Deviant Behavior In Children From Unfavorable Social Environment Essay Example

The manifestation of deviant behavior in children brought up in an unfavorable social environment is an urgent problem that sociologists and psychologists have been struggling with for a long time. When analyzing the possibility of conducting research on this topic, the following question can be posed: Is an unfavorable social environment a direct prerequisite for the development of deviant behavior and violent inclinations in children? As an exploratory design, the observational (correlation) principle should be employed. This strategy does not involve conducting unique tests to identify new causal relationships and is intended to prove the existing correlation between the variables involved.

As an independent variable, upbringing in a disadvantaged social environment is proposed. To measure the required data, a scale of 0 to 5 can be utilized, where 0 means no child abuse within the family, and 5 suggests aggressive violence and continuous abuse by adults. The dependent variable is the manifestation of deviant behavior, which can also be measured by using this scale. In this case, 0 is the absence of manifestations of aggression or violence in the child, and 5 is the maximum cruelty toward peers and adults. Bad parenting may be considered an explanatory variable, and repetitive deviant behavior is a response one.

Each of the variables is categorical because it is not the amounts that are critical to evaluate but the grouping of target participants in accordance with the appropriate attribute. Therefore, they are neither continuous nor discrete variables since they are not quantitative. Based on the design used, a causal research claim can be made about the effect of adverse social environments on children’s behavior. As a lurking variable that may provide an alternative explanation for the outcomes of the research process, biological factors should be taken into account, namely the genetic predisposition to deviant behavior.

Camping: The Important Advantages

People planning a vacation by the sea sometimes consider camping. Camping is a summer type of auto tourism, which involves a closed area with places for tents. This type of recreation is widespread worldwide, and often in the warm season, people prefer it to many other types of leisure. Even though there are various types of outdoor activities, camping still has many advantages that make it more attractive than others.

The most common reason for choosing this type of holiday is the economy. A parking place for a car and a tent camping is always cheaper than the most economical room in a hotel or guest house. Moreover, campsites are often located in protected areas close to the sea and far away from the noise of the road (Tsopa et al., 2020). Another undoubted advantage of camping is that you can come up with a lot of exciting entertainment for children and adults in the fresh air. This can be sea or river fishing, bike rental for cycling, playgrounds, and sometimes animators.

Car trips with overnight stays in campsites do not require special skills and even basic physical training. All that is needed is to be able to put up a tent and learn how to cook on a campfire or a burner, and this will not be difficult. Organizing a camp is an excellent team-building event, and the trip allows people to communicate with their families away from the hustle and bustle of the city (Tsopa et al., 2020). For many travelers, camping is an opportunity to plunge into sports tourism.

In conclusion, camping is an ideal type of recreation suitable for children and adults. People spend time outdoors, relax with their family and friends, and improve their life skills in non-standard conditions. Another advantage is the low cost of camping and the possibility of traveling by car. Camping is widespread all over the world, and its popularity continues to grow, as many advantages and cheapness attract people.


Tsopa, N., Akimova, E., Malakhova, V., & Akimov, S. (2020). Development of a methodology for assessing the integral effectiveness of an investment project for the camping site construction in the coastal zone. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 913(1), 1-7.

Opportunities And Challenges At School: Reflection

The high school aims to prepare adolescents for father education and lays the basis of knowledge that will later be deepened and wholeheartedly embraced. However, the high school also provides numerous opportunities for self-development and offers challenges one must be ready to face. This maze of chances and difficulties significantly contributes to shaping one’s personality and forming one’s outlook.

The opportunities I have encountered in my school career allowed me both to develop knowledge and hone my social skills. From the academic perspective, I have had a chance to learn the subjects that have interested me and will hopefully be beneficial for my future career. This knowledge found its reflection in the work we did, where I could understand the importance of practical application and the way theory and practice are interconnected. Moreover, I have learned to work on projects as part of a team that was at the same time challenging and exciting. All teachers at the high school have been kind and understanding and willingly answered the questions I had. The experience I have had helped to deepen my academic knowledge and see how different subjects are related.

From the perspective of social skills development, I have had a chance to take part in many extracurricular activities where I have made many friends. Being engaged in one project with other teenagers has motivated me to ‘step into other people’s shoes’ and search for compromise where earlier, I would have strongly advocated my desired course of action. Thus, I have learned to be compliant and willing to see other people’s points of view. The sports activities I have undertaken have taught me endurance and helped me to keep fit. I feel I have become physically stronger and more agile.

As for the challenges that I have encountered, the main difficulty was studying online. Indeed, it is not so easy to grasp the material at home because one can easily get distracted. Moreover, sometimes I had technical problems with my internet connection, so I had to reload the program, thus skipping some of the teachers’ explanations. It was not convenient to ask questions online and I was left with some material that I did not understand. Fortunately, my parents are ready to help me with academic matters. The experience has taught me assiduity and served to prolong my attention span, so now I do not get distracted easily when there is some work to do.

The other challenge I encountered was a tight timetable that I had. Indeed, it was no easy to find time for all the studies, sports activities and spending time with friends. Often, I sacrificed one thing for the others, especially before the exams when I did not see my friends for weeks. Extracurricular activities helped me to develop my outlook, which is why I have engaged in many of them, and they were extremely interesting though time-consuming. The experience taught me to make the right choices and set priorities, the skill that allowed me to obtain good grades.

Studying at high school was challenging and, at the same time, exciting, and step by step, I have managed to overcome all the difficulties that I have had. I hope that the academic knowledge I got and the skills I have developed will help me in my further education and future career. I feel I have become more mature and ready to use new opportunities and embrace challenges as they come.

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