Car Racing And Its Heroes Essay Example

Car racing has gone through many changes since its start in 1947. Race cars were not equipped with safety features such as roolbars, cages and safety belts. When accidents occurred drivers were seriouly injured or died.

Through the years, steps have been taken to prevent major injuries. Race cars are now equipped with safety features as well as drivers now wear suits that are made from flame retartant material, along with helmonts and saftey belts. They have also modified the race tracks to help make the sport safe.Through triumph and tragedy they have built the racing sport into the nationwide event it is today, with safety feature improvements for the cars and drivers; the people in the racing industry are heroes to me because of their courage.

I like hearing stories about Lee Petty”s racing times, he is a favorite of mine. He is one of many who have made racing what it is today. Lee passed his knowledge of racing to his Richard and together they have built Petty”s Enterprises. Petty Enterprises builds and races only the fastest cars.

Tey also have a driving school, where people are taught the technique, procedures and methods of driving a race car. The Petty”s Enterprise is pass down through the family, keeping the going from one genration to the next. Richard”s son Kyle and granson Adam are also professional race car drivers. The Petty family experienced a terrible tragedy when Adam lost his life racing.

Instead of closing the door on racing, Richard and Kyle investigated Adam”s crash and applied necessary changes to make racing safer.There are no guarantees our heroes will not get hurt racing, no matter what pecautions are taken. Just a few months ago we lost “The Intimidator”, Dale Earnhardt. He was one of NASCAR”s best racers, winning 110 Winston Cup and Daytona races combined.

He was known for taking racing to its limits. Like the Pettys, Dale passed his racing knowledge to Kelly and Dale Jr. Dale”s sons will continue to keep the Earnhardt Industry and legend alive. How proud the racing legends must feel, knowing they are responsible for thr recognition racing has today.

They have influenced many different varieties of vehicles racing in the competitive sport. They have made major gains toward car and safety. All the heroes in the industry work hard to see that racing will continue for many years. As I watch oue own car going aroun the track, I think that maybe somedsy oue race team will become a legend.

When oue car receives the checkered flag, I know that our hard work has paid off. Going home filled with excitement of winning, I wonder if the heroes of racing felt the same.

Kids Baseball, A Great American Tradition

Kids’ baseball is an esteemed American tradition that resonates with fathers, who fondly recall its importance in their own youth. Little League serves as a crucial platform for teaching valuable life skills and fostering social connections. This cherished league represents a quintessentially American experience, and now the global community embraces and appreciates all things traditionally American, including the sport of baseball.

Little League, despite its detractors, is an amazing institution. Some argue that it places too much emphasis on competition and that less-skilled children should receive greater playing opportunities. Moreover, there are concerns about the potential for injuries occurring. However, I personally believe that Little League offers a fantastic opportunity for growth and development during the transition to adulthood.

It instructs children in various valuable skills, including organization, division of labor, cooperation, and competition. The concept of organization entails nine kids functioning as a single unit under one main coach. The notion of division of labor requires these same nine kids to undertake distinct tasks and responsibilities. Furthermore, they must collaborate with one another in order to overcome the opposing team in competitive situations.

Varga’s Drugstore versus Kiwanis can be seen as a smaller version of Compaq competing against IBM, or General Motors challenging Ford. This comparison highlights the unique American nature of Little League and its role in preserving the country’s unmatched value system of “free enterprise”. Despite critics arguing that LL poses risks, it is important to remember that danger and risk exist in all aspects of life. If we were to shield every child within a protective bubble, they would never have the opportunity to interact and learn from one another.

The text states that vocal critics of LL should avoid certain situations, such as crossing streets, walking down crowded aisles in Wal-Mart, mowing lawns, and driving to Wildwood on summer vacation, as something threatening could happen unexpectedly. However, the text argues that dangers exist everywhere and injuries in LL are accidental, not intentional. Despite this, the author admits to being fascinated by physical danger and competition in sports, which is why they love LL baseball.

1953: Played Hammonton Little League for the town Exchange Club. Coach: Mr. Reid. Teammate: Bruce Reid. Frank Reid would attend practices and assist his father with the players. Ironically, Frank’s son Scott later worked for me at my boardwalk arcade in Ocean City, Maryland twenty years later.

In my personal experience, I strongly believe that Little League (LL) fosters an understanding and appreciation for the American free-enterprise economic system. At the age of ten in 1953, achieving my first hit—a bunt single—filled me with excitement. A specific game stands out in my memory, where a player from the Dual Motors team, who was older than me, hit a high fly ball towards me in left field. Instinctively, I backed up towards the fence and gazed at the night sky above the lights. With closed eyes and trembling knees, to my astonishment, the ball landed flawlessly in my glove.

When I heard the fans cheering for me from both sides of the field, it was a moment that boosted my confidence. This experience helped me realize that staying in a protected environment would have never allowed me to achieve such growth. Back in 1953, it was typical for kids to leave their baseball gloves on the field during breaks between innings. The memories of playing baseball at Hammonton New Jersey Lake Park at night still bring excitement to my mind, similar to how the Phillies and A’s played at Shibe Park, later known as Connie Mack Stadium. Being a part of a league that had won the prestigious Little League World Championship just four years before in 1949 made it all even more incredible.

In the late summer, my family moved to Levittown, Pennsylvania. I had to make new friends and find a new baseball team. In the spring of ’54, I joined Meenan Oil. Many kids were competing for a spot on the team. To become the starting second baseman, I had to outperform eight opponents. This tough competition motivated me to display my skills and ultimately win the starting position.

I had the opportunity to play under the guidance of Coach Siegel, who, like Coach Reid, found fulfillment in working with children. Both coaches, along with the majority of adults involved in Little League, were dedicated community members who selflessly volunteered their time and energy to assist young individuals in their development and achievements. In 1955, my companion Mike Hunter and I were chosen from Meenan Oil to join the Levittown National League All-Star Team. Our opponents were our fierce adversaries from the American League team, but we managed to emerge victorious in the match.

After defeating another team, my National League All-Star Team faced Morrisville. In this team, there were two tall kids who measured six-feet-three: Dick Hart, who later played as a lineman for the Eagles, and Tommy Keyser, the pitcher. Both players were quite intimidating. The game was intense, but then Hart hit a ball extremely high towards the centerfielder. When the ball eventually descended, it tore through Jerry Friedrich’s glove webbing. By the time the ball hit the ground, Hart had already reached third base. He then casually jogged home, scoring the winning run.

Despite my initial devastation over Levittown National’s loss, my perspective shifted when Morrisville emerged as the winners of the Little League World Championship at Williamsport. I avidly followed their games on the radio and became a devoted Morrisville fan that summer of ’55, despite being defeated by them. In reflection, it appears that one of the valuable lessons Little League imparts to children is learning how to cope with failure and exhibit sportsmanship.

During the 1960 Little League World Series, I was excited to see Levittown, Pa. emerge as the victor. This victory brought me joy because my hometown of Hammonton, NJ had previously won the championship in 1949. Additionally, I had witnessed a talented team from Morrisville, Pa. claim the title in 1955. Furthermore, I had always supported Levittown, Pa.

The memories of the American League squad that won the championship in 1960 will always stay with me as long as I live. From 1954 to 1960, these unforgettable events could only occur in America.

Abortion Research Paper

There are two types of abortion: self-generated and induced. Spontaneous abortion or abortion is when a fetus dies of course inside the female parent. Induced abortion is when the fetus is intentionally killed by taking it from the female parent’s uterus. This essay is approximately induced abortion.

Abortion is a topic that many people have strong positions on. Anti-abortionists believe a individual is alive from the minute a human egg is fertilised and any effort to stop that life before or after birth is slaying. One anti-abortionist wrote, There is no difference in killing a four-year-old kid and aborting a pre-born child.  One dissenter at an abortion clinic said I don t believe in killing abortion physicians but I believe in Eden and snake pit? . I feel they will travel directly to hell.

It is difficult to see the other side of things. Many adult females’s groups believe that abortion brings equality between sexes. One adult female wrote a book stating? We support the rights of the person adult female to take, to take gestation or abortion.  There is center point between the other two positions. Some people believe abortion should be available but merely for specific medical and societal grounds: adult females who have been raped, adult females who know that the fetus is handicapped, and adult females who could endure in childbearing doing possible decease.

In the UK, the 1967 Abortion Act was introduced to chiefly to halt illegal and unsafe abortions. By doing abortion legal, politicians hoped fewer adult females would decease or endure as a effect of severely performed abortions. Today, abortion is illegal in really few countries-even those with spiritual beliefs and traditions. During the sixtiess and 1970s many authoritiess relaxed their abortion Torahs and made it easier for adult females to end unwanted gestations. In a few states such as the Soviet Union abortion is seen as an option to contraceptive method. In China adult females are forced to hold abortions because of the one-child-per-family policy. This policy is aimed at cut downing the state s overpopulation jobs.

No faith really supports abortion. Although some faiths accept that are certain fortunes where abortion is necessary. Pope John Paul II has ever stressed the anti-abortion attitude of the Roman Catholic Church. The attitude of the Church of England is less clear. In 1985, the Bishop of Birmingham put up a Bill in the House of Godheads proposing that the clip bound for abortion in the UK should be reduced to 24 hebdomads. This act was passed leting abortions to merely take topographic point up to 24 hebdomads unless the quality lifewasn T traveling to be satisfactory.

The clip was reduced because it is said the babe becomes feasible after 24 hebdomads intending it may hold a opportunity of lasting. The Anglican Church has tended to take a more unshockable position towards abortion. The Judaic religion discourages abortion, except when the life of the female parent is at hazard. Muslims besides believe that abortion is incorrect and can merely be appropriate in really rare instances, such as when the female parent’s life is at hazard. One adult female wrote? A adult female does non make the fetus but receives it ; the fetus is entrusted to her. Some people believe that life as we know it merely begins when the encephalon is formed.

In states that allow abortion, the female parents demands are put foremost before the fetus. It may be decided that she is unable to care for her kid, by age, wellness, mental development and societal harm, so she has an abortion. It is frequently thought abortion is unwomanly because adult females are destined to care and to protect. By holding an abortion they are non being caring or protecting. A new babe can convey joy to one adult female, but grief to another if she feels unable to care for the babe. An unwanted kid puts great force per unit area on a twosome’s relationship.

One 17-year-old miss said, Even though I ve had an abortion I wouldn Ts like others to utilize abortion as another signifier of preventive. For abortion is non forestalling a birth but killing an individual.  It is difficult to judge who should be allowed abortion. Does a adult female who isn T in a steady relationship have fewer right s to abortion than a adult female who knows her babe is deformed Over the last few old ages many work forces hold gone to tribunal to seek and halt their spouses from holding abortions. All hold failed. One adult male said, ? Our babes can be killed and you can? t even have a proper funeral.

Genetically the fetus is every bit much apart of the male parent as it is of the female parent so why Don T they have equal rights. There is the other side of things, it is the adult female who has to travel through the hurting of birth, so why should the determination of holding an abortion be left to her spouse. Peoples who are against abortion realise that contraceptive method is necessary. The intra-uterine device doesn? t halt an egg from being fertilised it stops the egg implanting in the uterus. The forenoon after Pill, taken in three yearss of holding unprotected sex, besides is aimed at forestalling a fertilised egg engrafting in the uterus. So these signifiers of contraceptive method could be thought as abortion.

The egg has been fertilised but non allowed to settle in the uterus. Many people argue that a adult female can hold a place gestation trial on the twenty-four hours her period is due? that is within in two hebdomads of contraceptive method. Many abortions occur of course at this phase, without the adult female being cognizant that she is pregnant.

It is hence no less incorrect to abort the babe at this phase. Transporting out abortions is portion of mundane work of 1000s of physicians and nurses all over the universe. In many states physicians promise to make everything they can to salvage a life:  I will give no lifelessly medical specialty to anyone if asked, nor suggest any such advice ; and in a similar mode I will non give to a adult female a pessary to bring forth abortion.

Many physicians and nurses do non hold with transporting out abortion, and garbage to make so. In a study of about 300 gynecologists, 73 per cent believed that adult females should be allowed to take to hold an abortion or non. Although, three-fourthss of gynecologists surveyed wanted to cut down the clip bound so there would be less late abortions. It is difficult to believe that any adult female can take the determination to abort her fetus lightly.

One adult female who took it severely said,  My sorrow was unmeasurable, perforating every fiber of my being. I was wracked with shortness of breath for an hr. For 3 months after I plunged into emotional darkness. My ain sentiment of abortion is really varied. There are so many different grounds for abortions. Every adult female who has had one will hold had grounds. I am certain they wouldn Ts have decided in a few proceedingss that they were traveling to abort their babe. They would hold thought long and hard about what to make. I put myself in the place of person else.

If I got pregnant now would I truly be able to maintain it. I would, for one, have to stop school and lose out on the instruction I would necessitate to convey up a kid. I likely wouldn T be able to get by with the emotional force per unit areas and header with the hurting of giving birth. It all seems so easy before you see it through person else’s eyes. Women wear T merely have an abortion as a goad of the minute thing. It is nevertheless a difficult topic to be certain of an sentiment. You can look on abortion as slaying. Even if a adult female is under age so isn t it better to convey a life in to the universe.

The emotional force per unit area of abortion must be high cognizing that you have stopped a babe being born. In a manner I dont understand why adult females abort their disabled fetuss. It should be loved whatever. In this universe today we are brought up to non hold biass, so why should holding a disabled babe be different from holding a normal babe. If a adult female doesnT want the babe so why non hold it adopted at birth ; at least it will be alive.

The quandary of abortion is non one that can be overcome rapidly. Each instance is different ; each adult female has different demands, hopes and dreams. Who are we to judge one of the hardest determinations of her life? And who are we to state if it is right or incorrect I believe that abortions should be available but that a adult female should hold a valid ground for aborting the babe. I Don T think a adult female should be able to walk into a clinic and have an abortion but they should necessitate the consent of 2 physicians as they do now.

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