Comparison And Contrast Of Grendel And Beowulf Sample Assignment

The Comparison and Contrast of Grendel and Beowulf In the novel Grendel by John Gardner he portrays a different image of what Grendel appears in the epic poem of Beowulf. Grendel is a nonhuman who possess and shows the abilities that a human would portray. Grendel, believed to be a demon descendent of the demon Cain, is never explained as to what exactly he is or what he is said to look like. Only explanation of what Grendel may be is small facts portrayed throughout the story.

The only facts we know is he is standing on two feet as a human would, his body is covered in hair, and he is seen as a monstrous being. Even though there are many significant differences between the stories “Beowulf” and “Grendel” there are certain factors that stand out. When reading “Beowulf” he is portrayed as an animalistic being, like a huge beast. With this in mind the reader is given the notion he is driven purely on his beastly, or animal instincts, and having no human instincts to guide him what so ever.

This thought is proven throughout the story when is referred to as “the monster”. He is known for terrorizing the Hgrothgar’s people. In reading the novel “Grendel” it is told in his point of view therefore not being seen as a viscous killing machine. Although the two stories have their differences his nature, being animalistic, is seen in both. His purpose or goal is shown different in the novel “Grendel” as compared to the epic poem “Beowulf”. In “Grendel” he is shown to be using mainly self-defense, as he was the first to be treated poorly by the humans.

This mistreatment started when Grendel was found to be watching humans from behind a tree. With this the attacks began, not only humans but a bull as well. So he didn’t turn on the humans first, the humans acted first. The humans acted on fear, feeling he was there to bring them harm. He is seen as almost a confused creature. He is not a blood thirsty animal preying on everything in his path, but rather calm and tranquil. In the epic poem “Beowulf” he is shown completely different than what is portrayed in the novel Grendel.

Pestle And Five Porters Model Of Chemical Industry

In this section we will take a chemical industry. Product of a chemical industry can be a soda ash, hydrochloric acid, or hydrogen peroxide etc. Chemical industry have many applications in our daily life and in other industry especially in textile industry, such as hydrogen peroxide is used as bleaching agent and soda ash used as washing powder.

PESTEL effects have influence on the performance, development and fortification on a industry. These effects can be explained as follows,

  • Political Effect: Political effects have great influence on a chemical industry, such as political party may change their import/export rules and regulations, these effects can change the rules for a chemical industry.
  • Economical Effect: As raw material and basic necessities of a chemical industry are very expensive, so a rapidly going organization have less economical bad effects while a company with less profit have more economical bad effects.
  • Social Effect: Social effects are concerned with the internal effects of a chemical organization such as labor law, annual increments, and other employee’s policies. Unfortunately in Pakistan our chemical industry pays very low packages to their employees, that have a adverse effect on the development of an chemical industry.
  • Technological effect: Technological effect consider most important in all PESTEL framework. Technological team consists of expertise and trained manpower such as Engineers, Supervisors, Technicians, Fitters, and Operators etc. If technological team of a chemical industry is technically strong and have complete command on operation and maintenance then industry might be progress in very fast way.
  • Environmental effect: Some chemical industry has bad environmental effect, such as surrounding around hydrogen peroxide has a bad effect on crops and plants, while hydrochloric acid have pungent smell. An environmental team at Govt. level ensures the environmental effects on a chemical industry.
  • Legal effect: Industries have some legal effects, such as they can sale/purchase their product according to their own planning and requirements. Moreover chemical industries have their own legal advisor who helps and guide to management for legal issues. Since last few years’ Industrial police have been introduced for security and safety of industry in strike or protest days of people. CIIT / SP13-RPM-051 Key
  • Drives of Change: Market Globalization: As world is going to become global village, so, every industry try to be ONLINE their products, chemical industry have terms with local and international zone and need to be globalized but there is lack of market globalization in chemical industry.
  • Technological Segments: Information Technology is an integral part of technological segment, it include LAN (Local Area Network), Internet facility and other IT relevant facilities to employees of an industry. Scenario Buildings: Scenario building in an important and vital part of an organization, in which technical team decide some kind of SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for problems rectification and alternate solutions.

Suppose a chemical industry product is hydrogen peroxide, if there is no new entrants of this product then there isn’t any effect on this organization, for understanding this concept we take an example, Hydrogen peroxide was first launched by Sitara Group and at that time there was not any competitor of SITARA GROUP and hasn’t any threat of new entrants, but later on after few years DESCON introduce same product with name of DESCON oxychem and it was first threat for Sitara Groups. Threats of new entrants can be minimized by standardization of goods and items in the market.

Duties And Responsibilities Of The Criminal Justice Practitioner

Seminar: Duties and responsibilities of the criminal justice practitioner Jennifer Boren CJ-100 Perception is how we see our self and how others see us. According to Chapter 15, when we have a bad perception of ours elf, it causes us to lose focus and lose the reality of helping others. Perception refers to one’s ability to mentally picture something. One example would be if an individual received a job that paid very well. At the end of their first week that individual has a meeting with the boss and the boss gives the bad news they decided to eliminate the position that they were brought on for. As they

looked confused and emotions raging one major thought that comes to mind is your family and the failure of their success will prevent them from providing for their family. Most often this though process leads to depression if they are not high red on elsewhere. Perception is important because you have to realize that you will find another job. Depending on the population being served the perception of criminal justice practitioners will vary. If an incident occurred and the population felt threaten not safe or there was cover ups being made to protect certain criminal justice practitioners yes the

perception the population will have towards them is untrustworthy, sneaky, failure to protect and serve and many more things the population will come up with to slander the practitioner. With so much corruption the population starts to have false or misleading perceptions of the criminal justice system. Politics play a huge role in the criminal justice professionals daily being. The laws that politicians set in place; law enforcement personnel needs to be aware of and implement it as it becomes valid. You often hear people say its all “politics”. What does that mean?

Who do you know is how you will be judged? In the town I live in there are several political people that do choose who you know and what you are for before showing an interest in what you have to offer. If you choose opposite to their beliefs and values you will be left out or put in a situation with no other option. Political efficacy can be defined as either internal or external. Internal involves the beliefs about the impact an individual can make on the political process. External refers to the political institutions’ actions, and responsiveness to the actions of citizens in the political process.

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