Fairytale Vs Reality Sample University Essay Example

Each person contains a head of their ain that represents them. Whatever people say or do. whoever they may incarnate. whatever character or personality they have. people can non populate in an semblance that they have invented in their heads. World and fairy tales have two different significances of life ; Reality shows the facts about life. and fairy tales consist of lone imagainations that people yearn to come to life. Although life itself acts as the most fantastic fairy tale of all. one can non travel astray from the existent universe.

There are many that believe in fairy tales. One of the most convincing fairy tales happen to dwell of love. All of world hopes for that particular person that will brush them off their pess and walk away into the sundown where they live merrily of all time after. To state this dream unsatisfies people would be crackbrained. This dream cheerily pleases people all over the universe. Everyone aches for love. The individual that views things as they truly are besides wants love. However. they do non believe in things such as Equus caballus passenger cars or doves delievering love letters. What people would anticipate from a realist consist of traveling to the films. eating at resturants. holding ambles in the park. and other actions such as traveling to carnivals. These common actions represents the beliefs of a realist when on the subject of love.

The hereafter of a individual that inhabits the life of a character in a fairy tale will non last the rough conditions of world. To non hold a life planned beforehand and presuming it will play itself out can ache that individual. In fairy tales. the supporter ever ends up with everything he or she ask for. Peoples can non populate life believing things will be thrown at them merely because they want it. Knowing that difficult work will pay off symbolizes a realist. Peoples that do non believe in fairy tales. understands that difficult work achieves the ends worth working difficult for. Their thought to take action and make something with their life will consequence them possitvely. It will non acquire anyone anyplace if they think people will offer things to them for free.

Superman. spiderman. captin United States. Thor. and other existences with powers. are considered heros through the eyes of a individual that has faith in ace heros. These made-up characters grabs clasp of peoples Black Marias and go on doing them think they can salvage them. Dreaming of winging in the sky with demigod or singing through the metropolis of gothem with spiderman shows merely how deluusional one can acquire with fairy tales. Watching films with characters like that. causes people to bury who really protects them. Those that pay attending in the existent universe. would see plentifulness of people making things that asssits the needy. Millions of people die protecting others and these people don’t acquire the grasp they deserve like the manner people appreciate these hot immature work forces that play a function of an impossible and made up hero.

In a fairy narrative. charming provides a solution that normally involves bring arounding an sick individual. Trusting on thaumaturgy to resuscitate a ill individual causes many jobs and gives false hope to those that believe in thaumaturgy. A realist does non believe in thaumaturgy. “Magic” in the existent universe. most likly is a opportunity of fortune. Obviously. thaumaturgies can non salvage a deceasing individual. Medication and wellness services saves the ill people.

When a error takes topographic point. one would desire to turn back clip and undo what was done. This occurs merely in fairy tales. Those that wants this to be possible needs a world cheque. Change by reversaling clip and holding an undo button would make full everyone with joy. However. to hold the power to make this. people would ne’er understand what it means to larn from errors. Peoples that live in the existent universe would do many errors and learn from them while those populating in their imaginativenesss. would non understand how beautiful things can turn out from a error.

Having prince charming and a beautiful princess has ever been a phantasy of countless of people. Prince charming and the beautiful princess would hold an astonishing organic structure. with a lovable personality along with the fact that they are perfect for anyone. Fairy narrative trusters depend on this image of their important other. trusting to come across person merely like that. But in world. no 1 has the whole bundle. No 1 can of all time be “perfect” . Those populating in world experience bad relationships and bosom interruptions. Even though these people go through tough times happening their other half. they do non hold those outlooks of the fairy narrative trusters. They will finally happen some one “perfect” merely for them. fairy tales comes across as a nice thing. but life does non work that manner. Alternatively of expensive love. travel for a existent authoritative love. Alternatively of anticipating things to come to you. work for it. Alternatively of believing in ace heros. believe in people to be heros. Alternatively of desiring thaumaturgy to bring around people. have hope. Alternatively of desiring to undo errors. learn from them. Alternatively of holding high outlooks for person. believe people can be “perfect” . Most impotantly. alternatively of life in a fairy narrative. live in world.

Theories Of Love By Harville Hendrix

Everyone finally meets the adult male or adult female of their dreams. Whether it’s online or in your local food market shop. everyone is bound to run into their perfect lucifer. Harmonizing to Harville Hendrix. the writer of the article The Mystery of Attraction. he mentions that there are three theories that he has noticed or have looked more into and he besides has his ain theory. The three theories that he mentions are as follows: biological theory. exchange theory. and the character theory. When it comes to his ain theory. Hendrix states that of the witting theory.

Although Hendrix provides in deepness item of the three theories. I do non hold in those theories and hence believe in Hendrix’ ain theory. The first theory that Hendrix describes is that of the biological theory. which means that adult females select work forces who are that of “alpha” qualities. They choose work forces who will supply for their future household or supply themselves with nourishment. Society makes work forces experience that they have all the weight on their shoulders and work forces are made to carry through the manful responsibilities.

When I look for certain work forces. I choose work forces that have an attractive personality. Some people merely take the expressions. but I focus more on the manner he portrays himself in forepart of me and other people. My dating experience has been bumpy and decelerate these past old ages. I have merely had one fellow and have learned nil. As everyone ever says that you ever happen your psyche mate in college. I believe that to be true. As I have non found one yet. I still believe in that sentiment. As I see everyone else traveling out with their boyfriends/girlfriends. it makes me experience sad.

I was ne’er much of a societal individual when it comes to run into other people. Therefore. I do non hold with this theory because I believe that it is non all about taking your mate on their physical traits. but more on their personality. The 2nd theory Hendrix explains in item is that of the exchange theory. He clarifies that the choice of our couples is determined by the equality of our picks. We focus more on the physical visual aspect instead than the personality he/she portrays. I have noticed that a batch in my 18 old ages of life.

A batch of my former friends and schoolmates would state. “Oh. he/she is hot. I am traveling to travel for him/her! ” They already pick out their “future” boyfriend/girlfriend at first sight. They try to acquire that guy/girl every bit near as to themselves as they can! Some go to extreme steps like the narrative my friend told me. This narrative was about a cat who carefully picked out his girlfriend on the beautiful qualities she possessed. He was dumbfounded on the perfect qualities she portrayed when they hung out. As he got to cognize her more. she was non as what she seemed to be.

He realized that the beauty she possessed on the exterior was non as reasonably on the interior. She acted really dreadfully to him and treated him like he was refuse. After that. he focused more on the personality of a miss. instead than the beauty. Traveling off that narrative. I disagree with the exchange theory because if you go off this theory. it will take to the devastation of love. The 3rd and concluding theory that Hendrix concludes with is that of the character theory. This theory states that whoever your mate is they should hike up your self-esteem when you are seen with this individual.

A character. which is a 2nd image we portray to other people. comes in consequence when we are with our psyche mate. We act a certain manner around our boyfriend/girlfriend. but when we are around other people or in public. we tend to hold a 2nd personality towards them. It is kind of like a two faced individual. Society likes to see an all-round good individual in public. They do non wish to see a individual who is contradictory towards themself. Not being yourself is doing yourself seem that you are non confident with your self-esteem and want to go this kind of individual.

Reasoning with the concluding theory. I disagree with this theory because you are non supposed to be a 2nd individual around society but non portray the same ego that you normally do around your boyfriend/girlfriend. Hendrix states 3 theories that do non look to work. His ain theory. the witting theory. seems to travel along to what seems to be the personality of the individual. instead than the expressions. Sing my friends acquiring asked to prom and homecoming throughout my high school calling was barbarous. Always seeing them happy and holding so much merriment every clip was atrocious. Always being the 3rd wheel was terrorizing.

Everyone experiences this sometime in their life. whether it is towards themselves or seeing it on telecasting or in society. The cyberspace is besides a good manner a individual can run into their spouse. It is so much easier online because you can pick out a cat that suits your specific demands. It will minimise to an sum that is perfect for sing and you can even travel on day of the months! It truly gets you to cognize the cat without the expressions. but concentrating on the personality. The article states the theories that Hendrix explains are that of the biological. exchange and persona theories.

He states that he observed the relationships between others and came up with these 3 theories. Even though I disagree with these 3 theories. I know I believe in the theory that Hendrix came up with on his ain. which is the witting theory. He says that people should non concentrate on the expressions of the individual. but instead the personality that the individual possesses. I agree with Hendrix’s theory because your determination should non be based on the expressions but more of the personality because it could travel incorrect in the terminal. In decision. the witting theory is more of a better determination.

Stories By Flannery O’Connor

Flannery O’Connor’s two narrations. “Everything That Rises Must Converge” and “Good Country People. ” are different narratives showing different characters. different secret plans. and different subjects ; nevertheless. both narratives revolve around a female parent and her kid and their relationship. “Everything That Rises Must Converge” concerns Julian and his female parent. and “Good Country People” concerns Hulga and her female parent. As the two narratives unfold. the similarities between Julian and Hulga. two apparently different persons. go evident. The two. who appears unlike at first. turn out to hold features similar to one another. Both Julian and Hulga exhibit an educated and a proud character. They both use other people to formalize their beliefs. and they both face a state of affairs where they learn a lesson that they have to acknowledge for themselves.

At the beginning of each narrative. O’Connor nowadayss each character as learned. conceited. and holier-than-thou. Julian has merely graduated from college. which is a large accomplishment. sing that her female parent did it all by herself. Julian is an aspirant author who. for now. sells typewriters and lives with his female parent. He thinks of himself as really intelligent. In fact. he frequently draws himself “into the interior compartment of his head. . . the lone topographic point where he [ feels ] free of the general amentia of his chaps. ” In the same manner. Hulga is a 32-year old adult female who holds a Ph. D. in Philosophy and presently lives with her female parent. She. like Julian. besides thinks of herself as superior to others. She thinks that if she merely can. “ [ s ] he would be in a university talking to people who know what she [ is ] speaking about. She besides thinks to herself. “ [ A ] true mastermind can acquire an thought across even to an inferior head. ” The two characters think excessively extremely of themselves that they belittle other people. even their female parents who support them until now.

In the class of each narrative. Julian and Hulga both use other people to turn out to themselves and to others their beliefs. Julian uses black people to turn out to his female parent that the society has changed. He tries to do friends with black people non because he likes them and sees them as coequals. but because he wants to annoy his female parent and to demo everyone that he is non shockable like most white people are. Likewise. Hulga tries to score Manley Pointer into retreating his religion and into believing that there is no God. She wishes to learn him “the deeper significance of life. ” She imagines “that she [ takes ] his compunction in manus and alteration [ s ] it into a deeper apprehension of life. ” Hulga wants to change over Manley. Julian and Hulga both wish to alter others into accepting what they believe are true and right.

As each narrative concludes. the two characters face messages whose significances they have to do usage of. Right after the confrontation of Julian’s female parent with the black adult female. Julian’s female parent prostrations out of the blue and dies while Julian wittingly lectures her. Julian says to his female parent. “From now on you’ve got to populate a new universe and face a few worlds for a alteration. Buck up. it won’t kill you. ” Then the female parent falls to the paving. Now. the female parent that Julian despised before is gone. and he is left in a “world of guilt and sorrow. ” Similarly. Hulga loses her wooden leg over a second-rate “country male child. ” In annoyance. Hulga says to Manley. “You’re a all right Christian! You’re merely like them all–say one thing and make another. ” Manley merely says before go forthing. “ [ Y ] ou ain’t so smart. I been believing in nil of all time since I was born! ” Now. Hulga is left legless. helpless. and Godless. Both Julian and Hulga attempt to alter other people when it is them who need to alter.

Julian and Hulga are both erudite and proud. They both use other people for personal proof. and they both face lessons. which they have to calculate out for themselves. O’Connor characterizes Julian and Hulga in a manner that they seem uneven and far from what most people are. but as the characters evolve. they turn out to be ordinary people in all walks of life. They turn out to be where most people are–living in a psychotic belief that their manner is better than the manner of the others.