, she would have been at peace with herself and those boys. Stern was looking at the bright side of things. He felt extremely lucky for escaping the way he did and surviving. Stern explains how it took him two to three months to recover and that he was sleeping more than he usually did. He also explains that he was exhausted all the time and that the physical pain was more than he had expected it to be.

Stern was also more accepting because he had grown up in a brutal time and city. Having grown up in rough circumstances himself, Stern was no stranger to street violence, and so was able to be positive about being alive. If I were in his place, I would be exceedingly gloomy because I would also think about how anyone can do this to another person. Even as someone who just read about the incident through his essay, I still wonder how anyone could do such a thing and how anyone can harm another person to that extent, to the extent of almost causing the person to die.

Stern came to a realization that he would not get anything out of this situation if he was angry and did not forgive the two young boys. Stern expresses, “And I want to remember how small was my brief “suffering” compared to thousands of others’, what cruelty, absurdity, insanity, maliciousness they were forced to experience, how the lamb itself was twisted and pulled in a thousand ways, how it wept for itself at last, just as it wept for others – and continues to do so”. He knew if he did not act towards the situation like he did, if he had not taken the whole situation so calmly, the only person it would be affecting would be himself. He also thought of all the things those two boys had gone through to become the way that they are.

How did his suffering compare to theirs? He had suffered for a couple of months and recovered but he wondered how much longer they probably had to suffer and if they ever recovered from their situation which to him was worse than his. He wished that they are doing well and were all right. He also knew that they were not bad people although what they did was undeserved. In order for Stern to move on, he had to forgive them for their actions. Considering that the young boys might not have been in the right situation themselves.

Getting over such a trauma and forgiving the person who has caused you such pain is easy for some. For Pace it was harder to get over her trauma but for Stern it was easier because he was more accepting of the situation. After reading this essay if I were to be in Stern’s place I would do the same.

I would be angry and scared at first but I would also know that holding onto something like this would only cause me pain and hold me back and no one else. From personal experience I feel this is very true because people can be extremely cruel and malicious but that does not always make them atrocious people. They might be going through their own problems, which are causing them to act the way they are. Like Stern mentions, “Sometimes the brutalized is brutal, the oppressed is oppressor.”

Sometimes what people are going through can cause them to treat others the same or even worse to make themselves feel like they are in a better place or to make themselves feel superior in another place to make themselves feel better about what is going on with them/ in their lives. Doing the same to others as what is being done with one makes one feel better about themselves. Holding onto those bad feeling will only make you feel worse and kill you more and more each day.

For example, Pace, being angry only drained her energy and hurt her and put her in fear even more than she already was hurting and in fear. Holding on to the past only prevents one from moving onto the future because although time is passing on your mind and thoughts are always on what has happened in the past events of your life and thinking about past events only brings stress, pain , fear and regret into your life. Knowing this, Stern did not want to be held back. He wanted to forgive and move on with his work and life.

How Do Monotheistic Beliefs In Morals And Ethics Compare With Polytheistic Belief?

Monotheism and polytheism are contrasting religious beliefs. Monotheism centers around the belief in a singular god, whereas polytheism embraces multiple gods. Both faiths acknowledge the significance of morality. The absence of morality would result in a disorderly world where ethics are ignored. Nevertheless, monotheistic religions prioritize morality to a greater extent than polytheistic religions do. Morality lacks consistent definition within polytheism, while monotheism adheres more closely to moral principles.

Morality and ethics are closely connected as ethics involves analyzing moral inquiries while morality focuses on philosophically determining right and wrong. Various cultures establish unique moral boundaries, with monotheism and polytheism, two distinct belief systems, naturally holding different viewpoints on morality.

Monotheism, the belief in a single god, often leads to followers sharing a common moral and ethical system. This shared devotion to one belief can foster a cohesive society with strengthened moral values. Those who practice monotheistic religions have faith that their chosen deity will serve as their ultimate judge, ensuring compliance with the established moral code.

Polytheism, the belief in multiple gods, encourages diverse ideologies and moral convictions, leading to a wide range of ideas and beliefs. With many gods and different interpretations of ethics and morality in polytheistic religions, there may not be a unified moral framework. As a result, followers of this belief system create their own guiding principles for how they live.

The early Hebrews initially believed in multiple gods, but later transitioned to a monotheistic belief system centered around the deity known as ‘Yahweh’. As stated on page 53, Yahweh requires his worshippers to adhere to ethical conduct. This emphasis on morality caused a change in the Hebrews’ ethical behavior for the sake of their god. It is important to note that monotheistic and polytheistic belief systems have distinct moral boundaries, resulting in different behavioral patterns. In general, monotheistic beliefs tend to be more aligned with moral goodness, while polytheistic beliefs often exhibit inconsistent behavior.

Market And Company Analysis Of Padini

Market and company analysis of padini

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PADINI started to operate its company in Malaysia’s apparel industry, manufacturing, trading and supplying garments to order for retailers and distributors. The PADINI Concept Store is a concept store that selling all PADINI Holdings brands in one store or “one stop shopping”. The first outlet that starting to operate in Malaysia was located in Johor Bharu City Square, a shopping complex in Johor Bharu, Malaysia. After PADINI starting to operate in Malaysia, it becomes one of the major forces to apparel and garments industry in Malaysia. Besides, PADINI involved in the distribution and retail of its own fashion labels through 190 freestanding stores, franchise and consignment counters. The main products that sold by PADINI are formal,fashion wear and accessories. Besides, there are various brands that houses in PADINI and all of them are under PADINI . Every brand represents a fashion philosophy and each of the philosophy involve an extensive range of products aimed at targeted consumer. Their brand image is strongly attached importance to the real value: quality, functionality and price.

There are eight unique brands under PADINI, which are PADINI ,PADINI Authentics, PDI, P & CO, Seed, Miki, Vincci, and Vincci Accessories. All of the brands targeted consumer is due to both sexes and all ages. However Vincci, and Vincci Accessories are more focused on the flexible tastes of woman consumers on shoes, bags and accessories, and Seed Café have open a new dimension in food operations for its company.


“PADINI state that their vision is to be the market leader in the retail industry.” They will achieve the goal through hard work, discipline and creative endeavour. In long terms, they will continue to maintain their high standard of design and manufacturing quality as well as affordability. Besides, they are also working towards expanding the business on a regional basis. At present, they have a growing presence in their neighbour countries, and we believe that there is great scope for growth.


The mission that set by PADINI is to create credible products that meet out target customer requirements but exceed their expectation.

PADINI Core Value

Caring From The Heart

Caring from the heart means every staff of company must treat customers from the heart,staffs must care their customer by providing the best services.




Market and company analysis of padini

PADINI’s 7 Culture



Self- Confidence


Team Work

Learning Culture


Evolution of PADINI



Began operations as Hwayo Garments manufacturers Company, a proprietorship carrying out the manufacturing of ladies garments and wholesaling of the finished products to departmental stores. Expand into the trading textiles.

Entered the retail industry with the company’s pioneering brand PADINI. The brand VINCCI was created.

Children wear was launched under MIKI brand.

The SEED and ROPE labels were launched.


Establishment of a holding company, Home Stores Sdn. Bhd., to hold all the group’s retail, wholesale and manufacturing business.

The name Home Stores sdn. Bhd., was changed to PADINI Holdings Sdn. Bhd. Launched of PADINI AUTHENTICS.

PADINI Holdings Sdn. Bhd. Became PADINI Holdings Berhad.

PADINI HoldingsBerhad listed on the Second Board of the KLSE. P&CO was launched in the second half of the year.

PDI was created.

The first Concept Stores was opened in Johor Bharu City Square. Seed Café and PADINI Dot Com Sdn. Bhd was set up.

Re-launcg of PADINI and Rope to new PADINI Workwear




Market and company analysis of padini

Listed on the Main Board of the KLSE

The brand Vincci +. Vincci accessories and brands outlet was launched. STATES



AEON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Ikano Power Centre

1 Utama Phase 2 Shopping Centre

IOI Mall Shopping Centre

Kompleks Membeli Belah, Aeon Cheras Selatan


Bukit Indah Shopping Centre

City Square Shopping Centre

Jusco Tebrau City Shopping Centre

Kuala Lumpur

Mid Valley Megamall

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur


Gurney Plaza

Queensbay Mall


Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall


East Coast Mall


Kinta City Shopping Centre


Warisan Square





Market and company analysis of padini

The Spring

Map of PADINII coverage

The Location of Padini Concept Stores In Malaysia



As a listed company with such successful result, undeniably PADINI has done segmentizing in terms of demographic, geographic and psychographic.

Demographic segmentation include of dividing the market into groups based on variables likes age, gender family size, income, occupation, education, religion, race and nationality. PADINI has segmentized demographic by focusing on the factor like age, gender, income and occupation as the important factor to do the continuous targeting. PADINI has set up 8 brands, which has covered age from baby up to old ages ,gender with male and also female, income which in the range of RM1000-RM2000,RM2001-RM5000 and RM5001above,and finally occupation like office-worker and others semi formal wear which suit majority occupation. This helps the organization to divide the market into several groups and target each of these groups to enhance the performance of the organization.

Next, market segmentation strategy whereby the intended audience for a given product is divided according to geographic units, such as nations, states, regions, counties, cities, or neighborhoods. PADINI has chosen to focus on states as their geographic segmentation, for instances, Penang, Johor and Kuala Lumpur.

Lastly, PADINI has also used Psychographic by dividing the industry into different groups based on social class and lifestyle to do perfect segmentation.


From our research, we can say that the targeting strategies used by PADINI is differentiated marketing where PADINI target several segment by offering different products to satisfy the different groups of customer. The targeted groups of customer are derived from the age range that above 7 to 50 and separated according to age and genders. The following table is showing the different targeted groups by offering different products.





Type of product

Infants and kids

Below 7





Market and company analysis of padini

Miki kids



Above 7 and below 12


Seed and PADINI Authentic

Fashion stlye

Teenagers or youngsters

12 to 18


Seed and PADINI Authentic



18 to 30


P & Co

Younger style(Trendy)


18 to 40



Casual plus classic stylish designed

Teenagers or adult

13 to 50


Vincci and Vincci Accessories

Female Accessories


18 to 50





Market and company analysis of padini


Casual stylish designed


18 to 60




Differentiation & Positioning

PADINI used the differentiation strategies of product and image to place the product occupies in the consumer’s minds. The hottest product of PADINI – Seed, use the product differentiation in term of design to place the product occupies in the consumers’ minds. For example, when a consumer want to buy a semiformal with classic stylish designed, the Seed’s product will come into their minds immediately. Besides, Miki kids is also one of the example of product differentiation where the design is specialty for kids. On the other hands, P & Co used the image differentiation to place the product occupied in consumers’ minds. When a consumer want to buy a female clothes with younger style inside the PADINI, the brand of P & Co will definitely come into their minds. In short, PADINI use the differentiation of image and product like unique design and brand image to position the products in the consumer minds.


Consumer Goods are final goods that are brought from retail stores to satisfy the needs and wants of customers. Products of PADINI falls under consumer product which categorized as shopping products.PADINI itself has other alternatives brands under it. There are PADINI, Seed ,Pdi , PADINI Authentic , P&Co, Miki maternity , Vincci , Vincci accessories , Miki kids . The essential of PDI is to emphasis the casual stylish that can be accepted in any occasion. It’s purpose to let any guy or girl to get a style fix among the fashion-current jeans, T-shirts, jackets, casual basic-T, belt, socks, scarf and even accessories in a shopper-friendly setting.PADINI is focus more on basic and family lifestyle and aim for anyone who likes and extols casual style. PADINI provides the essential working lifestyle for the modern working man and women. The PADINI collection carries a clean, timeless and modern to the working lifestyle. This brand is focuses on the formal wear and centralize customers base for workers. PADINI has launched out several of tie, belt, shirt and coat.

Seed is the confidence of classic and casual plus a refreshing design. Seed

emphasize the best of both designs for men, women and even hip kids! The purpose is stand-out style. Seed is focus on urban officewear for the masses. The clothes under this line are usually jackets, coats, suits, classic office pants and knee-length skirts, semi-formal skirt and belt and also classic jean. In addition to seed cafe, the cafe portrays a bright and contemporary concept which jells with seeds youthful and trendy image. PADINI authentic is more on casually yours. PADINI authentic focus their styleon quality casual wear. Its targets the teenager segment of the market. It sells modern shirt, trendy jean, jackets, shirts and stylish dress.

P & co is focus on female market and launched all girls skirt, necklace and also hot pants. On the same www.ukessays.com/essays/marketing/market-and-company-analysis-of-padini-marketing-essay.php



Market and company analysis of padini

track where they run ahead in fashions brave new ideas. Women are the largest customer base for P & co because they know that women are the most potential customer and most people who are willing to spend money in the fashion.

Miki Kids take the message of fun in fashion to every place and occasion. Clothes design with energetic ideas and cheerful colours to charge up every youngster. Miki kids are designed for 1-11 years old infants. This is because infants still have their potential and parents are increasingly willing to spend money on their child’s dress.

Miki Maternity is designed for fashionable mums-to-be. Miki Maternity has sold all the shirt and dress that suit for the pregnant women at the same time stand out-style. The look of Vincci fun and fashionable, the emphasis is affordable. From head turning hair accessories to trendsetting footwear,

must-have handbags to eye catching glasses and fashion-clinching belts. In addition to Vincci accessories carries one of the most extensive lines of accessories from necklaces, bangles, rings and earrings to belts, sunglasses, watches, shoes, bags and more in all the latest styles.


Pricing are one of the most important elements of the marketing mix, as it is the only mix, which generates a turnover for the organization. Pricing is difficult and must reflect supply and demand relationship. Pricing for a product too high or too low could mean a loss of sales for the organization. Designed of Seed and PADINI are more classic. Both of these brands are premium pricing and especially for relatively high consumption of the customer base. High consumption of the customer’s base is those who purchase a bundle items in one time. Production of seed and PADINI are much more less than other brand this is because high consumption of the customer base would be lesser. In addition to this, PDI and PADINI authentic and Vincci are much more affordable. Both of these brands are low cost pricing and more focus on the middle class customer base. Product price of these three brands are low and affordable. This is because there are more middle class of customer base compare to high consumption of customer base. PDI ,PADINI authentic and Vincci are attracting many customers due to the low price strategy.

Apart from this, the two brands under the MIKI flag are MIKI Kids and MIKI Maternity. Miki maternity pay attention on the fashionable mums-to-be. This brand only focuses on the pregnant women and mums-tobe customer’s base and Miki kids focus on the children customer’s base. Product price of this brand is quiet high and is considered as premium pricing. This is due to their customer’s base not wide enough.


PADINI Holdings Berhad company has different promotion in every seasons . They have different seasons in every years . That is spring ,summer ,fall and holiday . Those products have expensive price will have whole year discount . On the other hand , those products have cheap price only will get discount during season period .

PADINI AUTHENTICS promotion will get instant rebate RM30 with purchases of RM150 and RM70 with purchases of RM300 . PDI Promotion will get rebate RM15 with every purchase of RM100 . Followed by , VINCCI ACCESSORIES will get instant rebate RM10 with purchase of RM50 & above RM20 with purchase of RM100 & above . VINCCI Promotion will get instant rebate RM10 with purchases of RM50 & above , RM20 with purchases of RM100 & above . SEED Promotion will get rebate RM30 with every purchase of rm150 . P&CO Promotion will rebate rm20 with every purchase of rm100 . PADINI Promotion www.ukessays.com/essays/marketing/market-and-company-analysis-of-padini-marketing-essay.php



Market and company analysis of padini

will get rebate RM30 with every purchase of 2pcs .

In addition , PADINI GROUP FAIR which known as Mega Carnival Sales will up to 70% discount . This sales will fall on March , August , December every year .Specific terms and condition will be applied on it . During sales period , customers cannot apply for member card . Member card only can apply when no sales proceed . When nearly reach end of sales , PADINI Company will have actual 10 % will add 10 % more discount on it . This is because PADINI company want clear the stock , and they want to push the sales. A company’s total promotion mix is also called marketing communications mix . It consists advertising , sales promotion , public relations , personal selling , and direct-marketing tools that the company uses to persuasively communicate customer value and build customer relationships . One of the hardest marketing decisions facing a company is how much to spend on promotion . How does a company decide on its promotion budget ? There are four common methods used to set the total budget for advertising . There are the affordable method , the percentage of sales method , the competitive parity method and the objective and task method .

Affordable method is to set the promotion budget at the level management thinks the company can afford . Followed by , percentage of sales method is set the promotion budget at a certain percentage of current or forecasted sales or as a percentage of the unit sales price . Competitive parity method is set the promotion budget to match competitor’s outlays .


Concept Store bring the ‘all in one’ concepts . So that , customers will be convenient to shop at there . Varienty of modern style can be choose by customers . All they need are inside one shop . Most of the brands outlet will located at the shopping mall instead of hypermarket . Because of the design of shopping mall more attractive . So that can attract more customers .

PADINI is one of the most well-known brands in Malaysia’s multibillion garment industry. A brand leader involved in the distribution and retail its own fashion labels through 180 freestanding stores and in-house outlets. This includes our multi-brand stores of PADINI Concept Store and Brands Outlet. PADINI have many branches in Malaysia . In Malaysia , it divided into two parts . That is west and east . Shopping mall will be choosen as the location where the PADINI Concept store at . This is because shopping mall has more people . For example , Queensbay Mall , Gurney Plaza .It will choose only mall which is more trendy for that city .

PADINI has two types of shops. It has brands outlet and PADINI concepts store . The purpose of having PADINI concepts shops is because of the concept “one-stop-shopping”. With all brands within reach in just one store, the shopping option is set to create a fashion revolution. In addition, certain brands specialize in items such as Graphic Tees, Polo-Tees and Pants. With such a wide variety of styles and labels, Concept Store not only caters to everyone irrespective of age, gender or taste, it also allows shoppers to mix and match effortlessly within one location,maybe by matching with different brand’s merchandise to fulfill own required style.The brands are PADINI, Seed, Vincci, PDI, PADINI Authentics, P & Co, Miki Kids & Miki

Maternity. Whereas , brands outlet is the latest exciting concept from PADINI group . Already a fashion force in Malaysia with brands such as PADINI, Seed,PDI, Vincci and P&Co., the group decided to introduce a shopping experience with a difference based on key ideas of convenience, quality, variety and affordability.

Concept Store can be found at Aeon Bukit Tinggi (Klang), Ampang Point (Kuala Lumpur), IOI Mall (Puchong), Ikano Power Centre (Mutiara Damansara; flagship store), Aeon Bukit Indah (Johor Bahru), Dataran Pahlawan Mall (Melaka), East Coast Mall (Kuantan) and Queensbay Mall (Penang). www.ukessays.com/essays/marketing/market-and-company-analysis-of-padini-marketing-essay.php



Market and company analysis of padini


After the overall marketing research regarding this company, we would make some recommendation about the product, market development, marketing technique, public promotion and sales rules and regulation. Talking about the product, PADINI has never come out with unisex merchandise, as my experience as promoter in this company, I always get this question from customer .Also, I would suggest PADINI may make some couple design since the company is already well-establised,these two product may probably open a new market to new young generation as their target,the company may choose the A outlet to do market testing by coming out limited quantity.

Next,for market development, I would say PADINI can actually start planning to come out a 10Yearsproposal which target to open concept-store and brands outlet in all the main city or central of city in Malaysia,for example kuching in Sarawak and Labuan in Sabah.Next the company may also issue share or debentures to public to increase their development in local ,if the

company has built strong reputation and already very stable in local market,then they will be able to open oversea market after 10 years. While for marketing technique, we can see PADINI has not yet to explore in the online buying.I suggest PADINI can set up a blog which contain all brands product. Before that, perhaps the company must set up a IT department to do IT support for future transaction and create a IT system to company. They may cooperate with some banks to offer discount by using online banking service. On the other hands, PADINI can also cooperate with some local distributors in the Malaysia like Citi-link or Sky Net to send out the order. Every transaction made by the customer will be shown a payment statement and it was guaranteed by the bank. Besides, the distribution of the order will directly send to the stated address according to the information stated on the order form by the customer.

Then, since PADINI is already well-known in fashion industry,I believe they are able to do a fashion show by hiring professional model,wearing their new products and having a fashion show .The company may invite some fashion professional ,helping to to advertising and promote their company. Besides, the company can organize a model show or competition by wearing their new products in specific mall like Gurney or Mid Valley, this will cost lesser.Furthermore, PADINI can sponsor to some well-known ladies magazine with conditions that include few pages which advertising about PADINI new products in every publicatioj of magazine,for example Vogue and Nirvana Women.

Historical Net Profit of PADINI From Year 2004- 2010


The histogram above showed that the net profit of PADINI from the year 2004- 2010. We can see that, the net profit of PADINI is dramatically increase from 2004- 2010 with the percentage of 1% to 12.2%. Besides, PADINI state that they forecast an average annual net profit growth of 10% in year 2011 and 2012 because of the demand for the PADINI products due to their strong branding and strategic store locations, as well as improved efficiency of warehousing, inventory management, design and product mix.

Stock Split


Besides, PADINI also carry out the stock split program to make its stock price cheaper than before in 5 times at 6 January 2011, being the market day after the books closing date. Share split involving the subdivision of each ordinary share of RM0.50 each

held in PADINI Holdings Berhad into five ordinary shares of RM0.10 each. This action is to attract more www.ukessays.com/essays/marketing/market-and-company-analysis-of-padini-marketing-essay.php



Market and company analysis of padini

investor to invest into their company.

PADINI HOLDINGS BERHAD (History earnings, dividends and share price) CHART.bmp

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