Essay About My Goals And Ways To Achieve Them Sample Assignment

My goals during away rotations are to gain insight as to how life could be as a resident of the program, broaden my clinical skillset, and to discover the type of emergency medicine that best suits my personality. Based on my research of the UCSF-Fresno Emergency Medicine program, and the city itself, I genuinely believe I would be happy doing a residency in Fresno, and would enjoy the opportunity to experience both firsthand.

The aspect of the program I am most excited about is the potential to gain a tremendous amount of clinical experience. Part of my interest in emergency medicine stems from the acuity and diversity of cases. Fresno’s geographical location lends itself to a diverse population consisting of both city and rural problems. When paired with the high-volume of visits, this mix of issues will certainly test my adaptability and give me insight into whether I prefer community vs. academic hospitals, and city vs. non-urban environments. Additionally, due to the low-density of specialists in the Central Valley, it is my understanding that there is the unique, but ample, opportunity for observing and practicing procedures that would otherwise be delegated to consult services. And it’s certainly something I look forward to taking full advantage of if given the chance. Together, these experiences will bring me closer to discovering what type of emergency physician I should become.

Additionally, I believe I would enjoy living in Fresno based on my personal background, hobbies, and hearing the trusted opinions of people familiar with the area. I grew up in an area where the population consisted predominantly of lower to lower-middle class families (expanded on in the optional essay below). So, while Fresno may get a bad rap from Californians, the city sounds very similar to my hometown; it’s a place where I can feel comfortable and can connect with on a deeper level. Having said that, I have heard many positive things about Fresno that make me excited about living there. First, there’s the big city-feeling without the traffic or cost-of-living. As someone who has experienced Seattle and Washington D.C. traffic, these are huge positives. Also, I would be interested in buying a house during residency, and it sounds like this would be feasible in Fresno. Second, I am a huge fan of cooking, videography, and photography. The city’s agricultural backbone and proximity to national parks is a stunning combination for people with similar hobbies: farmers’ markets with the freshest ingredients and iconic backdrops of nature.

Overall, I have a strong interest in the UCSF-Fresno EM residency program and can imagine myself living in the area. With a 1-month elective rotation, I hope to learn a lot about myself, the city, and whether I am a good fit for the program.

Things My Mother Didn’t Teach Me About Love

If I asked you what love is, what would you say?

You might not be able to express it in words, but if you were to answer with a picture, what would it be? Your favourite dog or cat, the house you grew up in, the warm, familiar hug of your grandmother or the smile on your lover’s face when they look at you?

What if I told you that love is none of those things and yet all of those things? What if I told you that even though you have been in love, you didn’t know what it was. For it’s possible to experience something without understanding it but with understanding, comes a deeper level of experience.

We often get carried away with our emotions because we’re drunk on the fantasies of the one we desire. They’re constantly on our minds but ironically, what we’re thinking about is ourselves. How happy they make us feel or could make us feel if they did this or that.

But the thing is Love is not about you, it’s about the other person

It’s not about getting, it’s about giving, wholeheartedly without expecting anything in return. Yes, without expecting anything in return. Love is like a gift. It is the only gift we give that remains with us, to carry around in our hearts. But like most gifts, it is the other person’s to do with as they want. And yes, they can decide they don’t want it. When you start thinking of ways to get them to feel the same way then it becomes about you and what you want. And that is not love, it is manipulation.

So when you do nice things for that person, what is your motivation? Is it to make them happy? If your motive is to influence how they feel about you, then you’re expecting something in return.

I get that this notion of giving love ”freely” might seem detrimental to your heart, but it’s not.

If everyone gave love without expecting it back, everyone would get love without having to demand it.

Love doesn’t seek to bind, it allows the other its freedom…to leave or stay

As the cliché goes, ‘’if you love someone, set them free…’’. It’s easy to give this advice when it’s someone else’s relationship, but flip the script and we’ll be the ones holding on tighter than a drowning man.

The ‘’in love” feeling is a lot like a drug. It leaves you intoxicated on some kind of emotional high that you get addicted to and like any junkie will tell you, it is difficult to stay away from your ”fix”. That explains why breakups can hurt so much. So yeah, I get it.

But love is understanding that no one should remain in your life to make YOU happy. They should leave if it makes THEM happy. It is wanting the best for the other, even if they decide that their best is NOT you. This can be painful to deal with, the knowledge that the one you love, wants someone else. It can leave you feeling inadequate and unworthy but it’ll help to know that their choice isn’t necessarily a reflection of your worth.

You can be perfect without being someone’s kind of perfect.

To truly love another, you must love yourself first

What does it mean to love yourself?

It is feeling complete even though you don’t have everything you want. It is feeling beautiful even with your scars and flaws. Loving yourself means being the source of your happiness, that way your relationship status never tips the balance. You’re happy to be with someone and you’re just as happy to be by yourself (notice I didn’t say to ‘’be without them’’) because it’s not about their presence or absence. It’s about the fact that your happiness can’t be taken away from you because it was not given to you.

People are going to come into your life and not every one of them will stay. Loving yourself is realizing that YOU are the only constant factor in your life. Until you get to that point, loving another will be a weak, desperate attempt at seeking validation. You’ll think you love them but what you love is the newfound sense of importance you feel because someone is paying you some attention. I say this because it is impossible to give to another that which you cannot give yourself.

Everyone proclaims ‘’self-love’’ these days, yet most find it difficult to walk away from situations that threaten their peace and emotional well-being. Ultimately, the way you allow people to treat you is the true reflection of how you feel about yourself.

If you’re constantly dependent on someone else for your happiness, love will always be something you chase. But when you’re the source of your happiness, love becomes something you give.

Love is more than a feeling, it’s a decision.

Feelings are very fickle, they come and go. So basing your commitment to someone on how you feel alone is like trusting the weather to always be bright and sunny. But sometimes it rains, sometimes it’s dark and cloudy, sometimes there’s thunder and lightning. The point is no matter how many butterflies are in your belly right now, you’re not always going to feel that way. Question is what happens when you don’t?

But when love is a decision you’re compelled by a force greater than your feelings, your will. And so you’ll find that you love the person even when their actions aren’t likeable. You’ll love them when they’re cheerful & cute and when they’re annoying & rude. You’ll love them when they’re cocky & confident and when they’re weak & insecure. You’ll love them when they’re laughing at your jokes and when they’re snoring loudly at three in the morning. You’ll respect their wildest dreams and understand their deepest fears.

When love is a decision, you accept them completely. You don’t get to choose what parts you want.

A broken cistern cannot hold water, a broken heart cannot give love

I’ll be honest, love in the real sense of it puts you at the risk of getting hurt. And when you’ve been hurt once or twice, it’s normal to become guarded with your emotions. But there is a thin line between being guarded and being defensive. The former helps you to be more perceptive in your choice of a potential partner while the latter makes you build walls around your heart, complete with barbed wires to protect you from getting hurt.

Being guarded comes from a position of strength while being defensive comes from a position of fear. You might think that the right person will be able to break down your walls, cross seven seas and slay three dragons just to get to your heart. Pop culture and romance novels will make you believe that it’s a just cause for the one who’s worthy. But the truth is, in real life that could be exhausting for the one who’s trying. They might very well wonder if it is worth it and it won’t mean that they don’t love you. People are just more willing to give love to someone open to receiving it.

So yeah, the walls that you’ve put up might protect you but they’ll also prevent love from getting to you.

If you’re dealing with past hurt that’s preventing you from being open and vulnerable, take some time out where you’re deliberately single so you can focus on yourself and heal. Getting into another relationship before you’re emotionally ready could be disastrous for the other person.

Like a wounded lion, hurt people, hurt other people. And a broken person can only give brokenness.

If you’re reading this, I hope that you experience love in all its fullness, beauty and power.

There are too many mediocre things in the world, love shouldn’t be one of them.

Personality Reflection Essay

In my personality reflection report I will be discussing the how each score relates to me as a person and my reaction of the outcome of my scores. My scores on Turst versus Mistrust were (13) (10), Autonomy versus Doubt and Shame (9) (8), Initiative versus Guilt (11) (13), Industry versus Inferiority (8) (13), Identity versus Identity Difference (11) (9), Intimacy versus Isolation (8) (5), Generatively versus Stagnation (10) (14). In all true honesty, I was not surprised to see the scores related to my personality and characteristics. They actually showed true accuracy of my personality and of who I am. According to Erikson’s stages, I developed Trust versus Mistrust between birth and age one. Of course I can’t remember my my infant years, but I know that I did have a loving home with both parents and my primary caregiver was my mother. This stage is developed through. Basic trust, but both the development of syntonic and distonic are both an important development state to be able to move on to the next stage in life.

My Autonomy versus Doubt and Shame numbers were pretty close in score, According to Erikson, I developed this stage at the age of 2-3, and had to do with anal-urethral-muscular mode. It was a time of learning essential foundations of will and ability to self discipline and also developed shame and doubt, due to authority related to discipline and social norms.

In Initiative versus Guilt my Guilt score was slightly higher than my Initiative. According to Erickson, this development stage I developed between 3 and 5 years old. This development is an important stage. While children need to learn independence a parents guidance and discipline plays an important role, but at the same guilt can take over and lead to behavior problems later in life.

In Industry versus Inferiority, my Inferiority score was higher, and according to Erikson, this stage is between ages 6 and 11, and is a state of development, recognition and capabilities, I was surprise at my score, because this doesn’t describe my personality. During this stage praise and acknowledgment is important and positive support is very important for success, while negative reenforcement can be detrimental to any child’s full potential growth.

In Identity versus Identity Difference, my score was higher in Identity than in Role Confusion. This stage is between ages 12 to 20. According to Erikson, psychosocial crisis plays a big part of adolescent years, but cr. Finding one’s identity can lead to being rebellious to role confusion from nagging parents who don’t allow them to explore their own ideas and make their own mistakes. Thought and process are developing rapidly and social interactions is important.

In Intimacy versus Isolation, my score was higher in intimacy.. According to Erikson, this state is between mid 20’s. This stage is a stage where love bonds, commitment and trust in a relationship are essential, if one’s identity has not be has not been found, then relapse can happen, and a person may not be able to move forward.

In Generatively versus Stagnation my score was higher in Stagnation, which I believe might have been accurate at one point. According to Erickson, this stage is a midlife reflection on what you have accomplished so far. In this stage, I realize that I have made many changes to my life. One example is returning to school to complete something in my life that was unfinished. The Psychosocial Stages have definitely been an eye opener relating it back to how my life has continued to play out. It was very interesting to see my reflections through the stages of Erikson’s eight stages of psychosocial development.

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