Child Abandonment And Interventions University Essay Example


Child abandonment is a voluntary action done by parents, where a child is deserted and left behind. Some parents abandon their children by ensuring that they will be taken care of, but others leave children without any assurance. The primary concern is to identify what are the reasons for such behavior and how these actions can be prevented with minimum effort and investment.

Literature Review

The modern literature on the given issue shows that the major factors reinforcing child abandonment behavior among parents are financial and sociocultural components (Manful & Abdullah, 2018). Poverty and the inability to provide a child with food, shelter, and adequate education force parents to decide to leave a child behind.


In order to identify the primary reasons for child abandonment, it is critical to consider the fact that appropriate measurement tactics must be set in place. These are surveys and publicly available statistical data evaluations. In addition, parents who abandoned their children can be interviewed.


The key participants are parents who already abandoned their children or who are planning to do so. In addition, it is essential to consider the observational data from orphanage workers and administrators, who monitor the overall occurrence rate.

Procedure and Measures

The procedure will include a general survey, which will be designed to identify the main influencing factors. The given process will assist the researchers in navigating the direction of the study.

Data Analysis

The data analysis process will primarily focus on weighing out the raw statistical data into plausible causal and correlational graphs and diagrams. ANOVA test will also be used in order to make correct estimations of possible hypotheses.

Ethical Issues

The major concern regarding the ethical side of the study is the fact that the most important participants will be the parents who abandoned their child. The given occurrence is clearly traumatic and emotional for them, and interviewing and surveying the parents on the given subject might not be fully ethical. However, it can be avoided by properly constructing the questions and the overall flow of the process.


In conclusion, it is crucial to note that child abandonment is a highly controversial issue that needs to be addressed. By identifying the primary reasons for such behavior, effective measures can be taken in order to fully eliminate the overall occurrence rate.


Manful, E., & Abdullah, A. (2018). Conceptualisation of child neglect: A Ghanaian practice narrative. International Social Work, 3(1), 2-9.

Strong-Up Project For Teenage Empowerment

As a teenager, I had a lot of trouble trying to find my place in the world. When your value structure is still forming, and you are not sure what goals are worth to peruse, it is very easy to fall victim to the temptations that surround you. When many of my classmates and friends experimented with alcohol and embraced a generally unhealthy lifestyle, I did not know whether I should be like them or do something else. Trying to find the answer looking at the older generation did not help much too. Most of the adults around me also had a lot of unhealthy habits, dysfunctional relationships, and unfulfilling jobs. With all the uncertainty about my real values and goal, it took me a lot of time to finally realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and find my passion in life.

Teenagers nowadays also feel lost and do not know what they should do. Uncertainty about the future and lack of motivation are associated with anxiety, and this problem affects a significant portion of teenagers in the world (Swan & Kendall, 2016). Creating an educational program that will guide young people through this period will help them to avoid a lot of trouble in their future life.

Strong-Up Project is a complex online program that is aimed at providing educational and motivational content for teenagers. The target market for this program is young people from the age of fifteen to nineteen, who are struggling to find themselves in life and feel anxious about the future. Understanding the needs of the target audience and the economic and cultural specifics of their behavior is critical for effective marketing complain (Marshall & Johnston, 2019). The program will help the audience to improve their life by providing complex guidance in different domains of life, including a healthy lifestyle, setting goals for education, sport, and self-improvement.

It is essential to target different facets of teenage life as they are closely connected to one another. A study of Spanish teenagers suggests strong relationships between physical activity and factors like healthy eating habits, academic success, and alcohol use (Grao-Cruces, Nuviala, Fernández-Martínez, & Martínez-López, 2015). Sport and physical activity have been shown to improve cognitive ability (Etnier et al., 2016). Beliefs and attitudes of teenagers are correlated with alcohol, cigarettes, and substance use (Hansen & Hansen, 2016). Research of programs that promote alcohol literacy and healthy life choices can be effective when they take into consideration the cultural context and the audience (Gordon, Howard, Jones, & Kervin, 2016). Thus, Strong-up Project can make a difference in the lives of teenagers, helping them to address the most important problems of their age.

SWOT analysis is a framework that is used to evaluate the market and determine the strengths and weaknesses of the product (Gürel & Tat, 2017). The main weakness of the project is the fact that teenagers have relatively low purchasing power as most of them do not have a regular income. Teenagers spend a substantial amount of their time on the internet and are inclined to use social networks and share information (Yonker, Zan, Scirica, Jethwani, & Kinane, 2015). These facts suggest that most of the content should be available for free and monetized via advertisements on the website and in videos. The program should be marketed primarily by means of social media as it is the fastest and most effective way to reach the target audience (Felix, Rauschnabel, & Hinsch, 2017). Porter’s five forces model is a tool that allows analyzing the competitive environment in the market (Aithal, 2017). This framework shows that the environment is beneficial for the program, as there are no direct competitors or substitution products.


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Message In Shakespeare’s, Albom’s And King’s Works

The given essay will summarize and analyze the commonalities of the message in A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom, and A Death by Stephen King. All three writings are historically separate and represent different genres, but they contain some similarities in the context.

Shakespeare’s comedy in five acts was written in the mid-1590s. There is an opinion that Shakespeare wrote his work in honor of St. John the Baptist Day or to the wedding celebration of a famous aristocrat. The play consists of several storylines, one way or another intertwined with each other. The main character is Theseus, who is getting married to Hippolyta. The story explores the value of love and how immortal gods relate to it. During the play, almost all characters manifest themselves both positively and negatively. It is likely that the author did not want to divide his characters into two camps because he wanted to show their helplessness.

Tuesday’s book with Morrie was published in 1997 in small editions and was a chronicle of the meetings that Mitch Albom had spent with his teacher. He is the main character of the story, who learns life’s greatest lesson about love and appreciation. The initial print run was thousands of copies. Further, the popularity of the book snowballed, and six months later, it took the first line in the list. The writing remained on the bestseller list for numerous weeks. Millions of copies of the book were sold; it was translated into multiple languages ​​and is one of the most readable memoirs of all time (Albom 3).

A Death by Stephen King is a story written in 2015, where the main characters are Trusdale and Sheriff Barclay. The events take place in Dakota in 1889, where the murder incident begins the given detective story of the investigation and hero development.

Although these writings are highly different in context and environment, all of them aim to illustrate the importance of appreciation of life. The idea of ​​the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a brief summary of which will interest the future viewer or reader, may cause controversy since the main purpose of this work is to entertain the public. One can only assume that as an idea, Shakespeare chose the view that human life is just a game. How exactly the game ends depends solely on the mood of the players.

Creating his play, the author set for himself one single goal – to give pleasure to the public. The work contains a moralizing or profound philosophy about love. The gods act as a symbolic demonstration of immortality, where they stop appreciating the process of living (Shakespeare 32). The story expresses the idea of love and how only mortality can lead to a profound appreciation of life and existence.

Furthermore, Morrie claims that loving is the most important thing people can do. The old man acts as a symbolic figure of wisdom and knowledge who teaches youngsters about the value of love and appreciation (Albom 23). Since society has other priorities, most people live in ignorance, focusing on routine and mediocre aspects as career achievements or material wealth, and ignore the most precious elements of our lives. This is not the way to achieve real happiness. Individuals should reject popular culture to determine their values ​​and build their happiness. Cultural norms and customs should be reborn and built around the love of friends, family, and people around them.

Although Morrie does not offer humanity to accept such a culture blindly, he shows by his example that these aspects should be priorities in human life. The writing emphasizes that regardless of which cultural background a person adopts, no one can live without love. Therefore, the author suggests that people should appreciate life by outlining the most important things, such as love and family.

Moreover, Stephen King supports the idea of valuing life by showing the readers that death is imminent and how people can intentionally ignore the finality of existence. Trusdale is a criminal who acts as a symbol of ignorance. He denies his crimes until the very end, which was highly surprising and peculiar for Barclay. The Sheriff thought that people could become blind for the fact of their mortality that the criminal continued to claim that he was completely innocent.

It can resonate with the reader because all people deny the concept of death to a certain extent (King 5). Although it is depressing, entirely ignoring it can sometimes lead to unappreciative life. Therefore, a person stops prioritizing the most valuable ideas, such as love and happiness.

In conclusion, all three writings share a similar message despite their difference in the genre and the story circumstances. They explore the concepts of love and appreciation by demonstrating the immortality of gods, old man’s wisdom, and ignorance of death. The symbolism is present throughout the stories, which makes it easier to spot commonalities and similarities in messages. All three writings attempt to deliver the same information with different emotions and styles, such as comedy, a criminal investigation, and drama.

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