Edvard Munch’s Biography Essay Sample For College

According to research Edvard Munch was born on 12 December 1863 in a town known as Loten found in Norway. He was the son of a military doctor who was well known as Christian Munch. Edverd did spend most of his life time in Kristiana or Oslo, the capital city of Norway. Edvard started attending classes in arts at the age of seventeen; this was influenced by his tutor Krong also well known as a naturalist painter. During time is when Edverd started realizing his talent. During the year of1885 he received a scholarship for three weeks that enabled him win a study in Paris, French Capital. (Dolnick, 2005)

One year later Edverd started his project dubbed as “the sick child”. the inversion of the new project was beneficial especially in his personal piece, The piece of art explored the darkness of Edved’s youth especially in paintings and art that was based on memories of memories that were left by his sister namely Sophie who was affiliated with tuberculosis. Although the works on the sick child was not welcomed by all critics it emerged one of the most significant works I he artist world I comparison to Vincent Van Gogh’S works. Other works that were done by the artist included “The day after day and Puberty”. Which were done at the same period.

Eventually Munch’s father died hence he decides to return to Paris for further studies. During the decades of 1891 the artist began the works on the sketch arts predestined for the scream that was observed as his eminent piece of art that integrated description of self photograph. In the year 1893, Munch offered some of his work of art work that emerged from a sequence dubbed as freeze of living which was afterward exhibited on Unter den Linden. The next decade saw Munch continue work on several pieces of art work, for instance “the Madonna and Asher’s are born”. (Holfoldt,1990).

It was until 1896 when Munch began experimenting the use of lithographs and wood arts that he did with the collaboration of Auguste. During the early 1900s, the artist continued his piece of painting known as freeze of life portraits and images but he eventually reverted.In 1902 Munch was plagued by misfortunes that witnessed an ill fated love and other several traumas in his life time. He even tried to commit suicide as a remedy to the circumstances but the mission fails instead he only wounded his hand. This impacted on is paintings whereby he made several paintings. In reference to (Arthur,1990). Munch was admitted and forwarded to a Psychiatrist hospital where he spent a couple of moths recovering from nerve failure.

Edvard Munch

In conclusion the artist continued working in his field of creating the mural paintings until when he joined Oslo City Hall. He finally died while in sleep on the month of January twenty third 1944..At the time of his demise he was 81 years old. “No longer shall I paint interiors with men reading and women knitting. I will paint living people who breathe and feel and suffer and love. “Edvard Munch. In deed Edvard was great artist. 1863-1944.

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Language Power: Experience, Knowledge, Skills

The power of language is a unique ability peculiar to human beings. Although some animals can communicate in non-verbal ways, making different sounds can hardly be called a speech. The language became the primary tool for communication between people, with which thoughts were transmitted from one person to another, from individual to society as a whole. In the modern world, people’s life is impossible without a language, since the birth, words, and expressions sound around them. Human life consists of interactions; the solution of specific issues depends on the effectiveness of the communication.

The most prominent example of the influence of language on society is the usage of proper language skills in politics. With their speech, the politicians create a specific image that is more or less convincing for those with whom they communicate (Mayr, Simpson, & Statham, 2018). The ability to speak gives the confidence to deliver a speech. Words and intonations help to build international relationships, inform about new events, organize work, and express feelings. The power of language consists of two major components: the capability to receive information and speak correctly. It means not only grammatical competence but also fluency, which helps to organize ideas logically, to discuss freely any topic, and to make a speech bright and literate. The success of communication largely depends on the level of development of these skills. Right expressions help to voice ideas and convey thoughts convincingly.

Eloquence suggests that a person is educated, has a high culture, and thinks outside the box. Another benefit is the fact that by learning a language, a person becomes smarter, because, those parts of the brain that are responsible for memory are involved; consequently, the brain absorbs information better. The power of language is a means of building relationships, receiving and transmitting new information, and expressing of one’s feelings. According to Baca (2019), the incapability to speak was most humiliating for him. “Words gave off rings of white energy, radar signals from powers that infused him with the truth” (Baca, 2019, p. 43). The more people are eager to succeed, the more they need to improve their language skills.

Going through this course, I learned much about literature and language. The latter has specific functions, such as cognitive, communicative, and social, which make it the basis of human communication (Rojo, 2016). I learned how to write research papers according to the academic writing process step-by-step. It has become clearer how to formulate the thesis and arguments in the different types of academic papers. Moreover, I acquired some research skills and learned how to find useful articles, data, especially how to evaluate the source credibility. From this point onward, I know how to use keywords, which might help me to write proper academic papers in the future. The meaning and value of my profession have become more evident to me. Speaking of communication, knowledge of several languages gives a person many new opportunities: education and information become more accessible due to a large number of different sources. Many of the most striking and high-quality publications are written exclusively in English. Doing the research helps to understand the subject better, exploring the main facts and opinions connected to the topic of study.

Finally, I want to congratulate all of the students for graduating. As we all manage the situation with the Coronavirus, this spring semester 2020 can also be called as COVID semester. A few years ago, the choice of this major, Health Science, must have been one of the most crucial life decisions. You have chosen a noble profession – to preserve the life and health of people. It is impossible to achieve this lofty goal without everyday work, and a great desire to overcome all difficulties, honestly fulfilling your medical duty, continually improve your professional skills. It will require great courage and enormous knowledge from you because the lives of people will be in your hands. Studying at the university remains one of the brightest pages in life. Students come to this university from different parts of the world. Despite some difficulties, together you learned to overcome them, helping and supporting each other. The experience gained at the university is of extraordinary value. Having mastered one of the most fascinating professions, you are now ready to contribute to society’s prosperity and development.

I want to take this opportunity to mention the importance of the course Writing 300. I am grateful for all the knowledge I received. It might be useful for each student’s future career, as the decision to hire graduates very often depends on their ability to speak the language effectively. The other meaning of the power of language is also essential. It is the transfer of experience, knowledge, and skills from generation to generation. Without a word, it would be impossible to know the past. The strength lies in bringing humanity together for some common, noble cause. When people begin to exchange and share their experiences, they continuously develop, improving this world and society around them.


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Multimodal Transportation Systems


Multimodal transportation system is the system of transportation of goods in which only one carrier is involved but there are more than one modes of transportation involved. In multimodal transportation the carrier uses the first mode of transport up to a certain level which it cannot go beyond then switches to the other mode of transportation (Atallah, 2005, p.1). In this process, a single documentation is required when transporting using the two modes of transport.

Types of multimodal transportation

There are different types of multimodal transport systems but in this case we only look at some of the main and commonly used examples such as the land – sea- land. In this type, the cargo is first transported by trucks to the port where it is shipped into vessels to travel by sea. It is then collected at the destination port then transported by road to its final terminus. In the above example the road transported can be substituted with rail transport to make it rail-sea-rail (Atallah, 2005, p.3). This mode is mainly used where the cargo being transported is heavy or bulky.

Another form is the Road-air-road which is a steadily growing multimodal service across the continent. This combination is well known for its fast and timely delivery of goods. For goods being moved across countries that are far apart, this mode would be of great help. This mode is also widely used in transportation of perishable goods like flowers. Not only are the goods delivered in real time over long distances they are also fitted with special facilities to handle fragile and perishable goods. This mode also offers high levels of security for the goods in transit.

Sea-air-sea is another widely growing transport mode. This system is mainly used in transportation of highly valuable goods such as electronics and electrical products. It is also used in transportation of seasonal goods such as clothing.

Benefits to the retailer

There is only one carrier involved and the contract too is one. This helps the retailer to know that they are dealing with only one carrier. Incase of any problem with the consignment the carrier will be liable and will not have anyone to blame unlike if there were two carriers. This saves the retailer the headache of dealing with many different people. The retailer can also be compensated in the event of a loss during the transportation process. In addition to this, there are few legal formalities required as the retailer is only presented with documents from one carrier. This saves the problem of too many documentation and legal formalities which tend to be time consuming and expensive due to government bureaucracy.

Multimodal transport system is also financially friendly as it tries within its means to ensure that the goods reach the retailers’ final destination at the right time, in the right condition and using the least possible resources (Litman, 2009, p.5). The retailer is then able to maximize their profit by incurring minimal transport costs. This mode of transport ensures minimal time loss in delivery. This is because all the work of transportation is left in the hands of the carrier whose duty is to ensure that the goods get to the destination timely. This is achieved if the carrier put in place pre-planned strategies for trans-shipment which will help save time in interchanging the mode of transport. Without proper planning and coordination the cargo may overstay as it waits interchange. Thus proper planning reduces the risk of pilferage, damage, loss and even cargo mishandling at the warehouse.


Multimodal transport system is an effective transportation process in which the retailers are relieved of the burden of transportation of their goods. This operation has seen the growth of many international businesses as there is a safe, fast and reliable transport system within countries and continents.

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