Case Study: Local Government Planning & Zoning Assignment University Essay Example


Zoning is a control tool for planning that regulates the environment built to create a functional real estate market. This process is effected by dividing land, which comprises the statutory section of the local government, into particular sections. This permits land to be used explicitly on a specific site to shape the layout of cities and towns, which enables developments in various cities and towns. The history of zoning is relatively short compared to planning on using the land. It is instrumental in determining the size, the location and using buildings in making a critical decision on the city blocs’ density (Krupat, 2022). Zoning is crucial within the local government as it allows both the national authorities and the local government to control and regulate the property and land markets to ensure a more complementary use. Through zoning, Providing critical opportunities for either slowing down or stimulating development within specific regions is also becoming more accessible. This case study will describe the key planning processes in Los Angeles, California, County.

This study will also outline how the key elements of a more comprehensive plan work, their purpose, why they are used, consequences, and effects of the second order. Further descriptions of the critical primary stakeholders in implementing a comprehensive plan will be provided. The primary stakeholders involved in the local government’s comprehensive plan will also be described, their contribution, the purpose they serve and the consequences of the second order, and the effects of their involvement (Couch, 2016). Additionally, this study shall describe critical factors that influence a comprehensive development plan. This study shall conclude on the study by forming a critical determination from a biblical point of view about the planning process.

The comprehensive process of Planning for the Local Government

Every state in California is expected to have a general plan containing a comprehensive policy that will inform future decisions for the land. The comprehensive land policy is critical in establishing land use policies and designations, which identify a wide range of options for zoning that can easily be applied to the property. The identified policies are instrumental in helping decision-makers review their approvals in planning for new projects (Krupat, 2022). The comprehensive plan offers a strong foundation for guiding the plan by identifying critical categories for using land and corresponding zones. It also clearly outlines how the land will be used and the city’s resource allocation process. The comprehensive plan is more than the legal basis for using the local land. The vision is critical in defining how the city is more likely to evolve while reflecting on the priorities and values of the community.

A comprehensive planning process has six major sections: core foundations, profiles, need assessments, assurances, action planning, and plan submission. Ideally, the comprehensive planning process is continuous, and it is mainly involved in ensuring that all the learners are in the capacity to achieve higher levels. A comprehensive process is effective with the following characteristics (Cullingworth & Caves, 2014). It needs to be clear with a focus that is shared. Through the common values and beliefs, the vision for the local government of Los Angles, California, can be developed quickly from their values and beliefs in creating a more consistent focus.

According to the charter by the local government of California, the city of Los Angeles needs to have a comprehensive plan which is adopted and prepared for the city. It also can specify their nature and content with broad procedures that should be implemented. The following steps are necessary for the implementation of the comprehensive process of planning. Gathering facts through which it is easier to identify critical problems, potential issues, and surveys for using and developing land (Stein, 2004). Inventory, economic, physical, and human resources are crucial in studying critical trends in the economy and making the desired projections. The local government of California is also expected to identify the goals based on the significant preferences of its citizens. It is also easier to determine the citizens’ possibilities in defining the future concept of the city of Los Angeles, California.

Elements for the comprehensive plan for Los Angeles, California

According to the California and Los Angeles law, the following elements are necessary for the comprehensive plan of California. The key elements include the use of land, which mainly focuses on how Oakland is used in performing various functions, which include commercials, schools, jobs, housing, uses in the community, public facilities and buildings, open spaces, parks, and promoting an equitable distribution of using land for various purposes (Tang, 2019). The circulation element is the general extent and location of the existing transportation networks in California and Los Angeles for all their users (pedestrians, automobiles, trucks, and bicycles. It also includes public transportation terminals and routes for public utilities, which include sewer, water, communications, and stormwater.

The housing element in California and Los Angeles plays a critical role in analyzing the housing conditions within the areas and the primary sources of income. This includes households with special needs and those with low-income levels. As a result, critical programs are provided to create a wide variety of houses that meet housing needs in California and Los Angeles. The housing element holds a significant role in establishing critical goals, policies, and objectives, which form a solid foundation of the housing strategy in California and Los Angeles. The conservation element is involved in describing the natural resources in California and Los Angeles. It also forms policies crucial in enhancing, preserving, and protecting them. The conservation elements work closely in coordinating land use, opening key elements in space (Tang, 2019). Through open space, underdeveloped California and Los Angeles regions are developed for water and land sections designated as open spaces in creating a long-term plan to preserve them. The open space element is functional in coordinating with the elements of land conservation and use (Johnson, 2019). The noise element also describes the noise in the California and Los Angeles environment by analyzing the projected and current noise levels, which limit exposing the environment to excessive noise levels. Also, the element of safety is instrumental in identifying critical issues in safety, justice to the environment, and vital historical preservations which protect regions of primary and secondary interests. Also, the element of scenic highways establishes policies for enhancing and preserving attractive roadways while traversing through Los Angeles and California.

Primary stakeholders in having a Successful Comprehensive Plan

A stakeholder is defined as an organization or an individual with a great interest in a program because they are directly involved in the program or may be affected by its outcome. For a comprehensive plan to be successful, it requires public engagement and stakeholder involvement since it is the critical element. The goal of the concept is to ensure that a wide range of values and desires of the community are reflected throughout the process (Deverell et al., 2016). This, in return, includes a comprehensive set of a diverse primary stakeholders spectrum. Primary stakeholders from California and Los Angeles regions are generally interested in the critical development plan. The key stakeholders in the comprehensive plan are the local government of California and Los Angeles, including managers of the counties, staff for planning, and administrators. The primary stakeholders, mainly the government, deeply understand the issues affecting their citizens. The technical advisory committee for the comprehensive plan also has an in-depth understanding of the same. Also, it provides solutions that the local government is facing in providing essential services and infrastructure to their citizens. The technical advisory committee has outlined vital individuals primarily using the plan.

Biblical Viewpoint on Planning

In Amos “3: 7”: “Surely the Lord GOD does nothing Unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets.” According to the scripture, God is pointed out as a God of mercy and Love, and he is a God of righteousness and justice when the people called by His name are idolatrous, rebellious, and disobedient, and their punishment is justified (Linville, 2017). Also, the scripture implies that no assembly, committee, or any other existing authority holds the right to dictate the doctrine that contradicts the law. According to the scripture, planning is vital as it helps the government and its citizens to value integrity in their duties and activities.


This case study described Los Angeles, California’s comprehensive key planning processes. Through this study, a clear outline has been presented on how the critical elements of planning are essential in promoting comprehensive work, their purpose, why they are put into use, consequences, and effects of the second order. Further descriptions of the primary stakeholders in implementing a comprehensive plan have been provided. The primary stakeholders involved in the local government’s comprehensive plan will also be described, including their contribution, the purpose they serve and the consequences of the second order, and the effects of their involvement. This study has also described using key factors that influence a comprehensive development plan and forms a determination from a biblical point of view about the planning process.


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Comparing A-League Football In Australia To MLS Essay Sample For College


Australia is a country where football is getting increasingly popular, and the A-League was founded in 2004. The A-League, which competes in the Asian Champions League, is Australia’s highest professional football level. It has gained prominence in recent years. The A-League is presently going through a period of expansion with the addition of expansion teams and an increase in sponsors and media engagement. This essay will contrast the A-League and Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States and identify tactics that the A-League might utilize to succeed that are similar to and different from MLS.

Comparative Analysis

Both leagues were founded in the early 2000s, focusing on growing and promoting football. These similarities between the two leagues are numerous. The MLS has had greater success than the A-League because it has developed into one of the most well-liked leagues in the US, with a bigger fan base and more sponsorship. Although the A-League has experienced considerable success, it has yet to influence the country’s athletic scene significantly.

Their respective marketplaces are a significant distinction between the two leagues. The MLS is headquartered in the United States, a vast, diversified, and affluent nation with a rich sporting heritage. On the other hand, the A-League is established in Australia, a nation that is far smaller, less diversified, and has a less developed sporting culture (Rewilak, 2022). Because of this, the A-fan League’s base is smaller and has less commercial success.

Also, the two leagues have chosen various strategies for marketing and promotion. The Major League Soccer (MLS) has taken a more assertive stance, focused on promoting the league and its teams to a diverse group of potential fans, ranging from casual watchers to die-hard supporters. On the other hand, the A-League has chosen a more conservative strategy, concentrating more on marketing certain teams and players than the league as a whole. Because of this, the A-fan League’s base is smaller and has less commercial success.


According to the findings of the comparative research of the market factors, the A-League can use several successful techniques that are comparable to and different from the MLS.

Similar Strategies

a) Targeting a Younger Audience – The A-League should reach a younger audience to broaden its appeal and fan base. Targeting young adults and teenagers should involve using digital and social media channels and references to popular culture and endorsements from well-known figures.

b) Investing in Stadiums and Facilities – To give fans a better match-day experience, the A-League should improve its venues and facilities. This should entail investing in brand-new, state-of-the-art stadiums and enhancing current stadiums with better amenities, bigger concourses, and better seating.

c) Creating a National Brand – To forge a cohesive identity and raise the league’s awareness, the A-League should concentrate on forging a national brand. This should entail developing a unified brand and motto and a unified set of marketing and promotion rules.

d) Investing in Grassroots Football – To grow the game at a grassroots level and generate a wider pool of potential players, the A-League should concentrate on investing in grassroots football. This should entail funding youth academies and creating a strong network of neighborhood clubs and coaches.

e) Raising Media Coverage – To raise awareness of the league and its teams, the A-League should concentrate on increasing its media coverage. Boosting its exposure on conventional media platforms like television and radio should entail investment in digital and social media platforms.

Unique Strategies

a) Making Use of the A-Distinctive League’s Market – The A-League should use its distinctive market to give supporters a more appealing match-day experience. This should entail expanding the variety of food and beverage options and the entertainment alternatives available.

b) The A-League Should Focus on Using Its Various Fan Base To Provide a More Uniform Fan Experience. The A-League Should Focus on Utilizing Its Diverse Fan Base. This should entail establishing uniform guidelines and procedures for all supporters as well as expanding chances for interaction with the league and its teams.

c) Emphasizing Local Players and Teams – To promote a more regional fan experience, the A-League should concentrate on highlighting Local Players and Teams. This should entail investing in regional teams and players and promoting the league’s homegrown stars.

d) Encouraging Foreign Players – To draw more spectators and foster a more competitive league, the A-League should concentrate on promoting international players. To do this, money should be invested in foreign athletes, and chances should be given to them to play in the A-League.

e) Building Corporate Relationships – The A-League should build business partnerships to boost its commercial success and awareness. This should entail establishing corporate alliances and giving companies chances to advertise the A-League and its teams.

To sum up, for the A-League to succeed, it is important to execute both MLS-like and MLS-specific techniques. Targeting a younger audience, investing in stadiums and facilities, building a national brand, supporting grassroots soccer, boosting media coverage, utilizing the A-distinct League’s market, leveraging the league’s diverse fan base, emphasizing local players and teams, promoting international players, and creating corporate partnerships should be the main focuses of these strategies. The A-League may develop into a prosperous and challenging league by implementing these tactics.


Rewilak, J. (2022). The Designated Player Policy Rule and Attendance Demand in Major League Soccer. Journal of Sports Economics, 15270025221134234.

Comparison Of Lelio’s “Gloria Bell” With Bambara’s “My Man Bovanne” And The Book Of “Ruth” Essay Sample For College

  1. Summary of “Gloria Bell” Film

Gloria Bell is a comedy-drama film released in 2018 as a remake of a 2013 film called Gloria. It features famous film artists such as Holland Taylor, Sean Astin, Rita Wilson, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Michael Cera, John Turturro, and Julianne Moore. The plot of the film has Gloria Bell living in Los Angeles. She is a middle-aged woman who divorced her husband. Gloria has two children: a young man named Peter, who has an infant son, and a daughter named Anne, who works as a yoga instructor. Gloria spends most of her nights in Los Angeles clubs playing 1970s and 1980s music, dancing her heart out, and letting loose.

During one of these nights, Gloria meets with Arnold, who is also divorced. They strike out instantly and drink together before going to sleep. After this meeting, they start a relationship. The relationship is not smooth, with some things annoying Gloria, such as the fact that Arnold has to provide for his ex-wife and their two daughters. The three are unemployed and keep demanding help from Arnold. Nonetheless, there are smooth bits of the relationship, such as when Arnold owns a paintball arena and takes Gloria there and teaches her the sport.

Gloria’s son Peter celebrates his birthday a few weeks after the meeting. Gloria takes the opportunity to introduce Arnold to her two children. As they toast and enjoy the party, Gloria reveals that Anne is pregnant from her relationship with a Swedish whale rider. Gloria tells Anne intends to move to Sweden with their boyfriend. This is shocking because Dustin is not aware. The rest of the party is spent looking at old photos, with one of them having Dustin and Gloria in their wedding dress. Arnold is not amused by the turn out of events and leaves silently, unnoticed by anyone. Upon the realization that Arnold has left, everyone is surprised and looks for him, but he is nowhere to be found. This is a considerable embarrassment for Gloria as she leaves the party.

Later, as Gloria leaves for work, Arnold calls her, and they catch up. Arnold excused himself that he did not intend to leave the party unnoticed as he tried to catch her eye contact. Unfortunately, Gloria was not on the lookout for him. Arnold insists he has received phone calls from his daughters, but Gloria is not ready to listen. There is little love in the relationship, and Gloria attempts to return Arnold’s paintball guns, but he is not prepared to take them, which compels her to drive away with them.

The following morning, Gloria finds marijuana at her doorstep that had been left by her mentally unstable neighbor. Gloria smokes it and starts dancing impulsively. She takes her daughter Anne to the airport the following day, and the truth that her daughter has now grown up sinks in. Like many women in their old age, Gloria finds it hard to accept separation from her daughter and sheds tears in sorrow.

Soon afterward, Gloria calls back Arnold, and they arrange a trip to Las Vegas. One of Arnold’s daughters calls him and informs him of his ex-wife having injured herself while walking through a sliding glass door. However, Arnold is determined to have a good time with Gloria and refuses to cancel the trip. The two make love, and while having dinner, Gloria suggests they fly to Spain. Nonetheless, in the middle of the talks, Arnold’s daughters are calling incessantly, which makes Gloria drop his phone in his soup. Arnold leaves, stating that he will be back immediately, but after some time, Gloria realizes that he has left. Out of loneliness and sorrow, Gloria dances with random people and hooks up with a man on a hallucinatory trip.

Later, Arnold tries to reach out to Gloria through her phone, but Gloria is disappointed and unplugs it. She even considers throwing away Arnold’s paintball guns, which she still struggles with. Angered, she drives to Arnold’s house and shoots the guns there. The daughters and his ex-wife come out yelling obscenities at Gloria. However, an unfazed Gloria goes away.

  1. Summary of Bambara Cade’s “My Man Bovanne”

The story happens at a consciousness and fundraising party organized by a black coalition to unite African Americans in New York City and its neighborhoods into a solid political force. While there are a lot of politics and speeches in the room, Hazel’s focus is not on those. Hazel must remember the seat her cousin who invited her to the event is going for. While she finds it challenging to understand lofty causes, she can appreciate people. Among the people attending this function is a blind man named Bovanne. Bovanne is neglected by everyone at the party, with nobody offering to get him a drink, sandwich, or even chat with him. Hazel decides to show kindness to Bovanne and goes dancing with him.

Dancing with Bovanne is a significant source of controversy in this story. Hazel describes that as much as they danced closely, nothing was intimate between them. Her descriptions, however, point otherwise, such as when she says, “touch talking like the heel of the hand on a tambourine or a drum.” Hazel dances with Bovanne and does not sit with her children. Her daughter Flo and her two sons Task and Joe Lee pull her to the kitchen, where they confront her against the close dancing with Bovanne. Her excessive drinking, ridiculous-looking wig, and low-cut dress are also greatly criticized. They all agree that Hazel is causing a scene and needs to behave herself. Her children have political expectations of how her conduct should be and are ultimately disappointed in their mother. Her daughter Flo goes as far as saying that her look while dancing with Bovanne was no better than that of “a bitch on heat.”

Nevertheless, Hazel thinks that the rest of the people at the party are the ones that need a lecture, especially with the kind of neglect that they had done Bovanne. Bovanne is disappointed that her daughter has separated from her, and the distance between them had grown despite being very close when she was young. Bovanne, Hazel, and other older adults had been invited to the event in an attempt to have the function connect with the grassroots. It surprised Hazel that now her children and those of her age wanted to connect with their roots, yet a few years earlier, they had raised complaints over “countrified rags.”

The main reason for Hazel’s children confronting her dancing with the old blind man was because they expected her to create a council of elders that would go and talk Reverend Trent into allowing the use of his basement as the black party’s headquarters. Even so, Hazel’s reaction to her children’s explanations is that they are harmful because of their last-second telling her about their plans, their lack of empathy for Bovanne, and their harsh treatment. Ultimately, Hazel refuses to talk to Reverend Trent, claiming he is a hypocrite.

When the children and their mother refused to come to an agreement, a family council is scheduled for the following day during dinner. This decision is reached without the intervention of their mother. She is left in the kitchen, where Bovanne gets in. Hazel, out of kindness, takes Bovanne outside to buy him some dark sunglasses and get a nice warm bath. Hazel invites Bovanne to head their family council the following evening. At the end of the story, Bovanne remarks on how beautiful Hazel is, and Hazel replies that it is indeed true, just as her daughter had said.

  1. Comparison of Lelio’s “Gloria Bell” with Bambara’s “My Man Bovanne” and the Book of “Ruth”

Both stories are centered on middle-aged women with children separated from their husbands. Gloria is divorced from her husband Dustin at the start of the film. On the other hand, Hazel is not engaged or dating anyone at the story’s beginning. Many older women experience relationship problems as they get older. Statistics show that the number of divorces among adults doubled between 1990 and 2010 (Brown and I-Fen 731). Results from the same source also show that one out of every four adults that divorced was aged fifty years and above. In the book of Ruth, Naomi and her daughter-in-law live in abject poverty without their husbands after they die in Moab. Their situation is so bad that Ruth has to go to the fields of Boaz to look for leftovers after harvests. Accordingly, divorce and separation from husbands are common themes among women as they age.

Loneliness is another problem most women have to cope with in their old age. In the film Gloria Bell, Gloria is forced to spend evenings in different nightclubs in Los Angeles that play the 1970s and 1980s dance music. She drinks and dances with many people to forget her loneliness. For instance, after Arnold excuses himself in Las Vegas and leaves without returning, Gloria drinks and dances with random people. She is in deep sorrow at the prospect of being left without love and uses alcohol and dances with random people to forget her troubles.

In Bambara Cade’s “My Man Bovanne,” the situation is not any different with Hazel. Hazel needs to be connected to the political meeting that she is attending. She only appears to connect with people at the party except for Bovanne. Bovanne, just like her, has been neglected by society and the people at the party, with no one to give him a sandwich, drink or even talk to him. Miss Hazel, just like Gloria Bell, takes away the loneliness and boredom by drinking a lot and dancing with Bovanne. While she insists that she does not have sexual love for Bovanne, how close they touch each other even makes her children uncomfortable. Her daughter describes Hazel as looking like “a bitch on heat.” The fact that Hazel takes Bovanne home confirms the assumption that there is sexual love between the two. While age may seem to be the only similar thing, they also share other factors, such as loneliness, making it easy for the narrator to connect with Bovanne’s life.

The love between Bovanne and Hazel stems from their sharing a common position in life as lonely outsiders. Despite not giving us background information about Miss Hazel, it is easy to tell that she sleeps around often and drinks a lot, too, just like Gloria Bell. Her dancing is also at an exaggerated rate to the extent that her children come out to confront her. In the book of Ruth, Naomi and Ruth are also very lonely. So bad does the situation get that Naomi swears that she will not leave her daughter-in-law to die of loneliness. In the book of Ruth 3:1, Naomi calls Ruth and says she needs to find her a home where she will be well provided for. This indicates that loneliness was getting the better of Ruth, and urgent intervention was needed. Loneliness is a significant factor among middle-aged and older women (Crespo-Sanmiguel et al. 1). As women age, they lack people to sit with and talk to, resulting in loneliness and eventual depression. The prevalence of loneliness is higher in women compared to men.

Alcoholism is another trend witnessed in the film “Gloria Bell” and Bambara Cade’s “My Man Bovanne.” Alcoholism is any alcohol drinking that could result in massive physical and mental health problems (Littrell 55). Gloria spends all her evenings in nightclubs that play the 70s and 80s dance music, drinking and loosening up. She also drinks a lot when Arnold abandons her in Las Vegas to go and see her daughters. In “My Man Bovanne,” Hazel does not notice the ongoing meeting about black politics in New York. Instead, she drinks so much alcohol and dances crazily that her children must call her to the kitchen to intervene. They confront her over the behavior, but she is adamant and does not consider what her children tell her. A look at the book of Ruth reveals different women concerning alcohol. Ruth and Naomi are well-behaved and God-fearing women who do not take alcohol at all, regardless of the circumstances that they have to deal with.

Further comparison of the “Gloria Bell” film and Bambara Cade’s “My Man Bovanne” reveals the trait of promiscuity among older women. Gloria is highly promiscuous, going to different clubs every night and dancing with random people. Apart from dancing, she even hooks up with some strangers. For instance, on the night that Arnold abandons her in Las Vegas, she drinks and dances to remove her sorrow. She meets up with an unidentified individual with whom they end up having sex. In Bambara Cade’s story, promiscuity is also displayed by Hazel. Despite the political meeting with severe leadership issues related to black people being discussed, Hazel can barely concentrate, and his eyes are on Bovanne. In no time, Hazel approaches Bovanne, and they start dancing very closely. In her own words, she states that they were “touch talking like the heels of the hand on a tambourine or a drum.” So bad does it get that her children have to call her to the kitchen to reprimand her. in the words of her daughter Elo, Hazel was behaving like “a bitch on heat.” While Bambara is careful not to give enough background information, these are enough pointers that Hazel sleeps around often.

Promiscuity among women is widespread across the globe. According to a survey conducted by mail online, people aged around fifty years are among the most promiscuous people in the population. About one out of every four people in this population cheat on their partners, with a sixth of this number admitting to not using contraceptives. Further statistics from the same source also revealed that middle-aged individuals also slept around with strangers and failed to use protection.

While the reasons for promiscuity in the research were given as increased libido, there are other causes of promiscuous behavior among middle-aged individuals. Genetic makeup and social environment have also been suggested as contributing factors to promiscuous behavior. In “Gloria Bell” and Bambara’s “My Man Bovanne,” the two women get involved in promiscuity because of their surroundings. Gloria is very lonely and in sorrow after the divorce from Dustin. Also, when Arnold abandons her in Las Vegas, she is left sorrowful. As a result, she goes on a drinking spree, dancing and sleeping with random people. On the other hand, Hazel is lonely and feels disconnected from the political meeting. To forget her troubles, she goes to Bovanne and starts dancing romantically with her to the extent that her daughter describes her as “a bitch on heat.”

A look at the book of Ruth reveals a different behavior of middle-aged and older women. Naomi and Ruth are chaste and do not indulge in promiscuous behaviors despite their husbands dying back in Moab. The two maintain their frame and are not swayed by worldly desires. When Naomi sees that the situation may be challenging for Ruth because she is still young, she directs her on how she will get help. In the book of Ruth, chapter 3, Naomi tells Ruth to go to Boaz’s house dressed in her best clothes and wearing lovely perfume. This is meant to seduce Boaz. Nonetheless, Boaz is a decent man and does nothing to Ruth until they have carefully sorted the issues out and he has married her.

Another challenge that women have to face as they age is disconnection from their children. In both “Gloria Bell,” “My Man Bovanne,” and the book of Ruth, disconnection from children is witnessed by the women described in the stories. Gloria is disconnected from her daughter Anne who has to go to Sweden. Anne is pregnant with a Swedish guy and has to go and stay with him in Sweden. As she drives her to the airport, Gloria weeps in despondency. Even so, she has to accept that a time comes when children have grown older and have to leave you for their individual pursuits. In Bambara Cade’s “My Man Bovanne,” Hazel is also separated from her children. When Hazel’s children see her dancing with Bovanne during the party, they pull her into the kitchen and confront her harshly over her behavior. They condone her heavy drinking, romantic dancing, and her short dress. So bad is it that her daughter Elo describes her as “a bitch on heat.” Hazel is hurt by what her children do to her. She reflects on the days when they were close with her daughter and cannot believe what happened. Even when her children decide on the family council, they do not involve Hazel in the discussion and just pick the following day evening. Hazel finds a better connection with Bovanne and picks to bring him as the chairperson of the family council. In the book of Ruth, there is also a disconnection between Naomi and her children. However, unlike the other two, Naomi’s disconnection from her children is because they died in the war with her husband.

In conclusion, women experience different issues as they age. Comparing the film “Gloria Bell” and Bambara Cade’s “My Man Bovanne” and the book Ruth reveals some of these issues that women experience as they age. For instance, Gloria and Hazel experience loneliness, separation from their children, alcoholism, and divorce. In the book of Ruth, Naomi and Ruth also experience loneliness and separation from their husbands. Naomi is also separated from her children because they died in a war that killed her husband. Most women indulge in drinking, dancing, and sleeping around to cope with loneliness. This leads to a further emotional breakdown, as witnessed in the case of Gloria and Hazel.

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