Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Effect In Capital Market Essay Example

In the era of globalization and modern technology development, digital currencies became as norm in many country in the world including Malaysia. The modernization technology is the main driving force for new creation of innovation throughout digital forms of money or cryptocurrency in the financial services industry. As stated by Miraz, Mahadi & Hye, A. K. & Habib, Dr. Md. Mamun. (2019), the currency of the paper is something that is used in the past since now the virtual currency in investment had successfully takes place. The journal also stated that cryptocurrency is “a token created and stored electronically in block chain to control the creation of monetary units and to verify the transactions”.

The transaction of Bitcoin occur approximately 62.5 million between 109 million accounts. The history of Bitcoin exists from 2009, the creator’s name is Satoshi Nakamoto as a hosts a digital currency called as Bitcoin. Nakamoto, S. (2019). According to Acquisti, A., Taylor, C., & Wagman, L. (2016), Bitcoin is defined as “an online communication protocol that facilitates the use of a virtual currency, including electronic payments.” Bitcoin’s is create by an anonymous group of developers and all regulations were designed by engineers with no apparent influence from lawyers or regulators. Instead of transactions on any single server or a set of servers, Bitcoin is built on a transaction log that is distributed across a network of participating computers.

Current news reported by Kevin Helms. (2020, February 28), Malaysia’s finance Minister Lim Guan Eng stated that any kind of Crypto service providers and exchange need to have authorization with Security Commission Malaysia. If any unauthorized digital currency and initial coin offerings operates without Security Commission Malaysia’s approval, there will be punishment or conviction not exceeding 10 years imprisonment and fine not exceeding RM10 million. In the meantime, the central bank, Bank Negara Malaysia has stated that Malaysia still not have legal tender for cryptocurrencies and advised the public to be wary to evaluate the risks when involving with digital currency. Despite there is a mixture of positive and negative sentiment about cryptocurrency news relating to hacking, decentralized block chains, and regulations but most of Malaysians think that Bitcoin is still acceptable for them to use.

However, Bitcoin is lack of security which it leads to high tendency of fraud in the digital platform. As reported by Nurulain Atiqah Zain Azmi, & Aisyah Abdul-Rahman. (2018), the cryptocurrency’s popularity has been surged which contribute too many cryptocurrency issue or abuses such as volatility of Bitcoin price, fraud and possibility of losing money in e-wallet. Besides that, the lack of a standard global regulatory framework in the finance technology (FinTech) innovation which cause Bitcoin be used by irresponsible party for other illegal function. It involve financing crime such as the money laundering, pyramid scheme illegal distribution of financial tokens issuance of securities and illegal trade for weapons and drugs and as well as financing terrorism. Yoon-Chow Yeong, Khairul Shafee Kalid, & Savita K Sugathan. (2019).

What Makes Bitcoin A Preferred Daytrading Instrument

If spoken about sell and purchase, all of it started from the barter system. Take a good in exchange of another and similar method was for the services too. With gradual evolution of human race, this system changed. Coins became the mode of valuation of goods or services. Then paper money held the reign. With advancements in science and technology, people started to rely upon plastic money.

Plastic money signifies Debit and Credit Cards. Online wallets and mobile money concept developed henceforth leading to the advent of cyptocurrency.

Bitcoin is a form of cyptocurrency. This peer-to-peer money transaction system is not having any intermediary. It is not having any central bank or administration platform. It is designated by BTC or XBT symbols. Bitcoin is the first ever currency in the history of world which is free from currency conversion hassles. Anyone can send or receive any amount of money to or from anyone else, anywhere on the world, conveniently and without restriction.

This currency concept relies upon the blockchain protocol. Blockchain is a system of open and validated ledger pattern. This pattern timestamps and records transaction between two entities. The transactions can be verified optimally and are defrauding proof.

There are public, private and consortium types of blockchain protocols. This range of vivid protocols facilitates P2P and B2B transactions throughout the globe in a safe, secure and verifiable way. All types of money or currency, be it paper, plastic, mobile or cyptocurrency can be multiplied. Invest it in a business, purchase gold, land, or trade with it. In any of these activities, you have to leave your money in the surrogated custody of some reliable central body.

Most of us nowadays engage ourselves in multiple occupations. Therefore, trading in a very routine and schedules way sometimes can bother us a lot. The system of daytrading can help you a lot in this. It is an active and involved trading system which can be done anytime from anywhere according to your convenience.

Bitcoin can be our ultimate trading instrument due to the following reasons:

  • Exchange of Bitcoin focused for trading purposes has very low fees and charges as compared to its traditional counterparts. On wise selection and trading, 0.25% is the maximum fees of your transaction you have to pay. This percentage for other exchanges can go up to 12 with applicable government taxes and charges.
  • You can trade by using bitcoin from anywhere. Bitcoin is globally accepted throughout the trading market worldwide. Its independence feature over fixed currency or country makes it a global trading tool. Irrespective of time and your location, you can trade according to your wish.
  • There is no experimental phase or technical complexities, for which you have to do any thorough research for daytrading Bitcoin. It is a simple and clear trading platform. To trade in this platform, you do not have to hold any long-term position.
  • Daytrading of Bitcoin supports leveraged trading options. By this, the user stays aware of the upside and downside price risks. This feature is not available in many conventional and prevalent traditional trading methodologies.
  • Due to the versatile nature of Bitcoin in terms of its acceptance all over the world, you get exposure to plenty of trade able options. The options you receive by using bitcoin are not possible with any other trading instrument.

Earn & Make Money With The Help Of Bitcoin

For many individuals, shopping for giant amounts of Bitcoin isn’t a financially-viable investment strategy. However, the great news is that there are currently a lot of alternatives than ever that create it simply for folks to earn bitcoin. Plenty of individuals are into Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies so as to create a fast buck. Today’s post is devoted completely to ways that you’ll be able to create cash with Bitcoin. for a few strange reasons, folks tend to suppose that as a result of Bitcoin may be a new kind of currency, there are some charming means you’ll be able to earn Bitcoins or create cash from it simply. I’m sorry to burst the bubble; however, Bitcoin is simply like several alternative currencies out there. because the worth of bitcoin will increase, additional and a lot of folks have become curious about not solely shopping for the digital currency as an investment however conjointly need to earn bitcoin to supplement their financial gain.

Let’s explore what all of your choices are, from accepted bitcoin from your leader to depositing it in an interest-earning crypto account. Looking on your short, medium, and long-run goals, every possibility has totally different advantages for your most well-liked technique of earning Bitcoin. Operating to earn Bitcoin is among the simplest and legit ways to earn the coin. Whether or not you’re an online merchandiser, engineer, singer, or designer, among alternative professions, you’ll be able to determine sites that enable folks to figure for Bitcoins. Several enterprises are holding Bitcoin as a way of payment as a result of transactions are low cost, fast, and anonymous. For instance, a selling website that works with many marketers across the world would incur significant bills once paying the marketers via wire transfers.

Financial Trading

This monetary trading simulation has you creating predictions on real money marketplaces, as well as cryptocurrency markets moreover as Forex. The additional correct your predictions are the more points you unlock as a result of it. You’ll then live your points to Bitcoin at any time.

Another nice side to the platform is that the proven fact that they supply you with excess tutorials and resources so as to assist you to become a “real” in a dealer.

Bitcoins from Bitcoin Faucets

One good way the way to get Bitcoin is by earning it. It’s turning into easier for individuals to simply accept Bitcoin as payment for work they are doing. So, if you run a business or you’re freelance merely raise your customers to pay you in Bitcoin. There is lots of facilitating obtainable for businesses that need to be paid in Bitcoin. Otherwise that everybody will use to earn Bitcoin is Bitcoin taps. So, what are Bitcoins taps? Bitcoin faucets are websites or apps that reward users with Bitcoin for finishing a captcha or task. It is often as straightforward as looking advertisements; however, it may also be as boring as observation advertisements! A bitcoin regulator may be a feature on websites that steady drips bitcoin. for instance, an internet site would possibly dispense a fraction of a bitcoin each couple of minutes. It’s sometimes a very touch, similar to a number of cents or a greenback, awarded to 1 user every couple of minutes. This can be} often done as a promotional feature. If a regulator holds guests on an internet site, it should translate to accrued engagement, higher ad revenue or alternative advantages for the site’s house owners that build it worthy.

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