Hopewell Hospital Case Study Homework Essay Sample

Step 1: Receive medication order via written, telephone, or through hospital internet system. /Medical Tech, or Registered Pharmacist.5 Minute Step 2: Verify and validate order with doctor or hospital. /Registered Pharmacist1.3 Minute Step 3: Check for duplicates, Patients allergic reaction history and current meds to insure no overlapping medications with adverse reactions. /Register Pharmacist1.4 Minute Step 4: Check drug availability/ Registered Pharmacist1.0 Minute Step 5: Prepare Prescription such as labels and bottle preparation/ Registered Pharmacist3.2 Minute Step 6: Store for pick up or delivery. /Registered Pharmacist.8 Minute Step 7: Prepare charges write notes/comments as needed. Close pharmacy record on patient. /Registered Pharmacist not required.1.5 Minute

Total steps per prescription are seven steps taking an average of 9.7 minutes per prescription or 6.2 prescriptions per hour. At this rate, if 36 new prescriptions came in between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. with four pharmacists on duty the utilization of labor would be 36/(6.2 X 4) = 1.4 or 140% labor utilization. An alternative to this design and set up would be to have a specific person certain parts of the process. Similar to how a subway makes sandwiches tailored to the customers’ needs. With this type of process the amount of people trying to accomplish the same task on different prescriptions would no longer cause bottlenecking and confusion. It would also give a more specific time needed per prescription to the customer to avoid differing waiting times. This type of set up would help the pharmacy to stay organized and minimize the number of mistake prescriptions made. However, the disadvantage is that the pharmacy is limited to the number of people it can keep on at any given time. If a higher number of prescriptions comes in the processing level will need to be increased to keep up efficiency.

Also due to the nature of this process the people near the end of the process may end up not being useful while they wait for their section of the process to begin. Unless instead of an assembly line type of setup the design formed more of a loop so that the prescription starts at one pharmacist. After the beginning phase of the process the first pharmacist begins preparing the end of the process so that the middle and end phases are over lapped. So that the prescription is ready to be charged while it is still being filled and all notes and comments are ready to be attached to the bottle when the label is being applied. This would effectively take off 1.5 minutes from the final step. The final recommendations for this process would be to invest in an automated process of weighing medication (assuming no broken pills). This is so that there is no need to have someone there to count and fill the bottles. An automated labeling machine would greatly improve processing speed as well.


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Mason, Ohio. Joe Sabatino

Academic Integrity

What is the importance of writing, both academically and professionally?

The importance of writing, both academically and professionally is to be able to communicate your thoughts properly to everyone whom you communicate with. I believe being able to write academically give you the foundation in which you are going to use when you write professionally. When you write professionally its important to be able to communicate to co-workers as well as potential clients. I feel they are both important in the sense they help you communicate to your peers, colleagues and everyone else in an effective manner through email, letters and corporate memos.

Why is integrity important in writing?

I think integrity is important for writing in academics. Being able to submit a paper or essay with the confidence your work is completely honest is a great feeling. I feel being honest in your writing gives others a reason to trust you and inform others you are responsible. I feel if these characteristics are shown in your writing they also show the kind of character you have as a person. These traits can prove to a teacher, administration, school and employer you are worthy of being a part of their organization. The value of having integrity is something you will carry with you not only in school, but also in other phases of your life.

How can you avoid plagiarism?

There are few ways you can avoid plagiarism. One way is to be honest to submit your own work and not someone else’s. Another way is to ensure you are giving credit to the resources you have used to gather and state your facts. If you properly post your citations, references and paraphrases this will help you in a huge way. Another way is to ensure the information you are using for your facts are also accurate and provide by a reliable sources. Ensure the information you are basing your paper is an accredited institution.

Importance Of English Language Subject

English subject has become one of the most important and popular language in the world.In university,english is very important language that should be learn because english can make someone easier to find a job ,scholarship interview and others.Honestly, since primary school I didn’t like english subject.I think that english is hard and difficult to learn.

In my university which is University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia,english subject is divided into two classes which are academic for english and foundation english.The different between these 2 classes is academic for english class for students who got band 3 and above in MUET examination while foundation english class for students who got band 3 and below.In matriculation level,I had seat a MUET examination and got band 2.So,here I need to attend a foundation english class.

In my opinion,the purpose of this foundation english is to improve a grammar and also communication skills.From this subject,I had learn a basic grammar.I think I should learn it again to improve my grammar and to help me speak in english very well.Firstly I feel ashamed because need to learn it again but I realize that this is very important for the future.

Furthermore,from this subject, I had learn how to reduce my grammatical errors during writing an essay.Since secondary school during writing an essay, I always write many grammatical errors.So,with attend this class,I know my mistakes and try to change it in correct way.from this subject,I feel happy because I can communicate more confidently.Before this,I feel very nervous to speak in english especially during presentation.I know all assignment and presentation must be in english language.So,that’s why this subject is very important to me.

In addition,from this class,my teacher did not allow me to speak in malay.So when I want to speak to my teacher and friends,I have to speak in english eventhough my speaking skills is not good enough.However,this subject teach me how describe nouns.I also learnt the difference between proper nouns and common nouns.Proper nouns is the name of particular person or place while common nouns is the name given in common to every person or things.With the help from my teacher,I understand how to use these nouns.

As conclusion,this foundation english class help me a lot from zero to full of ideas.I also have to do a lot of exercises to improve my grammar and communication skills.I hope that I can use all information from this class in daily life.This is because nowadays english is international and also communication language.God will help people for those help themselves.