Business Information Systems University Essay Example

Systems Description Assignment Business Information Systems 100 School of Information Systems Curtin University 23/7/12 • v4. 0 Student and Workshop Details Information Student Name: Student Number: Assessment Item: Institution / Location: Workshop Leader Name: Workshop Number: Marker Comments (Optional): See ACMSheet for Feedback Enter Your Details Christopher Phelps 16151211 IS Description Assignment Curtin University / Bentley Hai Dong 22 Marker Use Only See ACMSheet for Final Mark Table of Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. . 6. 7. General Description External Description External View Internal Description Internal View Further Notes (Optional) References (Possibly Optional) 1. General Description of the Information System Title Pizza Hut delivery information system. General Description (Overall Function or Purpose) The purpose of the Pizza Hut delivery information system is to transfer customers orders and details to chefs/delivery drivers, to allow for the successful making and delivery of pizza and the storage of delivery payment information.

The customers input their pizza orders into the system, and after the transformation processes of the system Pizza Hut receives the store receipts of the transactions that have occurred between delivery drivers and customers. Users (or Other Information Systems) and Uses 1. Customers- the customers who input their order information and details. 1. order pizza – allows for the customers to choose the many combinations of pizza they would like and allows them to specify were it is to be delivered to. 2. Delivery drivers- use the information from the driver management system to deliver pizza 1. eliver pizza- uses system to acquire price and delivery information. 2. confirm payment- inputs to the system if a transaction has been successful. 3. Pizza Chef/s- The store chefs who use order details to make pizza. 1. make the correct pizza- uses the order information received from the customer to make the right combination of pizza. 4. Head office information system- The financial information system for monitoring shop sales. 1. collect financial information- receives end receipts to preform financial analysis.

Note: i have interpreted the postal service to be a external network and not a user, as it is simply transferring information without any special use or transformation of that information. Instance This System is used by Pizza Hut in Perth to deliver pizza. It could be adopted by any existing pizza shop that has a delivery service, and it could also be adapted to any form of food delivery service that requires the collection of customers orders and the delivery of goods. 2. External Description of the Information System Inputs Customers Order information 1. Type of Pizza- The different Pizza available for sale. . g. Hawaiian pizza 2. Special ingredients- customer specified instructions for making the pizza. e. g. Extra ham, no anchovies. 3. Other food products- Other food products available for delivery. e. g. A bottle of coke. Delivery information 1. Delivery address- The customer specified location for delivery. e. g. a residential address 2. Special delivery instructions- Customer specified instructions for the delivery driver. e. g. “Beware of dog” Contact information 1. Home phone/mobile number- The customers phone numbers for emergency contact. Delivery Driver Transaction conformation 1.

Transaction conformation- Inputs whether the pizza was successfully delivered and payed for so store receipt can be printed. Outputs Pizza Chef Order information 1. Instructions for cooking the pizza- instructions that take into account the type of pizza ordered and any customer specified instructions. 2. Estimated time for completion- The estimated time the Chef should allocate to cooking the pizza as based on the order display software. Delivery driver Delivery instructions 1. Delivery address- The customer specified location for delivery. e. g. a residential address 2.

Special delivery instructions- Customer specified instructions for the delivery driver. e. g. “Beware of dog” Head office information system Financial receipts 1. Store receipts- the financial records of the delivery transactions made Information Processing The overarching information processing preformed by the information system is the transformation of customers orders and details into post delivery financial transaction information. In this process the Pizza Hut delivery information system preforms the following information processing of: ? processing customer order requests. sorting and allocating ordering information. ? Transforming order information into a instruction list. ? sort and allocate delivery information to the relevant user. ? confirmation of financial transactions. ? transform financial information into receipts. ? scrutinises financial information following company procedures. Information Stored The Pizza Hut delivery information system stores 4 important categories of information; order information, delivery information, contact information and financial information. Order information 1. Type of Pizza- The type of pizza ordered. e. g. Hawaiian pizza 2.

Special instructions- customer specified instructions for making the pizza. e. g. Extra ham, no anchovies. 3. Other food products ordered- Other food products ordered by the customer. e. g. Garlic bread. Delivery information 1. Delivery address- The customer specified location for delivery. e. g. a residential address 2. Special delivery instructions- Customer specified instructions for the delivery driver. e. g. “deliver at back door”. Contact information 1. Home phone/mobile number- The customers phone numbers for emergency contact. Financial information 1. The transaction number of the delivery. . What was delivered and how much was paid. System Boundary Internal To be a internal component of the Pizza Hut delivery information system, the component must be responsible for the information processing and storage of information related to the categories of delivery information, order information, contact information and financial transaction information. This means the internal components that are inside the information system are: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The Call centre staff. Store allocation software information processor. Order display software information processor.

Driver management software information processor. Store printer information processor. The store manager. Store order database information store. Store receipt information store. Filing cabinet information store. External The users of this information system that interact with information that has already been processed or stored and/or do not process or store information (relating to order, delivery and financial information) are a external component. The external components of the Pizza hut delivery information system consist of: ? ? ? ? Customers. Delivery drivers. Pizza chef/s.

The head office information system. 3. External View of the Information System Figure 1 – External View of the Information System 4. Internal Description of Information System Information Processors Call centre staff information processor­ Non computerised information processor that processes customer order requests and inputs this information into the store allocation software. Store allocation software information processor­ A automated computerised information processor that transfers ordering information to the relevant pizza shop based on the area code of the callers phone number.

Order display software information processor­ A computerised information processor that gives the instructions for making the pizza and estimated cooking time based on the order information. Driver management software information processor­ a computerised information processor that allocates the stores drivers with the relevant delivery information based on the delivery information, and sends payment conformation from the driver to the store printer. Store printer information processor­ A computerised information processor that transforms payment information from the driver management system into two paper receipts at the store.

Store manager information processor­ A non­computerised information processor who scrutinises receipts following company procedures and readies them for post and storage. Information Stores Store order database information store­ stores order/contact/delivery information in a computerised database at the pizza store. This information contains: 1. Type of Pizza- The type of pizza ordered. e. g. Hawaiian pizza 2. Special instructions- customer specified instructions for making the pizza. e. g. Extra ham, no anchovies. 3.

Other food products ordered- Other food products ordered by the customer. e. g. Garlic bread. 4. Delivery address- The customer specified location for delivery. e. g. a residential address 5. Special delivery instructions- Customer specified instructions for the delivery driver. e. g. “deliver at back door”. 6. Home phone/mobile number- The customers phone numbers for emergency contact. Store receipt information store­ stores payment information (receipts) on a non­computerised information store using paper. This payment information contains: 1.

The transaction number of the delivery. 2. What was delivered and how much was paid. 3. The time and date of the transaction. Filing cabinet information store­ Stores store receipts in a non­computerised filling cabinet. contains the following information: 1. The store receipts, which contain the information listed above under store receipt information store. Internal Communication Networks (between internal Information Processors) Direct interaction- A non-computerised communication network, that through interaction connects the call centre staff to the Store allocation software.

It transfers the order, contact and delivery information outlined in part 2. Internet Network- A computerised communication network, that through the Internet connects the store allocation software to the driver management system. It transfers the delivery information to the allocated driver. Local area network (LAN)- A computerised communication network, that through a Ethernet cable connects the driver management software to the store printer. It transfers the financial and other relevant information of the transaction.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shortening Project Schedules

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of shortening project schedules? In some situations project manager will have to get the project schedule shortened. One method for accomplishing this is by shortening the durations of the activities in the critical path. This can be done by allocating more resources to perform the activities or by making changes in the scope. Project Crashing and Fast Tracking are two methods useful for shortening the project schedule. Crashing is a technique for schedule compression.

It makes a trade-offs between the schedule and cost for obtaining the greatest amount of schedule compression for the least incremental cost. Crashing can be done by bringing in additional resources or working overtime or by paying extra to get the critical path activities delivered more quickly. Consider an example of applying security patches to all systems in the datacenter. Assume the duration was initially set as one month and there is only one resource working on it part time. If there is a decision to expedite the task due to security threats, there is a requirement of schedule compression.

The options here will be either assigning the resource to full time or adding more resources to complete the task, or getting the tasks done quickly by engaging resources overtime. These options are part of crashing and help in reducing the activity duration. The project manager may use more resources to complete activities on Critical path. Project manager has to take in to account the slack available in non-critical activities. That helps in making sure the crashing is not impacting other activities in the Critical path of the project.

The project manager also has to ensure the cost involved in crashing a project does not exceed the penalty costs. Crashing has to be done from the least expensive to the most expensive tasks. Crashing has to be done only for activities that are critical. Advantages of Crashing: * Crashing reduces the time taken to complete activities * Crashing may get the project back on track or back on schedule * Crashing could help in avoid the penalty due to delayed delivery * Crashing can help mitigating the risk for a delayed task Disadvantages of Crashing: The new allocated resource may be less experienced with the process and hence less productive. * The primary resource may have to spend time to bring the additional resources up to speed * If the team members are not flexible, it can cause conflicts within team members * Team members might feel the productivity is being challenged and may not support crashing. * Crashing could spoil the rapport between the project manager and team members * Use of additional resource may not always give better results.

Fast tracking is a method of carrying out project activities in parallel instead of doing in a sequence. For example, if the project involves building a Server and carrying out App installing, application team may want to carry out App installation without completing Storage and OS tunings, hardening tasks by the system administrator. In that case, Application installation and Storage configuration, OS security hardening and tunings will happen in parallel saving a few days.

The advantage of this method is that it reduces the total duration of the project. However, there is a risk in doing that. For example, in the above example, if the Application is supposed to be performing better in the storage Luns, which was not in place while App was getting installed, a complete rework is required to uninstall and reinstall the Application with the revised pre-requisites. This delays the project.

Hence, fast tracking is usually applied to routine tasks where the chances of risk are relatively less. Project manager has to get the risk analysis done before deciding the fast tracking approach. Advantages of Fast tracking: * Ability to meet short deadlines * Faster project execution * It may get the project back on track or back on schedule Disadvantages of Fast tracking: * Increased risk * It may require re-work * Not suitable for all the project tasks * Project cost increases in the case of re-work

Positive Psychology And Happiness

Tuesday Happiness On the life—and suicide—of happiness researcher Philip Brickman, Jennifer Senior, who has written dozens of articles for New York magazine from 2004 through 2011, writes: “There’s an untold distance between knowing happiness and knowing about it. ”(428) ‘Sometimes, to our blinking incomprehension, the distance can only be measured in the space between this life and the next. ’(428) Jennifer also writes.

It is true. The distance is so big that we cannot imagine. We should not waste our time or even lives to find out the way how to achieve happiness. Why don’t we just live what we are, which is probably the best way to be happy so far. What is happiness? The answer could be subjective. But Gandi tells us that “happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”. Therefore, happiness can’t be forced. Happiness will be with us if we just let things go and keep cool.

Martin Seligman, one of the leading researchers in positive psychology and author of Authentic Happiness, describes happiness as having three parts: pleasure, engagement, and meaning. Pleasure is the “feel good” part of happiness. Engagement refers to living a “good life” of work, family, friends, and hobbies. Meaning refers to using our strengths to contribute to a larger purpose. Seligman says that all three are important, but that of the three, engagement and meaning make the most difference to living a happy life.

Happiness is simple. It can be a nap after the heavy work; it can be a bottle of water after a basketball match; it can be mother’s smile; it can be children’s candy; it can be a piece of bread for the hungry people; it can be friend’s trust when you meet difficulty… If we want to be happier, we just need to be good at discovering the details from our life. Happiness can be passed down. Although we can’t get hold of happiness by ourselves, we can share it to others. Therefore, everyone could be happier because of you.

On the other hand, don’t wait around for other people to be happy for you. Any happiness you get you’ve got to make yourself. Helping others can make us happy. We will find our own value by helping others. Also, we will gain a sense of achievement from helping others. Helping others helps us to pass down happiness as well. However, what makes us unhappy? People are always thinking of owning. We always think that the more we own, the happier we are going to be. As a result, this emotion pushes us along the way of gaining.

However, someday we will suddenly find it in surprise that all our depression, confusion, frustration, and the sense of bored, every unhappiness, are all related to our high requirement, or being too obsession. For example, when you fall in love with someone, but she is not in love with you, then the feeling for her could be your whole world. Whatever she does or whatever she says can always attract your attention, and they can be source of your happiness and sadness at the same time. Sometimes, you clearly know that the thing is not yours but you are still on the way of pursuing it.

Maybe you are doing this because you are too confident or too insistence. Finally you are just being frustrated because you find yourself being defeated all the time. So to a certain extent, we should just wait for the fortune and opportunity sometimes. If we can’t obtain it, just let it go. We can be happy after giving up, while you will be painful if you’re walking with heavy burden on our shoulders. In our life, we are facing choices of taking or giving up all the time. However, we desire for taking and forget about the other choice.

If we know the real meaning of giving up, we can view the world in a calm version, you watch everything peacefully. At that time, we will know it very well that we should give up properly. And that is the very way to gain the balance of our heart and be happy. Sometimes, life will put us under pressure. We have to relinquish power, lose opportunities, even to leave your lover. We can’t keep everything in our lives, we need to learn how to give up. It makes us generous and straightforward; it makes us calm and active; it makes us more wise and powerful.

When shall we give up? Give up the pain of being frustrated in love, give up the enmity from humiliation, and give up all unutterable burdens; give up time wasting argument; give up endless explanation; give up the competition for power; give up the greedy of money; give up the scramble for frame and wealth…all of these are resulted in selfish will, every evil idea and stubborn thought should be abandoned. However, it is not easy to give up. It needs great courage. Facing the things we’re not capable of in the world, it is a smart choice to give up.

Only to give up without hesitation can we refresh ourselves and to live a new life. We will have a new discovery and the things will turn better then. Learn to give up is also a kind of elimination, a kind of choice, to eliminate our weakness and choose our advantage. Abandon is not holding us back. A good abandon is just good for making a better progress. Works cited Senior, Jennifer. “The Pursuit of Happiness. ” Writing and Reading across the Curriculum. Ed. Laurence Behrens and Leonard J. Rosen. New York City, NY. : Longman, 2011. 428. Print.

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