Effects Of Noontime Shows In Philippine Economy And Filipino Families Free Essay

Since telecasting came out in the Philippines in the 1950s.

it has become “the most accessible and most influential medium to the society” ( SEECTV. 2012 ) . The telecasting has become such an built-in portion of places in the modern universe that it is difficult to conceive of life without telecasting. Not merely for amusement value.

but Television is besides a valuable resource for advertisement and different sorts of scheduling ( Jezek Geno. 2014 ) . The Television affects many lives of Filipino people. One’s perceptual experience.

attitude. and behavior in political relations. instruction. wellness.

economic sciences. and the similar are besides affected.No affair how old you are. Televisions are powerful in impacting one’s life either positive or negative or even in both facets.

One that affects much in the Filipino society and economic system are the noontime shows. Most noontime shows are classified as game shows or assortment shows. Harmonizing to a research conducted by Second Year – BS Accountancy pupils that its effects to the Filipino households have invariably been really influential on the values of legion Filipinos.These assortment shows are entertaining.

touching. and assisting the lives of the Filipinos by their sections that exhibit humourous Acts of the Apostless and taglines. their expansive awards that turn tonss of Filipinos to millionaires and their other sections that help out many unfortunate Filipino households. Not merely the Filipino society and households.

but noontime shows besides affect the Filipino economic system. Filipino economic system is concern about these noontime shows because these things either will ensue with positive or negative results – the province of economic system is dependent to its people. Unhealthy people will certainly hold a hapless economic system.It was besides said that shows are under competition with the other shows where Philippine economic system is concerned about and to its effects to the Filipino households where they are seeking to take something to catch people’s attending.

The Filipino economic system with its noontime shows has its benefits. The bigger evaluation the show. the more chances of money to go around.Most particularly when the shows are shown outside the state.

the evaluation would likely acquire higher and higher even to the states outside Philippines. Noontime game shows have showcased two sets of audiences the balikbayan largely adult females with their foreign hubbies – the haves. The other side would be of class the have nots that comprises the marginalized whose professions ranges from balut sellers. takatak coffin nail male childs.

the dyaryo boteros and the palenkeras.This noontime show scenario merely says one thing: there is more money and chance abroad. By and large. the ambiance imbibes their audience to hold a mentality that fall ining the game.

coming to the studio as contestant or merely simply watching it would better one’s life ( Jethernandez. 2008 ) . These noontime shows besides help the Filipino economic system. specifically for a high evaluation of tourers who visit the state.

Like the twin sections entitled You’re My Foreignoy and You’re My Foreignay in the Filipino noontime show. Eat Bulaga in GMA – 7.It brings to illume its significance as non merely a mass cultural mention but besides in footings of oppugning the parametric quantities of belonging in a foreign civilization and the extent of being able to go a portion of a national history ( Juntado. 2014 ) .

In the noontime shows that have been practically taken over by all sorts of palaro. money is being made for the program’s manufacturers even as it is being given away. In these shows. most of their patrons do non merely topographic point ads.

but are besides allotted infinite on the phase for their streamers and have their names said aloud several times by the plan hosts.But there’s the hang-up ; in the old noontime shows. for illustration. much of the merriment was provided by professional entertainers who sang and danced or set on skits.

The few contests the plans had normally showcased a peculiar accomplishment or endowment — say singing or debating — and people clapped when participants were eventually rewarded their well-deserved awards ( Lorenzo. 2008 ) . Noontime shows besides affect the economic system when some crackbrained. cheap.

bunk noontime shows were shown where people make imbeciles of themselves. They merely show what the people want to see and non what they need to see ( Func. 2015 ) .They exploit adult females and abuse people’s intelligence.

Sometimes these shows frequently showed deficiency of regard towards others. Severe deficiency of common sense is what most Pinoys need to truly work on – the ability to inquiry and believe foremost. If the show easy falls quarry to even the typical “kwentong barbero” or “tsismis” about. how about the shows they watch every twenty-four hours? ( Func.

2015 ) . Filipinos are non dense and mindless non to recognize that they are blowing their clip watching bunk. useless. noontime shows.

Alternatively of happening some merriment in watching these shows. they will merely instead take a remainder and sleep.These three large noontime shows affect much in the Filipino society. civilization and the economic system either good or bad or both.

Two of these are still aerating in these present times. The longest noontime show in the Filipino telecasting is the Eat Bulaga. foremost aired by Radio Philippines Network or RPN 9 on July 30. 1979.

The program’s original nucleus consisted of the amusing three. Tito Sotto. Vic Sotto. and Joey de Leon ( TVJ ) .

This noontime show has become a showbiz establishment. Eat Bulaga has clip and once more defied the altering seasons. switching tendencies. stiff competition.

and a batch of dramatis personae alterations for 35 old ages ( GMA News. 2007 ) .The show is still on air up until now on channel GMA – 7. It’s Showtime ( once known as Showtime ) is a Filipino noontime musical assortment show broadcast on ABS-CBN.

The show is besides broadcast worldwide through The Filipino Channel. On October 24. 2009. Showtime premiered as a forenoon plan.

aerating before the network’s noontime shows. which served as the replacing of Pilipinas. Game KNB? The original dramatis personae consisted of Vhong Navarro. Anne Curtis.

Kim Atienza. Jugs Jugueta and Teddy Corpuz. and Vice Ganda as the lasting justice. It’s Showtime has been aerating since 2012.

Wowowillie was a Filipino noontime assortment show aired by TV5. The show premiered on January 26. 2013. and was broadcast unrecorded from TV5’s Delta Studio in Quezon City.

with its chief host and manufacturer. Willie Revillame. The show earned the differentiation of being the lone noontime plan to hold a Strong Parental Guidance evaluation from the MTRCB. which was imposed due to the dancers’ provocative outfits.

In September 2013. Revillame admitted in an interview that the show’s evaluations “fell below expectations” . and contemplated on a possible cancellation.The show aired its concluding episode on October 12.

2013. six months after its introduction. It was replaced by Sine Ko 5ingko Hapon on weekdays and Sabado Sinerama on Saturdays. Filipinos are known to be truly innately happy but it takes a batch to do them truly laugh.

So assortment shows at noontime are really entertaining to some. Some Filipinos would state that shows at noontime are really attention-getting and besides called as palaman during the lunch clip. When speaking about Filipino childs. some shows would likely be unhealthy to the ages such as those in the really immature age where Movie and Television Review and Classification.

Board ( MTRCB ) is concerned of. There are assortment shows which are suspended due to some misdemeanors sing in catching up viewing audiences where people at really immature age are subjected to non see or hear some actions on the shows which is non healthy at their age. Like the Wowowee where Pinoy migrators who hold get-togethers with fellow Pinoys frequently congregate around a telecasting set that has The Filipino Channel ( TFC ) in order to watch the show and acquire their childs larning to dance to the Ocho-ocho. Spaghetti Song.

and other sexually-explicit and unfit-for-public-broadcast crass embarrassments to Filipino individuality that really frequently acquire criticized by non-Filipinos.Those immigrant Filipino communities are merely little microcosms of what goes on in the teeming homesteader settlements and shanty-towns all throughout the state. where birthday parties of small misss aged 5. 6.

7. or older are celebrated with the same sexually-explicit vocals and dances popularized on the noontime shows ( Correct Philippines. 2015 ) therefore. non a healthy developmental milepost.

Besides. any sort of shows would be inappropriate when taking so long to watch particularly to pull the leg of where their diet would be really affected. It is noon and the clip to eat their tiffin.Some kids forgot to eat their nutrients and harmonizing to research.

there is a lifting instance of fleshiness. One survey showed that although there was no addition in exercising degrees. comparative organic structure mass index was lowered because the kids snacked less. take downing their mean ingestion by 100 Calories per twenty-four hours ( Guballa.

2008 ) . Noontime shows besides affect the exercising degree of the person when truly focused. Some besides. specifically at immature ages are reading less and hapless in concentrating.

In the same survey. it was found that male childs and misss with bedroom Television sets spent less clip reading than others ( Guballa. 2008 ) .Furthermore.

George Gerbner stated that telecasting besides have the powers to cultivate beliefs and values through the constructs‘occurrence in telecasting shows. In his theory “The Mean World Syndrome” . he identified two types of viewing audiences ; the heavy and light. The heavy viewer‘s insistent and brawny exposure to the same sort of information increases the chance of being affected by the show‘s content ( Littlejohn.

2008 ) .With this. a belief system about a certain subject is cultivated on the audience. This can be amplified through the procedure of resonance where the audience‘s position.

based from telecasting ingestion. is amplified by her/his personal experiences that are aligned with the position ( University of Twente ) .In the procedure. the Mean World Syndrome would be an mentality of how the universe is by and large perceived as a average environment.

due to the cultivation of force among the heavy- screening audiences. This hence creates a chilling position of universe. With resonance. a happenstance of an audience‘s personal experience with the predominating position of the universe would do the universe even scarier.

The theory besides states how Television sing leads to acquisition of incidental information based on the focal point. engagement. capacity of the audience. or the nature of screening.

This would take to building of their societal world as amplified by their personal interaction and experiences in the existent universe ( University of Twente ) . In contrast. noontime assortment shows are non merely as an amusement to Filipinos but besides an instrument to some for them to stand up. particularly with their game.

sections. and they give chances to the people in demand for them to get by up with a circle of life. They had besides sections advancing a game. Noontime shows besides helped people to demo.

to develop. and to heighten their different endowments and accomplishments.Merely like in Xavier University “With It’s Showtime’s great influence and exposure to Filipino viewing audiences. XUFD 2014 besides had a amusing version of the said noontime show and organized its really ain endowment competition dubbed “X-Ur show.

X-Ur clip. It’s XU- Time. The competition was participated in by six gifted groups competing to go XU-Time’s expansive victor. ” ( Magallanes.

2014 ) . Noontime shows manner back was a battlefield for a spelling competition for simple and high school pupils. Like the “IQ-7. a quiz show that was portion of GMA-7’s Student Canteen in the ‘80s.

in which contestants truly used their encephalons ( Lorenzo. 2008 ) .Some shows were the Mathtinik. Sineskwela.

and more. The noontime shows make the Filipino households feel relax that the lone manner to assist them bury about their jobs are to be entertained. Help alleviate relentless feelings of depression or general unhappiness. It is like their relieving emphasis to avoid the sensed unpleasant or commonplace facets of day-to-day life.

A station on Tumblr from “Filipino Culture” that noontime shows help the household to bond and laugh together while watching these noontime shows. These better household ties and helps in fastening the bond of Filipino households.These shows are a cogent evidence that Filipinos are standing together. although non all are fortunate to be chosen.

Harmonizing to some Filipinos. they besides get some lessons. The Filipino rendering of a successful noontime show doesn’t truly hold any synonymy with the Western return on the assortment or game show. It focuses on the person.

endowments. and humor ; if of all time there would be any games. they are more frequently both substance and vehicle for a political economic system of emotions. The aim of the Filipino noontime show is to be.

to an extent ; personal with those it places its attending on ( Juntado. 2014 ) .

Confucianism Virtues In Disney’s Mulan

Mulan is a 1998 Disney movie based on a two-thousand twelvemonth old Chinese fable of a immature miss. Fa Mulan. who in secret joins the Chinese ground forces to convey back award to her household.

In China. one of the chief faiths practiced is Confucianism. Throughout the film underlying subjects of Confucianism virtuousnesss can be seen such as ; award for household and ascendants. responsibility to one’s ego and devotedness to order in society.

( SpiritualityPractice ).There are many illustrations of household award and honouring 1s ascendants in Mulan. The film opens with Mulan fixing to affect the matcher to continue her family’s award while her male parent is praying to the ascendants that she will happen a good lucifer. Mulan’s meeting with the matcher ends in catastrophe conveying dishonour to her household ( Disney‘s Mulan ).

Soon after a message from the emperor arrives declaring one male from every household must travel to war. Fa Zhou. Mulan’s male parent. uprightly takes his order to function.

because there is no boy to function in his topographic point. Even though Fa Zhou is old and disable. he had instead die for his state than to disgrace his household by non traveling to war. Fa Zhou is the greatest illustration of the virtuousness of devotedness to order in society in the movie ( Disney‘s Mulan ) .

To reconstruct her family’s award and to maintain her handicapped male parent from traveling to war. Mulan disguises herself as a male child and joins the Chinese ground forces ( Disney‘s Mulan ) . In the movie there is besides a firedrake named. Mushu.

trusting to recover award for himself. Mushu is a demoted defender of the Fa Family. Mushu had antecedently dishonored the household and has since non been allowed to be a guardian. Mushu comes up with a program to convey award back to himself by traveling after Mulan to steer her to go a war hero ( Disney‘s Mulan ).

As a miss. Mulan’s merely responsibility to herself is to happen a suited hubby that will take attention of her throughout her life. Marrying well is besides the lone manner Mulan can convey award to her household as a miss.When Mulan is feigning to be a male child her responsibilities to herself are to go a great solider and by making this she can convey award to her household.

Mulan must besides go a great solider as a responsibility to others. If she is non a great solider she would allow down her fellow soldiers who she must function with to protect the emperor. Mulan at first is a awful solider but rapidly becomes better and wins over her equals in the ground forces ( Disney‘s Mulan ).In one scene Mulan and her fellow military personnels face the Huns.

Mulan heroically saves herself and military personnels but while making so is cut in the side by the Hun leader. When Mulan is given medical attending. her secret is discovered. Shang.

her captain. alternatively of killing her for her act of perfidy leaves her to travel place while Shang and the military personnels march toward the Imperial City ( Disney‘s Mulan ).Mulan eventually regains her family’s award by get the better ofing the Huns and salvaging the emperor. By salvaging the emperor.

she besides maintains her responsibility to society. The emperor awards her with the highest awards and asks her to be in his council.Mulan chooses to travel place and be with her household alternatively. She returns transporting gifts of award to her male parent who throws them aside and as he tells her.

“Having you for a girl. is the greatest award of all. ” Shang shows up to return Mulan’s helmet to her. and he so stays for dinner.

It is alluded to that Mulan and Shang shortly start a wooing.The film ends with Mushu besides recovering his place as a defender of the Fa household followed by a party with him and the other ascendants ( Disney’s Mulan ) . The movie Mulan is a good illustration of Confucian responsibilities in China. Mulan helps Westerners gain an thought of what life in a Confucian civilization might hold been like in the clip of Mulan.

THe Yellow Wallpaper & A Jury Of Her Peers

Audience: Women who are controlled by men.

Purpose: To show how women were treated during this time period.

“The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and “A Jury of Her Peers” by Susan Glaspell reflected the time period where men dominated women. Over the years the roles that men and women play in society have been changed tremendously. It used to be that women were solely confined to house work, cooking, and taking care of their children. The men in most families were considered to be the winners in the household. In “A Jury of Her Peers” and “The Yellow Wallpaper,” the author’s symbolism and imagery to inform in conveying the place of women in society, and their struggle with gender inequality In “The Yellow Wallpaper,” a couple had moved into a house to relieve her sickness that her husband had diagnosed. The woman is not named because it is directed to all women and not just one. Her husband is a physician and in the story she praises him dearly. She writes, “He is very careful and loving, and hardly lets me stir without special direction.” It shows that she speaks of his total control over her without meaning to and how she has no choices whatsoever. This control is perhaps so fixed in our main character that it is even seen in her secret writing; “John says the very worst thing I can do is to think about my condition…so I will Vu 2

let it alone and talk about the house.” Her husband states, “We came here solely on my account, that I was to have perfect rest and all the air I could get. Your exercise depends on your strength, my dear and your food somewhat on your appetite; but air you can absorb all the time. So we took the nursery at the top of the house,” which he suggests that she gets enormous amounts of bed rest and no human interaction at all. He chooses a prison-like room in which the woman describes it as,” a big, airy room, the whole floor nearly, with windows that look all ways, and air and sunshine galore. It was nursery first and then playroom and gymnasium, I should judge; for the windows are barred for little children, and there are rings and things in the walls.” The room in which she stayed in shows us that she is treated as a child.

The yellow wallpaper reflects what the main character is really going through and feeling and the woman that stirs and creeps within the wall is literally herself which is found out when the housekeeper mentions that “the paper stained everything it touched, that she had found yellow smooches on all my clothes and John’s, and she wished we would be more careful!” She wants to tear the confining wallpaper down that holds this imaginary woman in just as she wants to tear the confining way of life her husband has chosen for her. In the end, the main character locks herself in the yellow room to finally tear all of the wallpaper down so that the woman can never be put back and imprisoned forever. Her husband ends up fainting and the main character “kept on creeping just the same, but I looked at him over my shoulder.” This madness seems without reason, but it is a long and overdue release of restrictions that her husband had forced upon her for so long, much like the limitation that all of society had on women for so long. Gilman describes the feelings that women had in her time and what could very well happen if women were to be kept quiet and reserved to only live as a man saw in good health.

Vu 3

In the last 1800’s, men were the ones that had a voice and control over the family. In this story, Mrs. Wright kills her husband for herself and for unequal of freedom. The author favors women in this story because she sees the lack of freedom for women in the society. On the other hand, men were the bad characters in the story because Glaspell wants to show the readers that men should not have all the control. In “A Jury of Her Peers”, Susan Glaspell shows the conflict between men and women and the favoritism between them.

Glaspell illustrates how this highly stereotypical role can create oppression for women and also bring harm to men as well. Character names are very important in A Jury of her Peers. The two characters, John and Minnie Wright, are the focus of the story. The name Minnie has significant symbolism. Minnie is derived from mini or minimized, which was very descriptive of her oppressed relationship with John and also the male insensitivity toward most women in society. Woman taking their husband’s last names is also very significant in the story. The women in the story are not given first names, and are referred to only as Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters. The role that society has cast upon them is defined by their husbands. Mrs. Peters, who is married to the sheriff, is viewed in those terms.

Mr. Peter, the county attorney, says “for that matter a sheriff’s wife is married to the law” She reinforces that identity until she is faced with the brutality of what John Wright did to Minnie. She says “I know what stillness is. The law has got to punish Crime, Mrs. Hale.” The difference is she is talking about the crime committed against Minnie, not the murder of John by Minnie. The Rocking chair is another important symbol in the story. The chair symbolizes the absent Minnie Wright. The rocking chair “was dingy, with wooden rungs up the back, and the Vu 4

middle rung was gone, and the chair sagged to one side” which was not anything like Mrs. Hale used to remember it being. Mrs. Hale also speaks of Minnie Foster, Foster being her maiden name, “I wish you’d seen Minnie Foster when she wore a white dress with blue ribbons and stood up there in the choir and sang. Mrs. Hale then says “how-she- did-change.” The rocking chair had depreciated over the years just like Minnie Foster, but Minnie Foster’s change was due to John’s abuse which denied her individuality and imprisoned her in a stereotype that was mentally debilitating. This ultimately led Minnie to kill John and escape the abuse.

Other significant symbols in the story are the bird and the birdcage. Mrs. Hale describes Minnie, before her marriage, as “kind of like a bird herself-real sweet and pretty, but kind of timid and fluttery.”The bird is caged just as Minnie is trapped in the abusive relationship with John. The women in both stories have been forced to band together. Their oppressive lives keep them at a low social level, constantly wearing them down mentally. Men keep these women physically and mentally confined, forcing them to take action against this painful way of life. Women are believed to be unimportant and unable to participate in some duties due to a second class citizen status, causing them to be more connected to each other and ready to seek revenge against an arrogant, male dominated society.