Concerns Of Alcohol And Drugs Among Teens Essay Example

Alcohol and Drugs among young people is a serious problem arising. Unfortunately, teenagers often don’t see the connection between their actions today and the after-effects tomorrow. Teens abuse drugs and alcohol for many reasons. Some teens abuse drugs to enhance their mood, to obtain social points, to moderate negative feelings, or to avoid public rejection.

This is without a doubt a growing issue. Another fact is that misuse of drugs and alcohol can lead to skipping school, bad grades, conflict in relationships with friends, family, and can cause poor concentration. Some teens also get in trouble with the law and end up in court, or juvenile detention. The society and media seems to glamourize the idea of drinking a nice “cold beer” or thought of having a stress free “smoke” sometime.

When commercials do this it often sends the wrong message. Schools, neighborhoods, and community organizations who work with the most at risk children should offer programs that make teens more aware of the dangers. Teens have no idea how bad it can truly affect them. Alcohol and Drugs is a getaway for teens, ruins a person’s health, and creates an age inappropriate environment.

Alcohol and Drugs is an escape for teens in many ways. Teens will sometimes copy what their friends do to feel accepted, and some are curious about the effects of drugs on their mood and behavior. For some it helps them to feel like they “fit in” or are part of the “popular group”. Some teens try it just for the simple fact of its affects such as; feelings good, being different, or acting brave. Alcohol and Drugs is where the parties are at and where kids get together to get away from their life problems.

Teens don’t often have a place to just go to and forget about their parents’ divorce or them failing in school, however; they hear about a friend throwing a party where drugs and alcohol is going to be at so they think maybe that’s where they can go and feel better at. Then after it’s all said and done teens will get addicted and become young alcoholics and drug addicts. Not always do teens become addicted but they will most likely keep going back for more and let it become a regular thing to do on the weekend.

Dave Grohl – American Singer

Music has a unique power to deeply connect with people emotionally. It can serve as therapy during times of sadness and hopelessness, while also being an anthem for triumph and success. Dave Grohl is an artist who can captivate listeners through his instrumentals, lyrics, and positive atmosphere. Throughout his extensive career in the music industry spanning over two decades, Grohl has had a lasting impact on the alternative music scene. He effortlessly transcends genres by collaborating with legendary figures such as David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Garbage, and even artists like P. Diddy. Thus, Grohl’s music deserves careful consideration and appreciation.

Guitar and Drums are arguably the two most important instruments in the making a great rock music, and Dave Grohl is one the greatest drummers on rock history and is also a very accomplished guitarist as well.

Grohl is best known for his drum work as the drummer for Nirvana. Nirvana was the most popular alternative band to come out of Seattle in the early 90’s. To this day, Nirvana’s first studio album, Nevermind, is regarded as one of the best and most important albums in rock history. To date, Nevermind sold more than 30 million copies.

As a guitarist, Grohl founded the Foo Fighters in 1995 and quickly propelled the band to stardom with their first self-titled studio album. The band then went on to produce several more albums that include 22 songs that have been on top 40 charts for a total of just over 700 weeks with Grohl at the helm.

Grohl’s masterful drum work is most prevalent as the drummer for Queens of the Stone Age’s 2002 album Songs for the Deaf, which includes drum solos that would rival those by some of history’s greatest drummers.

Aside from the instrumentals, one compelling reason to delve into Dave Grohl’s music is his transformation into an exceptional lyricist in recent years. In his early album, he delivered light-hearted and idiosyncratic lyrics like in “Big Me”: “Big me to talk about, I could stand to prove. If we can get around it, I know that it’s true.” However, as time went on, his lyrics began to carry more profound meanings. One of my personal favorites is in “Everlong” from The Colour and the Shape album. Some might consider it a rock love song with lines such as “breath out so I could breath you in” and “And I wonder, when I sing along with you, if everything could be this real forever?” Other notable examples are found in songs that share the same title, such as “Times Like These,” where he declares “It’s times like these we learn to love again,” and “Best of You,” where he questions “Is someone getting the best, the best, the best of you?”

Dave Grohl is highly regarded for his musical talent, meaningful lyrics, admirable character, and positive influence. His songs often exude cheerfulness, liveliness, or deliver messages of positivity to the audience. Apart from his musical accomplishments, Grohl serves as a role model due to his strong work ethic and refusal to engage in the typical rock and roll lifestyle by abstaining from hard drugs throughout his career. This choice can be partly attributed to the tragic loss of Kurt Cobain – Grohl’s close friend and bandmate from Nirvana. Personally witnessing the destructive impact of drugs on Cobain’s life had a deep impact on Grohl.

Dave Grohl’s musical journey started in high school and has lasted for more than twenty years. In the Foo Fighters, he has created many popular songs that have topped the charts. Rolling Stone has also acknowledged him as an outstanding drummer. Whether it’s his talent for writing lyrics or his amazing drumming abilities, Grohl always manages to amaze people. He is a truly inspiring person who represents both achievement and longevity. Therefore, I am confident that even after he eventually leaves the music industry, his music will continue to be adored and talked about.

The Role Of A Teacher

2. Understanding the relationships between teachers and other professionals in lifelong learning. I have roles and responsibilities to the learners and myself. Supporting the learners directly and indirectly and delivering effective teaching is my role throughout the learning process. This means I will have to plan, organise and manage varying learning experiences and give guidance and feed back. Whilst collaborating with other agencies individuals and organisations I will have to create an inclusive and motivating learning environment.

Its my responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of the learners in the learning setting. Like all other professionals in education I will come across boundaries, these will have an effect on my teaching and delivery of the lesson: – Signposting- if I have learners who have disabilities or learning difficulties that I am not able or not qualified to teach, then this will be a recognisable boundary. Once I have identified that the learner as additional needs it will be my responsibility to signpost them to where they are able to get the assistance they require. If I fail to recognise a learners needs and do not signpost them it would be bad practice and I would be failing in my role as a teacher, therefore I have to be aware of all internal and external support available to myself and my learners and work collaboratively with them so the learners have the best possible learning experience.

– Professional boundaries- these can include lack of resources for example broken or faulty equipment, deadlines and time restraints, pressure and demands from managers, unmotivated students and the classroom setting (e.g. layout). If these boundaries arise it could have a detrimental effect on my teaching, therefore I would deal with these by referring to the IFL codes of practice and asking colleagues for advice and support. – Personal boundaries- as a teacher I should act appropriately at all times, It is essential that I do not give out personal information and get personally involved with my learners for example by adding them on social network sites. Also It is important to avoid giving one learner preferential treatment over the others. Again I would deal with these by asking colleagues for support and referring to the IFL. 1.2 Describe points of referral to meet the needs of learners There are numerous boundaries that could occur where it may necessary in my role as a teacher to refer to other professional individuals, agencies or organisations. However I must recognise the learners needs before I signpost and refer them. To do this I will conduct an initial assessment. The more in depth this is the more prepared I will be to fulfil the learners needs. Some referral examples are:

– Government agencies such as Information Advice and Guidance centres (IAG) and and Health and Welfare departments can provide help and assist the learner with their individual needs for example by arranging transport for a learner who uses a wheelchair to the classroom. Also the IAG can help give financial advice to learners if they require it. – The local Council would be able to help in supplying a translator if one is required by a learner on a course whose first language isn’t English. They can also help provide a signer for a learner with hearing difficulties. It would be good practice if I was to research and make myself aware of the Managers associated with these organisations and keep a list of them to advice my learners if they require it. The local council could also help in providing a list of childcare facilities if a learner should require them.

– Specialist teachers and organisations can help leaners who have physical and learning disabilities for example visual problems and Dyslexia or Dyspraxia and provide the help and support required to allow them access to the education they desire and have a fulfilled learning experience. 1.3 Summaries own responsibilities in relation to other professionals Successful collaboration with other professionals will provide the learners with the best possible learning experience. So in all aspects of my work I must be organised and punctual. I will achieve this with by maintaining up to-date records and information on my learners.

I also have a responsibility to be a role model and show the appropriate behaviour and manage the student’s behaviour. The reporting of any issues of concern and behavioural issues to other professionals is my duty as a teacher and ensuring all other professionals are aware of all other relevant information, so they can provide the correct support to the learner. I will strive to always show other professionals respect and understand that they fully support my learners, so I understand the need for me to become familiar with specialist teachers, government bodies and managers that can offer the best support for my learners to meet their needs.

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