Choosing A Career Between Business Management And Business Marketing Free Essay

Everyone has trouble choosing a career, especially when you’re stuck between two very similar options. When choosing a career, it is important to think twice. In my case, I am undecided between business management and business marketing. Business management is owning a business and managing all aspects of that company you own. Business marketing, however, is selling products or services to other companies that resell them, use them in their products or services or use them to support their works. If I choose business management, I would have to be on the look out of all the employees on duty, all the workers, and the business in general. It requires a lot of patience and a natural talent of giving orders. If I decide to go for business marketing, I would have to be good at persuading, socializing, selling, franchising, buying and interacting with several people daily. Marketing will go about educating the public to buy products. Advertising is a key role in this career. I would learn about sales, advertising, public relations, consumer behavior and media as mentioned “Marketing is about relationships—among buyers and sellers, consumers and products, researchers and subjects, agencies and companies, consultants and clients” (Wetfeet). This is beyond true. Communication and product selling are both the center of attention for marketing at the day.

When seeing what these two careers have in common, it is a lot more than what I thought. Both fields recommend a bachelor’s degree. Marketing and management go hand in hand. Business management includes business transactions and closing deals. Business marketing is similar because it includes promoting companies and products they sell. It is important for me to understand the different training paths between business management and business marketing. Each can lead me to a different outcome for my career and my future. Understanding what’s involved for each degree program can help me make the best choice for my career goal.

Another similarity is dress attire. For both marketing and managing, looking and feeling approachable will attract more customers, employees, profit, products, and an improved business overall. “An interview is the most effective way to identify lessons from a single person…One sales company regularly conducts interviews with their top sales managers to identify their secrets of success, which are then compiled into a knowledge asset” (Young 57). The first impression you give to a company is what counts the most, whether you’re in marketing or managing. “Use social network to link to your blog and update your networks on recent projects: Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks provide a ready-made avenue to build an audience for your blog and to announce recent developments that may be of interest” (Randazzo 81).

In conclusion, I have to consider my qualities, my personality, and what I like doing the most. I will choose business marketing because I love socializing, selling, persuading and representing. Using resources like facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media networks will help me promote the product I would work for in a company. Everyone uses social media after all and business marketing is just the suit for me.

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My Pursuit Of A Career In Business Management

Education and learning have always been of primary importance to me. Ever since I was a child, I have shown a keen interest in quantitative sciences such as Mathematics, Physics and Informatics. I tended towards these subjects due to their analytics based structure which I enjoyed very much. Being naturally good at these sciences and passionate about learning, I achieved a level of excellence in them during my high-school years. In contrast to exact sciences, I have always been fascinated by business and its application in life. Throughout my high-school education I used every opportunity to be an active participate in various projects related to business modeling, case studies and leadership projects held in England, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

I proceeded to pursue higher education in the Azerbaijan State Economic University. Admitted to the undergraduate program of Information Technologies and Management with an excellent admission score, I was awarded an opportunity to receive Azerbaijan State Monthly Bursary for 4 years of my studies. In the second year of my studies I was accepted to the Special Talents Faculty, which is a kind of an honors program consisting of a unique faculty with a credit system and modules taught in English. The admissions process into the program consisted of three stages – the essay competition, academic exams in Mathematics, Economics, English and Information Technologies (all exams were taken in English) and a final interview with the Dean and the Rector. The education program in Special Talents Faculty consisted of a combination of courses from the disciplines of International Economics and International Business. During the education process, both humanities and technical based courses such as Statistics, Organizational Behavior, Corporate Finance, International Law etc. Moreover, Special Talents Faculty had a carefully selected staff of professors educated in Western Europe and USA. With most of the professors of the faculty having previously possessed management positions in the biggest companies of the world and all of them educated in Western Europe and USA, the faculty of Special Talents gave us invaluable mass of excellent education and professional experience to learn from.

I commenced my career during my second year of education for a part time position at GRBS

ompanies, major professional qualifications company in Azerbaijan as a Program Manager in International Professional Qualifications department (IPQ) in June 2012. Working at GRBS, I was involved in various administrative and program management related projects. I have a team of 3 people under my management and we managed several projects within IPQ like an administration of professional qualification like CIMA, ACCA, NEBOSH, PMI® of which our company was a local official representative. Those responsibilities gave me unique chance to increase my professional skills like organizing events and manage teams.

In December 2012, I was selected among 400 students to participate in Youth Business Leadership Project, sponsored by British Petroleum, Junior Achievement Azerbaijan and American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan. Within this program I attended to several trainings provided by trainers from sponsorship companies with various topics like corporate ethics, management, and communication management. At last, I was chosen as a best trainee and received a job offer from local telecommunications company – Azerfon LLC, a former partner of Vodafone in Azerbaijan. I started my work in the company as a Sales Performance Analytics intern. Three months later I received a job offer for the position of a Junior Sales Performance Analyst. My core job responsibilities including Information Process Management within Sales Department, Performance Analytics per Sales Channel, Traffic & Product Analysis gave me a lot of opportunities to go deep with Analytics, Systematic Thinking and effective communication skills.

In cooperation with my manager, I optimized the information flow within the sales department in the following ways: created Compliance Management Database, unique Point of Sales Database, Employee records Database, Assets Database, built Enterprise Content Management for archiving and sharing document flow within the Sales Department. Those projects give invaluable effort on sales results of the company. As a results, I was awarded to the nomination of Best Young Employee of the 2013 within Sales Department. During almost two years of working for Azerfon LLC I received a promotion twice: from intern position to Junior Sales Performance Analyst and later to become a Sales Performance Analyst. Hence, I found myself in the area of heavy numerical data, analytics based decisions and information flow management.

Extra-curricular activities have always been a part of my life. I believe that my engagement in social activities played a crucial role in my personal development in terms of leadership and skills and achievement of success. I took part at Eurovision Song Contest as a volunteer in May 2012. I was a supervisor of sector arrangement and was dealing with security and placing issues. After the contest, I was chosen among 1200 volunteers to be presented with a certificate for excellent services provided during the contest by the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan Republic. One of the biggest local Non-Governmental organizations “Ireli” Public union, organized “Winter University for young leaders” project in February 2013. It was short term project for 5 days, during which we had very useful trainings on management, simulations, team projects and discussion panels. 100 people were selected to participate to participate in this project among 1000 applicants. My application was successful. This project was very beneficial for me, because I had a chance to share my experience, obtain new information and expand my network.

An important highlight in my professional career has been Azerbaijan Business Case Competition held among the top University students of Azerbaijan. This competition gave me deep insides into business processes. We have analyzed and researched a number of business cases and I believe that exchanging professional opinions with opponents and among teams served a function of enhancing my knowledge in the field of business and business process management in particular. Another significant factor was that I did all operations regarding business management including preparations of financial statements and conduction of marketing researches. Each of the team members was responsible for a particular side of the business. This variety of roles and sense of competition made the case contest very beneficial for my professional and personal development. My team was selected to finals, but due to personal reasons we had to pass up to participate.

When I saw first time a one year Master’s program in Business Analytics, Operational Research and Risk Analysis in Manchester University Business School I was very excited. Curriculum of the program, professors and graduation opportunities admired me. Master’s program in Manchester would give me unique set of skills and knowledge, which will help me to succeed in my career path. After graduating I am eager to come back and work here by my major. Azerbaijan is in need of young specialists in this particular field; therefore I think this is my chance to make my contribution and bring international knowledge and experience to my country.

Proof Of Knowledge Of Business Management Skills And Motivation Plan Strategy


The purpose for this assignment is to provide proof of knowledge, of business management skills, and employee/company motivation.


The company I decided to provide a motivation plan strategy is a hypothetical greeting card company. Just for Us Greeting Cards is a personalized greeting card company, which provides customers with completely personalized greeting cards, through an interactive web site. Hallmark alone is in over 42,000 retail store nationwide, and are the leading force in the industry. If we expand on their ideas from ready-made cards to personalized cards we can provide a more intimate purchasing experience, securing customer retention through loyal return clientele. (Hoovers, 2005)

Motivation Plan

Just for Us Greeting Cards, hopes to provide a customer-centered company, focusing primarily on providing personalized, high quality greeting cards at a greater value than most other greeting card companies. With card prices ranging from $3-5 dollars, purchasing a greeting card is hardly a luxury item. Therefore, in hopes to gain maximum profit, we will offer competitive pricing with many more options to choose from, securing a broader customer base. Instead of having pre-set cards, with the option to personalize small pieces, we offer thousands of pictures, card size and paper selections, to give the customer more freedom and offering a better experience. Our target customer is one that will want a personalized card and experience. Because of this personalized experience, the company is lacking in fresh new ideas, and has employees that feel underappreciated for the extra amount of service involved in transactions between the company and its customers. Therefore, I have devised the following strategy to bring about an organizational turnaround.

The Plan

1) Effectively communicate what is expected of each employee; let the employees know clearly what it is you expect of them. You should always write it down. Without the knowledge of knowing where they are headed how can we expect our employees to set any goals? They need to see the big picture before completing the details.

2) Listen, value and ask for employee ideas and feedback: Allow your employees the chance to help you improve yourself and to provide you, as well as the organization better, more diverse and creative ideas. Ideas should constantly fluctuate to accommodate for marketing changes.

3) Give your employees responsibility as well as authority to perform their responsibilities. By giving your employees the ability to handle problems on their own or to make decisions in times of crisis gives employees a sense of ownership for the company, providing a way for your department to develop a greater ability to deal with tough situations.

4) Provide the resources available for improvement of the individual: Provide the training and support so that your employees go into their jobs with a feeling of confidence in their ability as well as their confidence in the organization for which they work.

5) When someone does something right, let him or her know: provide positive and genuine feedback when the situation warrants it. Do it immediately and do not make someone wonder if they did a good job.

6) Maintain a pleasant, comfortable and friendly work environment: the more stress you can keep out of the workplace the better. People want to enjoy coming to work. Cater to each individual’s needs as best as you can to ensure that this situation occurs. This can mean time off for special family situations, possibly providing day care programs, lunch room programs, and mental health days off.

The most important aspect of this plan is to not let external factors, such as departmental peer pressure, force management decisions to change. The need for support and follow thru of this plan needs to include all levels of the organization. The organization needs to provide the support, resources and freedom to follow through on each step of this plan.


We must keep our employees motivated in this day and age. A properly structured motivation plan that involves all parties concerned is of vital importance. Providing constant feedback, incentives, and allowing room for change and grow are all a part of this plan. This motivation plan is vital to expand the boundaries of performance. If the plan is used and changes are made, the organization will have the fresh ideas needed to prosper, as well as motivated employees that will support the organization through change. Proper motivation is the key to successful business, allowing ideas to be molded and fresh perspectives from many resources, and not just through the minds of management.

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