Evaluating Ray Bradbury’s Writing Essay Example For College

A quality piece of literature is determined by its well-developed content. If it consists of various literary devices and literary elements, the author’s work can be considered “good. ” Using the short story, “Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed”, by Ray Bradbury as an example, the inclusion of the literary elements characterization, symbolism, and theme, as well as other literary devices: tone and simile contribute to its superiority. The protagonist, Harry, is characterized in the beginning as a average family man who is trying to do what is bests for his family by moving to Mars.

He is suspicious of the unknown planet, but from the little knowledge he has, he believes they will be safer in their temporary home rather than on war-stricken Earth. He begins to notice strange changes in the plants and animals he eats. This triggers his immediate panic towards retreating back to Earth. Once the rockets, their only way back home, are destroyed, all hope is lost. Harry and his family are forced to remain on the plagued planet with no escape. They were “stranded on Mars, forever and ever” (481).

This changes Harry. He becomes obsessed with building his own rocket in order to return home to Earth. He starts to notice notable changes in his own family which drives him even harder. In the end, his endeavors fail him, for when the rockets are rebuilt and humans travel to Mars to rescue the settlers, there is no one left but Martians. The theme, humans in general shouldn’t forget about the past because it can be used to reflect upon events in the present, is Zmek- 2 developed around Harry’s changes.

Harry and his family ignored the warnings of the ancient ruins and naively settled in the area. Symbolism contributes to the quality of the short story by creating a deeper meaning to various aspects of the plot. The ancient Martian ruins, for example, represent a mistake that is haunting the stranded people on Mars. They are a distant memory of what once inhabited the same area. Harry recognizes this and says, “We’re Earth people. This is Mars. It was meant for Martians” (480).

He desperately wants to return home because he feels like an intruder on someone else’s land. Another symbol that appears in the short story is the rockets. They are the only way of escaping Mars if something goes wrong. When they are destroyed, it represents the humans’ past lives on Earth that will soon be forgotten. They will start a new life as Martians on their own home planet, Mars. The literary devices tone and simile are well used throughout the author’s writing. Tone is the overall feel or scene in a story that provokes emotion.

Harry displays tone by saying, “we must get away… we’ll eat this stuff and then we’ll change- who knows to what” (483). This tone expresses Harry Bittering’s deep distress and anxiety towards the change in appearance in his friends and family. Several similes can be found in “Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed” as well. Some examples are “… baked liked gingerbread shapes in Martian summers” (481) and “summer moved like flame upon the meadows” (489). These similes add character and contribute to the quality of the literature.

Ray Bradbury created an excellent story by combining literary elements and devices to establish theme, character development, symbolism and tone. Harry Bittering is concrete in his Zmek- 3 personality and beliefs throughout most of the story, but changes in appearance from the beginning to the end. This sets the stage for the overall theme, and symbols are used to represent a deeper meaning for objects shown in the plot. These aspects are what make “Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed”, a “good” piece of literature.

Women Are Better Parents Than Men

Women make better parents than men and this is the reason why they have the greater role in raising children in most societies. Others claim that men are just as good as women at parenting. Introduction A quality relationship between parents and their children is the most important thing in a family and in children’s development. For parents, the most precious asset of their life will always be their children. As a result, their priorities will be to raise their children’s to become better people and acceptable in the society.

As parents, raising a child is not an easy job because of the fact that children need a lot of attention from their parent for their well being and sometimes can be very demanding in their nature. By nature, men and women play different roles in raising a child. There is a saying that “men make house, women make a home”. In like manner, most of the time men have the responsibility to provide food for the family and it is the duty of the women to raise their kids and this trend have proceeded through the history until now.

Although, this does not mean that men are not capable of raising or parenting their children. It is a well know fact that women make better parents than men and which I agree very strongly. Parenting The mother is the most enduring entity, and mother child relationship is the most beautiful relation in this world. As Arnold (2012), explain in his book, A true mother thinks day and night about the well-being of her children. She is the first to praise and comfort them and is also the first to protect them when she senses danger.

It is she who has carried them and borne the pains of pregnancy and childbirth, and it is she who now continues to carry them in her heart. (p. 29) Even though, with the difficulties and pain she goes through during those nine months, the excitement of pregnancy till the birth a mother experience cannot be understood by anyone else, other than a mother. Even though fatherhood begins before the birth of a child by showing love, caring, and understanding to her pregnant wife, even still, a father cannot uild that closeness ever, like a mother have with her child. I will never forget the day my son was born.

I was holding her hand and supporting through the process when she was giving birth to our child. The pain a woman go through during the delivery time and also the long and difficult nine months they carry the child is unimaginable. This is why I believe that a mother in the most important person who can raise a child with the kindness a child seeks in their childhood and life. Parental love is the most important thing a child is always hunger of.

A true home to a child is only created when both the parents are ready to give their hearts and minds to their children in front of them. From the very first day it is the mother who takes the lead role in taking care of her child with her tender hands, her soothing voice, and most importantly when a child knows the mother as a source of food and comfort all through childhood. Though, the father will be present most of the time supporting her during the early childhood, but still it is the mother who is the main instrument of transmitting love to the child.

Consequently, it is the mother that the child gets more attached and feel comfortable rather than the father. As the children’s grow older it is, most of the time, the mother who will be present at home to look after them. Mothers tend to do all the household work such as cooking, feeding them, giving them a shower etc. …. On the other hand it is the father’s duty or responsibility to earn or do work so that he can put food on the table for his family and for this he have to spend most of the time outside the home.

As a result mothers gets more time to spend with the children’s and it leads them to be more attached to their mother rather than the father. Women are considered more sensitive than men because it is in their nature to be gentler and more tolerant than men. Therefore they know how to conduct flexibility in handling children’s needs which eventually gives them the advantage of being better parents. When raising a child, parents are encouraged to undertake gentle manner which will have a positive influence on them. In general, men usually prove to be aggressor than women. And also ften fathers confuse a child hunger for love and attention and finally ending up buying them gifts and other material things, when what the child really want is a hug, a smile or a bedtime story. According to Love (2007), stated in his article that, “The most wonderful gift that a child can receive from a parent is the firm knowledge that the parent loves him or her totally no matter what he or she does and no matter what happens. ” This is also an evidence to prove that it is the love that a child seeks more from their parents and that is why mother’s plays an important raising their family rather than the father.

Conclusion A quality relationship between parents and their children is vitally important for a happy family. Every parents ultimate goal is to raise their children’s to become acceptable citizens in the society. And to achieve this goal as parents they need to give them unconditional love and caring which they are hunger of. Due to the fact that women are more gentle and kind hearted than men, proves them to be better parents than men. In a family a woman plays the most important role to raise the children and they are the backbone of the family.

Top 10 Myths About Sustainability

The myth that surprised me the most was Myth 5: Sustainability is too expensive. I’ve always believed that becoming more “green” could be expensive, but eventually would pay off. Many can’t afford to install solar panels in their homes, or switch to hybrid cars. Becoming more sustainable can be a little more challenging for those in the middle or low class. With that being said I think that there is still some truth in this myth. Another myth that surprised me was Myth 2: Sustainability is all about the environment.

I’ve always thought that it was, but after reading this article my thoughts have changed. I have never thought that originally it focused on helping poor countries get basic necessities, I’ve always thought it was only about reserving resources for the future. This article has created a new outlook on our world becoming more sustainable. It’s not just about preparing for the future, but also creating basic necessities for everyone now. Paul Hawken mentioned “ … we steal the future, sell it in the present, and call it GDP”.

I’ve never thought of it has stealing, but it is and also selfish. Overall being that I’m a fresh learner to sustainability and what it actually means, I think I’ve learned a lot from this article. Many of the myths stated I also thought were true, but this article has given me a new outlook on sustainability. what are your views toward the average MNC with regard to ensuring sustainability globally? Should MNCs be deemed as environmental “plunderers” as portrayed in The Corporation?

Or, do we see a trend towards companies implementing sustainable practices, as Ray Anderson depicts in his Ted Talk? I think the average MNC has enough power to help us become more sustainable globally, and to help eliminate some of these “bad apples”. In “The Corporation” it was mentioned that corporations focus on putting their bottom line before every thing else including public goods. I took this statement as corporations are not focusing on what’s good for us globally but instead their main focus is to make as much money possible.

I do believe that corporations should be deemed as plunderers because, as Ray Anderson mentioned corporations are taking something that belongs to every creature on earth. Part 8: Mindset, Ray Anderson never thought about what he was doing to the earth, until he began to listen to his customers. It’s also important that those who are not apart of these corporations to speak up to them, and just maybe they’ll listen and make changes just as Ray Anderson did.

Many corporations are wrongfully and knowingly taking away from all, which is sickening. I do think there is a slight trend in corporations implementing sustainable practices, but we are nowhere near where we need to be, and there is still more that can be done. Ray Anderson stated, “We need to transfer our technology to diminish impact rather than multiply it”. Overall it’s important for corporations to realize that they can and maybe even double profits as Ray Anderson did, and still implement sustainable practices.