Cesar Chavez Neffy Free Sample

“From the depth of need and despair, people can work together, can organize themselves to solve their own problems and fill their own needs with dignity and strength. ” – Cesar Shaved The quote show how dedicated Cesar Shaved is to hard work and making the world a better place. Cesar was born in Yum, Arizona in 1927 on his grandfather’s farm. Cesar was one of five children he had a happy childhood before the great depression.

His family was forced to leave their farm and move to California with only 40 dollars to their name, Cesar moved between the field and the classroom he attended 36 different schools and dropped out of school in the eighth grade. Cesar Shaved did ten year of community service after a stint In the navy, he then went back to the fruit and vegetable fields he made a choice to do what no one had been able to do before him and organize the farm workers of California. This was big change for them and also the start of Cesar making a change and being a leader.

The governor of California said “the farm workers do not have the power, the rowers do. The growers have the lawyers… They belong to golf clubs, they talk to editors of newspapers… This is power. ” Cesar did not have history on his side many had tried before him and had failed horribly, but he was determined and had faith. In Doc A Cesar repeatedly tells a reported from San Francisco “Is SE puddle” meaning It can be done! The reported watched him and the others sit behind makeshift desk In their shack trying to create an effective farm worker union.

The reporter stated hat he did not think Shaved had a chance to change what could not be done but he was wrong. In Doc B we meet the Maxwell; they came to Keen, California to Join Career’s union. They wanted to Join the union for years and talked about Joining the movement full time, the living conditions they had were not very good but they took was given to them. They room they lived was piled with broken furniture and had empty beer cans, also had ancient obscenities scribbled on the walls but it also had windows and a sink that worked the bathroom and shower was down the corridor.

The reason the living conditions was like that was due to Shave’s determination to keep the union a genuine organ of the poor. In Doc C it shows us how Cesar went on the hunger strike to make a change In a nonviolent way to protest for what is right. This took place in 1970 he had a sit down with the senator at the time Robert F. Kennedy, Robert sat with him to show is support This shows how sincere Cesar was about making a change in a nonviolent way it also shows how important this was to him.

Cesar said “I am convinced that the truest act of courage, the strongest act of manliness Is to sacrifice ourselves for others In a totally nonviolent struggle for justice. To be a man Is to suffer for others. God help us to be men. ” I think the choices Cesar Shaved made, makes him a very effective leader of his 1 OFF he was willing to go to get what he was determined to do. He was successful in what he did, with organizing the farm workers and making the union to keep them organized and together. I think the hunger strike really shows how dedicated he was to his work and how you can make a change in a nonviolent way.

Christmas With My Family

Santa Clause to come visit. It is my sister, Station’s Job to decorate cookies and my Job to make rice crispy treats. My dad is always in charge of the sausage balls for Christmas morning. My mom is usually still busy wrapping last minute gifts. Joy and excitement fills the house while we make our last minute preparations, even our Yorkers are anxious to see what Christmas morning will bring. My mother always buys my sister and I matching pajamas to wear to sleep while we Walt for Santa to visit.

It Is tradition to sit In front of the fireplace with the dogs and have pictures taken by my mom. Gaston worries every year that she has not been good enough for Old Saint Nick to visit her. Before we are tucked in for bed, my sister and I open one present from underneath the tree; Gaston has her picked out for days, while it is always hard for me to decide which present to open. Now, we set out the goodies and letters to Santa. Once everything is in perfect order, Gaston and I head off to my bed with our three dogs.

Gaston is always so excited that she keeps me up for hours talking about Rudolph and the elves. Giving to friends and neighbors is a family tradition that we have every year. Exchanging homemade goodies with friends and neighbors Is a way we show the Christmas split of Glenn. We always look forward to Glenn to others, which Is a strong belief to my family: we believe that Glenn Is better than receiving. Glenn to others reminds us what the Christmas holiday is all about.

My mom bakes the most exceptional pumpkin bread ever and Lori, an old family friend, makes the greatest judge. Our families have been exchanging Christmas goodies since I can remember. It has also become a tradition for our families to deliver small gifts and cookies to other family friends. Another tradition we have is to adopt an angel from the organization called, Spirit of Christmas. Every year my sister and I pick out a young girl to shop for. We reminisce about our childhood memories while chose toys for the child.

Sharing the Christmas holiday with friends and neighbors reminds us how we are all brothers In the family of Christ. What Is the true meaning of Christmas? The stores are stocked with Christmas trees, Santa Claus, elves, and eight tiny reindeer. All of these are now what we associate family celebrates Christmas because it is Jesus’ birthday. As Christians, we believe that Christ is our savior. Santa Claus became a part of Christmas because of the legendary story of the monk, SST. Nicholas; he was a wealthy man who traveled the country giving gifts to children and to the poor.

Over the course of many years the legend has changed to the fairy-tale of Santa Claus; a man that wears a bright red tit, with a workshop in the North Pole with elves as helpers, who comes on Christmas Eve to give children gifts. Christmas is the holiday most Christians look forward to, we like this holiday because it is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The Jewish, Muslim, and Jehovah Nineteen’s are a few people who do not celebrate this wonderful time of celebration because of their religious beliefs. The outsiders of Christmas have a different faith than the Christians.

They celebrate their beliefs in another way. I find it hard to believe that there are people who do not gather around the Christmas tree with their family on Christmas Eve. Even though they do not celebrate Christmas, they have their own family traditions. Traditions are important to my family as in many other families. Religion, family, and ethnic backgrounds all determine the traditions every family acquires. Most family traditions are passed from generation to generation. I know that my family tradition on Christmas Eve will be passed down to my children.

The Actual Importance Of Boring Family Traditions

Have you ever thought those boring family activities you do throughout the year were created by your parents to drive you crazy? Well I thought so until I did some research on it. In my family we have many family traditions, as you may call them. My favorite tradition is going and finding a Christmas tree every year. Everyone has family traditions, some may be simple Like relaxing for 15 minutes after work, or as big as a family party every summer. Janet Densely article “Now more Important than ever” talks about how every family has a tradition or two.

Janet Dengue wrote “Ask any adult what they remember about childhood and they’ll recall an event that centered on family traditions or rituals. ” I may not be an adult but I remember many of my family traditions, even the ones that no longer take place. According to the article there are many reasons that family traditions are important, but the two most important benefits family traditions are the enhancement of a child’s self-esteem and the hidden source of family strength Enid every ritual or tradition.

Preschool aged children, when involved in these rituals feel as they are a part of the family. Children are looking for acceptance in their family, involving them in these family rituals proves to them they are a big part of the family. Even children in single-parent homes need to be involved in traditions or rituals. Involving children in traditions enhances a child’s self-worth by making them feel important to the family. The hidden source of family strength behind ever tidal can help keep families from fighting and creates a bond between members.

Family traditions help pull families back together, even if they are upset with each other. Family traditions are huge in my home. We have many traditions, still to this day “e celebrate together. Family traditions and rituals have made a great impact on my life and the way I want my children to be raised. Every year me and my family go and find a Christmas tree for our living room. We go every year about two weeks before Christmas and find the perfect tree. For the past thirteen years it is been me, my mom, my dad, my brother, and my sister.

Now we have had an expansion In our family. The past two years we have been Involving my nephew and my sister’s fianceĀ© In our family tradition. This family traditions has been going on since my parents “ere little kids. Both my mother and my father went with their families to find a tree each year and decided they were going to continue the traditions with us. Everyone’s traditions are different and unique to the family. I know I will forever continue this radiation with my family.

Without this tradition, I would not feel the same way about Christmas. I grew up knowing I was part of something great In my family. I gained so much self -confidence because I took part in working to find out perfect tree every year. Each family creates their own traditions and rituals, including the children. My family tradition is something I will be continuing and passing onto my children. My family is as close as ever when it comes to family traditions.

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