Hair-Dyes Can Affect Ones Health Sample Assignment

By showing hands, can everyone in the class tell that they dye their hair or not? It’s a common thing many people do dye their hair with many different reasons of their own. Nowadays, it has become a very trending issue among youngsters as they claim that by dyeing their hair can be very fashionable in order to look outstanding and even some of them said hair-dyes can boost their confidence-level. But do they really know that hair-dyes can harm not only your hair follicles but also your entire body which can lead to death? Before you dye your hair, have you ever think of the bad effects that may cause you?

This is the problem that we should aware before we start doing it without any research. And yes, there are negative effects of hair-dyes and I am standing here today to inform you of the three major downsides to dyeing you hair. Firstly are the physical reactions then those chronic diseases may affect you and lastly the psychological effects of hair-dyes. Before we start, do you know what hair-dye is? As in Wikipedia, hair dyeing is the practice of changing the colour of hair which is an ancient art, involves treatment of the hair with various chemical compounds.

Let’s begin with the first point which is hair-dyeing can lead to physical reactions toward us because one of the chemicals used in hair-dyes is p-Phenylenediamine (PPD). This chemical is used in 99 percents of all hair-dye products and this chemical is a white solid, but samples can be darkening due to air oxidation. The most dangerous physical reaction I was talking about is allergy. The main cause implicated in hair dye allergies, whether on the scalp, face, neck, back or hands, is a substance commonly known as PPD. The most common symptoms is an itchy scalp or burning of the scalp within a short period of time after applying the dye.

Sometimes symptoms may develop days or weeks after the hair dye treatment. According to Vincent Crump of the Auckland Allergy Clinic, continuous use of hair dye on hair can elevate the chances of a person to a severe allergic reaction. He says “People need to be aware if you are going to colour your hair-especially if it’s a permanent dye that you run that risk. ” This problem is dangerous and should be taken seriously because maybe some of us might have an allergic reaction towards this chemical, PPD which can lead us to death.

Moving on to the next physical reactions you might get because of the use of hair-dyes are hair loss and hair-breakage. It can happen when the exposure of the chemicals to your hair is too much that will results in dry, rough, and fragile hair. In extreme cases, the hair can be so damaged that it breaks off entirely. This issue is getting more serious and I would like to stress that hair-dye is highly dangerous because it could lead to chronic diseases as it linked to the development of cancer and not to forget asthma.

I know it may sound a bit cliche but you probably will face with death and this issue cannot be taken easily. Over 5,000 different chemicals are used in hair dye products, some of which are reported to be carcinogenic (cancer-causing) in animals and humans but somehow they have reduce the number of chemicals in hair-dyes but these chemicals are to set colour into hair which could harm ones health because the chemicals used are abrasive and damaging such as ammonia, peroxide, tar and whatnot.

These chemicals can lead to the development of cancer such as bladder cancer, blood cancer and even breast cancer. It depends on how often you use hair-dyes as ones who regularly colour their hair using hair-dyes may be putting themselves at risk of having bladder cancer. Darker color is at greater risk because darker colours are formed by using higher concentrations of chemicals. Furthermore, hair-dyes also can cause asthma. In this case, hairstylist or the one who applies the colour are at risk of developing asthma. Long term exposure of the chemicals can lead to asthma problem.

Last but not least, the psychological effects of hair-dyes. What can I say here is that when you colour your hair, you will not know what the colour of your hair will turn out to be. What if the result may not bring satisfaction to you? You may be colour your hair again to other colour, and it turned out to happen the same thing over and over again and lastly will result hair damages because of the excessive use of hair-dyes. For your information, once you dye your hair, you can never reverse back to your original hair colour.

This can make you frustrated thus, distracted to face people around you. You may feel down and this absolutely can affect your confidence level to do anything in your everyday life which affects your mental. Besides that, most of us already knew the effects of the hair dyes, somehow they still insisting to take the risk. But after that, they might be overly worried when think about the diseases may affect their health. Hopefully now it is clear that dyeing your hair an unnatural color is more than just a risk.

I would like to inform you again that we cannot simply just dye our hair without any research or knowing the effects after hair-dyeing. It can be a tragedy for yourself as it gives dangerous physical reactions, can link to chronic diseases and lastly can affect your psychological health. It is never advisable to play with your health for the sake of being looked beautiful and attractive. For your information, we can go for other natural products like henna or can use branded hair products for your hair that can make your hair look great and have not side effects at the same time.

Psychology Applied To Everyday Life

Psychology is involved in multiple areas of daily life, including motivation and emotion, stress and health, as well as psychological therapies. These three aspects are interconnected with my personal experiences. Although psychology is commonly linked to therapists and mental disorders, its impact extends beyond that and affects everyone to some degree. Specifically, the field of motivation and emotion has a direct influence on my own life.

Thirst compels people to search for a beverage, urging them to act. Emotion, on the other hand, relates to an individual’s sentiments towards a person or potentially dangerous circumstance. The connection between motivation and emotion exists because motivation is crucial in executing an action, while emotion determines one’s attitude towards that action.

Throughout my high school years, I lacked motivation due to the lack of challenge. I effortlessly aced exams without studying. However, once college began, my mindset shifted. I maintained my old habits of avoiding study sessions, neglecting homework assignments, and procrastinating on vital projects until the final moments. Eventually, it dawned on me that college demands a significantly higher level of dedication compared to high school.

The transformation of my attitude towards school occurred when I encountered a challenging situation that motivated me to give my best effort. Instead of dreading school, I began to find enjoyment in it. This change in my motivation and emotions towards education took place during my transition from high school to college-level courses. This personal experience demonstrates the relevance of motivation and emotion within the field of psychology. Additionally, psychology applies to my life through its understanding of the relationship between stress and health. Stress refers to our emotional and physical reactions to challenging or potentially harmful circumstances.

An instance of stress can be feeling anxious and having difficulty sleeping the night before a final exam, particularly if it necessitates scoring 90% to maintain an A in the course. Stress has the potential to affect our well-being by causing an elevation in heart rate and blood pressure, among other factors. In cases of prolonged extreme stress, individuals may eventually experience physical collapse and inability to function. Around one year ago, I was involved in a severe car accident when my large truck overturned about 4 or 5 times while traveling at approximately 50 miles per hour.

I found myself stranded, anxiously waiting for help about 30 minutes away from the nearest town. It took a tedious 40 minutes for any assistance to arrive, and nearly an hour for the ambulance to reach me. While I waited, consumed by fear, thoughts of impending death plagued my mind. My left eye was completely swollen shut and my right arm had a severe 6-inch gash, leaving blood everywhere. The stress I felt was overwhelming, causing shallow and rapid breathing as I endured this agonizing state for over half an hour. Even after leaving the hospital, my stress levels remained remarkably high.

Being alone during my ordeal significantly limited my abilities. I had to endure having my arm and face sutured, as well as going through facial reconstructive surgery, which caused immense pain. This led to a feeling of powerlessness as both my physical health deteriorated and my emotional well-being suffered greatly. Furthermore, the realization that my body would never be the same added more stress. The accident’s combination of physical and emotional strain impacted both aspects of my health, highlighting the connection between stress and overall well-being in my life. Psychological therapies also played a role in addressing these personal experiences.

The aim of physiological therapies is to improve individuals’ everyday functioning. These therapies can benefit anyone, irrespective of whether they have a psychological issue. Having a trustworthy therapist to talk to can be highly beneficial for anyone. When I was younger, I constantly felt irritable and stressed. I often felt inadequate compared to others, but my behavior seemed to portray arrogance. During that time, I was part of a Select baseball team with a strict coach. We practiced for three hours after school on weekdays, leading to overwhelming stress and lack of time for other activities, which contributed significantly to my stress. Initially, I had doubts that seeing a therapist would be helpful as a child. Furthermore, I was afraid of my friends mocking me if they found out about my therapy sessions. However, once I started meeting with him occasionally, I realized that I could trust him with anything and talk about any topic openly. Over time, I even started looking forward to my therapy sessions.

I am certain that if I hadn’t visited this therapist, my life would have taken a significantly different path. This therapist supported me in comprehending and managing the challenges surrounding me. The presence of a trustworthy person to confide in was crucial, as it aided me in handling the tumultuous events occurring in my life. Psychological therapy, the branch of psychology that has made the greatest impact on my life, was instrumental in my journey. Psychology extends beyond therapy and can be relevant to every individual’s life.

Psychology has various applications in my life, including motivation and emotion, stress and health, and psychological therapy. It is a diverse field that offers connections to every individual’s life. By studying psychology, I have gained understanding of emotions and feelings. Reflecting on the integration of psychology into daily life reveals the significant impact of psychological principles on the world.

Geely Automobile’s Sales Soar In Arab World

According to statistics released by Geely recently, the company has exported 57,000 units to overseas markets in the past eight months of this year, which is up by 205% from over a year ago. In particular, more than 24,000 units were sold in the Arab world, which is 43% of Geely’s total exports. Geely has entered eight Arabic markets, including Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Algeria, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Oman and Kuwait. Geely entered the Arabian market in 2003, in the following eight years, the Chinese homegrown carmaker expanded into Eastern Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa and Central Asia.

In 2010, it exported 100 Emgrand cars to Middle East for the first time, making its first move towards introducing premium models to the region. It sold 1,694 units that year and signed another agreement for business in Jordan’s automotive market. Geely’s successful acquisition of Volvo Cars on 2nd August 2010 in London made them China’s very first multinational automaker. Through rational planning and effective management, Geely has not only made great strides itself, but has also helped Volvo Cars turn loss into gain.

That’s not all, Geely has also helped Volvo Cars build its own board of directors and senior management team which consists of financial, R&D, manufacturing and logistics elites. The established ‘Volvo-GEELY Cooperation and Collaboration Committee’ encourages extensive communication between Volvo Cars and Geely in fields including production, purchasing, R&D, marketing and sales, and employee training. In May of 2011, Geely reached a cooperation agreement with Oman.

In September, it launched four models in Saudi Arabia, which included the Emgrand EC7, the EC7-RV, the EC8 and the Panda; for which the brand achieved a sales volume of 3,800 units within three months. It planned to export 10,000 units to the country in the first eight months of 2012 and now the target is expected to expand to 15,000 units, managing a strong foothold. A similar feat has been achieved in other countries in the Middle East region, including Syria, Iraq and Oman. Geely’s export performance has been illustrated by its sales volume in the Arab world. Its total exports for this year are expected to exceed 80,000 units since its overseas business has grown into a rapid period due to its long-term quality strategy,” commented Dr. Zhang Lin, Vice President of Geely. The Geely Emgrand LC, EC7, and EC8 have been rated 5-stars by C-NCAP and have garnered a great response from people across the Arab world.

With the popularity of the Geely Emgrand range spreading across the Sultanate as well, the cars’ luxurious, powerful, features and attractive pricing is drawing in people from different segments and nationalities to TAC showrooms across the Sultanate. Having a network of 11 showrooms, 16 service outlets and 10 parts outlets spread across the Sultanate, Towell Auto Centre (TAC), are the sole distributors of Geely Emgrand in the Sultanate.

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