Crested Gecko Or Correlophus Ciliatus Description Free Sample


Correlophus ciliatus is commonly known as the Crested Gecko, New Caledonian Gecko, or Eyelash Gecko. They are little native Australian arboreal reptiles found in the Isle of Pines, Grand Terre, and New Caledonia Islands (Carpenter Nature Centre, 2020). The crested geckos got their name ”eyelash geckos” due to their distinctive spikes or crests running on their backs which resemble eyelashes. Its other scientific name is Rhacodactylus ciliatus (Brusso, 2020). These gecko species are rare to see in their natural habitats. However, they can be found in zoos and pet trade institutions. The crested gecko was once thought to be extinct (Brusso, 2020). However, their numbers gradually increased due to human care and breeding facilities in zoological institutions. I chose the study of the crested geckos as they were almost extinct, and I would want to bring awareness to this rare lizard and encourage conservation efforts to protect these endangered species. Crested geckos are not harmful to humans and can be kept as pets.

Physical Description

Crested geckos have a large triangular head, with two large eyes and two ear openings on either side of the head. Wild crested geckos have three distinct color morphs; no patterns, white fringes, and a tiger-like appearance. They have shiny reddish-brown scales covering the body with dark stripes at the back.

The average weight of an adult crested gecko is between 30 to 35g, and its mean size from snout to the tail tip is 8 inches or 20.3 centimeters (Carpenter Nature Centre, 2020). However, its coloring varies in different habitats ranging from a bright orange fading to a pale green color. Crested geckos appear dark when they are about to shed their skin. The animals have four limbs, with each limb having four fingers containing cilia which enables the C. ciliatus to maneuver smoothly on soft leave surfaces. The hair-like features on the fingers form an adhesive-like bond on surfaces. The geckos also have a prehensile tail that supports them when hanging on branches. Also, the tail provides balance as they jump. Crested geckos do not have eyelids, but each eye contains a clear protective membrane that covers their eyes. The difference between male and female crested geckos begins to show at 3-4 months old (Brusso, 2020). For the male, they develop an outer hemipenal bulge at the tail base near the vent. However, female crested geckos do not bulge but remain flat at their tail bases.

Life Cycle & Reproduction

The life cycle of crested gecko has the following stages egg, hatchling, juvenile, and adult. Crested geckos exhibit indeterminate growth. Studies show that temperature plays a significant role in determining the rate of development, the size of the offspring, and sex. The sex of crested geckos is dependent on external environmental factors and not genetics. Warm temperatures during the breeding season result in high numbers of males, while cold temperatures result in higher numbers of female geckos.


There has been limited research on crested geckos’ mating behavior in their natural habitat. However, controlled studies show that captive males fight violently in the same environment during the mating season. Consequently, researchers place multiple females in a controlled environment with a single male. During the mating period, a male gecko exhibits jerky movements as it moves closer to the females; an interested female remains still while the male climbs on her for copulation. The mating system for crested geckos is polygynous. Therefore, the male can mate with several females in the same environment.

The male species takes between 9 and 12 months to reach sexual maturity, while the females mature at 12 months (Schaefer et al., 2020). A female crested gecko begins to lay eggs 30 -40 days after copulation and lays around two eggs within 4 -6 weeks (Schaefer et al., 2020). Temperature affects the egg production process, with cooler months slowing the breeding process. Crested gecko females lay highly permeable eggs which absorb moisture during the incubation period for embryonic development. The reproduction of crested geckos is iteroparous; thus, many offspring are produced across multiple seasons. The eyelash gecko breeds throughout the year except when cooler temperatures halt the process. Crested geckos are oviparous; thus, their offspring develop outside the mother’s body.

The Sensory System

Crested geckos are nocturnal; therefore, they have adaptive features to maneuver dark environments. They have large eyes on either side of the head. They have vertical split pupils to regulate the light. Crested geckos do not have eyelids like other reptiles; thus, their eyes are always open. They have a clear membrane instead that protects the eye. The geckos use their tongues to clean the membrane off any dirt and moisturize it.

Ears: The crested gecko has large ear openings on either side of the head and is sensitive to slight movements and sounds. The ears also have a clear protective membrane.

Nose: Crested geckos have two tiny holes at their snouts to sense and smell in search of food.

Skin: Crested geckos have fine smooth scales that change color depending on physical environmental factors such as light, temperature, and humidity.

Energy: Crested geckos are animals that feed on fruits, nectar, and small insects. Young crested geckos require vitamin D3 and calcium for development and proper growth (Melanie et al., 2018). Calcium deficiencies in the animal could result in fatal metabolic bone diseases. Females easily suffer from calcium deficiency when laying eggs; therefore, they have endolymphatic sacs in their mouths to preserve calcium. Pet crested geckos can receive calcium supplements. Crested geckos do not eat for 3 – 5 days after hatching but feed on stored yoke (Brusso, 2020). After five days, the hatchling searches for food, feeding on insects, nectar, and fruits.

Habitat: The crested gecko’s natural habitat is in the southern rainforest of Grand Terre and the New Caledonian Island, with a precipitation level of 400cm per year. They thrive well in temperatures ranging from 22.2º-23.9ºC. The eyelash geckos remain on the ground under leaves to shield them from the sun’s heat in the daytime. However, they rise to less than 300 meters from the ground and remain on the forest canopies, searching for food at night. The crested gecko has many predators, such the dogs, rats, cats, snakes, other geckos, and little fire ants. However, the main threat to the crested gecko is the little fire ants introduced to the New Caledonian Island, which attack and bite in swarms.

The eyelash gecko protects itself through caudal autotomy, where it drops its tail when in danger to distract the predators. The tail moves for five minutes as the crested gecko escapes to safety. The animal has a fragmented tail segment that allows it to drop at certain sections when fleeing danger. However, it cannot grow its tail back after falling and remains a frog tail. The gecko has a vasoconstrictor mechanism that prevents the tail bleeding when shed. The crested gecko can also be domesticated as a pet. The greatest threat to crested geckos is habitat destruction through global warming. Human activities such as large-scale logging and mining destroy forests, posing a threat to the animals. Furthermore, the domestication of exotic animals has led to the international trading of crested geckos. Removal of these animals from their natural habitat can lead to extinction.


Correlophus ciliatus has its natural habitat on the New Caledonian island. It is a small arboreal lizard with a large triangular-shaped head with eyes on either side and small openings for ears. It has four limbs and a prehensile tail. The life cycle of a crested gecko includes the following stages egg, hatchling, juvenile then adult. Due to their docile behaviors, the crested geckos are good candidates for pets. There is limited research on the crested gecko behavior in its natural habitat. The crested gecko plays a critical role in the ecosystem as they are pollinators of fruiting plants. They also host amoebas and parasitic protozoans. The crested gecko’s prehensile tail contains extraordinary adhesive abilities capable of holding up to five times its weight (Griffing, et al., 2021).


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Marketing Aspects Of An Organization

Our company can develop in the market as gently and cautiously as possible, taking into consideration its own peculiarities because it is its own brand. It is planned to make $2.19 million in the first year with six workshops and the same number of field sales agents promoting this product in their service retailers. According to the SMART targets, by the conclusion of the first year, this product will be offered in 50% of Amazon’s stores of this sort and 30% of small retailers in New York County. This test market will allow us to observe the store’s shopping habits, time, and quantity requirements. Sales estimates may be more accurate in the second year. Furthermore, the product will be distributed more broadly after the first year.

Our brand has a specific development strategy that moves it forward. This report will analyze the marketing aspects of the company, its plans, and its preparation. Prices and organization of work will also be discussed. Based on the preceding, it can be understood that the company’s position will have some success based on a comprehensive and high-quality selection of the audience and region. Also critical is the approach to the choice of advertising methods and the choice of retailers.

Action Plan for 2022
Action Plan for 2022

Sales staff may save time by selling at Target and Best Buy retailers. Reps do not have to travel to every store to sell our products because big merchants like these frequently have local clientele. The product can be readily included in average shipments because our organization currently delivers to all of the stated destinations. Reps will spend the most time visiting sites to ensure that product shelves are well-presented and displays are set up.

According to WebpageFX, the national average cost of a magazine ad is $250,000, while the national average price of a newspaper ad is $113,000 per ad (The New York Times). Because no publicly available data on ad expenditure in the Walmart or Target catalogs is available, each regional ad in New York City is estimated to cost $40,000 (The New York Times). The entire print ad budget will be $190,000 because the advertisements will appear on both Black Friday and Christmas at each of our key stores like Target, Walmart and Best Buy.

Targeting customers using Facebook, Amazon, and Google advertisements is a practical approach to introducing a product to them. This marketing strategy is a simple and efficient technique to reach out to thousands of potential customers. These three sources will be used regularly by our organization to showcase the product and brand. Companies may set their own unique audience, budget, and end time on Facebook and Amazon advertising, which can be changed at any moment (“Amazon Advertising | Increase Your Ecommerce Channel Visibility and Sales”). The first step in designing these sorts of advertisements is to determine who will see them. They can pick “Male,” “Female,” or “Both,” as well as ages ranging from 13 to 65 years old. The business may suggest the location anywhere in the world after assessing the gender and age.

The company wants its advertisements to be noticed. The firm may design its own personal budget and set a time frame for it after the target audience has been determined. The number of clicks determines the daily budget. Every time someone clicks on an advertisement, a part of the budget will be taken. This means the corporation only wants to spend $50 on their ad in 2022 and have it air within three days. The corporation will pay $16 every day until the advertisement finishes. Pictures of the brand’s Facebook and Amazon adverts for a new product are already available. The Meta advertising system allows you to display ads across the Facebook family of apps and services using automated placements. This will give our systems more opportunities to serve ads and therefore help improve results. Moreover, thanks to reporting tools, the company will always be able to see if advertising is delivering the results we want. By tracking advertising performance trends, it will be easy to understand what needs to be changed in the strategy. For example, it helps to optimize the image budget or audience to improve the campaign’s effectiveness. The Facebook advertisements are aimed at men and women in New York County who are between the ages of 25 and 55. By the end of the year, the firm plans to spend just over $10,000 on each of these two types of marketing (Facebook). Every week, Facebook will pay $200 to the firm. These advertisements will cost $28.57 per day. Running these commercials weekly for the entire year ensures that 2,300 to 7,2OO customers will see them every day. Promotions on Facebook and Amazon can help us target customers and increase sales.

The brand’s newest product, OtterBox 2020, will be promoted through a Google ad. Ottetbox plans to spend $10,000 for a year of search network advertisements, which cost between $1 and $2 per click on average. This implies that when someone searches a phrase relevant to one of the brand’s set keywords in the campaign, adverts for our brand will display at the top of Google’s search engine.

The company supposes to hold a demonstration center at select local stores in the New York area during the first year. To begin, we looked for trial stations that were outsourced and operated by organizations like Club Demonstration Services (CDS). Food and non-food demonstration centers are likewise handled by CDS. Outsourcing these demos has the advantage of lowering the cost of obtaining supplies and setting up the booth. CDS now costs $179 for 6.5 hours, plus $8.50 for supplies, as of June 2018. For one weekend, this would bring the cost to $375, so we intend to set up trial stations for one weekend periods at different store locations throughout the selffitod months of January; April, May, August, November, and December.

Thus, the company has all the prospects for further development of its advertising and marketing strategy in the future. A scaling approach after the first year of the company will be used to do this. Based on the company’s current value, further scaling will be costlier but will bring much more profit. All this indicates good prospects for the development of our brand marketing in the market and the development of the company as a whole. With proper and precise planning, one can trace qualitative correlations between brand advertising and the target audience that buys and trusts it.

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Anxiety: Diagnosis And Treatment


There is no formal definition for anxiety disorders in the DSM-IV-TR (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). Anxiety is a normal stress response and a fundamental part of everyday life. The development of anxiety disorders is thought to be due to environmental and genetic factors. Anxiety disorders affect more than 40 million people in the United States, with women twice as likely to be affected as men (ADAA, 2022). Anxiety is a psychological condition that stems from worry, fear, and an impending sense of danger.

The feeling of anxiety is accompanied by a collection of physical symptoms, including pounding heartbeats, rapid breathing, and dizziness. Anxious people exhibit a heightened sense of physical awareness and can have difficulty sleeping due to the associated physical sensations. Anxiety is a common state of being and is recognized as a part of the human condition. Anxiety becomes problematic when it hinders daily functioning. These disorders develop when anxious feelings and physical symptoms become uncontrollable.

The Myths Associated With anxiety

Three myths are associated with anxiety, and the first myth is that anxiety is a weakness. Anxiety is not a weakness but a survival mechanism that all creatures on earth have. Anxiety is how the brain reminds a person to pay attention to that critical task in a person’s life. The second myth is that people with anxiety should stop worrying. In some sense, it is true, but the individual cannot stop this process. Anxiety can happen from one stressful event, or it can be a lingering problem that a person experiences for a long time. The third myth is that anxiety is not real phenomenon. A counter objection is that anxiety is a common problem affecting many people globally. Anxiety can be so intense that it feels like it is happening in an individual’s body and mind.

Causes of Anxiety

The brain is the body’s control center as it is a complicated organ controlling everything in the body. And anxiety is an emotion or feeling with a lot of different causes. Most people confuse fear and anxiety because they are co-related. For example, fear emerges from the surrounding stimuli (the dog attacking an individual). Anxiety arises from an emotional connection with some bad thought patterns, simply the mindset of someone. Some causes of anxiety are bad thoughts or fears. These can cause a person to worry about the future or the past. The brain is an organ that processes information and helps an individual solve problems. When the brain is not working well, it can cause much pain and frustration.

Techniques for Managing Anxiety

It is a normal part of life to feel anxious from time to time. Many feel anxious because of their job, relationships, financial security, or health. Anxiety can help an individual be prepared for a demanding situation. It can also help motivate people to make decisions or get things done. In most cases, anxiety does not last long and goes away automatically. A simple lifestyle with proper stress management techniques is the antidote for managing anxiety.

Treatment Options for Anxiety

Some anxiety disorders can be treated with medicine and therapy, while others can be treated with therapy only. It all depends on the type of anxiety disorder affecting an individual. Treatment for anxiety usually includes psychotherapy or talk therapy. This can be done on a one-to-one basis or in a group situation. Some people benefit from medication, but it is not always necessary.

Sometimes, treatment can last a few months, but sometimes years are needed. CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy has been proven to work for many mental health conditions. This talk therapy is about changing the thought patterns and behaviors to manage the symptoms. A patient is often recommended to try psychotherapy as a first treatment because there are many anxiety disorders, and not all medication is the same. For anxiety disorders such as anxiety and panic attacks, start with a daily dose of 300 mg of L-theanine for six weeks (must be taken with GABA.) L-theanine is an amino acid naturally found in green tea that is excellent for anxiety reduction. After six weeks, the patient can switch to 50mg twice daily (150mg) for maintenance. It will take time for the brain to reset its GABA levels and for the whole body to relax.


Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, and unease that is always present even though there is nothing making someone to be afraid. It is often accompanied by restlessness, tension, and sleep disturbance. It arises from predictable and unpredictable sources and can be associated with several mental disorders. Stress can cause anxiety and is a major symptom of this complication, which emerges from bad thoughts or fear.

Often anxiety arises when one is faced with a difficult circumstance, and the anxiety creates a challenge to overcome. Once the period of difficulty is over, the anxiety subsides. Anxiety has been discovered as a common problem among most people. The antidote for this problem is living a simple lifestyle with a high level of self-discipline to manage stress in the body: psychotherapy and medicine and the main options for treating anxiety. The treatment period varies between the two techniques, and the arrangement with the therapist is the determinant factor in the longevity of the treatment plan.


Anxiety and Depression Association of America, ADAA. (2022). Anxiety Disorders and Depression Research & Treatment: Anxiety disorder-facts & statistics. 

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