Changing Times Versus Changing People Research Essay Sample For College

Changing Times Versus Changing People Essay, Research Paper

Changing Times versus Changing Peoples It has been said that while times change, people do non. From my past experiences, and from things that I have learned throughout the old ages, I have to hold with the old statement. I feel that the morality of a individual about ever regulations when it comes to doing serious and of import determinations. Different clip periods can change 1s believing in certain state of affairss to an extent. For illustration, in The Sea and Poison, Nobu Ueda had moved to Manchuria with her new hubby. While she was populating at that place, she noticed that her neighbours on occasion hit their amahs. While Nobu would non normally hit her amah, shortly plenty she started to make so. Her morality was influenced in a manner by the norms and stigmas of her milieus and clip. However, different people react otherwise in different state of affairss. Everyone had free will and the freedom to do their ain scruples determinations. When Suguro and Toda were asked if they wanted to take portion in the vivisection? s, both had agreed at first. After taking clip to believe about what they were really traveling to take portion in, they started to experience awkward. Suguro for case was decidedly holding 2nd ideas about his determination so subsequently repent his determination. On his walk to the infirmary the twenty-four hours the vivisections were to take topographic point, he contemplated on traveling back to his embarkation room. This is his scruples reminding him of his moral criterions. All twenty-four hours before the vivi

sections, there was nothing for Suguro to do. Suguro and Toda seemed to avoid each other and did not let a word pass between them. When it came time for the ?experiment? on the prisoner, Suguro was not able to follow through on his duties involved in the vivisection. Suguro?s morality triumphed besides the fact that ?everyone else was doing it.? Toda however was able to take part in the vivisection but was somewhat uneasy about the whole experience. The fact that he helped take someone else?s life did not seem to phase him that much. Throughout the book Toda seemed to be more apathetic to such things than Suguro. Toda has no moral strength. That is just the type of person he is. The Old Man felt the vivisection would make a contribution to science. However, after the vivisection takes place, we see the Old Man peering into the operating theater looking troubled. The Old Man feels he was trained to save lives, not take them. In the end all are troubled and destroyed by the vivisection, especially Suguro, but no one reveals their feelings. In conclusion, the decision in general all depends on the particular person. I personally feel that in the case of the vivisection if the right person were asked, they would have declined. Suguro was not able to participate in the vivisection because of his own personal feelings, however, others were able to. If I was asked to participate in the vivisection I would definitely decline the offer, however I am sure there would be others that are distorted enough to do so.

Carrier Exploration Research

An accountant also can do the auditing, management, and structuring management system services. My name is Marseille Sienna one of students in JIBS Jakarta that really interested become an accountant, especially public accountant. Since I was in Senior High School-ASPI, then my teacher introduced me to a lesson called accounting, I really excited and want to learn about it every day. First impression of this lesson is pretty good. I really enjoy it. That’s why I choose to be an accountant in the next five or ten years.

Become an accountant is not an easy work. An accountant should be really careful in seeing and examining the data of one company or organization. Not only that, their integrity, quality and professionalism also being questioned here. Are they an honest person or not? If not, so they can be corrupt and manipulate the data. The value of an accountant should be strong and in straight line. That is why an accountant has hard time of work minimum fifty hours per week, and the maximum is depending on the case that the accountant faced.

The manager of accountant maybe travel a lot to meet clients and watch the employee but, or the accountant itself, it is depending on the case that the accountant faced. Work environment is the characteristic of the job itself (routine, attractive, overtime work), the competition level among the employee is the factor that we always face in workplace. The hard character and commitment should have by the accountant in facing the tough workplace. Usually, in case that give by the company has the deadlines that the accountant should finished before it and make them have to work more and more.

That deadline can make a person become more structured and focus on the target. I love the environment of accounting class when I studied in senior high school and also in university, I beg also in real life the environment also same or even better. Based on my senior that already work in accounting company such as Deltoid and PWS, they really enjoy the job and they said that, being an accountant is not creepy as people said, it is fun and make them happy. If want to be happy like them and become something better, there will be requirements to make it happen. It is also happen if I want to be an accountant.

To be a good accountant I should have good education, for example I should finish my bachelor degree first. In Indonesia we have some standard called public accountant professional standard (Standard Professional Kanata Public (SPA)). It is to approve that the quality of accountant is good and trusted. In America, they also have standard like in Indonesia and it is called International Standard on Auditing (SIS), and the function is the same as SPA. (5) Not only standard, a professional accountant also should have certification from legal organization or from government, named as accountant certification.

Indonesia one of the organization that handle about the standard and certification is III (Satan Kanata Indonesia). In USA they also have many organizations like this, for example American Institute of Certified Public Accountant. This organization on have members that already certified. Also, this organization published their monthly journal in “They Journal of Accountancy’ and it is really have strong influence for the development of principle in accounting and the norm of auditing in America.

To become an accountant and get the accountant certification should pass some requirements, such as, eve to get the certificate of graduation in accountant or finance major, have experience minimum three years, have experience some training, has good reputation in auditing, examining of some cases, independent, professional, careful, honest, etc. I will get some of the requirements in SUBS, because SUBS not only provide the theory of accounting, but they also help students with the internship to make the student more eligible to work in real life.

In SUBS, they also provide the accounting student with intermediate accounting which is the deeper information and knowledge about accounting, so we as the student can moment with the student outside. Then, SUBS also has so many activities such as, company visit and CEO Talk that really give us so many benefits. For example, if we have company visit to the accounting company such as, Deltoid, it will really useful for use to know deeper about the company and the situation of the workplace in that company.

So, we will have some picture what we will do in the future about sitting in one of the chair in that company as an accountant. Want to be an accountant not because a number that I will get in the end of the month which is salary. It is because I love it. For the salary that all people always arguing about accountant, actually in Indonesia an accountant get around seven million rapiers until ten million rapiers per month, it is really inversely from America. In America, usually, the accountant gets around $ 3,370 per month.

I do not want work because of money, but I want work if enjoy it and make me happy. So, for the number above, it is does not matter for me. Accounting is a type of puzzle, with journal entries and other documentation also report. Becoming an accountant I can piece together how a business is operating. Understanding he nuts and bolts of a business-how it mitigates risks, how it makes money, etc. It is an invaluable skill. Accounting can use as a gateway into areas of interest, for example fashion industry, public accountant, sport industry, etc.

Being an accountant is really useful, because we can know all the transaction that happens in company. An accountant is a key off company. It is like the spearhead of a company. An accountant should have good mathematic and economic knowledge. It is also has big responsibilities because an accountant works influencing the performance of a company. An accountant cannot make mistake in calculation of transaction, that is why the accountant should really careful in their work. Being an accountant also has to be patient and willing to work until night.

Whatever the accountant working on – producing financial report, analyzing estimates, closing the books and all of these has the deadline. It is a challenge that requires the accountant to constantly brush up their current events; current accounting updates and stays aware of business activity within the company. In seeing the advantage and the disadvantages above I think it is really match with my personality strength. It is tell that have to enjoy the job, and I enjoy it. Enjoy work with numbers, balancing, logic thinking, assuming, and etc.

If I enjoy it, I will make sure I will happy to do this job. I am really confident in it. So, because of I really enjoy I strongly believe that it is my passion and my interest and it is proved by my understanding in class since was in senior high school. The lesson that explained by my teacher is seems really easy to understand even actually not, but, because like the subject and the way of this subject bring me into it, so I enjoy and easy to digest the lesson. Do not ant just talk about it. Want to be it.

So, think for the next semester I will move to accounting major, because now I still in management major. I will prepare myself by study hard about accounting and I will not forget to have fun with my friends. I hope in the fifth or sixth semester I can get in internship in Deltoid or PWS or Chevron or in government organization. Because public accountant is me!

Charisma Is Personal Charm

Charisma is frequently used to mention to persons who have the gift of grace. A alone quality, charisma sets certain persons above ordinary person so they are recognized as holding exceeding powers. Found in mundane people and leaders of varied groups, personal appeal may take to both good and evil.

A successful magnetic leader doesn t needfully have to be renowned by the whole universe. An illustration of a leader that has a positive impact on our lives is a instructor. His or her personal appeal and enthusiasm helps pupils make their ain visions for the hereafter. Teachers educate, inspire and steer us to be responsible persons. They open our heads to the limitless options and chances to accomplish our ends. Teachers hold all the ideals of being a magnetic leader.

A magnetic individual is able to interact with other people and convey forth his or her thoughts and visions. He or she is capable of deriving ultimate regard and the favour of the bulk with the quality of personal appeal. In the book Lord of the Fliess, a group of male childs are stranded on an uninhabited island with no grownup supervising. Ralph, one of the immature male childs, has natural qualities of leading and therefore is elected as leader of the group. His personal appeal allows him to obtain this high Position.

Although this narrative is fiction, a great portion of a successful leader’s national success is his personal appeal. He wins the favour and trueness of his people by making an ambiance where he displays assurance in himself and his followings. Charismatic leaders? motions are enthusiastic. They see good beyond their organisation’s current state of affairs and develop an inspirational vision for the hereafter that is different from the present and they are determined to transport out the vision.

This type of leading attracts people because they are profoundly influenced by their leader’s features, abilities and visions. They pursue the leader’s visions and construct emotional fond regard to him. They give him their trueness and entire support. Adolf Hitler and Franklin D. Roosevelt can both be classified as leaders with strong personal appeal even though they had different political purposes. However, they were both supported and praised by their followings.

Plato said that a leader must hold personal appeal to be successful in all his actions. Without it a leader can non carry through his occupation and be caput of any type of organisation. Charisma holds indispensable value to go a leader. Continuous preparation or force can non obtain personal appeal, the? gift of grace.  It is something mystical. It is of godly beginning.

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