Case Study: Happiest Minds – Business Venture Sample Essay

Case Study: Happiest Minds


An enterpriser named Shri Ashok Soota formed a new concern venture called “Happiest Minds Technologies Private Limited” . Soota had a vision for this company to go a full service house with a planetary presence. The company was launched on August 29, 2011 with the aid of a squad of experts form the IT industry. This entrepreneurial start-up wasn’t an easy venture at first, but Soota had a assortment of experience and leading functions from his calling life.

Shri Soota was born in Pakistan and finally moved to India during his childhood. His household moved around a batch since his male parent was an ground forces physician, so much that Soota attended 12 schools by the clip he was 12 old ages old. Traveling about throughout his life made a immense impact on him as an international enterpriser by larning to accommodate and be flexible, larning rapidly, and doing connexions with people from different civilizations. He attended Roorkee Engineering College and started out analyzing civil technology but subsequently switched to electrical technology. Soota gained a batch of experience through his different occupations, but one of his most hearty achievement was going CEO of DCM company. He worked for DCM for around twenty old ages traveling head-on with many challenges and enjoyed it. Soota wholly turned the company about and set them on the right path doing them profitable. However, after making success in the company Soota lost involvement and wanted to travel on to bigger and better things. During his clip at DCM he did inscribe for his MBA at the Asian Institute of Management in 1973.

The following measure in Soota’s calling led him into the IT sector by fall ining a little IT company “Wipro Infotech” . With the aid of other executives, he turned the company into a planetary IT service company. He spent around 15 old ages being president of the company and truly had a batch of freedom until the president stepped in when the company was acquiring excessively big. Soota said “There was no negativity—just a desire for alteration and a desire to allow them happen a new way without me and for me to happen a new destiny” . This alteration led him to co-founding MindTree an Indian IT company and took leading for around 11 old ages before he resigned. He ne’er truly expressed as to why he resigned, but people guess it was because of sadness from his deficiency of freedom in the company.

Soota so went on to organize the company Happiest Minds. The first office is located Bengaluru, India and was originally 55,000 square pess. The Bengaluru location is now their official central office for the company. His end for this new company was to accomplish one-hundred million dollars’ worth of gross revenues within five old ages of operating. Within three months of the company’s startup, Soota opened up the first international office in Seattle on November 21, 2011. This market entry truly showed the company’s hazard taking abilities and action doing the company a success. They expect this Seattle office to play a immense function in their company’s growing. As of today they have clients in the USA, UK, and India giving to the company a significant sum of concern.

Happiest Minds mission, which is fundamentally stated in the company name, is to make the happiest people and happiest clients. This “Happiest Minds” doctrine besides takes topographic point in their organisational civilization intending the happiest employees make happy clients. Their mission is a changeless reminder of why they created the company and they implement their scheme through their civilization and employees. Most companies merely want to fulfill their clients by run intoing their demands, but Happiest Minds wants to travel above and beyond that bound and really do their clients happy. They value an unfastened civilization where employees can make and detect their possible through their work experience. The acronym “SMILES” represents the company’s nucleus values and what they stand for ( Sharing, Mindful, Integrity, Learning, Excellence, and Social Responsibility ) . Happiest Minds believe that it’s the company’s duty to make and supply conditions to do their employees happy. They rely on the “7 C’s” which are civilization, credibleness, coaction, part, pick, community, and communicating.

Recently, laminitis and CEO, Ashok Soota, of Happiest Minds was named as one of the 12 IT Gems of India at INFOCOM in 2013. The award was presented due to Soota’s parts to the IT industry- “for his vision, creativeness, concern acumen and engineering to take India towards its higher end in the field of information technology” ( HappiestMinds ) .

The Competitive IT Industry

The information engineering service industry has exploded since the mid-1990s and has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Competition in the information engineering industry is ferocious for Happiest Minds with tonss of established and new venture companies. Entire sum of grosss earned in the information engineering service industry surpasses $ 400 billion. The biggest rival for Happiest Minds is the world-renowned IBM Corporation, which is the top IT service company in the universe. IBM is a dominant power in the industry with a 2.6 billion dollar spread between itself and the following top IT service company, Hewlett-Packard. IBM besides compiled impressive entire gross of $ 700 billion dollars, which was 16 % of entire grosss earned by the top 100 IT service companies. With Happiest Minds being founded and created in India poses the house a great trade of rivals straight in its domestic market. The figure one rated information engineering company in India ( 2012 ) was Tata Consulting Services ( TCS ) . Tata Consultant Services had grosss over USD $ 10 billion and net incomes over $ 2.2 billion and has over 250,000 employees around the Earth. An American transnational company, Cognizant, has become one of the more powerful information engineering service companies in the Indian IT industry with grosss over USD $ 6.1 billion.

The most recent client that Happiest Minds has acquired is Datawind, which are the manufacturer of the Aakash Tablet PC and sell wireless web entree merchandise and services. Sunseet Singh Tull, CEO of Datamind, commented on the new strategic partnership with Happiest Mind by saying,

“Datawind has been focused on democratising entree to internet and calculating with our versatile and robust, yet low cost tablet platform. The UbiSlate platform now evolves to the following degree with our partnership with Happiest Minds. Happiest Minds is known for their expertness in riotous engineerings like cloud, mobility, analytics every bit good as embedded solutions. Through this partnership, we will be able to make a complete mobility experience by offering entree to be effectual cloud applications and solutions to our customers.”

In May of 2013, Happiest Minds agreed with Kidozen, based out of Boca Raton, FL, to get down a strategic confederation with each other. Kidozen is an enterprise mobile-first platform. Happiest Minds helped confer with the jobs and present solutions to KidoZen’s new nomadic app. Happiest Minds besides signed an impressive 25 companies in the first twelvemonth of its operations.

When Happiest Minds announced the gap of the company, venture capital was a immense necessity to assist the startup screen its costs. It merely took six months for Happiest Minds to set down its first beginning of support when Canaan Partners and Intel Capital provided the house USD $ 45 billion. The company laminitiss, including Shri Soota, besides provided the house with a significant sum of startup capital. Those financess were implemented into assisting the company happen “world-class talent” , set up substructure, and accelerate gross revenues through selling.

The scheme of Happiest Minds is ingrained in the civilization of the company and is besides stated in the mission statement, “Happiest Peoples. Happiest Customers.” The company instills that the employees working for them have great attitudes in the workplace and while working with clients. “The Happiest Minds” doctrine is that happy employees make happy customers… . Though felicity is a really personal emotion, Happiest Minds believes that it is the organization’s duty to make enabling conditions for a individual to be happy. ” ( Sage Journal ) . This is one of the major competitory advantages for Happiest Minds, holding a great attitude. Happiest Minds believes that people are one for the most built-in constituents of the concern.

Happiest Products & A ; Servicess

Happiest Minds Technology’s value proposition provinces that they are a “Next Coevals IT services company, presenting Transformational Solutions for Enterprise by Leveraging Disruptive Technologies.” Their services include: package merchandise technology, IT services, substructure direction and security, along with technology R & A ; D services. These four focal points lead to incorporate communicating, seamless could and mobility capablenesss, accurate analytics and successful societal computer science.

Standing out from other IT Outsourcing suppliers, Happiest Minds plans to better every facet of the concerns that it serves. By leveraging the power of IT, the company improves market portion, client battle, invention and distinction, legerity and efficiency of operations, all while conveying down the costs of procedures. Happiest Minds is a caput above its rivals in footings of the sum of services provided. When asked what makes Happiest Minds different, laminitis Ashok Soota told a newsman that,

“What we are basically selling is the experience of our squad. The company may non be old, but the squad we have has every bit much experience and expertness as any of the people in the largest of the companies. We ne’er went and told any company that we ‘d wish to be their 3rd or 4th spouse. Companies come to us because they think we can rapidly turn around things in 3 or 5 months and that ‘s truly our Sweet spot.”

Along with experience, the company focuses on new and emerging engineerings to distinguish, such as its cloud, societal media and analytics services, and supply concatenation direction. Happiest Minds Technologies’ mark clients are concerns around the universe that involve Manufacturing, Retail & A ; CPG, BFSI, Travel & A ; Transportation, Telecom and Media. They have offices in the US, UK and in India to make their audience.

Happiest Minds is taking advantage of the speeding growing of engineering by supplying services that can embrace an full concern. Businesss normally look for a speedy 3 to 5 month turnaround which is the “Sweet spot” for the company harmonizing to Soota. Small IT companies can manage undertakings up to a certain size quicker for companies than larger 1s due to their legerity and direct communicating within the company.

Soota’s company provides a new solution to concern intelligence and analytics. Software on the market that is normally used can non garner information and information in a set clip bound. Harmonizing to their web site, “We provide confer withing, solutions, methodological analysiss, and frameworks that assist our clients in non merely turn toing the flood in information growing, but besides in replying inquiries refering to the information hidden in informations.

To battle the rapid alteration in the package merchandise kingdom, Happiest Minds created something that they call a Changeless Access Paradigm. It is consisted of two constituents, uninterrupted services and affiliated devices. This allows their service to be on demand 24/7 while being able to link it to multiple devices and people. Independent Software Vendors are served by Happiest Minds in the country of Product Lifecycle Services, Lab on Hire, Mobility, Cloud, Social, and Testing.

Happiest Minds puts a batch of attempt into their research and development services. Their market for this preponderantly involves concerns in the Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Communications, Networking and Storage Fieldss. Harmonizing to their web site this is the Happiest Minds Edge:

  • Strong focal point on riotous engineerings to acquire the best usage of affiliated and smart devices
  • Strong eco-system of confederations and spouses
  • Scope of solution gas pedals
  • Lower development costs & A ; shorter merchandise lifecycles
  • Entree to solutions that focus on next-generation engineerings
  • Well Governed bringing procedures
  • Value added services like analytics, mobility attack and cloud attack
  • Dedicated NOC/SOC for clients who require Managed services or proficient support after merchandise releases

Basically, this is a company that acknowledges the invariably altering nature of the engineering services industry. It is good reflected in its services how good it can maintain up and manage the alteration.

Happiest Minds’ Resources

Happiest Minds has benefitted greatly from the success of Shri Ashok Soota’s old experiences as an international enterpriser. Experience is an entrepreneur’s best friend when seeking to venture into unknown markets to take advantage of an chance. There are so many hurdlings that can acquire in the manner of a good thought coming to fruition and going successful. If the enterpriser has experienced these barriers and found ways to acquire around them, they have an exponentially better opportunity of making a concern that can last. This is Happiest Mind’s most valuable resource. This priceless resource has shown to do the company a success in its early old ages so far. Because Soota’s early life was spent in many different topographic points, sing different state of affairss, he grew up with the ability to accommodate to altering state of affairss. This early life experience allowed him to accommodate rapidly to altering environments and make solutions when things got tough.

Co-founding MindTree gave Soota penetration on ways to acquire an IT company off the land. The huge success of MindTree gave a design for Soota when he decided to go forth the company and make Happiest Minds. Because of his old success, Soota was able to acquire the $ 45 million in venture capital to get down his new company. Having working capital at the beginning of a budding company is improbably of import because it gave them the ability to acquire the right equipment and still hold money for the right employees and a good selling program. This effort is non easy for many companies so Happiest Minds truly seemed to hold lucked out from holding Soota at the helm. He was a sure person in the industry and proved to many investors that he had the ability to do them money.

The company besides had the great resource of Soota’s wealth. Most entrepreneurs start their companies while traveling through tough fiscal state of affairss. Happiest Minds non merely got funding from outside investors, they benefitted from internal support from the adult male who started it all. Soota made 1000000s while working with MindTree and was able to self-fund a good part of the initial operations with Happiest Minds. This experience from MindTree besides helped Happiest Minds happen its first clients. The relationships Soota built in his old work experience in the IT field gave Happiest Minds a solid client base. These clients knew they could swear Soota to supply a quality service so they were willing to give him their concern. Most new ventures struggle with happening a client base because they have no repute to construct off of. Having an established repute in the industry gave Happiest Minds a leg up on any competition from other similar new ventures.

Despite all these things working in Soota’s favour, there were surely roadblocks that got in the manner of the success that Happiest Minds is sing. Many of Soota’s equals were non really supportive of his concern theoretical account when they discovered his thought to discontinue MindTree and get down Happiest Minds. They felt like his concern theoretical account was a successful one ten old ages ago, but the IT industry had changed so much that this concern theoretical account couldn’t win in the industry today. They didn’t believe he could hold success once more after MindTree. Soota took unfavorable judgment ab initio for making another service company.

His equals believed he should hold tried to make a new, advanced merchandise alternatively. It would be hard for him to distinguish his service company from the 1000s of other similar concerns in the universe. However, Soota shrugged off this unfavorable judgment because he knew, deep down, that he had an thought that would certainly work good. Happiest Minds decided that the manner they could happen this distinction was by concentrating on emerging engineerings such as cloud computer science and societal media. However, there were already companies working on these engineerings that had a good biennial advantage on Happiest Minds.

Other complications faced Happiest Minds in its early old ages. They had to enroll and happen at least 2,000 skilled workers in an industry where most people were comfy at the occupations they were already at. Soota would hold to happen a manner to do his company more appealing so people would desire to leap on board. If Happiest Minds wanted to accomplish their end of $ 100 million in income by twelvemonth 6, happening skilled workers was an absolute necessity. To happen these people and convert them to fall in a smaller trade name like Happiest Minds, they were certain to see some pay rising prices as offering higher wage would be one of the lone ways to acquire these skilled workers to fall in. Luckily, Soota’s experience gave people a ground to acquire on board with Happiest Minds.


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Application Of Polymers Analysis Biology

Polymers are the substances incorporating a big figure of structural units joined by the same type of linkage. These substances besides form into a concatenation like construction. Polymers have a scope of applications that far exceeds that of any other category of stuff available to adult male. Current applications extend from adhesives, coatings, froths, and packaging stuffs to textile and industrial fibers, optical fibers etc. The major applications — — Structural polymers and complexs,

Boxing stuffs and coatings,

Transparent and optical stuffs,

Biological and medical stuffs,

Fluid qualifiers ans suspension stabilizers etc.


A polymer is a big molecule composed of reiterating structural units connected by covalent chemical bonds. The word polymer is derived from the Grecian words poly – intending “ many ” , and meros – significance “ portion ” . The term was coined in 1833 by Jons Jacob Berzelius. Because of the extraordinary scope of belongingss of polymeric stuffs, they play an indispensable function in every twenty-four hours life, runing from familiar man-made plastics and elastomers to natural bipolymers such as nucleic acids and proteins that are indispensable for life. Natural polymers are being in usage from centuries. Bipolymers such as proteins and nucleic acids play important portion in boilogical procedures. Natural polymeric stuffs such as shellac, gold, and natural gum elastic have been used for centuries. A assortment of other natural polymers exist, such as cellose, which is the chief component of wood and paper. The list of man-made polymers includes man-made gum elastic, Bakelite, neoprene, nylon, PVC, polystryene, polythene, polypropene, polyacrylonitrile, PVB, silicone, and many more. Most normally, the continuously linked anchor of a polymer used for the readying of plastics consists chiefly of C atoms. A simple illustration is polyethylene, whose reiterating unit is based on ethylene monomer. However, other constructions do be ; for illustration, elements such as silicon signifier familiar stuffs such as silicones, illustrations being silli putty and waterproof plumbing sealer. Oxygen is besides normally present in polymer anchors, such as those of polyethylene ethanediol, polyoses, and DNA.

Historical Development

In 1811, Henri Braconnot did a antic work in derivative cellulose compounds which excessively was the earliest and the of import work in the polymeric scientific discipline. Later in the 19th century, the development of vulcanization improved the lastingness of natural polymer gum elastic, meaning the first popularised semi – man-made polymer. In 1907, Leo Bakeland created the first wholly man-made polymer Bakelite by responding phenol and methanal at exactly controlled temperature and force per unit area. Bakelite was so publically introduced in 1909. Despite important progresss in synthesis and word picture of polymers, a right apprehension of polymer molecular construction did non emerge until the 1920s. Before so, scientists believed that polymers were bunchs of little molecules called colliods, without definite molecular weights, and held together by an unknown force. Then in 1922, Hermann Staudinger proposed that polymers consisted of long ironss of atoms held together by covalent bonds, an thought which did non derive broad credence for over a decennary and for which Staudinger was finally awarded the Nobel Prize. Besides in 1920 Wallace Corothers demonstrated that polymers could be synthesized rationally from their component monomers. Then an of import part to man-made polymer scientific discipline was made by the Italian chemist Giulio Nattta and the German chemist Karl Ziegler, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1963 for the development of the Ziegler-Natta accelerator. Then in 1974, Paul Flory got the Nobel award for his extended work on polymers included the dynamicss of measure growing polymeriastion and of add-on polmerisation, concatenation transportation, excluded volume, the Flory Huggins solution theory, and the Flory convention.Synthetic polymer stuffs such as nylon, polythene, Teflon, and silicone have formed the footing for a burgeoning polymer industry. These old ages have besides shown important developments in rational polymer synthesis. Most commercially of import polymers today are wholly man-made and produced in high volume on suitably scaled organic man-made techniques. The man-made polymers today are used in about every industry and the country of life.

Polymer synthesis

Polymerization is the procedure of uniting many little molecules known as monomers into a covalently bonded concatenation. During the polymerisation procedure, some chemical groups may be lost from each monomer.

For illustration: -Take the illustration of PET polyester. The monomers are terephthalic acid ( HOOC-C6H4-COOH ) and ethylene ethanediol ( HO-CH2-CH2-OH ) but the repeating unit is -OC-C6H4-COO-CH2-CH2-O- , which corresponds to the combination of the two monomers with the loss of two H2O molecules. The distinguishable pieces of each monomer that is incorporated into the polymer is known as a repetition unit or monomer residue.

Lab synthesis

Laboratory man-made methods are by and large divided into two classs, step-growth polymerisation and chain-growth polymerisation. Growth polymerization is the chief difference between the measure growing and the concatenation growing polymeristion. Monomers are added to the concatenation one at a clip merely in the concatenation growing polymerization, whereas in step-growth polymerisation ironss of monomers may unite with one another straight. Some newer methods such as plasma polymerisation do non suit neatly into either class. Man-made polymerisation reactions may be carried out with or without a accelerator. Laboratory synthesis of biopolymers, particularly of protein, is an country of intensive research.

Biological synthesis

There are three chief categories of biopolymers, and these are polyoses, polypeptides and polynucleotides. In the life cells, they may be synthesized by enzyme-mediated procedures, which is as such in the formation of DNA catalyzed by DNA polymerase

( microstructure of a portion of Deoxyribonucleic acid )

Synthesis of proteins involves multiple enzyme-mediated procedures to transcribe familial information from the Deoxyribonucleic acid to RNA and later interpret that information to synthesise the specified protein from aminic acids. In order to supply the appropriate construction of and functuioning the protein has to be modified farther.

Alteration of natural polymers

Many commercially of import polymers are synthesized by chemical alteration of of course happening polymers. Outstanding illustrations of the alteration of natural polymers include the reaction of azotic acid and cellulose to organize nitrocellulose and the formation of cured gum elastic in the presence of S by heating natural gum elastic.

Polymer belongingss

Polymer belongingss are loosely divided into several categories based on the graduated table at which the belongings is defined every bit good as upon its physical state/ footing. The most and basic belongings of a polymer is the individuality of its component monomers. A 2nd set of belongingss, known as microstructure, basically describe the agreement of these monomers within the polymer at the graduated table of a individual concatenation. These basic structural belongingss play a major function in finding the majority physical belongingss of the polymer, which describe how the polymer behaves as a uninterrupted macroscopic stuff. Chemical belongingss, at the nano-scale, depict how the ironss interact through assorted physical forces. At the macro-scale, they describe how the majority polymer interacts with other chemicals and dissolvers. It can be besides shown as:

Identity of component monomers


Chain length

Polymer architecture

Monomers and reiterating units

The first and the most of import property is to place the reiterating unit i.e. its monomer residues The individuality of the monomer residues ( reiterate units ) consisting a polymer is its first and most of import property. Polymer terminology is by and large based upon the type of monomer residues consisting the polymer. Polymers that contain merely a individual type of repetition unit are known as homopolymers, while polymers incorporating a mixture of repetition units are known as copolymers. Ethylene-vinyl ethanoate, on the other manus, contains more than one assortment of repetition unit and is therefore a copolymer. A polymer molecule incorporating ionizable sub units is known as a polyelectrolyte or ionomer.


The microstructure of a polymer relates to the physical agreement of monomer which residues along the anchor of the concatenation and these are the elements of polymer construction which requires the breakage of a covalent bond in order to alter it. Structure has a strong influence on the other belongingss of a polymers besides. For illustration, two samples of natural gum elastic may exhibit different lastingness, even though their molecules comprise the same monomers.

Polymer architecture

The simplest polymer architecture is a additive concatenation i.e. a individual anchor with no branches.Where as the related unbranched architecture is called a ring polymer. A bifurcate polymer molecule is composed of a chief concatenation with one or more substituent side ironss or subdivisions. Particular types of bifurcate polymers include star polymers, comb polymers, coppice polymers, dendronized polymers, ladders, and dendrimers. Branching of polymer ironss affects the ability of ironss to skid past one another by changing intermolecular forces, in bend impacting bulk physical polymer belongingss. The long concatenation subdivisions can increase the polymer strength, stamina, and the glass passage temperature ( Tg ) which is due to an addition in the figure of webs per concatenation. The consequence of such long-chain subdivisions on the size of the polymer in solution is characterized by the ramification index. Random length and ataxic short ironss, on the other side, may cut down polymer strength and due to break of organisation and may likewise cut down the crystallinity of the polymer.

( subdivision point in a polymer )

Dendrimers are a particular instance of polymer where every monomer unit is branched. This tends to cut down intermolecular concatenation web and crystallisation. Alternatively, dendritic polymers are non absolutely branched but portion similar belongingss to dendrimers due to their high grade of ramification. The construction of the polymer is frequently physically determined by the functionality of the monomers from which it is formed. This belongings of a monomer is defined as the figure of reaction sites at which may organize chemical covalent bonds. The basic functionality required for organizing even a additive concatenation is two adhering sites.The higher functionality outputs branched or even crosslinked or networked polymer ironss. An consequence related to ramification is chemical crosslinking – the formation of covalent bonds between ironss. Crosslinking tends to increase Tg and increase strength and stamina. Among other applications, this procedure is used to beef up gum elastics in a procedure known as vulcanisation, which is based on crosslinking by S.

Car tyres, for illustration, are extremely crosslinked in order to cut down the leaking of air out of the tyre and to toughen their lastingness. Eraser gum elastic, on the other manus, is non crosslinked to let flaking of the gum elastic and prevent harm to the paper.

A cross-link suggests a subdivision point from which four or more distinguishable ironss emanate. A polymer molecule with a high grade of crosslinking is referred to as a polymer web. Sufficiently high crosslink concentrations may take to the formation of an infinite web, besides known as a gel, in which webs of ironss are of limitless extent-essentially all ironss have linked into one molecule.

Chain length

The physical belongingss of a polymer are strongly dependent on the size or length of the polymer concatenation. For illustration, as concatenation length is increased, runing and boiling temperatures increase rapidly. Impact opposition besides tends to increase with concatenation length, as does the viscousness, or opposition to flux, of the polymer in its thaw province. Chain length is related to run viscousness approximately as 1:103.2, so that a ten-fold addition in polymer concatenation length consequences in a viscousness addition of over 1000 times. Increasing concatenation length moreover tends to diminish concatenation mobility, addition strength and stamina, and increase the glass passage temperature ( Tg ) .This is a consequence of the addition in concatenation interactions such as Van der Waals attractive forces and webs that come with increased concatenation length. These interactions tend to repair the person chains more strongly in place and resist distortions and matrix dissolution, both at higher emphasiss and higher temperatures.The flexibleness of an unbranching concatenation polymer is characterized by its continuity length.


Tacticity describes the comparative stereochemistry of chiral centres in adjacent structural units within a supermolecule. There are three types: isotactic ( all substituents on the same side ) , ataxic ( random arrangement of substituents ) , and syndiotactic ( jumping arrangement of substituents ) .

Polymer morphology

Polymer morphology by and large describes the agreement and microscale ordination of polymer ironss in infinite.


Crystalline has about a equivocal use. In some of the instances, the term crystalline finds indistinguishable use to that used in conventional crystallography. For illustration, the construction of a crystalline protein or polynucleotide, such as a sample prepared for x-ray crystallography, may be defined in footings of a conventional unit cell composed of one or more polymer molecules with cell dimensions of 100s of As or more. A man-made polymer may be lightly described as crystalline if it contains parts of 3-dimensional telling on atomic i.e instead than macromolecular length graduated tables, normally originating from intramolecular turn uping and/or stacking of next ironss. Man-made polymers can dwell of both crystalline and formless parts ; the grade of crystallinity may be expressed in footings of a weight fraction or volume fraction of crystalline stuff. Few man-made polymers are wholly crystalline. Polymers with a grade of crystallinity nearing zero or one will be given to be crystalline, while polymers with intermediate grades of crystallinity will be given to be opaque due to light dispersing by crystalline or glassy parts. Thus for many polymers, reduced crystallinity may besides be associated with increased transparence.

Chain conformation

The infinite that is occupied by a polymer molecule is by and large expressed in footings radius of rotation, which is an mean distance from the centre of mass of the concatenation to the concatenation itself. Alternatively, it may be expressed in footings of pervaded volume, that is the volume of solution spanned by the polymer concatenation and graduated tables with the regular hexahedron of the radius of rotation.

Mechanical belongingss

Most of the belongingss of a polymer are those most frequently of end-use involvement. These are the belongingss that dictate how the polymer really behaves on a macroscopic graduated table.

Tensile strength

Tensile strength of a stuff quantifies that how much emphasis the stuff will take before enduring the lasting defrmation. This is really of import in applications that rely upon a polymer ‘s physical strength or lastingness. For illustration, a gum elastic set with a higher tensile strength will keep a greater weight before snarling. In general, tensile strength additions with polymer concatenation length and crosslinking of polymer ironss.

( a polethylene sample make outing under tenseness )

Young ‘s modulus of snap

Young ‘s Modulus shows the snap of the polymer. It is merely defined, for little strains, as to the ratio of rate of alteration of emphasis to strive. As that of tensile strength, this is extremely relevant in polymer applications affecting the physical belongingss of polymers, such as gum elastic sets. The immature ‘s modulus of snap is strongly dependent on temperature.

Conveyance belongingss

Conveyance belongingss shows how rapidly molecules move through the polymer matrix. These are really really of import in many applications of polymers. For illustration: – Conveyance belongingss are used in instance of movies and membranes.

Phase behaviour

Melting point

Melting ponint in polymers suggests it non a solid-liquid stage passage but a passage from a crystalline or semi-crystalline stage to a solid formless phase.In instance of synthethic polmers, thermosetting polymers will break up at high temperatures instead than thaws.

Glass passage temperature

Glass passage is the temperature in which a parametric quantity of peculiar involvement in man-made polymer fabrication describes the temperature at which formless polymers undergo a passage from a rubbery, syrupy formless solid, to a toffee, glassy formless solid. The glass passage temperature may be calculated by changing the grade of ramification or crosslinking in the polymer or by the add-on of plasticiser.

Blending behaviour

Polymeric mixtures are far less mixable than mixtures of little molecule stuffs. This consequence consequences from the fact that the drive force for commixture is normally entropy, non interaction energy. In other words, mixable stuffs normally form a solution non because their interaction with each other is more favourable than their self-interaction, but because of an addition in information and therefore free energy associated with increasing the sum of volume available to each constituent. This addition in entropy graduated tables with the figure of atoms ( or moles ) being mixed. Since polymeric molecules are much larger and therefore by and large have much higher specific volumes than little molecules, the figure of molecules involved in a polymeric mixture is far smaller than the figure in a little molecule mixture of equal volume. The energetics of commixture, on the other manus, is comparable on a per volume footing for polymeric and little molecule mixtures. This tends to increase the free energy of blending for polymer solutions and therefore do solvation less favourable.

( Phase diagram of the typical commixture behaviour of decrepit interacting polymer solutions )

Therefore, concentrated solutions of polymers are far rarer than those of little molecules.The phase behaviour of polymer solutions and mixtures is more complex than that of little molecule mixtures. Whereas most little molecule solutions exhibit merely an upper critical solution temperature stage passage, at which stage separation occurs with chilling, polymer mixtures normally exhibit a lower critical solution temperature stage passage, at which stage separation occurs with heating. In dilute solution, the belongingss of the polymer are characterized by the interaction between the dissolver and the polymer. In a good dissolver, the polymer appears conceited and occupies a big volume. In this scenario, intermolecular forces between the dissolver and monomer fractional monetary units dominate over intramolecular interactions.

Inclusion of plasticisers

Plasticizers are by and large little molecules that are chemically similar to the polymer and make spreads between polymer ironss for greater mobility and decreased interchain interactions. A good illustration of the action of plasticisers is related to polyvinylchlorides or PVC ‘s. A uPVC, or unplasticized polyvinylchloride, is used for things such as pipes. A pipe has no plasticisers in it, because it needs to stay strong and heat-resistant. Plasticized PVC is used for vesture for a flexible quality. Plasticizers are besides put in some types of cleaving movie to do the polymer more flexible.

Chemical belongingss

The attractive forces between polymer ironss play a big portion in finding a polymer ‘s belongingss. Because polymer ironss are so long, these interchain forces are amplified far beyond the attractive forces between conventional molecules. Different side groups on the polymer can impart the polymer to ionic bonding or H bonding between its ain ironss. These stronger forces typically result in higher tensile strength and higher crystalline runing points. Van der Waals forces are rather weak, nevertheless, so polyethylene can hold a lower thaw temperature compared to other polymers.

Polymer word picture

The word picture of a polymer requires several parametric quantities which need to be specified. This is because a polymer really consists of a statistical distribution of ironss of changing lengths, and each concatenation consists of monomer residues which affect its belongingss.

A assortment of lab techniques are used to find the belongingss of polymers. Techniques such as broad angle X-ray sprinkling, little angle X-ray sprinkling, and little angle neutron sprinkling are used to find the crystalline construction of polymers. Gel pervasion chromatography is used to find the figure mean molecular weight, weight mean molecular weight, and polydispersity. FTIR, Raman and NMR can be used to find composing. Thermal belongingss such as the glass passage temperature and runing point can be determined by differential scanning calorimetry and dynamic mechanical analysis. Pyrolysis followed by analysis of the fragments is one more technique for finding the possible construction of the polymer. Thermogravimetry is a utile technique to measure the thermic stableness of the polymer. Detailed analyses of TG curves besides allow us to cognize a spot of the stage segregation in polymers. Rheologic belongingss are besides normally used to assist find molecular architecture ( molecular weight, molecular weight distribution and ramification ) every bit good as to understand how the polymer will treat, through measurings of the polymer in the thaw stage. Another Polymer word picture technique is Automatic Continuous Online Monitoring of Polymerization Reactions ( ACOMP ) which provides real-time word picture of polymerisation reactions. It can be used as an analytical method in R & A ; D, as a tool for reaction optimisation at the bench and pilot works degree and, finally, for feedback control of all-out reactors. ACOMP measures in a model-independent manner the development of mean molar mass and intrinsic viscousness, monomer transition dynamicss and, in the instance of copolymers, besides the mean composing impetus and distribution. It is applicable in the countries of free group and controlled extremist homo- and copolymerization, polyelectrolyte synthesis, heterogenous stage reactions, including emulsion polymerisation, version to batch and uninterrupted reactors, and alterations of polymers.

Polymer debasement

Polymer debasement is a alteration in the belongingss i.e tensile strength, colour, form, molecular weight, etc.. It is frequently due to the scission of polymer concatenation bonds via hydrolysis, taking to a lessening in the molecular mass of the polymer.Polymer debasement is the alteration in polmer or polymer-based merchandise under the influence of one or more environmental factors, such as heat, visible radiation, chemicals and, in some instances, voltaic action. Although such alterations are often unwanted, in some instances, such as biodegradation and recycling, they may be intended to forestall environmental pollution. Degradation can besides be utile in biomedical scenes. For illustration, a copolymer of Polylactic acid and polyglycolic acid is employed in hydrolysable stitches that easy degrade after they are applied to a lesion.

The debasement of polymers to organize smaller molecules may continue by random scission or specific scission. The debasement of polythene occurs by random scission a random breakage of the linkage bonds that hold the atoms of the polymer together. When heated above 450 A°C it degrades to organize a mixture of hydrocarbons.


Biopolymers are polymers produced by populating beings. Biopolymers ( besides called renewable polymers ) are by and large produced from biomass which comes from harvests such as sugar Beta vulgaris, murphies or wheat. Some biopolymers are biodegradable. That is why they are broken down into CO2 and H2O by micro – being. In add-on some of these biodegradable polymers are compostable. Some pf the illustrations of the biopolymers are cellulose, amylum, proteins, peptides, DNA, RNA, etc. Cellulose is the most common biopolymer.

( Microstructure of cellulose the most common biopolymer )

Applications Of Polymers

Macromolecular scientific discipline has a major impact on our day-to-day lives. It is hard to happen even a individual portion of our life which is non affected by polymers. Just about 50 old ages ago, stuffs we now take for granted were non-existent. With farther promotion in the survey of polymers, and with new applications being researched, there is no ground to believe that the revolution will halt any clip shortly. There are some of the common applications of the polymer introduced in the subdivision on structural polymers. These are the transverse subdivision of the ways in which polymers are used in industries.


Rubber is the most of import of all elastomers. Natural gum elastic is the polymer holding isoprene as reiterating unit. This stuff which is obtained from the bark of the gum elastic tree, has been used by worlds for centuries. It was non until 1823, nevertheless, that gum elastic became the valuable stuff we know today. In that twelvemonth, Charles Goodyear succeeded in “ vulcanizing ” natural gum elastic by heating it with S. In the procedure of valcanizing, S concatenation fragments attack the polymer ironss and lead to traverse associating. The term vulcanisation is frequently used now to depict the cross-linking of all elastomers.

Much of the gum elastic used in the United States today is a man-made assortment called styrene-butadiene gum elastic ( SBR ) . Initial efforts to bring forth man-made gum elastic revolved around isoprene because of its presence in natural gum elastic. Researchers finally found success utilizing butadiene and cinnamene with Na metal as the instigator. This gum elastic was called Buna-S — “ Bu ” from butadiene, “ sodium ” from the symbol for Na, and “ S ” from cinnamene. During World War II, 100s of 1000s of dozenss of man-made gum elastic were produced in authorities controlled mills. After the war, private industry took over and changed the name to styrene-butadiene gum elastic. Today, the United States consumes on the order of a million dozenss of SBR each twelvemonth. Natural and other man-made gum elastic stuffs are rather of import.


About 60 billion lbs of plastic is consumed by merely Americans per twelvemonth. The two chief types of plastics are Thermoplastics and Thermosets. Thermoplastic is that type of plastic which soften on warming and harden on chilling while thermosets, on warming, flow and cross-link to organize stiff stuff which does non soften on future warming. Thermoplastics account for the bulk of commercial use. Among the most of import and versatile of all plastics is polyethylene. Polyethylene is used in a broad assortment of applications because, based on its construction, it can be produced in many different signifiers. The first type to be commercially exploited was called low denseness polythene ( LDPE ) or branched polythene. This polymer is characterized by a big grade of ramification, coercing the molecules to be packed instead slackly organizing a low denseness stuff. Low Density Polyethylene ( LDPE ) is soft and fictile and has applications runing from plastic bags, containers, fabrics, and electrical insularity, to coatings for packaging stuffs. Another signifier of polythene differing from low denseness polythene merely in construction is high denseness polythene ( HDPE ) or additive polythene. This signifier demonstrates small or no ramification, enabling the molecules to be tightly packed. HDPE is much more stiff than branched polythene and is used in applications where rigidness is of import. Major utilizations of HDPE are fictile tube, bottles, and bottle caps.

Other signifiers of this stuff include high and ultra-high molecular weight polythenes. HMW and UHMW, as they are known. These are used in applications where highly tough and resilient stuffs are needed.


Fibers is a really of import application of polymeric stuffs which includes many illustrations from the classs of plastics and elastomers. Natural fibres like cotton, wool and silk have been used by worlds for many centuries. In 1885, unreal silk was patented and launched the modern fibre industry. Man-made fibres include stuffs such as nylon, polyester, rayon, and acrylic. The combination of strength, weight, and lastingness have made these stuffs really of import in modern industry. By and large talking, fibres are at least 100 times longer than they are broad. Typical natural and unreal fibres can hold axial ratios ( ratio of length to diameter ) of 3000 or more. Man-made polymers have been developed that airs desirable features, such as a high softening point to let for ironing, high tensile strength, equal stiffness, and desirable cloth qualities. These polymers are so formed into fibres with assorted features. Nylon ( a generic term for polymeric amides ) was developed in the 1930 ‘s and used for parachutes in World War II. This man-made fibre, known for its strength, snap, stamina, and opposition to scratch, has commercial applications including vesture and rug. Nylon has particular belongingss which distinguish it from other stuffs. One such belongings is the snap. Nylon is really elastic, nevertheless after elastic bound has been exceeded the stuff will non return to its original form. Like other man-made fibres, Nylon has a big electrical opposition. This is the cause for the build-up of inactive charges in some articles of vesture and rugs. From fabrics to bullet-proof waistcoats, fibres have become really of import in modern life. As the engineering of fibre processing expands, new coevalss of strong and light weight stuffs will be produced.

Processing Polymers

Once a polymer with the right belongingss is produced, it must be manipulated into some utile form or object. Assorted methods are used in industry to make this. Injection casting and bulge are widely used to treat plastics while whirling is the procedure used to bring forth fibres.

Injection Modeling

One of the most widely used signifiers of plastic processing is injection modeling. Basically, a plastic is heated above its glass passage temperature ( plenty so that it will flux ) and so is forced under high force per unit area to make full the contents of a cast. The liquefied plastic in normally “ squeezed ” into the cast by a random-access memory or a reciprocating prison guard. The plastic is allowed to chill and is so removed from the cast in its concluding signifier. The advantage of injection casting is speed ; this procedure can be performed many times each second.


Bulge is similar to injection modeling except that the plastic is forced through a dice instead than into a cast. However, the disadvantage of bulge is that the objects made must hold the same cross-sectional form. Plastic tube and hosiery is produced in this mode.


The procedure of bring forthing fibres is called whirling. There are three chief types of spinning: thaw, dry, and moisture. Melt spinning is used for polymers that can be melted easy. Dry whirling involves fade outing the polymer into a solution that can be evaporated. Wet spinning is used when the dissolver can non be evaporated and must be removed by chemical agencies. All types of whirling use the same rule, so it is convenient to merely depict merely one. In thaw spinning, a mass of polymer is heated until it will flux. The liquefied polymer is pumped to the face of a metal disc incorporating many little holes, called the spinneret. Bantam watercourses of polymer that emerge from these holes ( called fibrils ) are wound together as they solidify, organizing a long fibre. Speeds of up to 2500 feet/minute can be employed in whirling. Following the whirling procedure, as noted in the subdivision on polymer morphology, fibres are stretched well – from 3 to 8 or more times their original length to bring forth increased concatenation alliance and enhanced crystallinity in order to give improved strength.

The Virgin Group An Insight Into The Organizational Structure And Culture


The Virgin Group of companies is one of the largest concern organisations in the universe. Founded by Richard Branson, the Virgin Group has established itself into many diverse aspects of the concern industry. This paper analyzes the organisational construction and civilization of the Virgin Group and how it has helped this organisation attain such success in many diverse industries. Much of the civilization of the Virgin Group is influenced by the personal beliefs and doctrines of its laminitis, Richard Branson, and is one of the grounds for the organisation ‘s success. Branson extremely values all of his employees and takes personal duty to guarantee that his beliefs are instilled among all of them. Branson has created a decentralised construction in the organisation by giving his employees the authorization to take determinations thereby cut downing bureaucratism. Employees are encouraged to non ever follow rational processs and alternatively believe on their ain. This paper will first briefly give an overview of the Virgin Group of companies and its history and development. The organisational construction and civilization of the Virgin Group will assist the reader understand the organisation ‘s procedures and concern patterns and how the values and belief system of its laminitis has shaped its construction and civilization. In add-on, the reader will larn how the Virgin Group has established itself as a successful organisation based on its construction and civilization. The paper will use some of the theories and constructs from the class text edition to the Virgin Group which will assist to understand the working of this organisation better. In decision, this paper hopes to stress the Virgin Group ‘s overall journey through the old ages and the function that its construction and civilization has played in its success.

About the Virgin Group

The Virgin Group is one of the most successful concern imperiums today. This organisation has established itself in diverse industries including nomadic telephone, retail, music, fiscal services, travel, and many more. Virgin has ruled the British market and has expanded worldwide into other parts like North America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Get downing out as a simple mail-order record retail merchant in 1970, Virgin has grown into one of the most successful concern imperiums in the universe. The Virgin Group has established more than 300 companies, using about 50000 people in 30 states. Its planetary grosss in 2009 exceeded US $ 18 billion. ( Virgin, n.d. ) The bulk of the Virgin Group ‘s success has been credited to the laminitis and CEO of Virgin, Richard Branson. Branson ‘s beliefs and doctrines are profoundly rooted in the corporate civilization of the Virgin Group. This has helped the Virgin Group to boom in today ‘s competitory concern universe.

History and Development

Richard Branson is the laminitis of the Virgin Group of companies. When he was a pupil at Stowe, he published a magazine called Student. The magazine was a success and it encouraged Branson to go forth school and seek his manus at new concern ventures. His first mark was mail-order records. He found that by seting a individual advertizement in an issue of Student magazine, he was able to set up a thriving concern with about no up-front investing and no on the job capital. The name “ Virgin ” was suggested by one of his associates who saw the name as proclaiming their commercial artlessness, while possessing some freshness and modest shock-value. In 1971 Branson opened his first retail shop on London ‘s Oxford Street. Virgin so expanded into the recording industry and the consequence was the Virgin record label. By 1983, the Virgin Group was gaining net incomes of 2 million lbs on entire grosss of merely under 50 million lbs. ( Grant, 2008 ) Gradually Branson expanded into other ventures.

The Organizational Structure

Many assume the Virgin Group to be a transnational, but such is non the instance. Each of the 300 uneven companies of the Virgin Group operates individually and Branson serves as stockholder, president, and public dealingss supremo. Most of them are runing companies that ain assets, employ people, and offer goods and services. These operating companies are owned and controlled by about 20 keeping companies. The Virgin Group has a really complex construction. It has been termed both as a trade name franchising operation every bit good as a keiretsu. ( Grant, 2008 ) However, based on its construction, the Virgin Group can be safely termed as an organisation with a keiretsu construction. A keiretsu is a group of organisations, each of which owns portions in the other organisations in the group, and all of which work together to foster the group ‘s involvements. ( Jones, Mills, Weatherbee, & A ; Mills, 2006 ) Furthermore, such a big organisation with a complex construction needs to be organic in order to be able to accommodate to alterations in its environment. An organic construction promotes flexibleness, so people initiate alteration and can accommodate rapidly to altering conditions. ( Jones et al. , 2006 )

Sing each of the single companies as a section supplying a alone merchandise or service, it is apparent that they exhibit merchandise departmentalization. Product departmentalization is the division of the sections of an organisation based on the type of merchandise or service offered. ( Jones et al. , 2006 ) For illustration, Virgin Mobile offers cellular services while Virgin Records is a music label. However, the construction of the Virgin Group is so complex that it is necessary for it to non merely hold one type of departmentalization. For case, Virgin Mobile has operations in many different states like the UK, India and Australia. As such, the type of service varies in each of these states. This shows that Virgin Mobile besides exhibits geographic departmentalization. Geographic departmentalization is the division of an organisation based on the geographic location. ( Jones et al. , 2006 ) In add-on, type of service and merchandises besides varies depending on the client base hence exhibiting client departmentalization. Customer departmentalization is the division of an organisation based on the sort of clients it serves. ( Jones et al. , 2006 ) Since the Virgin Group of companies exhibit so many types of departmentalisations, the organisation as a whole is said to hold a intercrossed construction, which is a mixture of two or more sorts of departmentalisations. This multi-divisional attack helps the Virgin Group to easy accommodate to the cultural, technological and other forces in the part it expands to.

The division of labor and the hierarchy is besides an of import facet of an organisation ‘s construction. The figure of degrees of authorization, the control, and the sum of communicating are cardinal factors in the proper working of an organisation. As mentioned, the Virgin Group ‘s companies operate as separate organisations. The companies are portion of a household instead than a hierarchy. They are empowered to run their ain personal businesss, yet the companies help one another, and solutions to jobs frequently come from within the Group someplace. In a sense, Virgin is a commonwealth, with shared thoughts, values, involvements and ends. ( Virgin, n.d. ) In fact, Branson himself has provided all his employees with the authorization to do unsupervised determinations based on their intuition instead than following a concatenation of bid. This leads to the employees holding more assurance in them and in the direction. Since interaction among all the degrees of the hierarchy is promoted, it increases effectual communicating. This is apparent from the fact that Branson personally interacts with employees on a regular footing discoursing thoughts and having feedback. The Virgin Group expresses autonomy and effectual communicating. Virgin has a level hierarchal construction and this enables speedy and efficient determination devising. The level construction is one of the grounds that the Virgin Group has been able to spread out into new ventures. In add-on, a level construction allows a wider span of control, and decentalisation. Span of control is the figure of subsidiaries a director manages straight. ( Jones et al. , 2006 ) The decentralised construction of the Virgin Group gives more power in the custodies of its employees when it comes to determination devising. Decentralization is the deputation of authorization to all degrees of the hierarchy. ( Jones et al.,2006 ) Branson believes that the employees are the anchor of the company and hence it is of import that they have adequate engagement and authorization in determination devising.

Since the Virgin Group comprises of so many companies, along with a decentralised construction, it should demo some marks of organisational bureaucratism. However, Branson has ensured since the beginning to minimise bureaucratism every bit much as possible since he strives to flatten the hierarchy. Bureaucracy is a construction in which people are held accountable for their actions because they are required to move in conformity with regulations and criterion operating processs. ( Jones et al. , 2006 ) The efficiency of the employees is enhanced under Branson ‘s leading who emphasises a broad span of control and self direction. Branson ‘s agnosticism of organisational hierarchy and a formal construction has contributed to organisational coherence to a great extent. His acceptance of this irregular scheme instead than traditional concern patterns and non-traditional structuring of the organisation may be the ground for the Group ‘s success.

The Organizational Culture

Much of the Virgin Group ‘s civilization is influenced by its laminitis Richard Branson ‘s personal doctrines. Merely as his employees are of import to him, so are the clients the Virgin Group serves. The ability of the Virgin Group to run efficaciously with about a non-formal construction is because of its alone organisational civilization. The civilization of the Virgin Group reflects Branson ‘s insouciant nature, his discourtesy for hierarchy and formal authorization, committedness to employees and consumers and his belief in difficult work and duty. ( Grant, 2008 ) This influences all of the companies in the Virgin Group and its organisational civilization. This in bend, enables the Virgin Group to supply an environment in which talented, ambitious people are motivated to make their best and strive for a higher degree of public presentation. However, even in an informal environment, a high degree of committedness, credence of personal duty and long hours of work when needed is expected. Performance inducements at Virgin for most employees are diffident but Virgin provides benefits like societal activities, company sponsored weekend pickups and ad-lib parties. ( Grant, 2008 ) Such an environment promotes better dealingss among the employer and the employees.

Virgin ‘s alone civilization has bit by bit progressed to where it is today. Virgin describes itself as a “ household ” stressing its informal but strong belief system and values. Possessing such a civilization enables the Virgin Group to hold effectual coordination among its assorted sections. Working as a community instead than a corporation, instils the ability to pass on efficaciously among the many companies in the Group. The Group as a whole plant together based on these shared set of values which are continuously strengthened. This is of import sing the huge size and complexness of the organisation. Following in the footfalls of its laminitis, Virgin has ever maintained the belief that the employees are the biggest force of the organisation and as such, should be treated with regard. ( Virgin, n.d. ) The direction cares for the public assistance of the employees and allows them to work in a free environment. Because of these primary beliefs and values, Virgin has been able to vie, thrive, and dispute new concern chances. As mentioned before, Richard Branson has influenced the civilization of the organisation the most. He has managed to instil his belief system into all of his employees and this has motivated them to endeavor to execute better.

One of the many strong points in Virgin ‘s favor is the fact that it is non-traditional ; radical even ; in the mode it does concern. Virgin believes in hold oning chances. Contrary to what many people may believe, Virgin ‘s invariably spread outing and eclectic imperium is neither random nor foolhardy. Each consecutive venture demonstrates their devotedness to picking the right market and the right chance. This has proved good to the organisation and is one of the many grounds for its success. ( Virgin, n.d. )


Based on the analysis of the corporate civilization and construction of the Virgin Group, it is apparent that it is a extremely successful organisation most of which ‘s recognition goes to the laminitis and his values and beliefs. Even though the industry considers much of his methods to be irregular, these methods have proved extremely good to him and the Virgin Group and have been deemed to be effectual. Not many today can woolgather of embarking into so many diverse industries get downing from abrasion. If Virgin continues to beef up its civilization and construction, it has the possible to go one of the most successful companies of all time.