Federal Government Of The United States Essay Example For College

Answer the questions about federal, state, and local governments. Directions: Provide a brief essay for each question. (8 points)

1. Which level of government should be responsible for security against foreign enemies? Explain in a paragraph to justify your choice.

Answer: The Federal Government is the appropriate level of government to address security issues arising from other nations.

The Federal Government is more capable of safeguarding the entire nation against enemies instead of leaving individual states to defend themselves. Although certain states may be bigger and wealthier than others, potentially impacting their ability to counter a foreign invasion, if each state were isolated in fighting off an enemy country and were defeated, it would also adversely affect all other states.

If the entire country were to unite, we would become a strong force, with a powerful military and each state contributing for the safety of all. It is crucial for us to be unified as one country rather than separate states.

When it comes to sanitation in your neighborhood, the most suitable level of government to rely on would be the local government. This is because they have direct control and knowledge of the specific needs and issues within your neighborhood. The local government can implement tailored policies and regulations that address sanitation concerns effectively. They also have closer proximity to residents, allowing for quicker response times and better communication with community members regarding any sanitation-related matters. Therefore, relying on the local government ensures that sanitation needs are met efficiently at a neighborhood level.

Answer: It is more reasonable for the local government to take on the responsibility of sanitation in my neighborhood or any other neighborhood in the country. Involving the Federal government would be a lengthy process and could potentially clash with state laws, so it is preferable for the local government to handle these matters efficiently and effectively.

If the local government handles tasks within your community, they can be efficiently and logically accomplished with their assistance. The knowledge that each state possesses regarding its own laws leads to more streamlined processes.

Question: Is it necessary to transfer certain jobs between federal, state, and local governments? What is the reasoning behind this decision?

Answer: I am uncertain about whether job transfers should take place. If the current assignments are in effect, they should remain unaltered.

Police officers, employed by the local government, serve and protect the community. In contrast, Mulch serves as an efficient facilitator for businesses to achieve self-sustainability while being accountable to the state government. The strategic allocation of jobs is crucial in ensuring that each state can defend itself in case of a foreign invasion, without relying on external aid. Failure of one state in such a situation would have adverse consequences for all other states.

Uniting the entire country in the fight would result in a rating of 2. The Local Government is the appropriate authority to rely on for neighborhood sanitation, and it should be responsible for ensuring sanitation not only in my neighborhood but also in all neighborhoods nationwide. Assigning this responsibility at a local level makes more sense because involving the Federal government could cause significant delays in resolving issues, and there are state-specific laws that may hinder federal oversight.

If the local government takes care of it, you can accomplish it swiftly and it is more logical because the local government is available to assist you with anything you require within your community. Additionally, each state comprehends its laws, thereby facilitating smoother operations for local governments. So, why not rely on local governments? I am uncertain whether there should be any job reassignments. If jobs are presently positioned in a certain way, it might be beneficial to maintain their current placement. In this case, things progress more efficiently, and businesses function autonomously, incorporating careful deliberation into their placement.

Federal Government Of The United States And Federalism

Walked and other Websites to not qualify as academic resources. Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements: Be typed, double spaced. Using Times New Roman font (size 1 2), with one-Inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow PAP or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions. Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment. The student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference age are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are to: Determine how the Constitution divides power between the state and federal governments. Use technology and Information resources to research Issues In the field of u. s. Government and politics. Write clearly and concisely about U. S. Government and politics using proper writing mechanics. FIFO Student Name: Professor’s Name: Name of the Course: Date: Introduction In the American political system Federalism is a basic Structural feature that has costly generated a great deal of conflict throughout political history America.

It involves the governments multiple layers with shared powers amongst them and the unique powers to varieties of the levels of the government (Wood Gordon, 1995). The most three important levels of American federalism are the federal or national government, the states, and the local governments (cities, counties, townships). In the Nor most of the political systems are unitary systems, but in the system of American it is system of divided government (Wood Gordon, 1995). In the history American Federalism it has evolved over the course.

In the time at different points, the boundaries and balance between the state and national government have changed substantially. In the recent time, the main role of the national government dramatically expanded, and it always to expand in the twenty-first century. Provide three (3) examples of how federalism has evolved from its origins to the American political system in place today. In the American political system three examples of federalism that has evolved from its origins are federalism, unitary, and confederate.

Federalism almost is a way of nations organizing so that two or more government levels will have formal authority over the people and same area. In the Unitary system all the power resides in the central government in which most of the governments are today and confederate, most of the power is in the hands of it components and the national government is weak (Wood Gordon, 1995). Over the two centuries the federal system has changed and it’s why the American federalism system is at the center of important battles over the policy Noon E. Finn, 2007). Mostly Federalism decentralized our policies and politics.

The powers of overlapping between the two levels government demonstrate the tension with national and states government over who should control the policy and power. Most of the American states are also policy Nay we stand by till today Noon E. Finn, 2007). Examine three to five (3-5) factors that have allowed the concept of federalism to shape American political behavior. In federalism the political system respect to bureaucracy, based upon promoted encapsulation of honor, democracy in government within the citizens, the political adders, and the American society.

By the awareness of the people the process Increased and regulated by the liberty and civil rights. American citizens seek free Nil from the governments and Constitutional security of Justice. In the American federal system the political parties free to have support conflicting political agenda, free will to voice out, ideas, and ideologies. While the liberals go with the democrats the group of conservative support the Republicans. The Democrats and Republicans represent the main political parties of American along with minor independent arties.

The American governments cultivate federalism, by demanding of reforms the citizens of America also contribute in shaping up political changes. Although legislators look upon amendment of Constitution and creation of laws, the citizens have their voices heard and participate. In the whole time, the voting attitude of Americans demonstrated changes. For example, Solid South in the part of Southern states used to be solid supports of Democrats but it was politically divided over time Maier, Pauline, 2010). Len the maintain of consistency the Constitution of US obligate he state and federal governments.

With the ruling of democratic, the American federal government also allows amendments of the Constitution as called by the political changes and condition. In the system of US Constitution the State governments have powers to create and maintain policies but the federal government oversees any policy to ensure agreement. Some time the power conflicts of authority become foreseeable due to nationwide applicability of the Constitution of US. (Maier, Pauline, 2010). Discuss at least two (2) factors that illustrate how the relationship between the states and the U.

S. Federal government influences the creation of American policies overall. In making of policies of America, constitution amendments through popular vote of the people or state governments may seek ratification of the policy. Through congress the federal government may conclude if votes of American states will be needed on proposed amendments. Like the groups of special interest, state legislatures can also lobby the federal legislatures (Maier, Pauline, 2010). Federalism reflected in state Judiciary systems and also reflected in national Judiciary system.

Racism In Canadian Society

Canada as a multicultural society and the ways created to fight against racism and discrimination The human beings, regardless to the places where are living, are characterized by some basic biological, psychological and cultural determinations. The human genome Is formatted by 46 chromosomes and this Is a general determination for all people don’t matter to what ethnic group they belong. From psychological point of view, according to the research done by Jean Pigged and his followers, development of psychological system is based on phases which are same for all the children.

Even after a common observation we can see that steps in development for all the children are same, the pediatricians charts show what a child should do if he/she has a normal development when is 2, 3 , 6 months old, one year and so on. These charts of evaluations are used for everybody regardless of ethnic origin. Human being is able to adapt to various environments, developing adaptation appearance. For example to be able to live In very warm areas, suppose to have a skin not very sensitive to sun.

It Is well known that people with very white skin develop more quickly skin cancer after exposing to the sun. The adaptation to environment does not have any Impact on psychological development which Is same, as was proved by Jean Pigged. In politics, the racism took expression in colonial contexts affecting Africans, Natives Americans and other populations in the colonial areas. It was a way to obtain free work and to gain wealth. Beside the racism there are also other discriminations, as xenophobia (the hate against foreign) anti-Semitism (the hate against Semitic population).

According to United Nations documents, any racism or discrimination act is against the law. The globalization made the whole world a “global village” where people from different countries live and work together. Jean Piglet’s 1931 essay “The Spirit of Solidarity in Children and International Cooperation” Jean Pigged “Genetic Epistemology’ (1968) Wisped – deflation of racism Canada Is a multicultural society where a big number of colleens were born outside the country.

Every year there are a lot of cultural manifestations, as Festivals, Art exhibitions, Folk musical events, all having as first aim to promote the good understanding between people with different ethnic backgrounds. In respect of this idea are encouraged and supported by governmental policies, the efforts of each community to develop programs, to publish magazines, to present their own values and their heritage to other fellow citizens. People from different places, with different cultural habits and professional backgrounds are living in same cities, working together and using same social, health, educational or transportation services.

The Canadians, born Inside or outside Canada are very polite, so everywhere we go we can see positive and non discriminatory attitudes, regardless to our appearance or aground. Medical, educational and social services offer support to each excellent according to standards which are same for everybody. But Canada Is a very competitive country, where every year are coming a big number of immigrants and education and work experience. According to Canadian standards, nobody can be asked when applying for Job, questions about birth nationality, race, religion, gender, marital status.

But most of this information can be very easily obtained at a simple look to a Resume, so the name, the place where the education was done and the revises work places can indicate with no doubt the birth nationality, the race, gender and sometimes even the religion. The selection for work in Canada is based on the interview, and the selection of applicants after reviewing the Resumes is up to the Hiring Manager. If some candidates cannot obtain any interview after the Resume was designed according to Canadian standards, and after many applications, the situation can be perceived by candidate as a hidden discrimination.

The interview is mostly done verbally, so no written test done by the candidates’ remains to be analyzed after the selection was done. There is the risk that the Hiring Manager will select among the many applicants that names which indicate people born in same country or belong to same culture. It is proven that people likes to work with other people speaking same language like them. To avoid the situations which can be perceived as discriminative, the selection of candidates can be done after a written test, which is a scale to evaluate impartial the candidates.

Everybody who is interested should be allowed to take the written test unless there is serious reason to be stopped. The candidate name can be covered as nobody from the employment omission or the hiring manager should see the name before the evaluation is done. The best interest of Canada is served if each newcomer or born Canadian it is used at maximum potential and never under own professional potential. The role of education in promoting respect for cultural diversity is essential. The school is first place to learn that friendship is a universal quality of human beings, regardless of cultural background or ethnicity.

The school professionals are aware about this value in education and they are promoting the cooperation, the team work between hillier from different families, speaking different languages and who belong to different cultures. Not all the time we can say same things about the parents or other members of student’s families who encourage the children to find friends from same ethnic group, speaking same language or having same religion or spiritual background. The most important idea to learn in schools is that to respect our birth culture or our parents birth culture as unique don’t means that other cultures do not have same value.

Antarctica policies are protected by law, and any racist attitude or NY act of discrimination, if proven is punished according to law. The question is: in a country of more than 30 million people there is any possibility to be also individuals with racist feelings? What can fuel and how can be explained some discriminatory attitudes? The simplest explanation of racism is missing of knowledge. Many people admit that they don’t know too much about an ethnic group or they know Just the fact that they look different and this is enough to have rejection feelings for that group.

Another problem is that people do often the mistake to Judge an entire ethnic group r population after the deeds of few people who belong to that group. The racism is often associated with discrimination, the racism is the rejection of somebody based on his/her race and the discrimination is the immediately possible action: the person subject of racism is refused access to some services, the correct access to education, the access to generally speaking human rights.

Being mostly an effect of missing of knowledge, the racism can be in some circumstances fuelled by some bad experiences which somebody had in his/her life. We know from statistics that there re people who respect and people who don’t respect the law, regardless of the race. But the human mind has the tendency to make errors of Judgment. For example somebody abused, robed or being subject of violent behavior by other person, will tend to think that all people from same ethnic group are same.

It is a matter of life experience and education to correct these errors of Judgment. The Canadian policy is based on Chart of Human Rights and offer protection to all citizens. Most of newcomers to Canada are positively impressed by the very friendly attitude of politicians. The members of neighborhoods and political ridings are invited to picnics, to barbeques; the local politicians, from the governing party or from opposition are informing the citizens about their political views, about what the community have to gain if their party will win the elections.

Because most of immigrants and refugees are coming from countries where there are problems with human rights respect, the situation described above can make them really happy. Like in every domain of activity there is always room for improvement. It can be very beneficial for communities if every political and every employment office can have a repressions department to collect the complaints or the suggestions of population, and also to try to solve the problems of citizens.

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