God’s Plan By Drake Sample Assignment

Thesis Statement: No matter how many obstacles life throws at us, God has a plan and will provide a way to overcome them. The song encourages us to trust God to guide us through difficult times, knowing that everything will work out in the end.

God’s plan is a song that was realized in 2018. Composed and released by Canadian Rapper Drake (Schmisek, 2022). The song inspires a common cause, the hands of challenge, which aims to improve the lives of street children and people less fortunate in society. In music concept, the song is classified as pop-rap and trap. To ensure that the message resonates with people listening to it, Drake has employed various literacy devices to ensure that the message is passed as intended through available literacy devices.

Analyses of literacy devices which resonates with the thesis statement.

The song employs various literary devices such as Repetition, rhyme, theme, metaphor, imagery, and idiom, among others. Imagery is a literary device used to vividly describe an idea so that the audience will create or imagine that picture (Raditya & Adi, 2022). This device is very important in ensuring that the audience can imagine what the speaker is trying to tell them and empathize with him or her, thus making the artwork effective in delivering the message or information. Drake wants to instill hope t0o people. In the line “I been movin’ calm, don’t start no trouble with me and Tryna keep it peaceful is a struggle for me.” Drake uses imagery to create a picture or visual imagination for the audience appealing to them that he does not want conflict and only wants to maintain his composure.

This device helps pass the message to people that peace can enable them to live a life full of purpose and happiness. It encourages people to be humble and promotes peace among others.

Repetition is used to make the author or the writer emphasize the central idea of their literary work. In addition, this device is used to create a rhythm in the song and stress a feeling or a central idea(Raditya & Adi, 2022). In addition, it makes the work more exciting and thus captures the audience’s attention. In this song, the phrase God’s Plan is repeated severally in the chorus to emphasize. Driving home the point that, even when circumstances appear uncertain or challenging, work has a greater purpose. The repetition stresses the central idea of how God works in mysterious ways to bless those who are desperate and unfortunate. It also stresses that people should have faith in God as he has plans for all of us regardless of our race or barriers, which hinder us from becoming the person we have always wanted to be. In addition, the phrase “I can’t do this on my own” has been repeated several. He emphasizes the value of relying on others and asking for assistance when necessary. Drake uses repetition in this manner to give his message a sense of urgency and momentum. This encourages listeners to connect with his message more deeply.

Another literary device used is Metaphor to convey the message of the song. This device compares one thing to another through showcasing the qualities they posse. The two things compared are nonsimilar, only that they share some qualities. Metaphors enhance the understanding of the audience as they can create imaginations which are simpler to understand and respond to than language would (Budasi & Bhuwana, 2020). Drake has used metaphor to convey his message about God’s deeds and how God uses people to serve others.

The line, “I make sure that North-side eats,” is a metaphor which showcases how he is inspired and willing to give back to the community by serving people. The image created is how he does community service by giving food to the less fortune ate as a way of serving humanity. Moreover, Drake has used a “juggin’ nut” who is trying to maintain everything in place as a metaphor to emphasize that although life might be hectic and overwhelming at times, we should make an effort to maintain our attention and continue going forward. This helps them keep fighting and hope that things will get better in the end. In addition, in the line “Might go down as a G.O.D,” he uses a metaphor to compare himself to a God. Drake and God are two nonsimilar things. Through the use of the metaphor, he has compared himself to God, which creates an image which people understand easily that he is willing to give his resources to the less fortunate. By doing this, he also creates an image where others like him can join hands to give back to the community. However, this may also be an idiom. An idiom is a literacy device that adds humor or idiomatic expression which makes the work more interesting. .”Might go down a G.O.D” this is an idiomatic expression, though he doesn’t necessarily mean he will be a God he has used this expression to make the song more interesting. And lastly, Drake inspires listeners to reflect on the complexities of their own lives and experiences by using these metaphors to give his lyrics a feeling of richness and depth.

Rhyme is essential in any artistic work as it leaves behind a long lasting effect to the audience. In this song, Drake has used rhyme, for instant in line, “I been movin’ calm, don’t start no trouble with me Tryna keep it peaceful is a struggle for me Don’t pull up at 6 AM to cuddle with me”

This is a rhyme used with emphasis on cuddling and troubled life which is full of ups and downs. In addition, rhyme can create a suspense or dramatic experience where sounds make the song a dramatic tension one (Budasi, & Bhuwana, 2020). At the end of rhyme, suspense is created, and the audience is kept wondering what happens afterward. This rhyme resonates with the central idea of the song. Even though the song focuses on restoring hope to people who are hopeless in their lives, it shows the challenges these people go through as they try to follow the path of faith and keep hoping. Their lives are troubled and yet those people who can help them and make their lives better only come to them when they need to gain from them. This rhyme has shown the truth about life and how people are hypocrites. They drive to cuddle with these people rather than improve their lives, they need something in return.

Lastly, Drake has employed allusion in his song. This literacy device is essential in ensuring that the target audience receives the message as it was intended. Drake makes numerous cultural and religious allusions throughout the song, indicating that his message of faith and optimism is founded religious background. In the line “God’s plan, God’s plan I can’t do this on my own, ay, no, ay”. This is used to emphasize that helping those who are in need cannot be done by one person but rather the society. Insinuating the culture of giving without expecting anything in return to restore faith and hope to those who have lost it.

In a nutshell, Drake’s central idea of whatever challenges life throws our way, God has a plan and will make a way to get through them. In the end, everything will work out, therefore the song compels us to have confidence and trust in God to lead us through the challenging times. Has been expressed through the use of literacy devices. Drake has used repetition, rhyme, metaphor, imagery and allusion to convey the central idea of the song, God’s plan. Each device efficiently conveyed the message it was intended to in the song.

Song Lyrics

Yeah they wishin’ and wishin’ and wishin’ and wishin’

They wishin’ on me, yeah

I been movin’ calm, don’t start no trouble with me

Tryna keep it peaceful is a struggle for me

Don’t pull up at 6 AM to cuddle with me

You know how I like it when you lovin’ on me

I don’t wanna die for them to miss me

Guess I see the things that they wishin’ on me

Hope I got some brothers that outlive me

They gon’ tell the story, shit was different with me

God’s plan, God’s plan

I hold back, sometimes I won’t, yuh

I feel good, sometimes I don’t, ay, don’t

I finessed down Weston Road, ay, ‘nessed

Might go down a G.O.D., yeah, wait

I go hard on Southside G, yuh, wait

I make sure that north-side eat

And still

Bad things

It’s a lot of bad things

That they wishin’ and wishin’ and wishin’ and wishin’

They wishin’ on me

Bad things

It’s a lot of bad things

That they wishin’ and wishin’ and wishin’ and wishin’

They wishin’ on me

Yeah, ayy, ayy

She says, “Do you love me?” I tell her, “Only partly”

I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry

Fifty dub, I even got it tatted on me

81, they’ll bring the crashers to the party

And you know me

Turn the O2 into the O3, dog

Without 40, Oli’, there would be no me

Imagine if I never met the brookies

God’s plan, God’s plan

I can’t do this on my own, ay, no, ay

Someone watchin’ this shit close, yep, close

I’ve been me since Scarlett Road, ay, road, ay

Might go down as G.O.D., yeah, wait

I go hard on Southside G, ay, wait

I make sure that north-side eat, yeah

And still

Bad things

It’s a lot of bad things

That they wishin’ and wishin’ and wishin’ and wishin’

They wishin’ on me

Yeah, yeah

Bad things

It’s a lot of bad things

That they wishin’ and wishin’ and wishin’ and wishin’

They wishin’ on me



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Governance Of Corporate Risk And Corporate Social Responsibility Essay Example


Company law, risk assessment, but instead social responsibility as a whole (Customer service rep) are also all major elements of ethical company conduct. Managerial respondents agreed with a group’s responsibility, accountability, but also moral practice, so even though crisis management has been highly crucial to recognizing and mitigating possible hazards to the company (Dubinina et al., 2021). Tend to return to something like an industry’s specific behaviours that benefit the environment and the community at large. This same Cola is the most prominent Manufacturer and ranks among the biggest drinks industries, and its processes have a meaningful impact on an array of interested parties. One such analysis examines Cola as the most prominent company’s monitoring and corporate sustainability procedures regarding relevant statutes, suppositions, and philosophies (Ewing, 2020). This same study highlights that Cola is the most considerable Cola foundation, identifying critical threats through the Situation analysis, appraising their effect and probability, and layouts the others into such a hazard. This same review not only means going atop grey Cola is the biggest Cola’s techniques and just how those that influence these same financial operations. Ultimately, this same article makes meaningful suggestions to better Cola is the biggest Cola’s democratic accountability but also financial reporting quality.

Risk governance

Internal control seems to be a significant component of company democracy which thus actually involves recognizing, trying to assess, able to manage, but instead supervising dangers to accomplish the organization’s goals (Gokulan, 2021). This same Cola is the most prominent firm in several of the biggest drinks industries. It has an effective threat governance mechanism that helps it handle daily hazards that may impact its retail operations. The above piece looks at Cola as the most extensive Cola governance system and how it supports this same corporation through having to navigate the same hazards it encounters.

Risk Governance Framework at Coca-Cola

Cola is the biggest is indeed multinational company in operational processes in even more than about 200 nations. Consequently, its corporation must have developed an effective hazard governance mechanism to manage dangers and guarantee complex development properly. The Independent Review Committee for the Board of Filmmakers overseeing Cola is the most extensive of Cola’s governance mechanisms (Gokulan, 2021). The above advisory board is already in charge of maintaining this same firm’s procedure for risk management, either opportunity) increasing, trying to assess, and managing the risks throughout the establishment. This same working group also has complete control of the firm’s internal auditors, who either will provide an independent assessment that the process for risk management has been working correctly.

Cola is the biggest Cola’s project manager would be exhaustive, going to cover the company’s activities, which would include business strategy, deployable, and institutional but also stated previously. This same process will start with risk identification and assessment, which either encompasses assessing these same surroundings both inside and out but also recognizing the risks involved which might ruin these same corporate goals. This same threat would then be reviewed and given preference by the company headquartered on its possible future effect and the likelihood of the event occurring (Gokulan, 2021). Cola is the biggest creates and rolls out mitigation plans upon determining the most critical uncertainties. Those methodologies can also include mitigation strategies, liability, risk reduction, and risk retention. Furthermore, this same company continually displays but also customer feedback threats to guarantee that its risk control process remains efficient and applicable.

Cola is the biggest and additionally keeps a comprehensive support scheme in place to ensure the business complies with all of the relevant regulations and laws. This same management system consists of rules and guidelines, but instead, refresher courses that focus on avoiding and detecting contraventions of the rules and regulations. In summary, Cola the most considerable Cola’s legislative framework would be meant to recognize, appraise, but also manage the risks through a company (Gokulan, 2021). This same template has been governed either by the board’s Internal Auditors but would include a systematic approach encompassing the company’s operations. This same corporation also maintains a comprehensive support curriculum to ensure that all conform, including relevant regulations and laws.

Risk Management Culture at Coca-Cola

Cola is the most considerable Cola’s governance approach depends upon that management’s commitment to mitigating risk efficaciously but instead conscientiously. This same portfolio management civilization of something like the organization was indeed evidenced within the principles, behavioural patterns, and activities, which are designed to foster an uncertain heritage but instead the most excellent reasons for economic expansion.

The most significant risk mitigation civilization at Cola would be built around the tenets of accountability, personal responsibility, and partnership. This same management says that identifying and mitigating the risks obviously requires a straightforward but participatory strategy for managing risks (Gokulan, 2021). To guarantee that hazards are discovered and answered promptly and efficiently, these same leaders encourage expansive dialogue and cooperation between staff members, decision-makers, and partner organizations. Inside its risk mitigation way of life, this same corporation furthermore places an extreme value on personal responsibility. Workers are required to take possession of consequences under their own responsibility domains and to recognize and handle risks involved on a predetermined basis. The workforce also was held to account for their risk mitigation behaviour and choices.

This same risk mitigation heritage at Beverage would be replicated within the company’s management. This exact top management was dedicated to building a threat mindset and offering the assistance and resources required to handle danger successfully. This exact top management connects this same value of risk control on an ongoing basis and encourages the employees to be vigilant through risk assessment (Gokulan, 2021). This same framework for risk management and methods encourage this same company’s attitude toward risk management. These same processes for risk management at the corporation have been designed to identify, analyze, and control risk throughout the establishment. This same organization has established specific duties and duties for risk assessment but has generated guidelines, practices, and instruments to assist with risk management procedures.

Throughout the synopsis, this portfolio management heritage at Cola is the biggest and has been built on the values of accountability, transparency, and collaborative effort. Through the principles, behavioural patterns, and activities, its company promotes a threat culture and incentivizes staff members to be mindful of threats under their own responsibility domains (Gokulan, 2021). This same company’s management has been dedicated to nurturing an uncertain mindset and offering the resources and assistance required to handle danger effectively. This same risk control structure and methods at the business were also designed to identify, analyze, and manage the risks throughout the company.

Risk Management Performances at Coca-Cola

Cola is the biggest devoted to risk assessment in order to guarantee continued economic expansion but instead safeguard the latter’s prestige. This same corporation must have developed a robust risk management scheme that would be meant to identify, analyze, but also control risk throughout a company (Gómez, 2023). This exact effective implementation of the risk identification and evaluation process, this same performance of mitigation measures, and indeed the business’s capacity to continually track but instead control risk placed above a white period have all been considerations that can be taken into account to determine the efficacy of Cola is the most extensive Cola’s management system.

Cola is the biggest and has a solid record of recognizing and assessing hazards throughout the establishment. This same risk administration procedure at a business was designed to detect threats over all of its operations, along with tactical, organizational, and budgetary, but instead previously discussed. Its team includes several methods and instruments to effectively identify and evaluate uncertainties, including hazard analysis, planning methods, and normal controls (Gómez, 2023). The performance of Coca-risk Cola’s mitigation actions is a further essential element when evaluating its service’s efficiency. Its business has set forth specific roles and duties for risk mitigation. It must employ several risk-mitigation approaches, including contingency planning, moral hazard, risk reduction, and risk retention. In addition, this same organization frequently analyses and notifications its mitigation methods to guarantee that people stay efficient and current.

A further crucial component in evaluating the success of Cola is the enormous Cola management framework is the industry’s capability to track but also manage the risks atop the grey moment. This same business has established a strong surveillance and evaluation procedure involving risk response surveillance but monitoring and reporting to management and the Board of Supervisors (Gómez, 2023). In addition, these same corporate recap also upgrades its risk management system and mechanisms on a frequently scheduled basis to guarantee that people persist efficiently and applicable. On the whole, Cola is the most comprehensive Cola’s management solution must have looked excellent. This company has demonstrated a record of determining and evaluating hazards, developing appropriate mitigation plans, and tracking and overseeing threats atop the gray moment. This same industry’s responsibility to manage efficaciously but also actively must have managed to help that to live a long and healthy expansion and prestige security.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

The idea of corporate social responsibility (Corporate sustainability) is a premise that has expanded in popularity in recent decades since industries have acknowledged that they must move much further than revenue but instead contribute to a better world (Makarenko et al., 2019). Cola is the biggest among the most prominent beverage manufacturers and has already approved such personal accountability while staying engaged in various Corporate social responsibility activities. In this editorial, researchers could see how Cola is the most significant Request method for Corporate social responsibilities.

This same Cola is the biggest company that has chosen sustainable growth as the most profound concern but instead invented a coherent and comprehensive strategy that encompasses only some of the company’s activities. This firm has established high goals to lower its ecological footprint, enhance water utilization, and instead develop sustainable feedstock purchasing. Cola is the biggest and vowed to attain zero carbon emissions whilst also 2040, representing a massive step toward decreasing its ecological footprint.

Cola is the biggest and was additionally involved with local developmental projects. This business has a long track record of assisting in educational programmes, publicizing access to and participation, and referring to an organization’s medical condition. This same Cola is the biggest Researcher Fundament, a non-profit organization offering scholarship opportunities to strong educators after over four decades, constitutes one of the company’s main choices (Makarenko et al., 2019). Further to that, this same corporation has now been involved with an assortment of charitable organizations that include the creation of educational institutions, this same assistance of safe drinking water, and the endorsement of female empowerment. Cola is the biggest and was also engaged through initiatives encouraging inclusion and diversity. This same association had already developed an elaborate multicultural and inclusive approach to establish an inclusive work environment that cherishes disparities but also means equality. Cola is the most prominent and was additionally accepted for its initiatives inside this vicinity, experiencing being appointed by Business Insider, one of the largest and most diverse corporates.

Cola is the biggest and has additionally been participating in various philanthropic efforts. This same Cola is the most considerable framework is a non-profit charity that funds multiple grassroots development initiatives but also hurricane relief continued attempts around the globe. This same fundament has already assisted people affected by disasters like hurricanes and natural disasters, along with better products and services, economic viability and community outreach (Makarenko et al., 2019). This same enormous corporation Cola has endorsed personally liable promotional techniques. This same corporation must have promised not even to sell anything to people under the age of sixteen and also has devoted to publicizing active and healthy lifestyles through its own promotional activities. Besides this, Cola is the biggest and has now been participating in an array of programs that encourage underage drinking, including trying to support impaired driving advertisements but also promoting sustainable consumption of alcohol.

Cola, the biggest, had also set up an intense procedure for guaranteeing conformity of legal and moral requirements through regard to governance but instead integrity. Most staff members were expected to comply with their industry’s moral code, which defines its own standards of conduct (Makarenko et al., 2019). Cola is the biggest and has indeed developed a framework for accountability and oversight to ensure that over transactions implement legal and moral recommendations. An Internal Compliance and Ethics Committee is responsible for an organization’s ethical and compliance troubles.

Subsequently, this same Coca-Cola company takes its environmental responsibility profoundly and has engaged in a wide assortment of Initiatives. This business has set ambitious goals for decreasing its ecological footprint, facilitating community engagement, and publicizing inclusion and equality (Makarenko et al., 2019). Coca-Cola has decided to participate through philanthropic efforts, publicizing willingness to take responsibility for promotional techniques and constructing a solid procedure for guaranteeing conformity with ethical and legal regulations. Coca-Cola was creating a model for those other businesses to follow with some of its social and environmental sustainability pledges.

Board Recommendations

Coca-Cola is still the largest soft drink business with a long history and a global reach. These same directors of directors at a business would be vital to determining its industry’s future course and strategy, and it is also trying to ensure its protracted progress. In just this particular respect, this same commission might also contemplate so many suggestions to enhance the latter’s efficiency and influence. These same directors must first and above all favour inclusion and equitable representation. This same director was indeed nowadays dominated by men, with such little ethnic or racial variety (Makarenko et al., 2019). Coca-Cola could introduce such a broadening variety of opinions but also interactions whilst also broadening the latter’s committee, which might assist the business to make more informed choices instead of accurately serving this same clientele but instead, areas it serves. Independent directors, thus, according to data analysis, are far more inclined to produce greater economic gains, led to the appearance, but instead foster creativity. As either an outcome, its directors should always promote inclusion and diversity through its hierarchy.

Foremost, this same committee also must emphasize ecological sustainability instead environmental stewardship. Coca-Cola, as either a distribution company, does indeed have a significant effect on the environment, especially when it comes to microplastics. This same executive team could strive to decrease this firm’s environmental impact while growing its reliance on renewables, investing in plastic containers, and improving efficiency through activities (Makarenko et al., 2019). Coca-Cola could exemplify the latter’s dedication to environmental responsibility while significantly reducing lengthy expenses and boosting prestige with many customers who care about the environment.

Consequently, these same directors must also concentrate on advancements but also resilience. This same soft drink sector is experiencing intense competition to change consumer tastes and transfer market conditions. Coca-Cola should indeed drive innovation but change with evolving market dynamics to keep itself relevant but instead marketable. This same committee must also promote and endorse an enterprise environment while fostering research and development, enabling innovative thinking, but instead accepting innovative technologies (Makarenko et al., 2019). Besides that, this committee could remain vigilant and forthright whilst observing market dynamics but anxiously awaiting shifts in customer habits. To sum up, Coca-board Cola’s executives would be highly crucial to the organization’s growth. This same committee could significantly raise its efficiency and effect while locating this same corporation for main contributions in a rapidly evolving market whilst also focusing on improving inclusive diversity, environmental stewardship, and technology.


Predicated upon that facts and circumstances, Coca-Cola is a worldwide household name that has gained excellent economic outcomes over decades. Regardless of the difficulties of a rapidly evolving field, this same corporate is relatively healthy to change with evolving customers’ preferences and capture new market opportunities. Coca-Cola should emphasize equality, inclusion, and environmental stewardship, but entrepreneurship within the judgement call process steps to retain the accomplishments. Coca-Cola would be destined to stay a leading player in the drink sector for decades; considerable kudos to its dedication to delivering customer advantages.


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Case Study: Harassment At Uber Free Sample


Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious issue that most human resource managers are constantly battling. Uber reportedly dismissed approximately 20 employees because of sexual harassment inquiry that began in November 2016. It is uncommon for an organization to dismiss so many employees, but this happened at Uber because the human resource management could not address the issue. Most organizations have trouble figuring out how to handle workplace sexual harassment. Sexual harassment negatively impacts an organization, resulting in loss of productivity, demoralization, and more absenteeism. Additionally, it can cause an organization to lose millions of dollars in court and legal fees (Peeps, 2023).

Based on Cox’s business case for diversity, what positive outcomes may result in changes to Uber’s leadership team?

Cox argues that diversity benefits the economy, establishes communities, and enhances the financial security of most organizations and their employees. Effective leadership is crucial for every organization. Diversity in the workplace is the inclusion and acceptance of employees from diverse backgrounds. It is a valuable asset since it recognizes every employee’s unique qualities and possibilities. Valuing one another’s uniqueness binds the employees and can be the key to a prosperous workplace with a fair work culture (Epadmin, 2023).

The traits associated with diversity impact how employees behave and perform their duties. Diversity is currently encouraged in most organizations because it is crucial to developing a better culture. Based on Cox’s business case for diversity, many positive outcomes will be established because of the new leadership. First, the new leadership will benefit Uber since overall productivity will increase. The new leadership will also assist in the concrete execution of new diversity policies and guidelines. As a result, it will assist in establishing a solid foundation on which a culture of diversity and tolerance can grow. With such implementations, the organization will significantly improve on issues relating to discrimination against women and minorities, which will undoubtedly save the company from significant legal expenditures that result from discrimination-based lawsuits. Under the new leadership, the business operations will function smoothly, the needs of the employees will be met, and any issue will be resolved (Epadmin, 2023).

Under what form of federal legislation was Fowler protected?

Federal laws are regulations implemented to assist individuals in conducting businesses and going about their daily lives by the same rules. Even though not all business operations are governed by the federal government, some businesses must adhere to federal regulations (Lambert, J., & Leopold, J. 2019). Most organizations must learn about the standards for employers to ensure that the business conforms to the law. One of the most common laws that protected Fowler was the Whistleblower Protection Act. Fowler was protected by federal law in the sexual harassment case involving the Uber Company from 2017 in which she was involved (Peeps, 2023).

These regulations were not effectively implemented within the organization. Fowler described how she was constantly sexually harassed by one of Uber’s employees (Jordan, 2017). Her claim was backed up when she discovered that other female employees had also experienced sexual harassment from the same employee who was sexually harassing her. Fowler claimed that she was subjected to unfair treatment through arbitration at Uber. The legislation mandates that employees be protected from discrimination, including sexual harassment, as Fowler experienced. According to the legislation, employees of either gender cannot be treated differently based on their position. It is covered under sex discrimination statutes, particularly those that fall under the purview of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Additionally, she was shielded from discrimination under “Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

What strategies should have been used or implemented?

Sexual harassment cases can be detrimental to the reputation of any company. Therefore, all companies need to establish rules and policies to prevent that. Policies should also indicate how to deal with these incidents if they occur. This would aid the company in further instances. Corporations such as Uber need to have formal policies which are clear about sexual harassment and the consequence if there are any occurrences. O that to ensure that all the employees know the company can allocate a budget that would set. The employees should attend and learn about the policies set aside, how to avoid them, and how to report if they witness any occurrence.

All company leaders should be in attendance when compiling the policies surrounding sexual harassment. Additionally, they should be able to monitor these policies and ensure they are upheld. If sexual harassment cases arise, there should be steps in place to deal with these cases. This will help the customers to know that the system cares and considers their complaints. It will also serve as an excellent warning to all employers tempted to go against the policies (Epadmin, 2023).


It is essential to ensure that every company has set rules and policies surrounding sexual harassment cases. Uber is a large transportation company that grew until sexual harassment cases destroyed its reputation. This saw the company decline in profits and was followed by the laying of bout 20 workers in 2016 in relation to sexual harassment cases. With proper leadership in place, policies can be compiled indicating how a company can avoid sexual harassment cases and how to deal with them if they occur. This will save the company much money that would otherwise be used in lawsuits.

There are federal laws that protect the victims of sexual harassment. They are in place so that the offenders can minimize in these cases. They protect the minority and can be used by companies such as Uber to work around when setting policies. In 2017 federal law protected Fowler, a worker at Uber who was a victim of sexual harassment, and that is just one of the many. When Fowler first experienced these horrible acts, she was silenced and moved from one department in the name of the first case with the employer. She later learned she was not the only one, and many other female workers had experienced the same ordeal. This led to the decline of the female worker in this company to 6%.


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