Economics In My Life Writing Sample

Initially, I was uncertain about how economics influenced my life as I couldn’t perceive the connection between economics and my personal experiences. This lack of awareness made it challenging for me to comprehend the topic. Fortunately, a classmate provided assistance by sharing their essay, which aided in my understanding. Upon reading two additional essays, I came to realize that virtually every aspect of my daily routine is intertwined with economics.

The field of economics encompasses everything from the items I purchase to the income I earn from my job. The things I sacrifice while working or attending school represent a complete opportunity cost, highlighting the importance of economics in our lives. Even my purchasing habits are deeply rooted in economic principles. This realization led me to understand that without economics, our lives would be impossible as we know them. Whether individuals are aware or not, everyone encounters concepts such as price ceilings, opportunity costs, taxes, and goods and services.

It is undeniable that our economy is facing challenges, leading individuals to devise their own strategies for dealing with inflation. This task becomes particularly daunting when attempting to earn money and pursue higher education. To illustrate, as the prices of textbooks increased at the ECC bookstore, I had no choice but to seek alternative options due to financial constraints. Moreover, there were other crucial expenses that necessitated careful allocation of my funds.

Websites like Ebay and Cheapbooks served as my go-to for purchasing books, and they offered significantly lower prices compared to ECC. If the prices on these sites were still not affordable enough for me, I continued to search for better deals. Surprisingly, the price of a specific book gradually decreased the more I looked for it. I realized that the number of sellers played a major role in determining the price. Books that were extremely difficult to find were priced higher due to their rarity, while commonly available books were easily found at a lower cost.

They say that opportunity cost is always something to consider before making decisions. For instance, I work as a server on weekends, including Fridays. While Fridays are one of the best days to earn good money, most winter and summer classes at ECC are scheduled from Monday to Friday. Additionally, my Friday shift is a full eight-hour one, which makes it extremely challenging to find later classes. So far, throughout my two years at ECC, I have only managed to attend one in-person winter class, with the rest of my classes being online.

Despite the limitations of working on Fridays, such as not having all classes available online, work often interferes with different aspects of my life. Since school is from Monday to Thursday, I only have Friday through Sunday to dedicate to work. This restricted schedule makes it challenging for me to enjoy vacations or spend time with friends at the beach during summer since I usually finish work late in the afternoon. Furthermore, staying out late with friends also becomes a sacrifice due to my early morning work schedule. However, despite these sacrifices made for work, I firmly believe that putting in hard work now will lead to an easier future.

Staying out late and going on vacations are the times when I will be most affected. Filling taxes for the first time this year was a big surprise. I have always been someone who contributes extra money to improve things, much like our economy. If we don’t assist, such as through paying taxes, our economy won’t thrive. Using turbo tax for the first time, I independently filled my taxes and it showed that I owed over $600 in federal taxes alone and an additional $200 in state taxes. It was then that I realized I would become one of those people who constantly complains about taxes.

Despite wanting a better economy, I couldn’t afford it. I was accustomed to seeing my friends receive large checks in the mail and didn’t expect to pay anything. However, after seeking another opinion, I discovered I didn’t owe any money and would actually receive money. Dealing with taxes can be complicated. Although I would have been okay with paying taxes eventually, at the time, I was not and it took some convincing.

Despite the current state of the economy, there is gratitude for Toyota’s mistakes. Although I acknowledge the harm caused to individuals due to their negligence, many Americans are now apprehensive about Toyotas. Personally, even while driving, I take precautions to steer clear of any Toyota vehicles in order to prevent potential accidents. However, as a result of this incident, American car production has risen and American dealers have regained popularity among Americans.

It is important to recognize the progress made by American car manufacturers in producing excellent vehicles. The introduction of more luxurious and faster cars is undoubtedly capturing consumer interest, thereby benefiting the American economy. Personally, I presently possess a pre-owned Volkswagen Beetle, but if I required a new vehicle, I would certainly contemplate American alternatives. By transitioning towards purchasing domestic products and services such as these, we can potentially contribute to the reconstruction of our economy.

In addition, there are benefits to decreasing imports and increasing exports. It is challenging to find American-made products for our everyday needs, causing us to settle for whatever is available. Gradually, I realized that economics is closely tied to our daily lives. Although we may participate in actions like paying taxes or saving money and aim to be frugal, we frequently disregard our role in the economic system. Every person contributes to the economy and has a small impact on shaping its outcomes.

Before, I lacked awareness about the extent to which economics impacts my daily life. However, I now recognize its influence in all aspects of my existence. While the amount of money I spend may vary, there will always exist a maximum price limit. Additionally, as I become wealthier, I do not expect my lifestyle to become more extravagant. Inevitably, opportunity costs arise since it is impossible to be in two places simultaneously. The crucial aspect lies in determining which choice is wiser at any given moment. Throughout my lifetime, numerous economic decisions will need to be made, ensuring that economics remains an ever-present force in my life.

The Walt Disney Company: A History

From humble beginnings as a cartoon studio in the sass to today’s global corporation, The Walt Disney Company continues to proudly provide quality entertainment for every member of the family, across America and around the world ” http://telecommunication. Com/about-Disney/Disney -history. Walt Disney did Mackey Mouse cartoon equipped with voices and music, entitled Steamboat Willie. When it appeared in 1928, Steamboat Willie was a sensation. (Disney himself provided the voice for Mackey until 1947. ) This popularity led to the invention of other animal characters, such as Donald Duck and the dogs Pluto and Goofy.

Walt Disney was never one to rest or stand still. He had long thought of producing feature-length animated films in addition to the shorts. In 1934, he began work on a version of the classic fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), a project that required great organization and coordination of studio talent and a task for which Disney possessed a unique capacity. While he actively engaged in all phases of creation in his films, he functioned chiefly as coordinator and final decision maker rather than as designer and artist.

By animating substantially human figures in the characters f Snow White, the Prince, and the Wicked Queen and by forming caricatures of human figures in the seven dwarfs, Disney departed from the scope and techniques of the shorts and thus proved animation’s effectiveness as a vehicle for feature-length stories. In the early 1 sass Disney had initiated plans for a huge amusement park to be built near Los Angels. When Disneyland opened in 1955, much of Disney disposition toward nostalgic sentiment and fantasy was evident in its design and construction.

It soon became a Mecca for tourists from around the world. At the earth of WAD&R are five world-class vacation destinations with 1 1 theme parks and 44 resorts in North America, Europe and Asia, with a sixth destination currently under construction in Shanghai. WAD&R also includes the Disney Cruise Line with its four ships – the Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy; Disney Vacation Club, with 12 properties and approaching a total of 200,000 member families; and Adventures by Disney, which provides guided family vacation experiences to destinations around the globe. Http://www. Britannica. Com/Upchucked/topic/165713/WaIt-Disney Compensation Strategy – Disney strive to create an optimal employee experience while meeting their business needs. As they state on their web page “our employees and cast members make the magic happen”, “The culture and values reinforce our commitment and responsibility to the people in our organization.

Company communications frequently highlight business initiatives and strategy, employee recognition, work-life assistance, volunteerism opportunities, business conduct and ethics practices and social responsibility practices. ” http://telecommunication. Com/about-Disney/human-resources Disney uses woo kinds of compensations strategy’s, Human resources and Differentiation strategy s, Human Resource strategy develops the skills, attitude and knowledge among the staff that will help the company meet its goals.

It consists of principles for managing the workforce though policies and practices. The functions such as recruitment, compensations, performance management, rewards, employee relations and trainings. They also us the Differentiation as stated in the book Strategic Compensation page 13 “differentiation develop product or service that are unique and take from those including design or brand image, technology, eaters, customer service and price, this strategy has an advantage through bundling brand loyalty among customers.

Brand-loyal customers are less sensitive to price increases which enables companies to invest in research and development initiative to further differentiate themselves from competing companies. ” Everyone receives a Disney total compensation opportunity package they all look like this “Base salary, Incentive and special recognition programs, (Your health and wellness benefits) Medical, Disney Health Pursuits Wellness Resources, Employee Assistance Program (EPA), Behavioral Health,

Prescription Drug Coverage, Dental, Vision, Healthcare and Dependent Day Care Flexible Spending Accounts, Life, Accident and Disability Insurance , Long-term Care Insurance, (Build Your Career, Your growth and development resources) Learning and Development Opportunities, Educational Reimbursement (Take Time to Refuel) Your time off and work/life programs, 11 Paid Holidays per Year, Vacation, Sick Pay and Short-term Disability, Leaves of Absence, Bereavement and Jury Duty, Personal Life Resources, Group Legal Plan, Adoption Assistance Program, Onsite Childcare Centers, Save for Tomorrow, Your retirement and uncial benefits, 401(k) Savings Plan with Company Match, Retirement Savings Plan for Salaried Employees, Employee Stock Purchase Program, Enjoy the Magic, Your special extras, Complimentary Theme Park Admissions, Employee Discounts, including local, national and Disney-themed discounts, Merchandise discounts at selected Disney-owned and operated stores, Company-sponsored Events and Services, Disney Volute EARS, Disney Employee, Matching Gifts, Commuter Assistance Program, Many Other Unique Advantages. Benefits will vary by company, job status, location and/or the terms of any applicable elective bargaining agreement. You’re more than your job, and your rewards reflect that. ” http://telecommunication. Com/about-Disney/human-resources. Everyone has different motivations for working, but we all work because we obtain something that we need from work.

We get compensated for our work, we all have different ideas of how we want to be compensated for this work. What keeps us motivated at work; some people just love working, some love the benefits, some like the vacation packages, training and the education they will get from the job, and some just like the money. I found this on site don’t exactly know where but it really hits on the head “The workforce of today comprises the traditional worker, baby boomers, Gene Y, and Gene Seer’s. All of them not only work differently, they have different lifestyles, work ethics, and levels of diversity; and each group may prefer one type of compensation over another. From the Disney packages listed above from my point of view and from people talk to in my generation the baby boomer sass’s it would be kick retirement, the health benefits and short term disability that would mean more to me and would be the most important factors to me. N compensation. It used easier in the past the employees were happy to receive a fair wage for a days work. It is hard to appraise an employee performance as manager for a theme park Disney World in Florida alone covers a 47 square miles. You have several managers but still you have it will still would be hard to keep track of all of the employees. Went to http://WV. Indeed. Mom/CPM/The-WaIt-Disney-Company/reviews the ratings for this company as a whole for compensations 4 of 538 people. Overall it received 4 stars Job Work/Life Balance, 4 stars Compensation/Benefits, 4 stars Job security/Advancement, 4 stars Management, 4 stars Job Culture. Another site also http://www. Glissando. Com/Reviews/Disney-Parks-and-Resorts-Reviews gave them 4 to 5 stars also for working for the company. 2) Analyze how your company applies compensation practice to determine the positive or negative impact to the company and its stakeholders. Some positive things Disney offers paid internships to people, I found this improves employee motivation and satisfaction. Employees benefit by realizing their full potential and developing their own careers.

When a company care for the employee and agonize their achievements in their work performance it makes them want to work hard and give them loyalty to the company. By reading what the employees where saying about the company the positive impact would be flexible schedule, good training, positive atmosphere, plenty of opportunities for growth, park perks and discounts, training was extensive and paid internship. Good support from your leader and access to internal job postings, good benefits, and this one like the best ‘The Disney Company really takes care of their staff’. The negative impact would be that although ticket price are increasing the wages for most employees are not, many employee are still making under 10 dollars an hour. Management personal always moving around not staying in place.

Abortion Is Murder By David Jones

Suppose a individual deliberately kills another grownup. The victim was guiltless, and non the agressor. That would certainly be slaying. Size, age, colour, race or credo are irrelevant here. If it was an baby, a babe non yet born, but about to be born. The kid still had a month or two to travel before birth. If it is slaying at a late phase of development, it is besides slaying at an early phase. Bing a kid or an grownup is no different. Merely being in another topographic point ( the uterus ) , and smaller, can non take away the world of slaying. Abortion is the violent death of an guiltless human being: slaying.

The moral inquiry of abortion focal points on the some of the followers: What is the nature of the being in the uterus that is destroyed by an abortion? Is it mere tissue? Is it portion of the adult female’s organic structure? Is it something that will go a kid? Or is it already a kid, a little babe non yet born? Scientific findings and careful philosophical analysis thereby demo that what lives in the uterus is a existent kid, a little individual, a human being basically like us, in the first stage of his or her being. So by reflecting on these affairs we reveal an simple point: The kid who is born and later grows into an grownup is the really same being who before birth was in his female parent’s uterus. He is a individual subsequently, he is a individual earlier, the really same individual. This is the continuum of human life.

There must be an overriding, warranting ground for doing the hurting that the unborn kid suffers from. A adult female wants to stop an unwanted gestation in a typical abortion state of affairs. Is this a sufficient ground for the grueling procedure of cutting a kid to pieces, or subjecting him or her to more than an hr of combustion? Pain should non be inflicted on the kid and there is a alternate, birth. Killing the kid is merely evil. Causing the kid, unborn or born hurting adds to the horror. The functioning neurological constructions necessary for hurting are in topographic point between eight and 13 and a half hebdomads, the encephalon constellation is already like the grownup encephalon and encephalon moving ridges have been noted at six hebdomads and most im

portantly, after the 8th hebdomad no farther development will organize. Everything is already present that will be found in a full term babe. If a full term babe can experience pain, so it is sensible to deduce that a babe that is basically similar him or her, one in whom everything is already present that will be found in the full-term babe, must besides experience pain the kid is destroyed by the force of abortion.

Sing everything we have seen so far, the pre-born kid should decidedly be given legal protection. The kid in the uterus is a individual, one of us; he should be given the same legal protection we have. Killing him is slaying and all slaying should be outlawed. To make that, it would do abortion illegal, a condemnable offense. Leting abortion is a signifier of favoritism. In leting abortion the jurisprudence is stating to a category of individuals:” Your excessively little, excessively dependent, non sufficiently developed. We can’t see you; you’re non in an environment like the remainder of us. So you don’t count. While it is a condemnable offense to kill other individuals, it is wholly right to kill you.” Blacks were treated as non-persons because they had the “incorrect” skin colour; the pre-born are treated as non-persons because they have the “incorrect” size, location, degree of development, etc. The differences are morally irrelevant. Legalized abortion is a signifier of bondage. The kernel of bondage is that a individual is treated as a thing, in the sense of being “owned,” as if he were a auto or a house. They are used or disposed of at will, In the instance of black bondage, slaves were used or disposed of at will. The inkiness were used as slaves, in the instance of abortion the kid is disposed of at will. No 1, non even the female parent has the right to handle any unborn as a thing and find his or hers fate. But the jurisprudence allows this and puts it’s blessing on it by doing it legal, it is an extra horror.

Finally, it is of import to emphasize the point that abortion is slaying. Otherwise one may hold the feeling that abortion, though incorrect, though it is the pickings of a human life, is someway less incorrect than ordinary slaying. It is non. It is the same thing, morally, as the deliberate violent death of a born guiltless individual.

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