Family Health Assessment Paper Sample Essay Sample For College

Family is an of import unit in the community system. Family should be thought of as a unit. in which each individual within the household has their ain alone function. Family can be considered as either extended or atomic. in which extended consists of multiple coevalss whereas atomic household consists of the immediate household. An drawn-out household has the benefits of holding the older coevals around to assist raise the younger coevals. while parents and other household members can busy themselves with other activities. such as work. etc. When one member of the household is sick or perverts from the normal modus operandi. that affects the full household. In order to detect the manner in which the household unit works usually. and with certain obstructions. a household was surveyed and it was found that when one person displayed a different modus operandi. the full household unit functioned otherwise.

Gordon’s Family Health Patterns explains intricately how to measure a household. doing the nursing procedure easier by covering every facet of the wellness of an person within a family’s overall wellbeing. Using Gordon’s Family Health Patterns. a suburban Latino atomic household of four was assessed to further understand the overall household moral force. When it comes to values/health perceptual experience. there was an overall strong bond among household members in which household itself was considered the first precedence. As a spiritual household. God plays an of import function in every facet of the family’s life. due to the family’s supplications for good wellness when faced with illness.

In add-on. when there was overall good wellness. the household showed their gratefulness to God for their wellbeing. Along with spiritual and household values. the household itself held strong cultural beliefs that reflected their civilization and nutrient. Herbal remedies showed case in point in comparing to medicative redresss. While the grownups in the household did non travel to routine medical examination. unless faced with unwellness. with their primary attention doctors. the kids of the household routinely went to their PCPs yearly. However. the full household did non travel to their tooth doctor unless confronting an complaint. This was due to the fact that the household did non keep dental insurance.

In respects to nutrition. the full household showed some hapless picks. Meals chiefly consisted of saccharides. and sugary drinks such as sodium carbonate. One of the kids was marginal corpulence. while the male parent was diabetic. Both of these household members showed some restraint to the types of nutrient they were devouring. nevertheless. detecting the household as a unit. there could hold been major betterments in diet. Supermarkets were widely available to the household. and nutrient options such as fruits and veggies besides proved to be accessible. The household did hold a everyday intestine riddance form. nevertheless. the female parent showed marks of emphasis incontinent. This can be due to the effects of kid bearing. in add-on to hapless pelvic floor musculuss. One of the kids had eczema.

The household was equipped with a auto. nevertheless the primary manner of transit was public transit. Family activity centered around household game dark and excursions. The kids played with neighborhood kids for a approximately 1 hr a twenty-four hours after school. nevertheless the sum of clip spent on the computing machine. Television. and other electronics far outweighed the sum of physical activity that the kids participated in. The parents did non demo any marks of engagement of physical activity. nevertheless they hinted that they were be aftering on purchasing a treadmill. Once in a piece. the household as a whole went for walks to the park and around the vicinity.

While everyone’s hearing was good. when it came to vision. one kid was have oning spectacless for near-sightedness. There were no ailments for memory loss or jobs. The household was a mix of audio-visual scholars and write-read scholars. For centripetal perceptual experience. the female parent greatly was involved with the cosmetic constructs of the house to do it more homely and soothing for the full household. The household was openly really fond to one another. in footings of caressing and caressing. In add-on. if there was a job with one household member. such as the single being evidently angry. the other household members were easy perceptible to this attitude and adjusted their mode in order to pacify or avoid the state of affairs.

The overall self-perception of the household was assorted. Both kids. in their teenage old ages. showed a low-self regard value. with one kid demoing a overall lower self-value. Both parents displayed concern over non holding a proper instruction and non holding well-paid occupations. The chief strength of the household was that they found comfort and felicity in one another. while the failings centered around money issues and mundane irritations with one another.

The household was content with their current life state of affairs in their suburban place. The kids were involved with the town-sponsored athleticss squads. while the male parent was a manager for one of the children’s squads. The female parent participated in the PTA organisation. Therefore. this engagement farther assisted the household when it came to socialising and doing new friend within the community.

Though the household was non as unfastened to discoursing gender. the concluding result of this facet was that the parents were happy as a twosome. The adolescents showed no confusion with their gender. and even though the adolescents presently utilized no preventives. the parents had reported that they antecedently have discussed the usage of preventives. Both the male parent and female parent did utilize preventives in their sexual lives.

The major emphasis of the household was based on money. Overall. there was concern over income and money direction. In order to get by with such emphasiss. the household plans low-budget activities. such as bivouacing in the backyard. traveling to local excursions. staycations. and so forth. For the kids. school counsel counsellors are available to discourse any concerns. whether inside or outside the school environment. Both kids. nevertheless. did non demo that they of all time made an assignment with the school counsellor. The grownups turned to one another or to friends and other extended household members to discourse nerve-racking state of affairss.

Based on the appraisal of the household. there were several diagnosings to be made. The female parent had a urinary riddance job. and the nursing education/treatment was for her to execute pelvic floor musculus exercises/ kegel exercisings. For the male parent. who is a diagnosed diabetic. the wellness diagnosing would be to keep a proper well-balanced and alimentary repast form by following the Healthy Plate run from the US authorities. For the kids. who were both enduring from low-self regard. it is of import for the parents to guarantee preparedness for enhanced self-perception and self-concept by supplying the kids healthy function theoretical accounts. along with facilitating treatments on the mental capacity of both kids. This will overall aid bridge a spread between parent and kid for unfastened communicating. Overall. Gordon’s Family wellness form is a utile tool in measuring a household. In the household which was observed. the household could be improved in multiple ways when it comes to elimination facets. nutritionary facets. and self-concept/self-perception facets. This tool can be utile to many nurses in understanding the function of persons within a household unit.

Enlightenment Is A Broad Ideological Current Research Paper

What is Enlightenment?

In the 18th century in France Britain and Germany a general rational move towards greater trust on the human scientific disciplines and their relevancy to the boundaries of bing cognition began. This motion was referred to as “The Enlightenment”. As the name suggests the motion set out to cast a greater on humanity, human nature and the nature of being. A great desire was shared to find the extent of our cognition of the universe and for ways to derive a greater apprehension of it. This motion relied on a mass rejection of tradition and already called for the remotion of all established constructs and biass normally held.

The Catholic Church, and so all faiths came under heavy examination and rejection due to their all permeant clasp on all affairs educational, scientific and philosophical. Religious ethical motives and guidelines besides came to be disregarded in philosophical footings. Science, logic and rationalism became the principal tools of doctrine in this epoch as was evidenced by the new methods employed in statement, argument, analysis and review.

Tradition in all its signifiers, be it spiritual or scientific was eschewed in favor of a clean slate from which to get down re-assessing what we can cognize. Although Descartes was the first Philosopher to use ground as a tool and Francis Bacon greatly influenced Enlightenment thought it is John Locke, an English Protestant philosopher based in Amsterdam who is perceived to be the father figure of this motion. In France a host of intellectuals known as the philosophes became a phenomena, and globally minds such as Hume and Kant helped specify the enlightenment motion. In order to understand what the Enlightenment is one must see the historical period it influenced and took its influence from.


The enlightenment took topographic point against a historical background of momentous cultural alteration. The reformation of the 15th century and the great split of the Catholic Church into Roman Catholicism and the assorted signifiers of Protestantism led to much rational humiliation with the prevalent Churches.

The chief consequence of the reformation was its undermining of clerical authorization in all things rational, artistic and philosophical. This factored greatly in paving the manner for the rejuvenating Renaissance period experienced in Europe in the sixteenth and 17th centuries. During the Renaissance bookmans began to analyze in their ain right, free of the bonds of religous sponsorship and its entailing restrictions. This signifier of survey and self-reformation is precisely what the enlightenment was intended to let the common adult male.

One of the deductions of the motion is that any adult male can break himself through instruction. As such modern scientific discipline and doctrine prospered and flourished and began to progress at a more rapid gait than had of all time been seen earlier. A scientific revolution took topographic point. This revolution farther tore down trust on tradition. Man began to re-assess his place in nature through scientific method. This trust on scientific method became all pervasive in the doctrine of the clip. Furthermore the enlightenment heralded in a more rational clip in political idea and came at a clip of great revolution.

In England inspired by this new Enlightenment idea, the Monarchy abdicated its sovereignty to the English Parliament in sixteen-eighty-eight, declarative of a re-appraisal of the belief that the sovereign was God’s voice on Earth and ruled by Godhead right. This led to a clip of great growing and alteration in England. England established the first “Bill of rights” protecting its topics and itself. London became a widely distributed capital and a Centre of great acquisition and invention.

The state experienced an Agricultural revolution as a consequence of the quickly progressing scientific advancement brought approximately through the Enlightenment. In France a similar growing period was being experienced. Paris became the focal point of all enlightenment idea. Philosophic texts the universe over were being universally written in French, which was seen as declarative mood of the new rational edification turning around the universe in this clip period.

Paris had become the prototype of cultural edification and was seen as the pinnacle of what society can be. It set the tone in literature, art, manner and scientific discipline. Within this freshly rational society an elect group of prevalent minds, known as the “Philosophes” became cardinal to the spread of the enlightenment and its ideals.


The Philosophes were Parisian Lords who shared a common involvement in all things philosophical and scientific. Their hunt and thirst for cognition exemplifies the rational clime of the enlightenment epoch. They could be described as the “hawkish wing” of the enlightenment motion as they were dedicated to the spread of these new ideals. These work forces were non professional philosophers nor even faculty members in the classical sense, but rat her a community of intellectuals with common involvements.

As was encouraged by the scientists, philosophers and novelists of the clip this group discussed, argued, dissected collaborated and created the key thoughts prevalent at the clip. They shared a common desire for cognition and went out of their ways to guarantee the spread of this cognition to all. Regular unfastened houses were held in the “Salons” of Paris which could be attended by anyone with an involvement could come and portion in the argument of cognition.

It was one of these work forces, Denis Diderot, who made perchance the most relevant part of the enlightenment to society. It is a part characteristic and important of the enlightenment and its relevancy is Unarguable – The Encyclopaedia. This encyclopedia aimed to be the comprehensive resource of all the cognition in the universe. It took 20 old ages to finish the undertaking which consisted of about 75,000 entrys and 2,500 illustrations and engravings. It held adequate information to do up 28 separate volumes.

The Encyclopaedia was of huge captivation to the populace at big. With the encyclopedia, the Philosophes campaigned to distribute the new scientific discipline and doctrine to the public readership. This was made possible due to the farther advances the enlightenment encouraged in the field of printing and the printed word.


Although the tradition and divinity of the Christian faiths were widely debated and criticised it would be incorrect to believe that the enlightenment heralded an age of diminution for the church. In clip, and after much argument many of the enlightenment minds began to extole God as still being of scientific and philosophical relevancy. God became identified with nature in certain thesiss. It was held that the freshly discovered regularities of the natural universe testified to the being of a higher power.

The illustration of the ticker found in the desert is used to verify this; If one was to happen a absolutely working ticker in the desert, one would presume that it was left at that place by a horologist. God is compared to this horologist and the universe the ticker. The many elaborately working procedures of the universe are so perfect that they can merely hold been instigated by some first beginning. Rather than the fright of a public recoil, the churches jobs lay elsewhere.

The theological trust on miracles and Bible was seen as ignorant or blind to the new scientific “certainties” discovered by the Enlightenment. The Scots philosopher David Hume was the principal critic of this trust on the unprovable non-scientific universe. The existent relevancy to faith of the enlightenment was its delegating from being the front man of all scientific and philosophical idea that it had come to be. Humanity became viewed in a more non-denominational visible radiation, instead as separate groups of different Religions or credos. Atheism and religion were viewed every bit, and as such every bit irrelevant to enlightenment idea.

It no longer mattered what you believed in or if you believed in anything at all. Religous effects on doctrine and scientific discipline was now negated. Chemical reaction to the Enlightenment It is undeniable that the enlightenment has profoundly affected the universe today. The American and Gallic revolutions were innately inspired by the Enlightenment. Humanity’s renewed religion in the possibility of alteration and positive advancement was cardinal to the seeds of these revolutions being sown.

However, a greater trust on Science has lead to a similar blind religion in Sciences across-the-board relevancy. Many would postulate that scientific idea is no more relevant to the universe than religous ideas and can merely as easy be called into inquiry. Criticism of the enlightenment. The terminal of the Enlightenment period came with the beginning of the Romantic period of the early 19th century. It was in fact one of the most celebrated Enlightenment minds Jean-Jacque Rousseau who was at the head of the Romanticism period.

Rousseau criticised the enlightenment for being to concerned with the external universe, and that the lone manner one could truly larn anything about oneself or the universe a greater accent should be placed on internal survey. Rather than analyze knowledge’s relevancy to the universe, Rousseau wanted to survey knowledge’s relevancy to himself. Rousseau sought to convey about an “Inner Enlightenment”. The Romanticism epoch became a clip where blind optimism, pessimism and idea were used instead than using ground, principle or scientific discipline. A new epoch of idea was heralded in.

In modern times such minds as Hans-Georg Gadamer attempt to knock the still permeant influence of the enlightenment. Gadamer criticicizes the enlightenment s misgiving of tradition and established boundaries. To disregard these factors like the enlightenment does denies the impossibleness of doing them irrelevant. He contends that the clean slate analysis of the universe as used in the enlightenment can ne’er let us a realistic position of the universe as in our day-to-day lives there is no manner we can disregard them.

Fast Food Vs Home Cooked Meals Comparison

All advertising they have on television that it quick and inexpensive and healthy. According to Daily News Newspaper fast food attracts people more than home-made food does. Reason why the commercials give everyone the impression on how juicy the burger is or how crispy the fries are. (Author Mark Herman) It is known as today’s busy mom does not have time to prepare dinner rather have someone prepare food for them. Also it satisfies our children with little happy meals and toys that comes with it, as long we get our kids to behave and get quite a lot of parents re happy with that.

Fast food is more common because people are always busy, on the run, so they go to fast food restaurants to save their time so they are not late for work or school, or they have been working all day and do not have time to cook dinner at home that’s when parents buy the most food and spend so much to get the whole family food. The greasy food that is saturated with oil and fat, chemical ingredients that is added and heart attack causing foods are readily available and just by going through the drive- through or just a five minute wait walking in the fast food place.

In contrast, home-cooked-meals are not only better for your health, but also this what brings the family together to talk and open up to each other to have those special moments and conversations. Families were made on it by coming together and AC airing family time. Fast food restaurants are generally bad for people’s health, because bad quality of ingredients used and also not clean and sanitized hands that serve the food. Home-made food has less attraction than fast food. A reason for this is that home-made food take time more than a five to ten minute wait. Another reason is that home-made food is less convenient than fast food.

According to (Mark Herman) about 38% of Americans do not know how to cook, so fast food is perfect for them. On the other hand Home-made food is much healthier than fast food, and therefore, people will enjoy eating their meals without living afraid of health problems or getting food poisoning from not properly cooked food, or from very fatty artier clogging, sweet food. On the other hand, home cooked meals are typically nutritious, fresh, balanced, and prepared with care and consideration and time. Home cooked meals give person the choice of ingredients they want and allow you to adjust the taste to the way you like it.

Americans do not cook at home three or more times a week most of the time it is On holidays. For example I just got off of work ran into traffic and it is getting late and I have just to go pick up kids form daycare. I won’t have time to make dinner give kids a bath and help them with their homework and clean the house? So pick up fast food, come home, set up the dinner plates, and say, “Everyone, dinners ready. ” Fast and easy no worries and less things n your mind, But we do not consider the lack of family time and unhealthy food we eat and give to our children.

Some believe that there is nothing wrong with children eating fast food frequently, because it contains all the necessary food groups in it. No one cares they just don’t as long they do not have to go to store get the fresh meats and veggies and then go home and cook and clean all the pots and pans and plates that all that matters. Still, there are others that say children should not eat so much fast food (Author Valerie Hansen). Such an amount of fast food for this consumption can lead o many health related issues; the main issue is obesity and diabetes.

Obesity has become a big problem in the United States all we do is go out to eat no one understands that their child will become obese. Many adults are effected also by so much fast food they consume it effects all ages. There have been multiple studies and researches show that home cooked meals that parents who prepare nutritionally balanced home cooked meals provide more beneficial nutrition, also not risking your child catching virus or getting food poisoning. Versus those who allow the everyday consumption of fast food. So is eating fast food, in its self, wrong or right for children and adults?

So an all- together happy meal is figuratively a good source of nutritional value if one wants to supply their child with all the food groups each meal. Why not? It is fast, easy, and effective. But my question is what about all that grease? The added chemical base sugar and ingredients is that healthy? Most popular fast food is McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets (6 piece) contains 260 calories, MGM of sodium. A Serving Size 1 double cheeseburger Calories 490, Sodium 1220mg51 %, Total Carbohydrates 38. Egg 3%, Sugars 8. G. How is this healthy? This is besides the chemical addictive ingredients and spelled that is added to the food.

For the price of a chicken sandwich, double cheese burger. You can buy a whole rotisserie chicken and family pack of ground beef to make your own hamburgers and as much as you want for the whole family. And have enough chicken to feed a family last few days. Not have to buy seven dollar meal for each family member. Although fast food is convenient and saves the busy mom from adding even more cleaning chores to her to do list, it makes one stop and think of what is Ewing lost; quality time sitting around a dinner table discussing the days happenings.

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