Country Risk On McDonald Company Writing Sample

Executive summary

The risks chosen for this essay are country risks that impact the country’s operations and profitability. McDonald’s was chosen since it is one of the world’s largest food chains. The country crisis mentioned in this paper is the Ukraine-Russia dispute, which will have a huge economic impact on various American corporations, including McDonald’s. The following competing values in leadership have been discussed: collaborate, create, compete, and control. The relationship between the lack of McDonald’s operations resulting from the Ukraine war and competing leadership values is highly interesting. The firm leverages cross-functional teamwork to preserve McDonald’s growth, particularly during the Russia-Ukraine crisis. McDonald’s is managed by the company, and as a business, it must always endeavor to do things correctly to compete and stay afloat. As a result, the company decided to end its activities in Russia. For McDonald’s to thrive in the middle of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the executives must make better leadership decisions to allow the company to continue thriving even if it cannot operate in Russia.


The risks that have been chosen for this essay are country risks that affect country operations and profitability. The company selected is McDonald’s as it is one of the biggest food chains in the world. The country crisis discussed in this paper s the Ukraine-Russia crisis since it will have a significant economic impact on several American companies, including Mcdonald’s. The incises have already caused problems in the oil and ga sectors, and many people worldwide have already been heavily affected. Putin, the Russian president, has recently commanded his solders to attack Ukraine (Jackson, 2022). Biden, the United States president, has condemned these actions and would result in the US imposing certain sanctions against Russia as a country to try and make Putin stop the war in Russia. Some of the world’s big companies have already cut ties with Russia to do business. Mcdonald’s, the biggest food chain globally, has already stopped dealing in Russia temporarily to allow the Russian president to reconsider stopping the unwanted war that is already hurting innocent civilians in Ukraine (Hernandez, 2022). This action has affected the profitability of Mcdonald’s company economically due to the political issues that are causing all the problems. Therefore, the Ukraine-Russia crisis s, therefore, a relevant critical risk that has recently affected the food industry, which in terms affects the relevant competing values of leadership issues of the Mcdonalds company as a “wicked” problem in the organization.

The figure below depicts how the country risk posed by Russia-Ukraine demonstrates competing Mcdonald’s leadership principles as a “wicked” dilemma in terms of organizational performance.

Macdonald the relevant competing values of leadership issues.

Collaborate – To maintain Mcdonald’s growth, especially during the Russia-Ukraine crisis, the company adopts cross-functional collaboration. This helps the company reach its objectives and performance targets. The company is now unable to collaborate with Russia as many other businesses and countries are now avoiding the country. Yet, they are already invested there, which could mean huge losses for the company.

Create – Mcdonald’s company is also associated with doing things first ahead of competitors. It empowers the restaurant crew while running very attractive restaurants. The country risks that arose as a result of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine have caused immense problems as customers in Russia do not get these amazing services as a result of the sanctions by the US government, leading to significant financial losses for the company (Jackson, 2022).

Control – Mcdonald’s as a company has to always try and do things right in a manner that will allow the company to remain afloat and deal with competition. As a result, the company decided to halt its operations in Russia. Mcdonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski reported that the company decided to halt its operation in Russia as the Russian president was causing unspeakable suffering to innocent people in Ukraine. These political issues have caused losses for both the company and the US (Hernandez, 2022).

Compete – Mcdonald’s company is a leader globally when it comes to the fast-food industry. The company prides itself on its competitive advantage regarding hygiene, convenience, affordability, quality, and innovation. Leveraging her key strengths in the market makes the company remain competivetitive. The recent war between Russia and Ukraine has only allowed for oil and gas and other prices to go up; hence some of the items have been an issue in terms of affordability.

An interplay of the country risk and the relevant competing values of leadership issues in Mcdonald’s company

The interplay of the lack of Mcdonald’s operations resulting from the Ukraine war about the competing values of leadership is quite interesting. McDonald’s collaborates to sustain its growth, particularly during the Russia-Ukraine crisis; the corporation employs cross-functional teamwork. This assists the organization in meeting its objectives and performance targets. The corporation is now unable to do such cooperation with Russia because the country is now being avoided by many other enterprises and countries, even though they have previously invested there, which could result in significant losses for the company. Create – McDonald’s is also connected with being the first to do things ahead of competitors. It empowers restaurant staff while operating incredibly appealing restaurants. The country dangers that occurred due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine have generated enormous problems, as clients in Russia do not have access to these excellent services due to US sanctions.

McDonald’s is under the supervision of the company, and as a firm, it must always strive to do things correctly to stay afloat and compete. As a result, the company chose to discontinue its operations in Russia. McDonald’s CEO, Chris Kempczinski, announced that the company has decided to cease operations in Russia since the Russian president is bringing indescribable pain to innocent people in Ukraine (Hernandez, 2022). The company does well in competition. McDonald’s is a world leader when it comes to the fast-food market. The company takes pride in its competitive advantage in hygiene, convenience, price, quality, and innovation. The company can capitalize on the major market strengths that allow it to remain competitive.

Potential leadership implications are necessary to move towards a resolution of the consequences of Russia- the Ukraine war in terms of Mcdonald’s performance.

For McDonald’s to continue thriving well amidst the Russia-Ukraine war, it is important that the leaders can come up with better leadership decisions that will allow the company to continue thriving even if they can not operate in Russia. Some of the recommended actions include;

  • Give a clear direction to the workers on how to deal with such a crisis and remain competitive. The leaders can give short or long-term regular updates on what is going on in the industry and what is necessary to decide which is the best move for the company to ensure that there are no serious losses.
  • Focusing on the people or the corkers themselves amid a war crisis. The restriction on doing business in Russia would hinder the Mcdonald’s company from making the same profit that it is used to make. Therefore, the company needs to consider the human factor as employees may be uncertain about their future, which may lead to some of them not being as productive as they should be. Therefore leaders must offer engagement, support, and encouragement proactively(Goz, 2021).
  • Government and business leaders must find a way to discover that humanity s important for those suffering due to the consequences of the war, i.e., the increase in oil and gas prices has also rendered every other item more expensive. There must be connections among team members that allow them to work together to maintain the company and the economy afloat and try to achieve that set goals (Masters, 2020).
  • Leaders should aim to be transparent in the midst of the Russia-Ukraine crisis providing enough information about what they know or do not know. This would keep Mcdonald’s and its employees as calm as the inhabitants of the world. Hence, the people will develop trust in the organization, motivating them to keep working hard. Therefore the company avoids the country risk of being away from Russia, where they’ve already set u businesses. By being transparent, the leaders will also inspire hope in the people and their psychological resilience (Jackson, 2022).


The country risk caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict is critical to the success of the McDonald’s corporation. There are numerous approaches presented here that demonstrate the competitive ideals in leadership that are present and required in the firm. The relationship between the lack of McDonald’s operations resulting from the Ukraine war and competing leadership values is highly interesting. The firm leverages cross-functional teamwork to preserve McDonald’s growth, particularly during the Russia-Ukraine crisis. McDonald’s is managed by the company, and as a business, it must always endeavor to do things correctly to compete and stay afloat. For McDonald’s to prosper amid the Russia-Ukraine crisis, CEOs must make better leadership decisions that will allow the company to thrive even if it cannot operate in Russia. The Russia-Ukraine crisis has impacted the company and the rest of the world since many prices have risen and several McDonald’s services have become more expensive.


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Essay On Courage Essay Example

Being courageous in life-threatening settings is frequently what comes to mind when people think about courage. As a result of more investigation, I have concluded that virtue is the ability to choose between the cowardly and the reckless. You can’t be courageous just by opting to disregard your safety. In other words, it includes being able to do the correct and honorable thing, even when it’s complicated. The ability to face one’s anxieties and achieve one’s goals requires a certain amount of courage. We all have a little bit of fear in us. A fearless hero or courageous character does not exist. To be bold, you don’t need to be brave; all you need to do is overlook or overcome your anxieties and maintain one’s beliefs regardless of the repercussions.

Nelson Mandela is an excellent example of a courageous person. His early years were spent under house arrest and in solitary confinement. After becoming president of his country, he became an emblem of South Africa’s journey to a multicultural democracy. He is a shining example of a man who possesses tremendous moral courage. Additionally, he performed activities deserving of admiration outside of the political arena. The demise of his eldest child from AIDS caused him to become concerned about the disease’s spread. As a result, he once again displayed bravery by speaking out about this tragedy when AIDS was nearly taboo. Mandela departed as a wonderful man, considered by many to be on par with his hero Gandhi in changing the country via moral example rather than through the use of force.

When a person interacts with courage, they are exposed to a wide range of dangers (Kapur,10). Friends and family members can be harshly critical if you’re doing goes against their views or behaviors. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life is an excellent example of this. His contemporaries included members of the African-American community and white clergy from the upper classes. “I am confined here in the Birmingham City Jail,” Martin Luther King Jr. said in his letter to the church. By addressing a letter to his colleagues, King exposed himself to the possibility of harsh criticism. While he was in prison, he decided to take a greater risk by writing the letters from his cell, knowing that the clerics undoubtedly had their own beliefs about him.

Most individuals believe that confidence gets them going on new endeavors and is what keeps them going once they get begin. It takes guts to start something new. There is a great deal of uncertainty when you start something new (Kapur,7). Not knowing what will happen, not knowing how other people will react, and not knowing whether you can get the assistance you need are examples of uncertainty. It’s a given that there will always be some degree of ambiguity. On the other hand, our minds are more likely to react fearfully. Fear of negative evaluation, failure, scorn, looking silly, and being alone are exacerbated by these uncertainties. In my opinion, courage trumps confidence in the face of adversity. Having a positive outlook and relying on your previous successes can be helpful (Kamath,5). A record of accomplishments, such as finishing projects or chores and learning new abilities, can be beneficial. A new task, endeavor, or skill is impossible to feel confident about. Your self-confidence grows, and your need for courage diminishes as you gain knowledge, experience, and achievement. In the beginning, you can only rely on your courage. Your courage is all you have. Confidence isn’t as vital as courage.

Courage is a vital virtue for an individual to hold, and it has benefits that are important in all aspects of life. Individuals face various difficulties and hurdles in their daily lives, which make them feel susceptible and nervous (Kapur,2). To tackle their feelings of insecurity and fear and effectively carry out their jobs, individuals must first comprehend the meaning and relevance of the word “courage.” As a result, this quality will aid in achieving one’s aspirations and boosting one’s personality characteristics. Personal and professional courage must be used at all times by individuals. It is necessary for students to be brave to overcome various obstacles while they pursue their educational goals (Kamath, 3). While in the workplace, courage is needed to deal with multiple issues and challenges. Individuals must be courageous even when performing unpleasant activities in their own houses. Consequently, individuals must understand the value of bravery in their personal and professional life. With courage, people can gain self-confidence, but they can do their work in a well-organized, efficient, and satisfying manner. Because of this, individuals must recognize the value of courage in their own life.

As a result of more investigation, I have concluded that virtue is the ability to choose between the cowardly and the reckless. The ability to face one’s anxieties and achieve one’s goals requires a certain amount of courage. To be courageous, you do not need to be fearless; all you need to do is overlook or overcome your anxieties and maintain one’s beliefs regardless of the repercussions. Courage is a vital virtue for an individual to hold, and it has benefits that are important in all aspects of life. While in the workplace, courage is needed to deal with various issues and challenges. Consequently, individuals must understand the value of bravery in their personal and professional life.

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Covetella’s Business Case Study Free Writing Sample

Entrepreneurship resources of Covetella

One of the resources that made Covetella grow was the availability of financial resources. Carol Chen’s business blossomed due to the finances she pooled from family and personal investment. She indicates that she needed to move the business from her living room into an office. Carol pooled $100,000 from family and private investment. The money lasted for a year, and it was meant to rent space and buy dresses for the enterprise, both significant expenditures in Singapore (Jeremy, 2018). The first office cost was 3,000 dollars per month, and it was 1200 Sq. After using her expenses to hire the office, she did not have much money left to hire workers, which she desperately needed. She hired interns and low-cost workers.

Carol Chen saw that she was required to understand the locations where she could make her business effective and the many methods in which she might position her company in the worldwide marketplace. The prevalence of an entrepreneurial mindset in Singapore enabled her company to grow and improve significantly. In the current situation, it must also be emphasized that Carol was able to build her firm with the support of the mentality among Singaporean housewives to get experience rather than earn a vast wage income (Jeremy, 2018). Carol Chen recognized that she could expand her enterprise into Southeast Asia by utilizing Singapore as a getaway. In the current market situation, it can be asserted that there are different possibilities for growing the company into the international market. However, entrepreneurial resources must be recognized and acted upon to create a significant profit in the early days of its emergence into the market. Singapore’s government put a large sum of money in new and emerging enterprises to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation.

With the assistance of the government, the company was able to assure that it would not have any difficulties in terms of business capital. The company was competent at exploiting the entrepreneurship tools that were accessible, and it was mainly because of this that it was able to become a global brand. In the modern context, it can also be claimed that Singapore is the ideal area for new enterprises to start because there is a ready supply of skilled workers and government backing (Jeremy, 2018). The company’s recruitment was typically implemented with a love for the profession. It was not solely premised on the observation that the business was likely to pay large salaries to its employees. Carol Chen has determined that by putting her vision of being one of the biggest companies in the worldwide situation into action, she will be able to pique the interest of the laborers who the business will recruit from Singapore. The business also realized when it needed to expand its facility to handle more solutions from its target clients.

Covetella’s main value propositions and the importance of these features and benefits to its consumers

  • The availability of formal clothes in Singapore retail outlets
  • Anastacia Vanderfilt maintains showroom prowess.
  • Maintaining individual relationships with vendors
  • Service with a white glove

It was easy for the corporation to guarantee that it could accomplish the company’s expectations with the support of a large formal wear assortment. The company’s retail outlets in Singapore will include a variety of formal dresses, making it easier for the business to reach many clients. The brand has also discovered that buyers are eager to try on their ceremonial gowns before purchasing them due to size concerns. Consumers love retail locations to online stores when purchasing formal clothing. Anastacia Vanderlift kept the company’s new showroom in Singapore up to date (Jeremy, 2018). She had extensive knowledge in the hospitality business, and hiring her was advantageous for the company since it ensured that the exhibition was created in a way that would draw the attention of customers who would be visiting the stores. Clients look forward to visiting stores that appear to be of the highest quality and design, demonstrating that the organization can offer customers high-grade gowns.

Maintaining a personal interaction with customers is a crucial factor that will benefit the business in the long run. It should also be noted that by establishing excellent client relationships, it becomes simpler to comprehend their viewpoints, produce items that meet their demands, and maintain a competitive edge in the market. To guarantee that it can retain a solid relationship with clients, the company gives customized items to them. One of the significant innovations implemented by the company was the white-glove service, which ensured that proper after-sales assistance was delivered to clients while also allowing the company to save money on the exchange process (Jeremy, 2018). The main reason for this adjustment in the system was that customers wanted to rent the many dresses that were offered at the store. Still, they were unhappy with the logistics shipping and laundering of the garments back in the exhibition options. To combat this issue and ensure that clients have the best possible experience, the company devised a strategy that allowed it to acquire dresses and consign them to another person to be displayed in the showroom.

Three profit-related main characteristics

In Southeast Asia, there isn’t a single major company that deals with designer clothing

The company was able to take advantage of the fact that there were core companies in Southeast Asia capable of delivering architect and formal dresses. The fact that the organization allows consumers to try the goods ensured its solid position in the market.

Covetella received a 60/40 revenue split

For some outfits in which the firm was accountable for supplying all services to the dress owners, including delivery and cleaning, the owner was liable for contributing half of the cost to the organization after the incidents and cleaning fees were removed.

The owner of the dress receiving a 70/30 income split

The corporation used this element for some clothes where the proprietors of the dresses assumed full responsibility for all chores, including analytical duties, storage, cleaning, and delivery.

Three cost-related characteristics

Dress alterations in the store are inexpensive

The company recognized that if it accumulates the chance to provide better after-sales service to customers, it will be able to offer an excellent after-sales experience to clients. Therefore, it took advantage of the opportunity to provide consumers with the ability to trade items associated with retail stores more easily (Jeremy, 2018). The company employed this technique to ensure that it gathered many consumers, allowing it to gain a more considerable portion of the market at first.

Taking advantage of low-cost labor and intern

The corporation took advantage of this chance to reduce the number of cists linked with the company (Jeremy, 2018). It might also be claimed that the corporation was hoping to locate an opportunity through which it would be feasible to assemble laborers in Singapore who would be prepared to work with the company at cheaper costs, assuring that the company would make more money.

Lim used herself as a model for the product shoot

The company saved a significant amount of money thanks to this method, which increased overall profitability and sales.

Osterwalder’s Business paradigm Canvas illustrates the critical characteristics captured in Covetella’s business

The Business Strategy Canvas is a strategy formulation gadget that helps companies design, describe, and study their business paradigms. The technique is depicted as a visual diagram with multiple characteristics that define a company’s perceived value, architecture, market, and resources (Jeremy, 2018). The perspective assists the organization in aligning its activities by showing potential trade-offs. The OBMC diagram below depicts the interrelationship of the many aspects of Covetella’s business model.

The company’s value is established through the personalized items offered to customers. The quality of products is also excellent, which has helped the company attract many customers. In the current market situation, it is necessary to say that buyers desire to purchase apparel at the best possible price and of higher quality. In this regard, it must be stated that the company has been able to design products following the need and fill the gap in the Southeast Asian market by implementing the provision of an opportunity to customers through which they can comprehend the customers’ expectations and the market’s need (Jeremy, 2018). The company’s value proposition highlights its primary positive features and how they have assisted the company in satisfying clients’ expectations in Singapore.

Covetella’s business solutions for growth

Covetta’s needs to utilize a customer loyalty strategy. Loyalty programs are an excellent method to boost sales. Getting new clients can cost 2 to 3 times as much as selling to current clients. Other sources place this number anywhere between four and ten times higher. Regardless of how businesses slice it, attracting new clients is costly. Creating a loyalty program assists in retaining clients. It may also assist in attracting new customers. Eventually, it will pay off if there is a visible incentive to invest more revenue. Building a compelling loyalty scheme and making it available to current consumers soar. The business should also develop a tactical partnership. Strategic alliances with the appropriate businesses can make all the difference in the world. It may enable Covetella to reach a large number of customers immediately. It may be easier than it sounds to identify those partnerships. However, the business should watch for businesses that compliment it.


Jeremy, B. (2018)Business Models and Fashion Models: Covetella Plans for Growth. indonesia.pdf

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