Group Case Study: Emphysema Sample Free Essay

D.Z. , a 65-year-old adult male, is admitted to a medical floor for aggravation of his chronic clogging pneumonic disease ( COPD ; emphysema ) . He has a past medical history of high blood pressure, which has been good controlled by Enalapril ( Vasotec ) for the past 6 old ages. He has had pneumonia annually for the past 3 old ages, and has been a 2-pack-a-day tobacco user for 38 old ages. He appears as a cachectic adult male who is sing trouble take a breathing at remainder. He reports cough productive of thick yellow-green phlegm. D.Z. seems cranky and dying ; he complains of kiping ill and states that recently feels tired most of the clip. His critical marks ( VS ) are 162/84, 124, 36, 102 F, SaO2 88 % . His acknowledging diagnosing is an acute aggravation of chronic emphysema.

CHART VIEWPhysician’s OrdersDiet as toleratedOut of bed with aidOxygen ( O2 ) to keep Sa O2 of 90 %IV of D5W 1/n NS with 20KCl meq/L to run at 50 ml/hrContinuous ECG monitoringPneumonic map trials ( PFT’s ) in AMArterial blood gases ( ABGs ) in AMComplete blood count with differential and Na+ /K+ nowBasic metabolic panel ( BMP ) now and fasting in AMChest X ray ( CXR ) on admit and QAMSputum civilization now ( obtain civilization prior to get downing anbiotics ) Albuterol 2.5 mg plus ipratropium 250 mcg atomizer intervention STAT Incentive Spirometery Q10x’s per hr while awake

1. Explain the pathophysiology of emphysema.Abnormal lasting expansion of lung infinites distal to terminal bronchioles accompanied by devastation of walls without obvious fibrosis. This leads to worsen in alveolar surface country available for gas exchange. Loss of alveoli leads to airflow restriction in 2 ways: foremost, loss of the alvoelar walls consequences in a lessening in elastic kick ( leads to airflow restriction ) . Second, loss of the alveolar supporting construction leads to airway narrowing, which further bounds airflow.

2. Are D.Z.’s critical marks and SaO2 allow? If non, explicate why. critical marks ( VS ) are 162/84, 124, 36, 102 F, SaO2 88 % .Tachypnea and tachycardia indicates organic structure is holding problem oxygenizing tissues. SaO2 88 % is excessively low. Orders are to administrate O2 as needed to maintain it & gt ; 90 % HTN: portion of the COPD tract is pneumonic high blood pressure, which so leads to cor pulmonale ( R ventricular hypertrophy ) These critical marks are expected for an aggravation, but non needfully “appropriate” ( we would wish to see oxygen Saturdaies above 90 % , normal HR, RR, BP )

3. Describe a program for implementing these physician’s orders. Administer O via rhinal cannula to acquire SaO2 & gt ; 90 % and set on continous ECG monitoring Call for lab draw for the followers:Basic metabolic panel now and fasting in AMComplete blood count with diff and Na+/K+ABGSputum civilization nowPneumonic map trial ( pre-albuterol )Albuterol 2.5 milligram plus ipratropium 250 mcg atomizer intervention STAT IV of D5W 1/NS with 20KCl meq/L to run at 50ml/hr ( set up IV while nebulizer traveling ) Pulmonary funciton trial ( pre-albuterol )Chest X ray QAMCan hold breakfast as tolerated. Wait ~30 proceedingss before Incentive Spirometry.

4. Identify three independent nursing actions you would seek to better D.Z.’s oxygenation. Administer low flow O ( humidified ) ( rhinal cannula )Sit vertical ( tripod ; high Fowlers if tripod non tolerated )Incentive spirometryAtomizer interventions as perscribedTurn, cough, deep breathe

LABS are as follows:WBC-15RBC-10Hgb-37Hct-57Na+-126K+ -5.2

5. Based on these consequences, prioritise your following actions.Precedence 1: Potassium highName supplier to discourse stoping IV fluids with 20KCl and perchance adding water pill ( since BP besides high ) Monitor EKGPrecedence 2: WBC highName supplier to discourse culture+sensitivity and possible antibiotics Low NaExpectd with high K, so if we decrease K ( exp alteration IV fluids ) so we can anticipate sodium elimination to decelerate down. Hct high ( this is expected with COPD—body’s response to low O ) Hb high ( this is expected with COPD—body’s response to low O ) RBC count ( this is expected with COPD—body’s response to low O )

6. Give an explantaion ( principle ) for all unnatural consequencesSee above

CHART VIEWMedication Administration RecordMethylprednisolone ( Solu-Medrol ) 125 milligram IVP q8hDoxycycline ( Doryx ) 100 milligram PO q12h for~ 10 yearssAzithromycin ( Zithromax ) 500 milligram IVPB q24h for~ 2 yearss so 500 milligrams PO for~ 7 yearss Fluticasone/salmeterol ( Advair ) 100/50 mcg 2 whiffs commandHeparin 4000 units subcut q12hEnalapril ( Vasotec ) 10mg PO Q AMAlbuterol 2.5 mg/ipratropium 250 mcg atomizer intervention q6hour

7. Bespeak the expected result for D.Z. that is associated with each of the medicines he is having. Methylprednisolone ( Solu-Medrol ) 125 milligram IVP q8hSystemic corticoidDecreases rednessDoxycycline ( Doryx ) 100 milligram PO q12h for~ 10 yearssAntibiotic to handle infectionAzithromycin ( Zithromax ) 500 milligram IVPB q24h for~ 2 yearss so 500 milligrams PO for~ 7 yearss Antibiotic to handle infectionFluticasone/salmeterol ( Advair ) 100/50 mcg 2 whiffs commandCorticosteroid/long moving bronchodilatorAnti-inflammatory and dilation of bronchioles to help in take a breathing. Heparin 4000 units subcut q12hMost patients admitted to hospital will be put on Lipo-Hepin due to immobility-related DVT Pt. besides has high RBC counts?makes blood more syrupyEnalapril ( Vasotec ) 10mg PO Q AMACE inhibitor to handle hypertention ( he is antecedently on this ) Albuterol 2.5 mg/ipratropium 250 mcg atomizer intervention q6hour Beta 2 agonist/anticholinergicBeta 2 agonist reduces bronchospasm ( side consequence of tachycardia ) ( for bronhiles—the little air passages ) Anticholinergic act as bronchodilators—for bronchial tube ( big air passages )

8. Since D.Z. is on Zithromax ( Zithromax ) , what nursing actions need to be added to the program of attention? Select all that apply.a. Monitor IV site for redness or extravasationthis is standard patternb. Assess liver map surveies and hematoidin degreesit’s hepatotoxic, so yes.c. Obtain a hearing trial prior to originating therapymay do irreversible sensorineural hearing lossd. Carefully dilute the medicine in the proper sum of solutionAzithromycin is a drug that needs to be reconstituded/diluted. Either pharmaceutics or the RN will make this, depending on installation protocol e. Place D.Z. on consumption and end productthis is standard patternf. Administer the medicine over one-half hrno. should be given at lower limit over 1 hr

LABS are back- Basic Metabolic Panel ( BMP )Albumin: 4.5 g/dLnormal: 3.5-5.5 g/dLAlkaline phosphatase: 125 IU/Lnormalnormal: 44-147 IU/LALT ( alanine transaminase ) : 30 IU/Lnormal: 10-40 IU/LAST ( aspartate transaminase ) : 29 IU/Lnormal 10-40 IU/LBUN ( blood urea N ) : 22 mg/dLhighnormal: 7-20 mg/dLCalcium: 8.6 mg/dLnormal: 8.5-10.2 mg/dLChloride: 96 mmol/Lnormal: 95-105 mmol/LCO2 ( C dioxide ) : 22 mmol/Lnormal=20-29 mmol/LCreatinine: 1.6 mg/dL **highnormal: 0.6-1.2 mg/dL ( males )0.5-1.1 mg/dL ( females )Glucose trial: 110 mg/dL

9. Bases on the above lab consequences, describe ( prioritise ) your following actions and supply your principle for your actions. Name provider—kidney map trials indicated because high creatinine and BUN Continue to supervise ALT and AST ( higher side of normal )

Continue to supervise glucose ( on high side, but expected with medicines )

10. D.Z is ordered heparin 4000 units hypodermic q12 hour. The undermentioned phial is available. How many millilitres will D.Z. have? Shade in the dosage on the tuberculin syringe. This is 5000 units/1mL. we want 4000 units: ( 4000/5000 ) = .8mL

11. What are two of the most common side effects of bronchodilators? TachycardiaAll right shudders

13. D.Z. provinces he gets really hungry but after eating even a few bites he loses his appetency. What might be some of the grounds for his sudden loss of appetency? Identify four schemes that might better his thermal consumption. Increased work of take a breathing hwile eating causes him to lose appetency. Eat soft nutrients that are easy to get down, thick soups. Colds nutrients might assist you experience less full ( smoothies, milk shakes ) . Clear air passages prior to eating. Frozen nutrients so you don’t have to use energy prepping repasts. High protein, high Calorie nutrients in smaller sums frequently throughout twenty-four hours.

14. List six other educational subjects that you need to research with D.Z. Smoking surceaseDiet?want to increase weight.Incentive spirometry at placeHand washing/infection bar ( avoid sick people, crowds ) InoculationsFollow-up assignmentsMedication regimine ( complete antibiotic class. Teach about MDI etc. )

15. What other wellness attention professional would likely be involved in D.Z.’s interventions and how? DieticianPhysical therapist/occupational healerPulmonologistPsychologistRespiratory healer

CASE STUDY PROGRESSD.Z.’s married woman attacks you in the hallway and says, “I don’t know what to make. My hubby used to be so active before he retired 6 months ago. Since so he’s lost 35 lbs. He is afraid to take a bath, and it takes him hours to dress—that’s if he gets dressed at all. He has gone downhill so fast that it scares me. He’s afraid to make anything for himself. He wants me in the room with him all the clip, but if I try to speak with him, he snarls and does things to annoy me. I have to maintain working. His medical measures are run outing all of our nest eggs, and I have to be able to back up myself when he’s gone. You know, sometimes I go to work merely to acquire off from the house and his changeless demands. He calls me several times a twenty-four hours inquiring me to come place, but I can’t travel place. You may non believe I’m much of a married woman, but rather candidly, I don’t want to come place any longer. I merely don’t cognize what to do.” 16. How would you react to her statement? What Resources are available to them? Listen and don’t justice

Offer supportProvide resources for household therapyAsk about extra support/care for hubby. ( supply low cost aid options ) Resources for fiscal support for medical supplies/therapies.

17. List 2 other intervention options or patients with advanced emphysema/COPD and briefly describe what each option entails. Ginkgo biloba: a Chinese herb that may beef up lungs. Add to diet. Sulfur: used to cut down redness, mucous secretion and increase O2 flow. Surgery ( but non used on aged ) —bullectomy ( remotion of the big blister ( the dead infinite ) from the lungs )

Group Cohesiveness Sample

We are grateful to a batch of people for all the cooperation and support they extended. without which this undertaking would non hold been possible. We are thankful to our Organizational Behaviour – II Professor Manish Singhal. for giving us the chance to work on this undertaking. and for all his counsel in his class talks. We are grateful to our learning helpers Gaurav Marathe and Madhu Bala for their changeless feedback. A immense thank you to our full batch! They are last. surely non least. They helped us with all the patient posings for interviews. studies and questionnaires. Thank you all of you. without you none of this would hold been possible.

Jamshedpur18th November. 2012

1. IntroductionCoherence can be loosely defined as the inclination of a group to remain unified while working towards a end and fulfilling the emotional demands of its members. It affects degrees of engagement in a group. conformance to norms and accent on ends accomplished. Coherence has multiple dimensions which alterations over clip in footings of strength and starts when a group is formed. The bonds that link group members are non formed spontaneously. They lie in the undertaking committedness and the interpersonal attractive force that exists among group members. Coherence can besides be seen in group pride. In featuring activities. it is seen that public presentation successes facilitate feelings of greater coherence and satisfaction. Similarly. coherence itself besides consequences in a greater sense of satisfaction. The measuring of coherence is in footings of common positive feelings that exist for members. Certain factors like cultural diverseness and external competition besides have a positive correlativity with group coherence. If an person has a sense of belonging and has committed himself to team ends. satisfaction will besides be gained from the procedure of combined attempt. In bend. this provides a beginning of satisfaction and the subsequent feelings of worth can supply motive to transport on.

This cyclical consequence is extremely desirable ; nevertheless it is hard to mensurate single factors without sing the consequence of others. Coachs frequently try to open channels of communicating binding to turn to struggle whenever it arises and discoursing positive facets of a public presentation before the negative. They besides develop pride and a corporate individuality by puting realistic ends with the squad and derive their committedness by affecting them in the procedure. Formations of coteries are besides avoided by random assignment of members for preparation exercisings. Similar factors affect all group activities. Coherence can therefore be used by directors for increasing engagement. Since coherence is dynamic. it is capable of alteration. growing and betterment. In this undertaking the single demand for belonging and the single demand for power will be correlated to the degree of sensed coherence in a survey group. Gender and cultural diverseness shall besides be used to corroborate the hypotheses offered about the impact on group coherence.

2. Literature Reappraisal“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is advancement. and Working together is success. ” – Henry Ford A formal definition of group coherence is. “The end point of all the forces moving on members to stay in the group. ” [ 1 ] . In other words. group coherence is the ‘stick togetherness’ of the group. it’s the peanut butter. It is responsible for keeping the group together. In this survey. we analyzed the impact of factors like demand for power. demand for belonging. gender diverseness and ethnicity on group coherence. “Theory of power provinces that power consequences from the build-up of struggles within the group. Within this attack. power appears to be a complex of three qualitatively different powers. institutional. productive and ecological. [ 2 ] “ Based on our literature reappraisal. we see that power conflicts is more when there is no designated leader and leading is participative in nature. “Teams comprised of members from different national civilizations can be faced with alone challenges during the originative procedure [ 3 ] ” Hofstede’s cultural dimension of power distance says low power distance is one factor that minimizes possible struggles.

Rather than sing themselves as a group of persons from different civilizations. the group tends to develop their ain civilization. “Friendship was found to be decrepit and negatively related to symptoms of groupthink. while group designation and societal attractive force were strongly and. with some exclusions. positively related to symptoms of groupthink” [ 4 ] Need for belonging is the inclination of group members as to place themselves with the group as a whole. It decidedly has a positive correlativity with group coherence. Another theory of power provinces the construct of theory dislocation.

The organisation – associated power complexness is the diminishing map of group size. “The group challenge is so to make the transitional province which enriches the group possibilities through the inclusion and stabilisation of internal struggles [ 5 ] ” Our literature reappraisal suggests that there is expected to be a high correlativity between demand for belonging and group coherence. Gender diverseness is given a batch of importance in today’s day of the month because of its expected positive influence on group coherence. Ethnicity is besides an of import factor in group coherence. It may take to strong Centre of power and possible formation of bomber groups which would hold damaging consequence on group coherence. Power struggle determines group kineticss and influences group coherence. It has been seen that group where the leader establishes a warm interpersonal relationship with subsidiaries demonstrates better group coherence than a group governed by a dictator manner leading.

3. Hypothesis and Research Design4. 1. Our hypothesis is based on the undermentioned factors:

* Gender – It doesn’t affect coherence.

* Ethnicity – Similar cultural backgrounds lead to more group coherence. * Need for Belonging – The higher the demand for belonging of all members. the more cohesive is the group * Need for Power – More the figure of people with high demand for power. the lesser the coherence.

4. 2. Research Design:

We will be following the attack given below:1. We intend to analyze 15 groups with 8-10 members in each group. 2. Collect FIRO-B tonss for each member. We will besides be carry oning interviews and studies through questionnaires to find the above mentioned input variables. 3. Collate informations group wise and predict the coherence on footing of our hypothesis 4. Interview group members to find perceptual experience of single about the coherence of their group. 5. Map the expected coherence with ascertained coherence to either accept or reject our hypothesis. NOTE – The size of groups is one of the moderating factors and will be considered during studies.

4. Data Collection and CollationTools used for informations aggregation:5. 3. Survey:To mensurate the sensed group coherence. 11 groups were surveyed. We could non study the jurisprudence groups as we had intended to. A 5-Point Likert Scale was used to interpret their subjective responses to statistics. Four single questionnaires to mensurate different parametric quantities were combined into one questionnaire.

Interviews were conducted with members of both senior and junior batches of both commissions. inquiring their sentiments on the gender displacement seen in the commissions. Excerpts from these interviews have been included in the appendix. The effect of our interviews encompassed how public presentation has improved. and possible jobs that have emerged because of the heterogenous junior batch. We besides questioned the juniors about the work till now. and any alterations they would hold preferred in the commission composing. Our observations were that most members preferred the diverseness. but besides accepted that a figure of external factors contribute to the efficiency and good coordination between the commissions. than merely gender heterogeneousness. 2. Questionnaire based observations for different OB II groups We posed inquiries to multiple members of same groups. to confirm the information we had from our single perceptual experience questionnaires.

These inquiries helped us correlate our observations from the perceived group coherence tonss. with the impact that single attitudes have on the same. Our inquiries had both positive and negative deductions. for case groups that accepted that members had to be called repeatedly but besides said that they worked out a system to guarantee equal work distribution showed more cohesiveness reflecting a better apprehension of the group’s precedences. On the other manus. groups that were confused as to whether they were the portion of the best group in the full batch. and whether their OB 2 group was the best group they were a portion of. showed confusion between the personal and professional marks of the group. and therefore showed low coherence. Detailed analysis of these findings is attached in the appendix.

5. Hypothesis Testing

Parameters| Equations|G – Gender Diversity| -0. 0556 * G + 23. 69 = Y|P – Need for Power| -3. 446 * P + 49. 14 = Y|B – Need for Belonging| -1. 45 * B + 47. 66 = Y|E – Ethnic Diversity| 2. 17 * E + 6. 28 = Y|

Y – Perceived Group Cohesiveness

6. 5. Gender DiversityIt doesn’t affect coherence.The gender diverseness tonss ( a*X ) are taken with a moderating factor which would include all other variables including external factors multiplied with the coefficient ( b*Y ) to organize a additive equation which amounts to the perceived coherence ( C ) . Taking the points near to each other ( consecutive line ) . the equation was solved and coefficients recorded. The mean coefficient mark -0. 0556 shows that gender diverseness does non impact the coherence mark. Coefficients show a scope from -2 to 1. 89 while most groups show values near to 0. The higher scope tonss can be explained by the sensed single attractive force among members of the same sex. This supports our old hypothesis.

6. 6. Need for BelongingThe higher the demand for belonging of all members. the more cohesive is the group The information from the demand for belonging was taken with a chairing factor embracing all other variables to organize an equation taking to the sensed coherence. The deliberate coefficients for demand for belonging showed an mean value of -1. 445. The values moved in the scope -3 to -0. 056. The group demoing maximal negative correlativity could be said to tie in demand for belonging with groupthink or with the formation of subgroups. taking to a lower undertaking orientation. This refutes our old hypothesis.

6. 7. Need for PowerMore the figure of people with high demand for power. the lesser the coherence. As per our informations analysis. computation of coefficients for each factor was done. We observe that for all the groups. demand for power is negatively related to group coherence. The scope obtained varies from -8 to -0. 11. The norm obtained after analysis of our informations set renders an mean value of -3. 446 for this factor. This implies that more the power battle in a group. its coherence suffers. This is due to conflict among the members that might originate due to high expressed demand for control. Hence. the hypothesis is proved.

6. 8. EthnicitySimilar cultural backgrounds lead to more group coherence.As per our informations analysis for ethnicity. we observe that ethnicity is positively related to group coherence for most of the groups. However. we besides observe mild negative correlativity between ethnicity and group coherence for a few groups. This can be due to the formation of bomber groups within a group based on ethnicity taking to a power Centre and increased power struggle within a group. For our informations. the scope varied from -0. 373 to 5. 74. The mean value is 2. 166. Hence. ethnicity is positively related group coherence. Hence. the hypothesis is proved.

6. DecisionOur undertaking studied the consequence of four parametric quantities on group coherence – demand for belonging. demand for power. ethnicity and gender diverseness. Our sample for observation constituted 62 pupils. and the tools we used in our study ranged from questionnaires to interviews. We recorded their responses. and depending on the inquiries we converted them to numerical equivalents. We collated the values from single members. to obtain a relation between the different parametric quantities and group coherence. including a moderating factor to account for all the extra factors that we have non studied. In these computations the value for coherence was the sensed coherence of the full group. which we obtained utilizing questionnaires that asked campaigners to answer in our group context. We used the concluding values to prove our nothing hypotheses. 3 of the hypotheses were validated by the study consequences but the 1 for demand for belonging was refuted. This could be attributed to the formation of sub-groups because of high fondness and less task orientation.

7. Drawbacks

1. Coherence is a behavior which can be observed over a period of clip and there is no concrete method of mensurating it. We have considered the sensed coherence value of each group as a benchmark to formalize our survey. 2. Coherence is assumed to be a additive map of the four single factors. 3. Groups with changing sizes could non be surveyed.

4. The range of the survey is limited in the figure of factors taking to group coherence. 5. All factors are considered independently. For illustration. gender diverseness and cultural diverseness can be overlapping factors. which has non been taken into history.

Romeo And Juliet Fate Or Freewill

Romeo And Juliet: Destiny Or Freewill? Essay, Research Paper

“ Chaos is found in greatest copiousness wherever order is being sought. Chaos ever defeats order because it is better organized. ” Terry Pratchett ( writer of DISCWORLD series ) This quotation mark relates to Romeo and Juliet in the sense that they are combating for order among the households and that pandemonium wins in that Romeo and Juliet must decease before the pandemonium ends. William Shakespeare? s, Romeo and Juliet, is a dramatic calamity that teaches us of the “ spiritual ” love felt by Romeo and Juliet, and how the hatred between their feuding households will challenge this love. Throughout the drama, we learn of subjects that center around the lifting struggles of pandemonium vs. upset, of destiny vs. freewill, and the impatient thought of hastiness makes waste which will finally do the rubric characters? ruin in the terminal.

In the beginning, we learn of the feud between the Montague and Capulet households when a battle breaks out in the market topographic point of Verona. A few kinsmen have words and stop up in a battle which the prince ends. Tybalt, a Capulet, expresses his hatred during the battle when he said, “ What, drawn and talk of peace? I hate the word as I hate snake pit, all Montagues, and thee. Have at thee, coward! ( Act 1, Scene 1, Line 71 ) ” Another illustration of how the feuding force causes so much pandemonium in the lives of Romeo and Juliet is when they foremost meet each other at Lord Capulet’s party. They both fall in love but Juliet realizes how their love would non be accepted when she said, ” My lone love sprung from my lone hatred! Too early seen unknown, and cognize excessively late! Colossal birth of love it is to me, that I must love a loathed enemy. ( Act1, Scene 5, Line 152 ) ” This force of hatred between their households proves to be the lone force that denies the true love of Romeo and Juliet.

One quality that affects the lives of these two lovers is the fact that their love is so impatient. They base their love on first sight and do hastiness on their route to marriage. Romeo and Juliet are to immature to do grownup determinations of love. One scene that displays this hastiness is when Juliet impatiently awaits Romeo’s message from the nurse. She expresses this hastiness when she said, “ Nay, come, I pray thee, speak. Good, good Nurse, speak. ( Act 2, Scene 5, Line 29 ) ” Juliet shows everyone how they need to take their love easy and non do such rough determinations. Another illustration of child-like behaviour is Romeo

‘s immatureness when Friar Lawrence tells him he is to be banished from Verona. Romeo, childishly goes into a tantrum and says, ” Ha, ostracism? Be merciful, state? decease, ? for exile hath more panic in his expression, much more than decease. Make non state? banishment. ? ( Act 3, Scene 3, Line 13 ) ” The fact that Romeo says he would instead decease than hold to be separated from Juliet proves the point that they are traveling excessively rapidly in their love. The reader now realizes that Romeo and Juliet’s impatient love will be portion of their ruin.

The two things that control the lives of Romeo and Juliet are those of destiny and freewill that continually contradict each other throughout the drama. Romeo and Juliet begin their love as an act of freewill. Even though their households are feuding, they take it upon themselves to acquire married. They decide for themselves what to make in life, which shows how they use their freewill to their advantage. However, the power of destiny intervenes their freewill and causes break in their lives. One illustration of how fate played a important function in their lives is during the flood tide when Romeo kills Tybalt. Romeo realizes the “ misfortune ” that this will do when he says, ” O, I am Fortune’s sap! ( Act 3, Scene 1, Line 142 ) ” The image of Fortune’s wheel symbolizes Romeo’s life in that if his fortune continues to travel downward, it will finally take to his decease. This anticipation comes true in that destiny leads to his decease. Another job that destiny caused was the decease of Juliet. After she discovered Romeo was dead, she felt no ground to go on populating on Earth and wanted to be with Romeo. She lets destiny into her life when she killed herself stating, ” Yea noise? Then I? ll be brief. O, happy sticker, this is thy sheath. There rust, and allow me decease. ( Act 5, Scene 3, Line 174 ) ”

There are many forces in the tragic drama of Romeo and Juliet that are maintaining the two immature, passionate lovers apart, all emanating from one chief ground. In this drama, the love of Romeo and Juliet may hold been the cause that led to the their tragic deceases. Their strong attractive force to each other, which some call destiny, determined where their out love took them. The taking force, in my sentiment, that led to Romeo and Juliet ’ s decease is the struggle between the two male parents, Capulet and Montague. It ’ s because of this struggle that Romeo and Juliet feel they must conceal their love which, in the terminal, is the cause of their deceases.


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