Cutting Taxes, Increasing Tax Revenue, And Fiscal Policy Essay Example For College

Government’s Goal In Cutting Taxes Reflected In the Budget

Amadeo, K. (2022). Tax cuts, types, and how they work. The Balance. Web.

The article is devoted to tax cuts and their impact on the economy. The most evident thing about tax cuts is that citizens approve of them more than of tax rises. They are one of the measures that help fight economic recession because they stimulate the economy by putting larger amounts of money into circulation (Amadeo, 2022). The most evident government goal of cutting taxes concerns improving the state of the country’s economy and gaining more trust from the citizens. However, the economists point out that this measure helps only from the short-term perspective (Amadeo, 2022). In the long term, tax cuts lead to federal debt increase, which may lead to a greater recession in the future.

Thus, as a rule, taxes are cut in order to end an economic depression by giving more money to the taxpayers. Lower taxes may stimulate growth that will finally lead to an increase in tax revenue (Amadeo, 2022). However, cutting taxes may have unpleasant consequences due to the fact that they may increase deficit if they are not compensated by cutting expenses as well. Hence, the government should cut taxes with caution as it is quite difficult to increase them without provoking a wave of protests among the citizens.

How the Government May Increase Tax Revenue

Tax Policy Center (2020). What options would increase federal revenues? Tax Policy Center’s Briefing Book. Web.

The article describes measures that the US government may implement in order to increase tax revenue. Thus, they may raise taxes, cut tax breaks, expand the tax base, levy new taxes, or improve enforcement (Tax Policy Center, 2020). Congress may either change the existing tax policy using the measures described above or enact new taxes. In that case, the major sources of income will be a value-added tax, a wealth tax or tax on financial transactions, or unhealthy food and drinks, which were proposed not so long ago.

However, one of the healthiest means that enable the government to get more tax revenues without raising the existing tax ratios or introducing new taxes is boosting economic activity. Policies boosting economic activities may increase not only incomes and wealth but revenues as well (Tax Policy Center, 2020). Such policies concern investing in infrastructure, innovation, and education, increasing the number of people in the labor force or reforming social programs that discourage the citizens from working. However, it is necessary to understand that economic growth depends on policy specifics and strong or weak points.

Fiscal Policy

Gaspar, V., Piazza, R., Medas, P. & Lizarazo, S. (2021, October 18). The role of fiscal policy to manage debt, inflation, and COVID-19. World Economic Forum. Web.

The article is focused on the influence of pandemic emergencies and debt on the fiscal policies of both advanced economies and developing countries. During the pandemic, the public debt has significantly risen, so the countries need to orientate their fiscal policies on their own circumstances in order to decrease it. The authors give statistics according to which fiscal policy in developed countries stays quite stable and supports the economic activity of the citizens (Gaspar et al., 2021). At the same time, the situation in low-income countries is not that stable, so the developing economies face a crisis. Due to that and to the influence of the pandemic, fiscal support in these countries has become quite limited.

In order to improve the situation in developing countries and save the progress in the advanced economies, it is necessary to take into account pandemic policies and economic prospects. Apart from that, the authors mention that low-income countries should try to increase tax revenues and spend money from their budget more effectively (Gaspar et al., 2021). Apart from that, all countries should strengthen the credibility of fiscal policy. It will increase further public support in the short-term perspective without losing people’s credit.


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Jacqueline Lapsey’s “Whispering The Word”


The Old Testament (OT) offers numerous arguments and views regarding the position of women in Christian societies. Over the years, feminists in this religion have lacked proper strategies for maintaining their views and commitments to the notions of gender equality from a religious perspective. In the book Whispering the Word, Jacqueline Lapsey offers new ideas for analyzing the presented OT stories and developing relevant ethical ideas. This discussion gives a critical review of this work and how it can empower professionals in educational and ministerial work.

Author’s Purpose

The author’s purpose in writing the selected book was to provide a background on the patriarchal nature of most of the texts in the OT. Through this achievement, the writer presented a superior model for guiding Christians and religious feminists to hear such writings as the true word of God (Lapsey, 2005). The consideration of this gap would offer new insights for addressing women’s needs and empowering them in their respective communities.

Context in Scholarship

This work is informative and capable of expanding theorists’ ideas in Christian feminism. The author presents a unique response and idea for analyzing the subtle notions and ideas of less powerful omen in the context of the OT. The stories and experiences can become the best concepts for understanding God’s word for Christian believers (Lapsey, 2005). Additionally, the text provides a strong foundation for linking ethics and morality while focusing on the teachings of the Bible.

Making the Intended Argument

To deliver the intended message, the author relies on the presented texts and stories to describe how they support the idea of gender equality within the lens of Christianity. The world encourages readers to pursue such occurrences as attributes that reflect God’s word. This strategy makes it easier for her to propose powerful strategies for addressing the critical issues arising from the patriarchal nature of the Christian society. The first recommendation is that feminists within the Christian setting should learn to attend to women’s experiences and words (Lapsey, 2005). The second one is examining the perspective of Biblical narrators to get the intended message. The third proposal is for Christian feminists to apply the concepts by attending to modern worldviews from a textual perspective.

The Usefulness of the Book

This book offers several strengths that can guide more professionals to achieve their goals in education and ministry. For instance, such individuals can consider the presented proposals to examine Biblical texts and apply them to address feminist issues in the world today. The work also guides preachers to consider the perspective and intention of Scriptural authors if they are to place the targeted words within their proper context (Lapsey, 2005). The ideas are also practical and resonate with the goals of people who intend to take the issue of Christian feminism to the next level. When referencing most of the stories from the OT focusing on gender questions, scholars can utilize the book to identify how they reflect God’s word for man.


The above discussion has identified Jacqueline Lapsey’s book as inspirational and capable of addressing an area different scholars have ignored. The book offers additional insights for reading OT passages and relying on them to push the idea of gender equality within the lens of modern Christian women. Those involved in ministry would find the work resourceful and achieve their religious and professional goals much faster.


Lapsey, J. E. (2005). Whispering the word: Hearing women’s stories in the Old Testament. Westminster John Knox Press.

Marketing Project Of Sony Ex4D Pro

The company producing the cellphone is Sony, and the product name is Sony Ex4D Pro.

Shape your experience. This slogan presumes that by using the new cellphone model Sony Ex4D Pro a customer can use its multifunctional interface for different activities.

Sony Ex4D Pro is an ultra-powerful smartphone from a prestigious brand. The device received a lightning-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. A set of advanced cameras works effectively even in low-light conditions. The possibilities of the gadget are huge – the wide-angle sensor now captures significantly more light. Working out the nuances is very accurate day and night. Portrait mode provides an artistic blur of the background, highlighting the most important. The build is made of glass in the front and aluminum in the back. The new flagship can withstand a dive of up to 2-3 meters for half an hour.

The size of a cellphone equals 4.4 inches (11 cm). It is very compact, yet its screen provides a full-fledged visual experience. The internal memory ranges from 64 to 512GB depending on the model. The phone allows for shooting 4K videos and 12MP photos, which ensures high-quality digital material. There is a magnet installed in the back under the lid, which allows for fast wireless charging. Additionally, there are two sim-card lots on the left side of the device. Finally, the smartphone weighs 172g and is based on the Android 11 platform.

The smartphone combines breakthrough capabilities with a modern design. Sony Ex4D Pro does not look or feel big at all. Despite the rather big screen, it fits perfectly in the palm of one’s hand, and one can carry it in the jeans pocket. The speed of the Sony Ex4D Pro is impeccable: the new processor does an excellent job with games, not to mention everyday tasks, and, more importantly, with image and video processing. Thanks to the new processor, the pictures, even on the younger models of Sony, turn out to be flawless. The camera system allows for shooting HDR video at a speed of 30 to 60 frames per second, depending on the version of the smartphone. Night mode is equipped with a LIDAR scanner; it can also be used to work with augmented reality.

The other advantage of the Sony Ex4D Pro is the protective coating of Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, as it protects the smartphone from damage (two times more reliable than its predecessors). In addition, the device can withstand underwater for half an hour (depth no more than 2 m), which makes the device unique among similar ones. Advanced facial recognition is another feature new to all Androids. Sony does not use fingerprint scanners in current models and relies entirely on Face ID facial recognition. The face identifier is arranged differently – it builds a three-dimensional map of the face due to the operation of several sensors at once. As a result, such a system is much safer, faster, and more accurate. Ultimately, the front camera has become endowed with almost the same functions as the main one. This allows one to take high-quality selfies regardless of the daylight.

Since the target segment is adults aged 18-34 who lead an active lifestyle, the product is likely to succeed because its design and functions correspond to the chosen audience’s interests. They are mostly travelers and freelancers who need a speedy smartphone. Therefore, the main branding strategy is to promote the device among influencers of the same age (Aggarwal, 2021). In general, Sony Ex4D Pro is an excellent option for Android fans since it includes a great variety of functions and provides a fantastic user experience.


Aggarwal, C. (2021). Branding & AI: Leveraging technology to generate brand revenue. Business Expert Press.

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