Corporate Responsibility In The Globalized World Essay Sample For College


Globalization is defined as the increasing movement of products, services, and capital across national borders. Owing to the rapid technological development and a significant decline in communicational costs, larger corporations have found it efficient to move working assets abroad. With the rise of globalization, companies around the world have started to pay maximum attention to the increase in production volumes. However, as the example of Foxconn in China shows, little focus is sometimes made on the responsibility of the management staff and the proper arrangements of working conditions (Chandler and Werther Jr. 38). Current research investigates corporate responsibility from the perspective of changes it faces at present. As a matter of fact, the responsibilities of businesses in a market society have been discussed by scholars and economists for decades now. Today, with the occurrence of a new concept, i.e., globalization, the issue has turned into a topic of sharp debate.

Factors Influencing Corporate Responsibility

It is obvious that business organizations have to obey the law; this norm has been accepted as a minimum social responsibility of every company on the market. However, as long as there are gaps in the system of law, a whole variety of violations can be tracked throughout business practices (Sethi 19). One of the outcomes of globalization is that a lot of corporations try to merge with companies from other countries in order to avoid taxation. As an attempt to gain more free space and invest less, the organizations establish plants on foreign territories and hire less expensive labor force (Haque and Azmat 171). Once this goal is achieved, reconsideration of moral, social, and ethical principles starts to occur. This phase often serves as a starting point of a new business course; the level of corporate responsibility may either rise or fall significantly at this very stage. In its turn, it may lead to either improvement or decline in working conditions depending on a chosen strategy.

Examples of Proper and Improper Business Conduct

PepsiCo appears to be a bright example of how one uses working assets and corporate resources to build an effective business environment. PepsiCo’s Global Compliance and Ethics Department, which is responsible for the promotion of the company’s code, monitors for its major principles to be fully observed. The organization adheres to the concepts of respect and devotion in the workplace. Moreover, it ensures ethics in business relationships and encourages open discussion of possible concerns. The overall company’s cost currently exceeds $140 billion (Sethi 183).

Supposedly, guided by the principle that “social responsibility of business is to increase its profits,” the known corporation Foxconn showed the bottom side of the notion of corporate responsibility back in 2012 (Lim 35). One of the largest investigations of a US company’s operation abroad uncovered peculiar details about its activity. As occurred, Foxconn’s employees had to work more than 60 hours a week, and sometimes they were not even provided a day off. The company, however, was not intending to pay workers overtime. The situation changed when Apple requested a thorough investigation of the corporation’s activity. In the end, Foxconn was forced to raise salaries by 25%.


In closing, one needs to admit that with the streaming growth of globalization such notion as corporate responsibility has acquired a new meaning carrying much higher value in terms of business conduct. The impact of globalization on companies’ social responsibility tends to have a double nature. As the examples demonstrate, respectful attitude towards employees and establishing proper working conditions leads to a significant rise in revenues on a global scale. In the meantime, neglecting the norms of labor-management results in a serious decline in production, a whole variety of sanctions, and might even cause the termination of operations.

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Evidence Based Practice In Clinical Setting

Policies and Procedures for Maintaining Nursing Turnover Rate Low

In the setting of a nursing facility, keeping the turnover levels low is crucial to the overall efficacy of the services provided to the target population (Jang, Choi, Park, & Lee, 2015). Furthermore, low turnover rates help reduce a range of costs for nurse training significantly (Tourigny, Baba, & Lituchy, 2016). Therefore, an array of policies and procedures for keeping the nurse turnover levels low has been designed.

Among the most efficient policies for keeping nurse retention levels high, the tools for increasing the staff’s motivation and engagement levels need to be mentioned. For instance, the opportunities for career development, which the target staff members can be offered, deserve to be brought up as an essential driver behind the employees’ willingness to stay and grow professionally (Jang et al., 2015).

In addition, the policies aimed at shaping the current hiring strategy are likely to have a positive effect on the retention rates in a nursing facility. As a result of deploying the said HRM strategies, one is likely to detect the problematic candidates at the earliest stages and, thus, hire only the people that will be loyal to the organization (Tourigny et al., 2016).

Barriers to Compliance with Policies: What May Slow Down the Progress

It should be noted that several problems may occur in the process. For instance, the change of the hiring policies will require an elaborate analysis of the existing approaches. Furthermore, there is a possibility that some of the candidates may be misunderstood during the hiring process and, therefore, will be dismissed.

I addition, the promotion of change in the context of an organization is likely to face significant resistance from the staff. Therefore, advanced tools for building motivation and loyalty among the employees will have to be used. Furthermore, financial incentives may be required, which will mean that the organization will have to reconsider its financial policies.

Improving Patients Care: Areas That the EBP and Protocols Affect

When considering the domains of nursing that are likely to benefit from the introduction of the principles allowing for a drop in nurse turnover rates, one must admit that the identified change is likely to improve the quality of communication between a nurse and a patient significantly.

Furthermore, the overall quality of care is likely to rise consistently. The reason for the identified phenomenon is that the experience acquired by the nurses that work for a significant amount of time in a specific healthcare setting is likely to provide a profound foundation for improving the quality of care. For instance, the needs of the target population will be understood and recognized in a much faster manner due to the awareness of the specifics thereof, the tools for gathering the relevant information and disseminating it among the residents of the community will be located faster for the same reasons, etc. (Jang et al., 2015).

Interdisciplinary Team Members and Their Assistance

When carrying out the change, one should consider using the assistance of experts in the HRM area, as well as the people that specialize in leadership. As a result, the relevant information about how the current HR strategies can be shaped, and how the leadership approach can be improved, will be provided. Consequently, the transition will occur more smoothly.

BSN Nurse: The Role

As a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, one should consider the factors that affect nurses’ motivation levels so that retention levels could be increased. In other words, a BSN expert will shed more light on what can be used to engage the nursing staff and enhance their loyalty to the organization. Thus, the foundation for delivering efficient services can be provided.


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Walmart’s Corporate Citizenship: Economic, Political, And Civil Spheres

Modern age can be characterized by a great number of different complicated issues which make the life of common people much more difficult. The worlds financial crisis, unemployment, and high level of poverty lead to an increase in the level of stress, which, in turn, leads to the worsening of the quality of the life of people. Under these conditions, it is absolutely vital for people to feel support from the government or some other organizations. That is why companies that demonstrate corporate citizenship in different spheres of social life are much appreciated in our time. Walmart company is the organization of this kind. The main aspects of its functioning should be analyzed for a better understanding of the ways in which corporate citizenship is demonstrated.

First of all, the economic aspect of the functioning of this company should be touched. The high popularity of this organization is obviously connected with its low prices. It should be said that the companys financial policy is one of the main factors which influence the increase in the level of satisfaction with the work of this company among common people. Walmart company was called one of the most socially responsible companies in the USA (Woolsey, M.2006), which means that people trust it and notice its social activity.

The availability of goods, which this company sells, promotes the increase in the living standards of common people. Representatives of different layers of society can afford them, and that is why it is possible to admit the companys great contribution to the social and economic sphere. Moreover, a great number of working places are created by this company, which is why a great number of people obtain the possibility to work and earn money (Walmart, 2015).

It is possible to say that this activity can also be related to the sphere of policy. The thing is that the government of any country always collaborates with great companies and organizations as they very often help to achieve some purposes or fulfill some needs. That is why Walmart company could be described as the organization which is rather politically active and helps the government to accomplish some tasks. Its political activity is connected with the social sphere as the work of the company is oriented on people and their needs. The thing is that a great number of working places are created not only in the USA. However, there is also a great number of other countries where its departments are situated, and possibilities for people to work are created (Babbitt, 2015).

Resting on these facts, it is possible to say that Walmart Company contributes a lot to the development of different spheres of society, and the civil sphere is not an exception. A great number of people in the USA consider this organization to be an integral part of their life and appreciate its role in the functioning of society. Due to its efforts, people are able to get comparatively cheap and high-quality goods.

In conclusion, it should be said that nowadays, Walmart company is an integral part of the life of people in the USA. Being a rather popular and beneficial company, it also devotes much attention to the issue of corporate citizenship. The financial policy of the company helps people to survive and obtain good products, while new departments, which are opened in different regions, create new working places for people. With this in mind, it is possible to say that Walmart organization demonstrates corporate citizenship in the economic, political, and civil spheres.


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