Employment Relationship: Nature And Tensions Essay Example

Briefly explain Human Resource Management – ensure you explain the various activities that are conducted under HRM. Provide a variety of research in your explanation.

In modern literature two versions of Human resource management have been emphasized these are the rational approach which emphasis on aligning business strategy and Human resources and view people as a resource in the business and as a cost that must be controlled. The other version is the soft approach which emphasis on investment in training and development and employee motivation to ensure that they are loyal and highly skilled to give the business a competitive edge. Pride. Hughes and Kapoor, (2009) state that the activities involved in human resources management are acquiring, maintaining and developing the people resources in the organization. Acquisition involves human resources planning, job analysis, recruiting, selection and orientation. Maintaining employees involve managing the employee relations, compensation and employee benefits. Employee development involves training and performance appraisal (Bratton and Gold, 1999)

Human resources management is defined as a function that includes activities such as staffing needs, recruitment and training, dealing with performance issues and dealing with regulations that relate to personnel. The activities include managing the approach to employee benefits and compensation and employee policies and records (McNamara 2010).Bach (2005) defines human resources management as the activities associated with the management of the employment relationships in the firm.

Chose one HRM activity and explain how this activity can impact on employee performance. Provide a variety of research in your explanation.

According to Jones & Wright (1992) as quoted by Huselid, (1995) the various human resources management activities help to improve the knowledge, skills and abilities of the employees, improve their motivation, reduce shirking and enhance performance of good employees.

In the study by Afaq and Khan (n.d) on the impact of training on employee performance it is concluded that training is essential for employee performance since in the modern business field there is need for efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness. Training is important for continuous improvement in service delivery which translates to better performance for the firm.

In their study Cooney, Terziovski and Samson (2000) state that the adoption of quality management practices also entails increase in employee development trough training so as to improve performance. Training is required to enable employees to handle increased responsibilities which come with the adoption of quality management, to be able to participate in quality improvement responsibilities that require non-technical skills, and to respond to changes in the market. The study by Babaita, (2010) in banks in Nigeria showed that employee productivity which results in firm profitability is a major driving force for investment in training and management development.

Reflect on your own experience as an employee – are HR activities undertaken at your workplace? How would you rate the effectiveness of these HR activities?

Some of the HR activities undertaken at my workplace include employee development through training and team building activities, very strict recruitment procedures, employee compensation, appraisal and handling of employee grievances.

The first activity that has a great impact on the employee productivity and thus firm performance is the strict recruitment procedure. This is applied to all levels of management including the cleaners thus ensuring the firm has the best quality of staff. The recruitment procedure ensures that the final candidates for any job are people who will contribute to the advancement of the firm’s objectives.

Employee appraisal procedures ensure that employees are performing at the required level at all times. This also ensures that high performance is rewarded thus motivating those not performing to do so. The grievance handling mechanism and the compensation mechanisms employed by the HR function are very helpful in ensuring that any hindrances to employee performance are handled so as to ensure that they are performing as required.

The teambuilding activities are essential for employee motivation. These include fun activities such as weekend outings and drink-ups. These enable people to know each other and thus work well together. Training is also a very important part of the organization. Since technology is a major part of the business employees have to remain updated on all developments so as to ensure the firm remains competitive. This is done within the company or by sponsoring employees to attend the relevant corses where they are offered.

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Rational Emotive Therapy For Identifying Emotions, Thoughts And Solving The Issue

People have a way of expressing their inner feelings. Rational Emotive Therapy helps to identify a person’s emotions, thoughts and provides a means for solving the issue. The paper would discuss the RET method.

Activating Event

One day the police found my colleagues and me chatting in a food café. When my eyes met with one of them for the third time, they come to the table, roughed me up and took me into custody. After interrogation, they released me without any charges.

Consequent Emotions

I felt so bad that just looking at a police officer could get me into trouble. My friends spread rumors that the police had found me guilty of stealing a gun. Everyone in the neighborhood hated me for the incident. I never went out because of how people treated me. I decided never to associate with any of them again.

Emotions Desired In Future

I would not like to judge people by what they think about me. The best thing is to know who I am and what I am capable of being. The police were just curious. They were looking for the culprit.

I thought that the police would use anything to find me guilty. I thought that maybe they were just doing their work. I became worried that I was going to jail. The statement did not represent the objective evidence. It did not protect my goals and my life. It did not eliminate my inner conflict, but it kept me out of unwanted conflict with others.

I thought I had lost the people I always knew and trusted. I thought that they had not understood the situation. I became hateful towards them. The insane statement did not consider the objective evidence, but it did not protect my goals and my life. It did not eliminate my inner conflict and did not keep me out of unwanted conflict with others.

I thought that I was alone in the world. I also thought that I should explain to my friends and family so that I can win them back. I made it my goal not to associate with anyone. The insane statement did not consider the objective evidence, and neither did it protect my goals and my life. It did not eliminate my inner conflict, but it kept me out of unwanted conflict with others.

Rational Alternative and Emotions Desired In Future

I should always see others as friends even when they have a different opinion about me. Being in police custody does not make me guilty. I should not always worry about things that happen to me. Having a clear mind and stating my objective stand would help me to stay active. I would like to become a better person. My Mantra would be that the best person to change me is inside me.

Rational Alternatives

  1. I must accept other people’s personal views about me.
  2. I am worthwhile even before I do anything.
  3. I have control over my happiness.
  4. My past does not predict my future.
  5. I must become creative and open minded.
  6. I must stay focused on the good things that happen.
  7. I should take responsibility for my life.
  8. I should not close my mind to possibilities.
  9. I should be ready for any difficulties and responsibilities in life.
  10. Some people are bad because they have some past unresolved problems.
  11. I should try to help other individuals in problems.
  12. I should not follow what I do not trust.
  13. I must accept my mistakes, but I should solve those that I can solve.

The Role Of Life-Wide Learning And Personal Development

In my belief, while getting a sound education is of uttermost importance in the life of an individual, complimenting it with other activities outside of the school setting not only increases the value of education but also results in personal development. For this reason, I have tried to ensure that I am involved in off school experiences even as I strive for academic excellence. In particular, I have involved myself in some work experiences which have had a big impact on my life and made me develop greatly as an individual.

I am currently pursuing my Masters level degree at Surrey University and during the academic year 2009-2010, I had 2 work experiences that were especially inspiring to me. It is my hope that with my description of these work experiences that I have undertaken in addition to my academic programme, you shall find me a worthy candidate for the Life-wide Learning Essay Award.

During the summer of 2010, I worked at a large consulting firm. To me, working for this organization presented a huge opportunity since I had the chance to learn about the intricate workings of the various departments. The department with interested me the most was the Human Resource Department of the company. I was required to write a 20,000-word dissertation analyzing the impact of organizational retrenchment strategies on job satisfaction.

The research work that I engaged in could be used not only in the context off public policy but also by any theorist or business practitioner who wishes to understand the impact that retrenchment may exert on job satisfaction. This research work coupled with my experiences in the HR department was the two factors which sparked my desire to pursue a second Master’s Degree in Human Resource.

In my work experience, I found the “human” side of the business especially appealing and challenging. I also got to appreciate why it is asserted that people are an organization’s most valuable asset. As I worked in the HR department, I was continually convinced of the significance of people in an organization and my experiences indisputably made me realize that human resources are quintessential in the highly competitive business environment. One of the most important lessons that I learnt was that much attention should be paid on the Human Resources of an organization since employee involvement results in higher productivity by the work force.

As I was working as part of the HR staff in the consulting firm, I came to truly appreciate the value that a solid educational background can have in one’s work experience. My academic background in business had a positive impact and played a pivotal role in the successes that I obtained in my tenure with the company. I also observed how adept the HR Manager was in his work and while it was obvious that some of his accomplishments were due to some inherent character traits in him, the major reason for his successes where the sound theory which he applied in his dealings

The second work experience is the one I am engaged in currently; working part-time at Surrey University’s Additional Learning Support (ALS) as an academic support worker. To my amazement, this job has resulted in great personal development for me as I have made many personal discoveries about myself as well as learnt to appreciate other people better. This work experience has resulted in the development of some values which I believe will be of great significance in my life.

One of the values I have developed as I work with the disabled students is positive attitude. This positive attitude to me means always being optimistic and maintaining the belief that a positive change will occur. This positive attitude has resulted in promoting of the self worthiness in my students therefore increasing their self-belief which makes them strive to achieve goals that would otherwise have seemed impossible to reach.

My patience has also been significantly increased as I work with my students. Patience is the ability to wait steadfastly without losing hope for a particular outcome. As a result of my work experience as an Academic Support Worker, I have come to take my time and not expect everything to work out instantly. I have come to appreciate the fact that at some times, it may take a lot of time for the desirable results to occur and one can only see the favorable results if they take the time to wait for it to happen. Quite unexpectedly, my communication skills have been enhanced as a result of my work experience at Surrey University’s Additional Learning Support.

Part of my responsibility is accompanying students to the classes and taking notes on their behalf. I also have to relay the notes to the students and at times, this involves rewording the notes in a form that my students can better understand and looking for positive response from my students. I have therefore become keener on people’s body language which at times tells more than a person is saying.

Arguably the greatest lesson that I have learnt even as I teach the disabled students is the value of respect. Through my interaction with my students, I have learnt that treating other with dignity at all times is not only the polite thing to do but it results in many positive benefits. I have therefore aspired to be non-discriminating or have a judgmental attitude towards others when dealing with them regardless of their situation. This respect has inevitably resulted in my building of trust with my students and maintaining the same on a mutual basis. It is my believe that in my future career in the business world, this values and experiences that I have gained outside of school will be of immense benefit both to me and to the people I shall work with or for.

Through this essay, I have articulated two work experiences which have had significant bearings in my life. I can truthfully say that I am a more mature and knowledgeable person as a result of these experiences. I believe that my experience represent what is embodied by the Life-wide Learning Essay Award which is acquisition of values, learning experiences and personal development outside of the school setting. It is my hope that for all this, I shall be favorably considered for the Life-Wide Learning Essay Award.

What the Award Means to me

To me, life-wide learning means using experiences outside of the school setting to enhance a individuals net worth and possibly result in personal growth and development. This is based on the understanding that while the education that one achieves in school is of great significance, the experiences that we gain outside of the class setting are pivotal since we this is the setting in which school is molding us to operate in. Life-wide learning appreciates the fact that it there is a lot to be gained from diverse experiences and as such, every student should aim to gain more than just the academic aspect while at school.

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