Cloud Computing: Functions And Practical Application Essay Example


In an evolving environment, organizations are constantly looking for newer solutions that will bring profits. In addition, the question of how to increase company productivity and achieve high efficiency is pressing. Currently, more and more organizations are moving away from the traditional structure and into new ways of handling information. Many companies are now moving to IT solutions that include cloud computing (Herr, 2020). Consumers of cloud computing can reduce the costs associated with providing IT services. The use of cloud services in practice will allow organizations to adapt quickly to changing environments and maximize their economic and technical capabilities.

Cloud Computing: A Review

Cloud computing (CC) is a model whose primary purpose is to provide convenient and ubiquitous on-demand access to information on the network. It refers to the following definition of the cloud: the user can use a computer or web application located on a remote server (Abid, 2020). It is accomplished through an application format or a comfortable user interface. Firms and businesses rely on many applications in the cloud for their work. CC is designed to provide the following features:

  • provide on-demand computing resources to the user;
  • allocate a sufficiently large pool of resources to a required pool (Herr, 2020);
  • elasticity (the size of allocated resources is not constant and can change if necessary);
  • payment is made when the user uses the resources;
  • the resources on the network are accessed through a web browser.

There are four basic types of CC: private, public, public, and hybrid. A private cloud is an infrastructure designed to provide access to employees’ applications in a single enterprise (Rajeswari, 2019). Contractors and customers of that enterprise can use this cloud. The private cloud can be owned by the organization or by third parties. A public cloud is an infrastructure that many people have unrestricted access to (Rajeswari, 2019). The public cloud can be owned, managed, operated, and managed by academic, commercial, and government organizations (or some combination of these).

A community cloud is an infrastructure created for a specific group of employees of an enterprise who are bound to each other by common objectives (mission, compliance with the organization’s requirements). This type of CC can be owned by one or more community organizations or a third party (Rajeswari, 2019). A hybrid cloud is a particular type of CC that combines the above infrastructures, which remain unique. Specific technologies enable the mixture: for example, the use of public cloud resources to find load balancing between clouds.

Practical Applications of Cloud Computing


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a model in which the consumer is provided with the ability to use the application software of a provider running in the cloud infrastructure and accessible from different client devices or through a thin client. In this case, the company does not have to pay for all the software it needs. The company rents the capacity it needs for a fixed fee depending on the features it needs and the number of software users (Abid, 2020). Consequently, this technology finds practical application in young businesses and developing organizations. The technology speeds up the decision-making process and raises the potential survivability of projects through high mobility.


Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is a model where the consumer is given the option of using cloud infrastructure to host the underlying software for the subsequent hosting of new or existing applications. Such platforms include tools for creating, testing, and executing application software – database management systems, middleware, and programming language execution environments (Abid, 2020). They provide a standard provider, which allows PaaS to be judged as a convenient tool for creating applications and putting them into practice. In addition, because of the possibility of customized solutions and the high speed to market, the technology provides development for companies that are focused on getting and accumulating results quickly (Rajeswari, 2019). For example, the introduction of telemedicine applications allowed for rapid dispersal and delivery of care to people in a pandemic. It could have been achieved precisely by optimizing the application development solution package.


Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is provided with the ability to use cloud infrastructure to self-manage processing, storage, networking, and other fundamental computing resources. For example, the consumer can install and run arbitrary software, including operating systems, platforms, and application software (Abid, 2020). The consumer can control the operating systems, virtual storage systems, installed applications, and the set of services available. IaaS achieves the significant cost savings that organizations need to redesign their structure. In addition, IaaS significantly increases the security of storage services: online commerce organizations should have ways to keep the customer information private(Herr, 2020). In the case of disaster preservation, it is IaaS that is best suited for companies associated with rapid response to problems.

The Types of Organizations with the Most Success from Cloud Computing

As CC takes over the marketplace, more and more organizations are beginning to benefit from the technology. CC will be most successful in marketing campaigns that target a specific product. Direct targeting and permanent access to the user system accelerate product promotion. CC is important for information security companies – Immune Web and Symantec (Maurer & Hinck, 2020). Remote access and different levels of security will keep data safe from hacks. Finally, online commerce organizations – Amazon – require cloud storage to assess current metrics, handle large amounts of data, and distribute it.

Cloud Computing in Business

Problem Solving

Cloud computing technologies have many more advantages over other ways of storing and transforming information. CC solves the problem of rising costs by allowing one to control procurement processes and distributions. CC creates mobile platforms for product development, providing an environment where companies can act flexibly and quickly. Finally, one problem that can only be solved with CC is exchanging information within the organization and between neighboring organizations. With the growth of corporations, the number of franchises and offices is growing, so CC will eliminate the problem of difficult access.

Solution Ways

Cloud computing creates a stable platform on which organizations host and track their results. Information sharing is becoming faster, and software is becoming more robust. As a result, organizations are achieving high levels of efficiency and productivity. New product creation is easier and can be completed faster because CC makes all the information available at once. Interoperability allows one to react more quickly to new technologies and visualize potential connections between them and the organization’s goals. Perhaps most easily, CC ensures the survival that organizations experience in a changing business environment (Maurer & Hinck, 2020). It is accomplished by protecting data independent of personnel behavior. Companies protect data despite ethical dilemmas, conflicts, and other confrontations that could lead to the traumatization of the business.


In summary, cloud computing is an innovative suite of solutions for improving organizational productivity and optimizing information transfer processes. With four types of storage, different levels of access are provided, allowing organizations to control information distribution and maintain a clear structure. In addition, the elasticity and flexibility of CC give businesses a market advantage and makes them more competitive. The practical application of CC translates into SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS technologies focusing on survivability, rapid deployment of business ideas, and security. CC solves problems such as rising costs and difficulties in information sharing.


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Ricci V. DeStefano: Supreme Court Case

The Ricci v. DeStefano court matter is an example of a court case with strong public participation. The case summary is as follows: a group of African Americans could not get a promotion which they filed as racism in the workplace. Later, the group of African American firefighters received a promotion. However, a group of white Americans and one Latino American firefighter did not. Consequently, the group of white and Latino Americans filed the case as racism in the workplace (Rome, 2019). Whereas the case of African Americans was resolved internally and quickly, the case of white and Latino Americans reached the supreme court. The result was that the judge found racism justified and existing.

Several ramifications after this event were ethical concerns of the society regarding the case. People questioned the companies about how they decide who receives a promotion at work and the selection criteria to be promoted. It is interesting whether the company should only consider the test results or other factors like background and race when deciding which employee gets the promotion (McGinley & Porter, 2020). Since this case has arguable ethical ramifications, it received social recognition in the media and was discussed at a Supreme Court.

In my opinion, the City’s administration and the firefighters are right and wrong. The conflict is a little complicated, but when deeply analyzing the case, it is seen that both sides were trying to get their benefit and protect their rights. Therefore, the case has been filed and appeared at the supreme court. The case should also serve as a lesson for both sides; no matter who juridically won the case – the City should consider adding more transparency to the process of hiring and promoting employees. Firefighters should focus on actual knowledge and skills that can help them save lives, but surely not forget their rights to be not discriminated against.


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Elon Musk’s Political Preferences


The article chosen for summarizing and paraphrasing is “Elon Musk is drifting toward the hardcore authoritarian right”. The article expresses concern about the political views of the world’s richest man and tech giant, Elon Musk. After decades of innovation in Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk has become a public figure that attracts a lot of attention in the media. It is hard to identify his political views and agenda through his odious interviews and public statements. However, as stated in the article: “Earlier in June, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that he voted for a QAnon-affiliated Republican for a U.S. House seat in Texas and that he’s leaning toward supporting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for president in 2024.” (Zeeshan). Such tendency can be explained either as one of the fluctuations in Musk’s views or as a more constant and stable nature.

The Elon Musk Article Analysis

Over time, Elon Musk becomes more and more influential, evident through the expansion of his businesses and business interests, such as the bid on Twitter. Because Musk owns one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms associated with liberal movements and freedom of speech, the leaning towards hardcore authoritarian right views can be dangerous (Zeeshan). The purchase of Twitter has spawned numerous debates on the future of the platform and whether Musk, who has been a prominent user of it, will take advantage of his position.

However, Elon Musk is known to express incohesive or even conflicted political views. For example, for a long time, he was a supporter of the Democrats. Is the claimed in one of his interviews: “In the past, I voted Democrat, because they were (mostly) the kindness party,” Musk tweeted in May. “But they have become the party of division & hate, so I can no longer support them and will vote Republican.” (Zeeshan). The switch in the party preferences suggests the tendency to move further away from the left-wing agenda. Such behavior may represent the approach that many influential people have. By sympathizing with both parties, people in business try to attract investments in their business projects or support the party’s policies and agendas that are favorable businesswise.

There has been a lot of debate on the ideological views of Elon Musk. The controversy began with Musk’s claims of being socialist while promoting a capitalistic worldview by rejecting the ideas of redistribution of wealth, which is one of the essential demands of socialism. Furthermore, Musk expressed several libertarian ideas by citing phrases such as the government being the biggest corporation or the organization with the monopoly on violence (Wolfe). In addition, he has also advocated for centrism and supported the libertarianish universal basic income champion Andrew Yang in the Democratic presidential primary in 2019 (Zeeshan). Hence, the ideological scope of the ideas expressed by Elon Musk seems to be all over the place, which suggests that the current authoritarian rights seem to be just another phase for him.


Finally, it is hard to identify the reasons and explain the political preferences of Elon Musk. While some people view it as a strategy to attract public attention that works wonders for his business, others believe that leaning towards the right represents the gradual tendency from the leftist view to the right. The concerns about the political views of the richest man in the world seem to gain more importance as he gets more influence on life in the United States.

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