Guns Control In The US Sample Essay

In the US, the gun control debate is usually revisited when a tragedy related to guns occurs. Accordingly, the Connecticut massacre, once again, ignited this debate. In this tragedy, twenty children and six teachers were killed (Jam). Subsequently, many people, including President Obama, were drawn into this debate. In one of his latest speeches, President Obama reiterated that the entire happening shocked all Americans.

Therefore, all Americans should now do something about the incident and the whole gun control issue (Fox). According to pro-gun control advocates, guns alter ways in which people respond to violent situations (Myers).

On the other hand, pro-gun advocates argue that the decision to use a gun or not lies on the owner. People use their own judgment to commit atrocities using guns (Myers). For that reason, their actions should not be generalized. This essay provides an insight into the current gun control debate in the US.

Myers states that pro-gun advocates have derailed efforts to discuss the effects of guns on the society (Myers). Myers, however, denies suggesting that those who are pro-gun are wrong. Myers justifies his argument by claiming that the pro-gun movement presents its issues in a way that prevents a meaningful debate on the role of guns in the society.

People, therefore, look at what they can do with the guns, but overlook how guns transform their lives. According to Myers, guns enable the week to fight the strong, facilitate instant violence and completely change how humans view things. Many deaths could be avoided if people are restricted from owning guns.

For instance, the NFL linebacker, who killed himself and his wife in the Belcher tragedy, could be alive if he did not own a gun. Therefore, the notion that “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is not true (Myers par. 6). The tragedy involving Jordan Davis is another example of how guns can complicate a simple event (Myers).

In this case, Michael Dunn disagreed with a group of teens over loud music coming from their car. Later on, Davis shot one of teens, Jordan Davis. The incident clearly shows that a person who owns a gun has more options than a person who owns none. For that reason, the question we should be asking ourselves is whether guns increase the affinity of owners to confrontations.

An article by Jam also supports Myers sentiments on gun control. Citing Senator Chris Murphy, Jam states that there are laws which permit people to enter bars, stadiums and other places with firearms. Bars and sports stadium are some of the places where emotions run high. Consequently, confrontations are frequent — these places, hence, experience regular gun battles.

According to white, American owns more than two hundred and twenty-three million guns. The right to own a gun is guaranteed in the second amendment (White). Therefore, in the US, the right to own a gun is a constitutional provision. Fetzer maintains that guns ensure that there is a citizen militia. This militia is expected to protect the country in times of need. Moreover, a gun is meant to provide its owner with a tool for self-defense.

The second amendment also allows an individual to own a gun as a private property (White). Consequently, preventing a person from owning a gun infringes on his rights. Fetzer goes on to state that the event at Connecticut was stage-managed. He argues that those killed were allowed to remain in the building until evening.

Surprising, they were removed secretly at night. In normal circumstances, ambulances should have rushed the victims to hospitals immediately after the shooting to find out whether they were dead or not. According to Fetzer, gun control advocates created a scene that would push for greater restrictions on gun ownership.

Personally, I am yet to form an opinion on the whole issue. God created man with a mind to differentiate good and bad. Consequently, human beings perform most of their tasks from their own freewill. However, some states in the US have enacted gun control laws (White). Gun control laws can, hence, exist without compromising people’s safety. For that reason, it might not be necessary for people to own guns.

To me, it is very difficult to take sides in the gun control debate. Maybe, I am as confused as President Obama. President Obama hopes that the US will work towards eliminating gun violence (White). Nevertheless, he believes that people have the right to own firearms. Given that, I uphold the current laws regarding the ownership of firearms since this debate does not make much sense to me.

Despite public outcry, meaningful gun control legislations remain doubtful (Fox). Senate majority leader, Harry Reid is expected to present several gun reform laws to the Senate for voting. This legislation includes laws prohibiting people from buying guns for those forbidden from owning them (Fox). This is the only hope for pro-gun control advocates. Meanwhile, the pro-gun advocates continue to enjoy the status quo.

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The Theme Of Goodness In “The Good Person Of Setzuan” By Hoit Hilsman

There are many instances portraying goodness in the play “the good person of Setzuan.” One has to say that “goodness” as portrayed in the play is a multifaceted phenomenon. During Wong’s absence, the gods show their fears about the possibility of failing to achieve their mission of finding a good person. One god decries lack of religious ethic among human beings as the sole reason they are likely to fail in their mission (Hilsman, 1).

From the beginning of the play, the theme of goodness comes out starting with the gods’ definition of who a good person is. According to the gods, a good person is the one who lives a life that is worthy of a human being. In the scene 1a, the theme of goodness comes out when the gods urge Wong to look for Shen Te and show interest in her honesty so that she can reciprocate.

According to the gods, goodness cannot survive for long if there is no demand for it. In this scene, there is an attempt by the gods to explain that being good is through the above interaction between Wong and the gods, perhaps a further elaboration of what “living a life that is worthy of a human being” means. Finally, the gods are trying to imply that it is difficult for a human to achieve goodness without support from other people.

There is also one instance of goodness when Shen Te offers the old woman money to pay her rent. He acknowledges that the woman is a candidate for a good person, an indirect reference to the gods’ idea of goodness and demand. In scene 6, the theme of goodness comes out clearly through the song of St. Nevercome by Yang Sun. In the song, Yang Sun sarcastically mocks at the efforts of human beings to try to be good.

According to him, the days when all human beings will be good will never come. Thus, it’s futile to strive for goodness. In the scene 6a, the gods also enhance the theme of goodness by citing it as strength and declining Wong’s desire to see them intervene in Shen Te’s life. According to the gods, good people find their way to God’s world.

In the play, Shen Te’s perception of goodness changes during pregnancy, further highlighting the theme of goodness. When she sees the carpenter’s child digging in the trash, she vows that she will be good to her son and a tigress to others. Goodness also comes out in the scene 9a when the gods lament on little goodness they have found in the world.

Despite Shen Te’ staying good, Wong’s role helps to cast doubt on her “good” image. The third god captures goodness with the conclusion that good intentions bring people to the brink of the abyss while good deeds push people over the edge of the cliff. It is therefore correct to assert that being good according to the gods’ rulebook is impossible, as they later discover.

After the revelation by Shen Te that she was also Shui Ta, the gods could not believe that she did bad things. The first god, in particular, insists on congratulating her for remaining good (Brockett, 66). After the gods leave, Shen Te remains with her problems and still struggles to achieve goodness.

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Education Impact On Life Quality

There is an old axiom which says that good quality education is the key to a successful and fulfilling life. This axiom could never be further from the truth, especially now in the 21st century when competition for existing career positions is increasingly high.

The intense competition has triggered a paradigm shift in the way employers apportion the few job vacancies available, from family and ethnic considerations to a ‘winner-takes-all’ or merit-based approach. Consequently, the role of good education in securing the future has intensified. In this paper, I attempt to describe my personal circumstances and how good quality education is expected to make a difference in the quality of my life in the future.

Personal circumstances are basically unforeseen incidences that are beyond the control of the student affected, implying that they can seriously hamper the studies and educational progression of such a student. At a personal level, I am not aware of any personal circumstances that may hamper my studies and progression in the institution.

However, it might be plausible to note that some circumstances such as sudden acute illnesses and close personal bereavement do occur without prior knowledge and can affect anyone, thus the need to suggest that such incidences will be effectively dealt with if and when they occur. It is my considered submission that students with personal circumstances should contact their respective student advisors much earlier for corrective actions to be initiated.

Moving on to the education domain, it is evident that education impacts the quality of life of individuals in varied and multifaceted ways. In contemporary society, a lack of basic education is almost synonymous to a life without a future. Having secured my basic education, I am now in the process of furthering my studies to ensure that my future will be fully secured.

It is basic knowledge that a good educational background is a ticket to a fulfilling and well-paying career in the public service or the corporate world. There exists a positive correlation between good quality education and a better career in the future. Consequently, a better career is one of the surest ways that can be used to guarantee the satisfactory quality of life owing to the fact careers come with rewards such as pay and promotion.

It is also clear that my education will be expected to enhance my quality of life in terms of professional peers and friends that I will be interacting with in my career endeavors. Friends and peers are a good source of social support and stability, not mentioning that education will open up doors and facilitate my interaction with people of high integrity and character.

It, therefore, follows that the quality of my life will be enhanced by the network of professional peers and friends. Without education, it is difficult to meet with peers and friends who can play an active role in advancing an individual’s quality of life.

Lastly, knowledge by itself is power, implying that my progression in the education domain will act as a fulcrum in the continuum of moving from the unknown to the known.

It is my considered opinion that an enlightened individual will definitely have a good quality life in terms of independent decision making, knowledge of the current issues and problems within the environment, dealing with personal and family health issues, and being looked upon as a role model by the society.

These are issues that can only contribute to the enhancement of quality of life and life satisfaction, thus education is critical in having a successful and fulfilling life in the future.

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