Film Analysis “The Cider House Rules” Sample Essay

The Cider House Rules takes place during World War II. The story opens in a New England orphanage in the early 1940s, where Dr. Wilbur Larch takes a particular interest in young Homer Wells after he is returned for a second time by adopting parents. Because His first foster parents thought he was too quiet and the second parents beat him. Knowing that a twice returned orphan has no chance of being selected again, Larch starts teaching Wells the basics of the medical profession.

Under Larch’s instruction, Homer comes to be a very competent doctor, delivering babies and performing abortions. Dr. Larch will only perform abortions to women who were rape or some other unwanted form. While Homer will perform an abortion to anyone with no discrimination of age, the abortions need to seem morally and justly right. However, Homer refuses to assist Dr. Larch with the illegal abortions that he performs on the side. This caused Homer to leave from the orphanage. Lt. Wally Worthington, an air force pilot, brings his girlfriend Candy to St.

Cloud for an abortion. Homer, not so sure he wants to live out his life at the orphanage or be a doctor decides to go with them when they leave, hoping to see the world. Leaves with them and goes to work on Wally’s family apple farm picking apples, living in a shack with migrant workers. Then later on Wally leaves to fight in World War II Homer and Candy have an affair. As for the result for that Wally’s plane is shot down and he is paralyzed from the waist down. When he returns home, Candy takes care of him and leaves Homer.

Then later in the movie Rose, a field worker at the orchard who works with Homer, becomes pregnant and her father, Mr. Rose turns out to be the father of her unborn child. And then Homer must perform an abortion for her because Rose doesn’t want to have the baby. Later on Mr. Rose makes another move toward his daughter trying to rape her again that she stabs him and runs away. Then Homer finds Mr. Rose dying and asks the other workers and him to tell the police that his death was a suicide.

At the end of the movie Homer decides to return to the orphanage after Larch’s death from inhaling an ether overdose, and works as the new director. Also Homer learns at the end of the film that Larch had faked his medical record to keep him out of the war, and later made fake credentials for Homer in order to convince the board overseeing the orphanage to appoint him as the next director. Conclusion For me the movie The Cider House Rules was a really sad movie. It showed me how little children suffer and go through with out their parents.

Showed how back in the days abortion was illegal. The way I felt about the movie is that I found it interesting and inspirational. While watching the movie it made me feel sad because in the movie it shows you all those children in the orphanage, adultery, war, and the abortion. This movie is really great it shows you how back in the day abortion was illegal and how dangerous it was to do if you didn’t do it with a professional. I would recommend this movie to everybody especially the women’s who want to go through abortion.

Why I Am A Vegetarian

My parents have taught me to respect mother nature and all of it’s creatures. They taught me being a vegetarian was good for your health, good for the planet, and good for animals. When I started school and went to other kid’s houses, their parents didn’t share that view. They said being a vegetarian would make me be a sickly and under nourished person. They told me animals were meant to be eaten by humans, that was all part of the cycle of life. I was confused about what to think.

My parents told me knowledge was power, so I conducted thorough research when I was younger on deciding to become a vegetarian. One place it turns out vegetarians have huge health benefits is in the rate of disease between vegetarians and their meat eating counterparts. For example,[transition a] studies show people who do not consume animals products have much lower rates of heart disease and cancer. And then, there are the studies that show vegetarian diets are significantly lower in fat and much higher in fiber, thus reducing overall body fat.

It is obvious being a vegetarian brings about tremendous health benefits Another place vegetarians score high is in their treatment of the planet. By not eating meat they are not contributing to the destruction of precious natural resources. For instance, many more people could be fed if the resources used to raise cattle were used to produce grain to feed the world’s population. Not only [ people but also rain forests would be saved from the destruction caused by cattle farming.

For every four ounces of hamburger made from rain forest beef, fifty five square feet of this precious resource is destroyed. These practices impact the land, the animals, and the people of these areas is a negative way. Finally, the toll taken on the animals are far to great. For example, more than one hundred thousand cows are slaughtered every single day in the United States. However, these animals do not live happy healthy lives until the time they are slaughtered. Instead most of them live in cramped, unsanitary, unbearable conditions.

They are treated like objects not living feeling beings, until the moment they are put on the conveyer belt ready to meet their death. Obviously, the practices of animal “farming” are not good for human health, the planet, or the animals. It causes such destruction to all three. Since I conducted thorough research when I was younger on deciding to become a vegetarian, I have never looked back. I am a happy healthy person in large part because I am not part of the problem, but part of the solution.

Ralph Lauren Biography

Ralph Lauren, known as Ralph Lifschitz at birth on October 14, 1939, is an esteemed American fashion designer and business executive. He has earned a reputation for his classic style and is often referred to as “the first image-maker” according to New York magazine. Although he did not begin his career in fashion, Lauren has become a prominent figure in the industry. Prior to achieving success, he pursued studies in business science and served in the military. Born and raised in the Bronx, New York by parents who immigrated from Belarus.

Ralph grew up in a working class neighborhood with his parents (his father worked as a house painter) and three brothers. While not poor, Ralph understood the value of money from a young age and had a strong desire to succeed. During his teenage years, he worked part-time after school to save money for expensive suits. Despite having the option to buy cheaper clothes, Ralph always prioritized fashionable attire and has continued this habit since he was 12.

Despite not having attended fashion design school, Lauren’s passion for smart dress grew during his time studying business at the City University of New York. While working as a salesman at two glove companies during the day, Lauren pursued his studies in the evening. After a couple of years, he made the decision to leave the program and transition into the fashion industry. Before embarking on this new career path, Lauren served in the United States Army from 1962-1964 and later married Ricky Low-Beer. Returning to his focus on men’s fashion, Lauren started working at A. Rivetz & Co., a time manufacturer. This marked his first foray into design, and he debuted a wider tie than what was currently available on the market. As 1967 rolled around, Lauren secured financial backing to launch his own neckwear boutique, where he sold his own tie designs along with other brands. He chose to name his tie collection Polo as it embodied the power, style, and intrigue that the brand was synonymous with. According to, “Wearing a Ralph Lauren tie in those days was like belonging to a fraternity.” (Ralph Lauren The Man behind the Mystique p. 1)

And thus commenced the initiation of his fashion dynasty, following the inauguration of his inaugural necktie store. Subsequently emerged the collection for men, and in 1971, Lauren unveiled his line for women. The Polo brand, acclaimed today for exuding a refined English-tweed aesthetic, did not attain its status as a multimillion dollar empire solely due to Lauren’s good fortune, nor solely because of his impeccable fashion sense. Lauren possessed not only a visionary mind but also a comprehensive understanding that the packaging and presentation were paramount – a lesson he had already assimilated, even before pursuing his business degree.

Ralph Lauren’s company is almost unique because of its vertical integration. In the late 60’s, while trying to develop his line of wide ties, Ralph Lauren faced a demand from Bloomingdale’s to remove his name from the ties’ label and make them narrower. Despite the pressure from the retail giant, Lauren stood his ground and refused to sell to Bloomingdale’s under those conditions. Eventually, the department store had to come back to Lauren and agree to sell his ties on his terms after witnessing the success of the brand. (source: Ralph Lauren The Man Behind the Mystique p. 5)

The history of the Ralph Lauren brand is well-known. In the 80s, Ralph Lauren achieved tremendous success with his men’s collection, particularly with the introduction of the iconic power suit. While other fashion houses were also producing power suits at the time, people were captivated by the Polo image, which represented wealth, sophistication, and class. The clothing from his brand was crafted from the finest materials, featured impeccable tailoring, and had a timeless aesthetic that was unique to Polo. Additionally, casual wear was also a significant hit for the RL brand, embodying the popular preppy chic look of the 80s.

The brand proceeded to introduce women’s wear and Ralph Lauren home products, including bed sheets, towels, and furniture, all showcasing the classic American style that the Polo/Ralph Lauren brand was famous for. According to the book “Ralph Lauren The Man Behind the Mystique” (p. 4), the fall 1987 product list of the Ralph Lauren Home Collection alone consisted of 2,200 items. It is Lauren’s innovation, among his many other qualities as a model businessman, that has led him to become the founder, designer, and chairman of a company worth $900 million. He not only pioneered the concept of fashion designers having their own stores but also introduced the idea of selling consumers a complete lifestyle image, which has since garnered worldwide appeal.

Ralph Lauren’s clothing and home collection represents a timeless sense of taste and snobbishness, without being extravagant like the Ralph Lauren/Polo brand. Along with apparel and home furnishings, Lauren promotes an image of sophistication, class, and refined living as a lifestyle. His exceptional business skills, unyielding commitment to his products, and ability to overcome multiple business failures have contributed to his net worth of $1 billion. Moreover, he possesses an impressive fleet of cars including a 1929 Bentley, 1937 Alfa Romeo, 1938 Bugatti, and 1962 Ferrari. Additionally, he owns various properties such as a ranch in Colorado, residences in Jamaica and Long Island, an estate in Bedford New York , as well as his Fifth Avenue residence in Manhattan. By purchasing his products anyone can achieve the same level of style as himself.


In 1997,Polo Ralph Lauren,Polo Sport,and the Ralph Lauren Collection went public on the US stock market under names associated with Lauren’s fashion empire.He also made his foray into the entertainment industry by making a cameo appearance on the TV show Friends back in 1999.

In the early 2000s, Ralph Lauren signed a significant 30-year deal with NBC and two NBC affiliates. This deal allowed him to sell his designer “lifestyle” through various mediums such as the Internet, television, and print. At the time, Lauren emphasized that they were not only selling clothes but also a dream and a vision. Currently, Ralph Lauren resides in Bedford, Connecticut, with his wife Ricky. Together, they have two sons named Andrew and David, as well as a daughter named Dylan. David holds an executive position at Polo Ralph Lauren while Dylan owns and operates a luxurious candy store called Dylan’s Candy Bar in Manhattan’s 59th Street and Third Avenue. (Source:

On December 6th, 2006, Ricky appeared on Martha’s television show and mentioned that her son Andrew is involved in the “movie business”. There have been multiple biographies written about Lauren by Jeffrey Trachtenberg, Michael Gross, and Colin MacDowell. Lauren is famous for being a collector of classic automobiles. His cars have won best in show at the esteemed Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance multiple times. Recently, his collection was displayed at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

By 2007, Ralph Lauren had boutiques in various locations including New York, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Boston, East Hampton (NY), Manhasset, Short Hills (NJ), San Francisco, Bal Harbour and Honolulu. Despite being in business for 42 years at that point, the Ralph Lauren brand continues to be successful. The RL family has expanded to include shoes and clothing for babies and children as well as a more casual line called Rugby and a highly profitable fragrance line.

Polo for men remains a top-selling product since its launch in 1978 while the women’s line has seen numerous successes with fragrances like Romance, Notorious, Pure Turquoise and Love. Polo prefers licensing rather than manufacturing; it oversees many licensees along with more than 350 contract manufacturers worldwide.


Ralph Lauren, founder of Polo, currently controls almost 90% of the company’s voting power. The firm operates approximately 275 retail and outlet stores in the US, as well as licensing more than 100 others globally. Ralph Lauren’s brand, known for its American casual chic style, has achieved worldwide dominance, growing from a line of wide ties to a $900 million empire. He is a visionary designer with a keen business sense, and his brand exudes timeless class without excessive flash. Ralph Lauren has become an iconic figure in American fashion, capturing the essence of the American spirit through his clothing and perfumes. (source:

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