Feline Leukemia Is A Retrovirus Most Deaths Cats Biology Essay Sample For College

Feline Leukemia virus causes more deceases in cats than any other disease ( wellness communities, 2001 ) . It affects approximately 2 to 3 % of all cats ( wellness communities, 2001 ) . In this research paper I ‘m traveling to speak about the disease, bar, intervention, marks and symptoms, and the phases of felv.

Feline leukaemia is a type of virus called retrovirus ( Nash, 1997-2011 ) . “ All retroviruses produce an enzyme that enables them to infix transcripts of their ain familial stuff into the cells they have infected ” ( Eldredge, Carlson & A ; Carlson, 2007 ) . Cats may non demo marks months or old ages after being infected. “ It is a really common virus, impacting 2 to 3 % of all cats. This virus is more prone to vomit cats ” ( Cornell feline wellness centre, 2009 ) . This virus will merely infect cats since it is a retrovirus, and retroviruses are species specific ( Nash, 1997-2011 ) .

“ It is spread through spit, rhinal secernments, piss, fecal matters, milk from septic cats, sharing a litter box with an septic cat, and common training ” ( Cornell feline wellness centre, 2009 ) . Cats are at greatest hazard if they are exposed to septic cats, allowed out-of-doorss unsupervised, and if kitties are born to infected female parents ( Cornell feline wellness centre, 2009 ) . “ Feline Leukemia weakens the immune system doing the cat to non be able to protect itself from other infections. It besides causes assorted blood upsets ” ( Cornell feline wellness centre, 2009 ) . “ FeLV can do weight loss, febrility, immunodeficiency and infections, anaemia, generative jobs, malignant neoplastic disease unwritten disease, oculus jobs, and thrombocyte upsets ” ( Nash, 1997-2011 ) . About 30 % of all infected cats will develop malignant neoplastic disease ( Nash, 1997-2011 ) . “ The two chief phases in the virus is Primary Viremia and Secondary Viremia. The primary phase is the earliest phase where the cat is able to

saddle horse an effectual immune response. The secondary phase is the latest phase characterized by infection of the bone marrow and other tissues ” ( Cornell feline wellness centre, 2009 ) . There are 6 phases in the Felv procedure and it takes about 2-6 hebdomads ( Long beach animate being infirmary, 1998-2010 ) . “ The first phase is the virus replicates in the lymphatic tissue in the unwritten pit. The 2nd phase is if the immune system does n’t halt the job it spreads to the white blood cells.

The 3rd phase is the white blood cells spread the virus to the lymph nodes. The 4th phase is the virus spreads to the bone marrow where it will remain the remainder of the cat ‘s life. The 5th phase is white blood cells and thrombocytes which are usually made in the bone marrow pick up the virus and go around it about once more. The 6th phase the virus is spread to the salivary and tear secretory organs and urinary vesica. In this phase it can be spread to other cats ” ( Long beach animate being infirmary, 1998-2010 ) . “ The virus does non populate more than a few hours outside the cat ‘s organic structure, unless it ‘s in a moist environment ” ( Long beach animate being infirmary, 1998-2010 ) .

Worlds can non acquire FelV but little kids, pregnant adult females, and people with weak immune systems should avoid FelV positive cats ( Cornell feline wellness centre, 2009 ) .

Preventing Feline Leukemia is the lone manner your cat will non acquire the virus. Here are some ways to forestall the virus. You should acquire your cat vaccinated at a immature age. The vaccinum is given to kitties at 9 hebdomads of age and are reboostered 2 to 4 hebdomads subsequently ( Long beach animate being infirmary, 1998-2010 ) . If you test your cat and it turns out negative, you should acquire your cat re-tested 3-6 months subsequently ( Long beach animate being infirmary, 1998-2010 ) . They are non 100 % effectual ( Nash, 1997-2011 ) , so you should make other things along with the vaccinum to protect your pet. “ The vaccinum should ever be given to cats that unrecorded exterior, or have contact with other cats ” ( Nash, 1997-2011 ) . “ All cats should be FelV tested before the vaccinum is given.

If the cat lives indoors, it may non necessitate to be vaccinated ” ( Nash, 1997-2011 ) . The Feline Leukemia vaccinum is linked to Fibrosarcoma ( Nash, 1997-2011 ) . “ Fibrosarcoma is a tumour of connective tissues ” ( Nash, 1997-2011 ) . “ It is estimated that 5.000 to 10,000 vaccinated cats will develop this. ( Nash, 1997-2011 ) . Some symptoms of Feline Leukemia are loss of appetency, weight loss, hapless coat status, conceited lymph nodes, relentless febrility, and picket gums ( Cornell feline wellness centre, 2009 ).

Feline Leukemia is diagnosed by a blood trial ( Nash, 1997-2011 ) . The trial that veterinaries use is the ELISA trial, “ which checks for grounds of the virus in blood, cryings, and spit ” ( Long beach animate being infirmary, 1998-2010 ) . This trial besides checks for FIV ( Long beach animate being infirmary, 1998-2010 ) . There is no known intervention and no remedy for the virus. If the cat is positive for Feline Leukemia “ you should maintain it indoors and off from other cats, feed it a good balanced diet, schedule hebdomadal visits with your vet for 6 months ” ( Cornell feline wellness centre, 2009 ) . Some cats that have this virus live long healthy lives if they receive good intervention ( Nash, 1997-2011 ) . Your vet may utilize the antiviral drug AZT. It could work for your cat, but it could hold harmful side effects ( Nash, 1997-2011 ) . Your vet may handle that virus with antibiotics, immune stimulators, Cortone Acetate, vitamins, fluids, ruddy blood cell stimulators, blood transfusions, appetite stimulations, and anabolic steroids ( Long beach animate being infirmary, 1997-2010 ) .

Some of these interventions depend on how ill the animate being is. If you had a cat that was Feline Leukemia positive and it has died and you want to acquire a new cat, you should clean everything that the old cat has used while the cat was infected ( Cornell feline wellness centre, 2009 ) .

Feline leukaemia is a serious disease, and you should ever immunize your cat to protect them from the virus. In this paper I talked about what the virus is, intervention, bar, marks and symptoms, and the phases of FelV. I hope by reading this you learned a small spot about what it is.


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Managing The Virus Hunters Sample

Q1. Keeping professional’s excited about work that is everyday and standardised and helter-skelter is a major challenge for Vincent Weafer. How could he utilize proficient. human. and conceptual accomplishments to keep an environment that encourages invention and professionalism among the virus huntsmans? Answer: Vincent Weafer’s applies following techniques that encourage invention and professionalism among the virus huntsmans. 1-Firstly. he divided work into smaller and specialized groups to execute in much better manner. 2-To attain professionalism he so focuses on efficient working. As the work keeps on traveling and ne’er stopped. Example When Santa Monica’s squad finished. Tokyo took over. when Nipponese squad coatings this handed over to Dublin and so once more back to Santa Monica.

Q2. What direction functions would Vincent is playing as he ( a ) had hebdomadal security briefing conference calls with colleagues around the Earth. ( B ) Assessed the feasibleness of adding a new web security consulting service. or ( degree Celsius ) Kept employees focused on the company’s committednesss to clients?


Harmonizing to the conditions Vincent has played following functions severally. ( a ) Vincent has played Interpersonal function as he worked as a front man. leader. affair as he was obliged to execute figure of responsibilities he motivates and gathered many pupils and develop dealingss with them and besides informational function as he act as a proctor. spokesman and a propagator as he maintains personal contacts with others and by sharing material with them. ( B ) Vincent has approached towards Decisional function as he worked as a perturbation animal trainer while garnering solutions for the job and resource distributor while spliting the work in specialised groups and giving them undertakings harmonizing to their nature of occupation. ( degree Celsius ) Vincent played interpersonal function here as he worked as a front man while garnering everyone on same platform and so as a leader as he provoked his employees to concentrate on company’s committednesss to supply better security updates to the clients.

Q3. Travel to Symantec’s Web site and look up information about the company.What can you state about its accent on client service and invention? In what ways does the organisation support its employees in functioning clients and in being advanced? Answer: Symantec was founded in 1982 by airy computing machine scientists. The company has evolved to go one of the world’s largest package companies. They provide security. storage and systems direction solutions to assist their clients – from consumers and little concerns to the largest planetary organisations – to procure and pull off their information-driven universe against more hazards at more points. more wholly and expeditiously than any other company.


Their chief position is to concentrate on Customer satisfaction and Innovation. They remain committed to supply better solutions and procure information direction more wholly and in much efficient and effectual manner. Organization supports there employs in figure of ways. They have an entrepreneurial corporate civilization that encourages invention and empowers employees to react rapidly to strategic chances. They strive to back up their employees in the usage of their clip. energy and fiscal resources to do their communities better topographic points in which to populate.


Customer driven schemes are at that place chief focussing points at any degree of the organisation from top to frontline. Both direction and colleagues prioritize the fact that they have to supply best solutions for their clients. There critical work is governed and guided by a set of nucleus values. Innovation Symantec’s scheme of unfastened invention focuses on presenting the best solutions to its clients –whether those solutions come as a consequence of constructing them internally. developing them with engineering spouses or geting them outright. Q4. What could other directors learn from the Vincent Weafer and Symantec’s attack? Answer: Following points can be learnt from Vincent and Symantec’s attack

1 ) Enhances teamwork. advancing honestness. a blunt attack. regard for the person and wages for invention and creativeness.

2 ) Perturbation handling and job work outing with the best allotment of resources.

3 ) Making Customer focussing schemes.

4 ) Time Management.

5 ) Monitoring and improving services.

6 ) Create Lasting Customer and Partner Loyalty.

7 ) How to work with diverse people.

8 ) Maintains efficiency

Manifest Destiny And Territorial Expansion Sample

While Manifest Destiny and territorial enlargement created struggle with foreign states. including the Mexican-American War ( 1846-1848 ) . and within the United States. it worked to unite the United States from 1830 to 1860 by beef uping the state as a whole. making economic chances for people from all different walks of life. and spread outing the United States through the appropriation of Texas and the acquisition of California from Mexico.

The United States became further united due to the uninterrupted desire and procurance of new districts. In President James Polk’s 1845 Inaugural Address. he shared his sentiment of the “danger to [ the nation’s ] safety and future peace” if Texas remained an independent province. Polk’s point of position was that the appropriation of Texas in 1845 was necessary in order to avoid a struggle with Mexico. However. the United States went to war with Mexico anyhow over the California district. Economic chances were created in California due to the gold haste. which brought many people from many different ethnicities. California became a “seat of wealth and power. ” due to the California Gold Rush ( 1848-1855 ) and its acquisition from Mexico after the Mexican-America War. as foreshadowed by an anon. author of the 1846 article “California and the National Interest” in the Whig journal American Review.

The author’s intent was to foreground the districts of California. Oregon and Texas with the purpose to advance Manifest Destiny and westbound enlargement in a published Whig diary. Whigs promoted rapid economic and industrial growing. including the enlargement of districts through Manifest Destiny. by demanding authorities support for a more modern. market-oriented economic system. proposing high duties. and funding internal betterments. The term Manifest Destiny was coined by John O’Sullivan. the editor of the 1846 Democratic Review. He claimed in his article that California will “fall off from Mexico…and a population will shortly be in existent business of [ it ] . ” In saying this. he was boding the terminal of the war and the forced Mexican ceding of the districts of California and New Mexico to the United States in exchange of $ 15 million.

Despite these mixing events. westbound enlargement engendered struggle non merely between the United States and Mexico. but among American citizens. William Ellery Channing. an emancipationist and pacificist. wrote a missive to Henry Clay refering the appropriation of Texas. claiming that the United States was “provoking war by avarice. encroachment…and by attempts to propagate the expletive of bondage. ” His aim was to deter the appropriation of Texas in an effort to forestall the Mexican war in old ages to come. His position of westbound enlargement contradicts with the sentiment expressed in the American Review in that the anon. author supported the appropriation of Texas. Channing felt that geting Texas would non merely trip struggle with Mexico but would besides make jobs in the United States in respects to slavery.

This issue over the extension of bondage in Texas presaged Bleeding Kansas. a series of violent political confrontations affecting anti-slavery Free Soilers and pro-slavery Southerners that took topographic point in the Kansas Territory between 1854 and 1861. After President Polk was able to obtain Texas from Mexico. he set his mark on the California Territory. Senator Thomas Corwin was able to see that with spread outing districts came war with Mexico and debates over bondage if the United States won. which he argued in his 1847 address to Polk. His point of position was that even if the United States won the war with Mexico and gained ownership of California. there would merely be more struggle in the fatherland on the subject of California being admitted as a slave or free province. He inquiries Polk’s concluding in the nation’s “ [ engagement ] in the [ Mexican War ] ” if merely to make a “civil conflict…over the inquiry of bondage. ”

This issue was subsequently resolved by the Compromise of 1850. which admitted California as a free province. The Compromise was drafted by Henry Clay. a Whig. and Stephen Douglas. a Democrat. Douglas supported the political philosophy of popular sovereignty. or the rule that the province authorities could make up one’s mind the destiny of bondage in their part. Senator Charles Sumner. excessively. felt that westbound enlargement would split the state over the issue of bondage. reasoning in Massachusetts Legislature that the Mexican-American War was “unconstitutionally commenced by the order of the President” and if the state were to obtain the California district it would “strengthen break one’s back power. ” President Lincoln shared the sentiment in his celebrated topographic point declarations that requested President Polk to supply Congress with the exact topographic point upon which blood was spilt on American dirt. as Polk had claimed in 1846 when inquiring Congress to declare war on Mexico. Slavery was a normally debated issue that was associated with Manifest Destiny. which finally led to the Civil War. finally spliting the state. Though westbound enlargement unified the United States temporarily. it merely delayed the inevitable war over bondage and states’ rights.