Formulate And Invent Makeup Products Essay Example For College

Since the age of eight, I have always been fascinated by makeup. It was always one of my passions to test out new makeup products and apply makeup on myself or others to create a variety of new looks. I would always take my mother’s makeup when she wasn’t home and apply it to face before she came back from the grocery store. It made me feel pretty and confident when I had a pop of her pink Maybelline blush on my cheeks to hide my pale skin or a stroke of her L’Oréal mascara on my eyelashes for them to look a bit fuller. As I got older, I realized I wanted to create my own makeup brand, and have it sold in all the cosmetic stores around the world. I want to create my own makeup brand because I want to be the one to make other people feel confident about themselves while using my makeup products, establish new formulas and create new colors. The idea of this intrigued me to look further into the field of entrepreneurship, and I eventually decided that I wanted to pursue a double major in business administration and chemistry to be able to create and establish my own line of cosmetics.

I chose to do a double major in business administration and chemistry because with a degree in business administration, I will be trained to organize, plan, and manage within an organization or on my own. I will also be able to identify the needs of customers, markets, and operations. With a degree in chemistry, I will be able to formulate and invent makeup products with ingredients that will be beneficial to my customers. Additionally, I won’t have to depend on others to create my makeup products and I will be able to generate more profit for myself. As an entrepreneur, I would help those who are un-employed and in need of a job be able to get one in my company.

For one to become an entrepreneur, you ought to have an entrepreneurial mindset. “It’s an ability to recognize opportunity and the willingness to take a risk” (Day 1). You must create a vision or idea, conduct customer trial and error, write out a business plan, obtain funds to launch your business, and implement your business plan. With becoming an entrepreneur, there are also many keys things to keep in mind. You must be compelled to understand your strengths and your weaknesses for your business to succeed and you must keep up with all marketplace changes, problems, technology, and competitors. To be successful in the world of entrepreneurship you must always be driven, adaptable, ambitious, and reliable. Without all these traits, your business will not succeed.

Most entrepreneurs use a variety of ‘‘boot strapping’’ skills to “secure the finances required during the initial stages of new business formation” (Keister 27). Many borrow money from family or friends, detain their own salary, or use credit cards to purchase all the supplies and equipment primarily needed for their company or business to flourish. These are all the primary ways that entrepreneurs can get around capital rationing constraints. With starting up the business, there comes many risks. Entrepreneurs most often face challenges in preferences of consumers and increased competition.

There is not only one type of entrepreneur, there is seven: traditional, serial, lifestyle, virtual, social, green, and wannabe. I personally want to become a traditional and virtual entrepreneur because I want to own a small business with “schedules defined by customers,” and I want to be able to conduct my business on social media via the internet to be able to offer “assistance, communication, and conduct marketing” (Day 2). With being a traditional and virtual entrepreneur, it would allow to me to attract more customers, and increase competition with existing makeup brands.

One of the reasons I truly would love to pursue a career as an entrepreneur in the field of makeup is because I want to help others feel confident in their own skin. Meaning, I want to be able to have a customer say that they look flawless or perfect while wearing my line of cosmetics. Many people have flaws on their skin from birthmarks to pimples that they don’t feel comfortable showing. I want to create makeup that would hide all the imperfections one sees in themselves that would give them the opportunity to feel beautiful.

With my makeup line, I want to formulate foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, and lipstick to have a creamy consistency instead of the average dry one that flakes off skin, like the Revlon and Covergirl makeup products. Not only will I be formulating products to have one of the best consistencies in the world, but I also will be creating them with ingredients that will be helpful to my customers, such as Aloe Vera, Argon oil, and Vitamin C. My makeup products will be cruelty free and vegan. They will not include any sign of sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, or polyethylene.

In conclusion, one of the most astonishing things about pursuing a career in the field of entrepreneurship is that I will be able to control every aspect of my makeup business. With having my own business, I will be able to regulate the money that comes in and the money that goes out. While being a traditional and virtual entrepreneur, I will create a brand of makeup that will leave customers self-assured because it will hide all their imperfections. They will always be fascinated by their skin because of the creamy generated formula and healthy ingredients they will be using with my brand.

Being Compelled To Use Makeup

All over the world, women from different backgrounds use makeup extensively. The cosmetic industry has experienced significant growth during the recent decades following the increased usage of makeup among women. For instances, women working in certain companies including airlines have found themselves being compelled to use makeup as a prerequisite for their employment. Conversely, the idea of using makeup has received a lot of criticism from other people, with many claiming that it is an exercise in vanity and a way for women to address their insecurities. Women should, however, be allowed to use makeup without any reservations as doing so does not only allow them to boost their confidence while enhancing their features, but it also enables them to express the women to express their individuality.

Makeup helps to enhance a woman’s confidence considerably. In particular, a woman who uses makeup is more likely to feel good about herself. Such an individual is also bound to receive compliments from her fellow women, as well as from men. Many women desire to appear attractive and, therefore, it is imperative that they are allowed to use whatever is at their disposal to achieve this specific goal. Makeup makes a woman appear more attractive and thereby allows her to exude confidence. Besides, makeup allows a woman to demonstrate that she cares about her appearance and that she is willing to put an effort to make herself presentable. Such a woman is more likely to create a favorable first impression when interacting with other people. Consequently, the person would experience a higher level of confidence and demonstrate the same during her social interactions.

Additionally, it is worth noting that makeup allows a woman to express her individuality. As an individual, a woman is bound to be aware of what she would typically consider her best facial features. Using makeup provides the woman with an opportunity to enhance these features in a manner that she would find to be ideal for her. Moreover, the process of applying makeup is one that warrants a lot of skills and many women consider the same to be an art. By using makeup, a woman can demonstrate that she finds its proper to explore her creative skills in a way that also allows her to express who she is. The fact that a woman is an individual with the right to choose how she would prefer to look, as well as the reasons behind her preference for makeup. A woman should, therefore, be allowed to use makeup because she wants to and doing so allows her to express their individuality.

Hence, it is evident that women use makeup for a variety of reasons some of which are aimed at allowing them to enhance their confidence while expressing themselves. The idea of using makeup has been criticized extensively for different reasons. However, it is clear that the cosmetics allow women to create more favorable impressions when interacting with other people and in a way that makes them more confident of themselves. Furthermore, applying makeup is a skill that many women are proud of as it provides them with a chance to express their creativity. Women should, therefore, not be ashamed of using makeup as the practice has a lot of benefits that help them to ameliorate the quality of their lives.

The First Amendment, Freedom Of Speech, You Can Say What You Want Right?

Well during World War 1 it didn’t turn out like that. Due to the Espionage and Sedition acts, people were getting thrown in jail. Why though? Why would the government establish the greatest and one the oldest constitutions in the world, just to take the biggest part of the foundation away? Though it wasn’t just American civilians targeted by these laws, it was immigrants as well. But one person who stands out, is William Haywood.

The Espionage and Sedition acts were used to silent civilians from speaking out against the war. These laws were introduced to enhance patriotism, make our country look better, and to prevent civilians helping the enemy. (Congress)In World War 1, riots would break out in the streets protesting against the war. In order to prevent these riots, to establish more patriotism, the government retaliated by outlawing all out speak against the war. The government wanted as many people to enlist as possible. To limit the outspeak would improve the enlisting rates. These laws targeted mainly the immigrants. These immigrants were targeted mainly for accusations of spying and helping the enemies. Though it wasn’t always the case. For example the trial of William Haywood.

William Haywood, born in Salt Lake City, Utah, was a hard rock miner who mined for precious metals deep under mountains in the west. William Haywood joined a labor union called Western federation of miners. (Streissguth) He then started protesting and starting rallies, and at the beginning of world war 1, the government started for looking for all the ways they could to get the party shut down. Eventually William Haywood was then arrested and charged against the espionage acts. He died May 18th 1928.

In conclusion the espionage and sedition acts have its place and i do believe that they are needed to establish patriotism. William Heywood Needed to be silenced, or his negative attitude would of gone against what the country was trying to do. When the country isn’t at war we should be allowed to protest but during, we’re already fighting a war there’s no reason we should be fighting in the streets. We have to keep the peace somewhere. I believe though there is a time and place for protesting the first amendment has worked all these years and shouldn’t be changed now. People are entitled to their own opinion, even if we don’t agree with it.