Cultural Imperialism – Cartoon Analysis Essay Example For College

The given cartoon “Globalization Invading Markets” was published In 2005. It displays a coastline, Including the sea and a beach, with people holding up their hands and running away. Moreover there are battleships, firing artillery onto the land and carrier boats are transporting further people ashore. Also fighter aircrafts, dropping more artillery onto the land are shown. The people, who go ashore, are figures from Walt Disney’s comic world, including lots of Goofy, Degrader Duck and a smiling Mackey Mouse.

The Goofy and Mackey Mouse are holding guns in their hands. Starting with the interpretation, Degrader represents the commander of an army, as Mackey Mouse and the Goofy represent soldiers, all standing for the U. S. Army. Following the orders of the commander the soldiers are driving away the couple of human beings, respectively natives of the area, who are surrendering. The area Is picturing a Third World country, perhaps a tropical Island. The invaders are Americans, because their uniforms, the aircrafts and the warships hold trademarks f big American companies, for instance Nikkei, Texaco, McDonald’s and Motorola.

In the background a group of Goofy soldiers are setting up a Microsoft flag. A scene reminiscent of the famous photograph of a group of soldiers at IOW Jim. (Battle of IOW Jim, 1945. US fighting for + capturing island of Awesome, Japanese Empire. Some of bloodiest fighting in Pacific War took place). Instead of regular artillery and ammunition, shooting takes place with Coke cans and TV’s. This signifies that the U. S. Economy is spreading a massive influence across the world, even to remote Islands.

It looks more harmless than an attack with real armory, but the fact that there is a dead man lying on the ground emphasizes Americans being ruthless and aggressive. The meaning of the cartoon indicates a modern invasion, which does not have to be fought with artillery, soldiers, tanks and battleships. The wars, America is involved in today are mainly fought by its multinational companies and its battlefields are international markets. Furthermore, America invades the world with its culture and lifestyle, without really watching out or caring about the reactions of others to the invasion.

Terrified faces of the natives do not stop Goofy, as a soldier, from carrying out Desserts commands. I agree with the cartoonist that the U. S. Has flooded the world with its consumer goods, and trying to dominate over every other country financially and economically, but there are also other Industrialized first world countries that do so. It Is also true that the culture, spread by America has had a big Influence across the world, occasionally wiping out other traditional cultures, but the inhabitants must have success cannot only be explained by them, using force.

Cultural Literacy According To E.D. Hirsch

According to E.D. Hirsch, cultural literacy is the fundamental knowledge necessary for success in today’s society. This encompasses comprehending the information that writers and speakers presume their audience already possesses. In his book Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know, Hirsch compiles a compilation of 5,000 significant words and phrases that everyone should be acquainted with.

The list encompasses various subjects like idioms, mythology, science, and fairy tales. This has sparked a significant debate about educational standards in our country. According to E.D. Hirsch, literacy rates among Americans are declining rapidly. To improve long-term literacy in America, it is essential to establish a policy that teaches shared knowledge in schools.

Hirsch argues that the solution lies in attaining a higher level of national literacy. In his book, he underscores the importance of cultural literacy for effective communication and societal cooperation. Hirsch contends that communication is crucial for success in contemporary society and is the gateway to achieving equality in America. Ultimately, enhanced cultural literacy can pave the way towards an egalitarian society.

Hirsch argues that having a shared body of knowledge is crucial for maintaining social unity. While he does not support concepts like multi-culturalism and multi-lingualism, he recognizes the importance of diverse cultures and ethnicities in the United States. This includes hyphenated Americans such as Italo-American, Polish-American, Afro-American, Asian-American, among others. Hirsch advocates for protecting, promoting, and valuing every minority group while also emphasizing the necessity for individuals to establish their American identity separate from their hyphenated affiliations. He emphasizes the significance of embracing national values and traditions as an integral part of national cultural literacy.

Hirsch argues that the bedrock of American cultural literacy should be our traditional values, including tolerance, benevolence, the Golden Rule, communal cooperation, altruism, and freedom. However, opponents of cultural literacy disagree with this viewpoint. Certain critics express worries about determining the shared knowledge that individuals should have. The contents of “the list” are subject to ongoing debate due to multicultural considerations.

Hirsch argues that knowledge is universally important, regardless of a person’s race, gender, or religion. He specifically highlights the American cultural literacy and stresses the need for a common knowledge foundation. Personally, I found Hirsch’s book to be persuasive and agreed with his viewpoint on the importance of cultural literacy.

Weber Stalking: The Signs

It not always easy to know the difference except for serious cases of Weber stalking. At this time the law gets involved. There are several signs to look for. Some threats of communication may include a child being verbally assaulted, threatens one with bodily harm, death, or insults. Frequency of these threats, the natures and sources of the threats will help determine how serious the cyber bullying may be and rather law enforcement should be involved. Some nature of threats may include breaking into email or web accounts, postings and encouraging others to post nasty comments, sending Jokes about the child being bullied.

I feel hen one Is being bullied by another on line though Faceable this to me Is Like putting In on the front page of newspaper for all to see. By doing this brings others Involved to add to the Inhalant message which can cause damaging outcomes to all involved. According to an article in Do something . Org, nearly 43% kids have been bullied online. Line 4 has had it happen more than once. 70% students report seeing frequent bullying online. 68% of teens agree that cyber bullying is a serious problem that should be stopped.

With this being said it is hard for the kids that are being lulled to tell someone and it is Just as hard for those who see someone being bullied to tell someone also. Only 1 of 10 victims will inform a parent or trusted adult of their abuse and bullying victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to commit suicide. Girls are more involved with cyber bullying than boys. Cyber bullying can cause psychological outcomes. It can effect by grades dropping low self-esteem develops, change In Interest and depression. A lot of times being bullied at school ends when a school day ends.

It occurs at home and that can take away the safe place. Cyber bullying doesn’t end In continues and may never stop. Kids can be cyber bullied In many different ways. Some examples include mean or threatening emails, instant tricking someone into reveling personal or embarrassing information and sending it to others. Boys and girls are bullied in different ways. Girls or usually bullied by other girls by spreading rumors and excluding them as part of the group. Boys usually use it as mean to start a physical fight. Also, Cyber bullying Just doesn’t occur by one person.

It usually occurs by one or more people who want to hurt others Hough the social networks. People who bully others feel safe and control when they are using this technique because they are not facing the victim. Cyber bully’s hurt others for a good laugh, to fill up boredom or make them feel in control and possibly more popular. A lot of times if the cyber bullies are not happy and frustrated with their own life this may a way to take out their own frustrations. Parents need to be involved and know what their kids are doing online When it comes to knowledge that adults have with cyber bullying it can be a complicated issue.

Adults that have little knowledge of the internet and social media may not know how to help their children. This is when it is necessary for kids to tell their parents and show them how to use these pages. They should know sites that they visit and the content that they may place on their Faceable accounts, the texts they send to others. Kids should have appropriate rules when it comes to use of social media and how important it is to post the right thing. Parents also should gain the knowledge of passwords of their kid’s accounts and learn how to track IP addresses in case needed for evidence.

Kid should also be aware of never sharing their passwords for their social media accounts with others as by sharing them could compromise and have others available access to their accounts where someone could change their identities. Kids should be encouraged to go adults if they are becoming a target of cyber bullying or if they know of someone that is being bullied. Kids should be explained the different threats and laws pertaining to cyber bullying. They need to know if they are bullying someone what criminal punishment could be involved.

They need to know that by updated threats and dangerous methods of communications could involve law enforcement or other legal processes. The bottom line is that both adults and children need to become more educated about cyber bullying so that they may help those who being bullied. By doing this, might help those who are being bullied by thinking the only way to have the bullying stop is by ending their life. It is the responsibility of society to stop social media sites that allow this. Maybe if there were more laws and punishment on cyber bullying, maybe it would stop.

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