How Did Byrd, Edwards, & Franklin Differ In Their Religious Outlook? Sample Sample Essay

William Byrd II. Jonathan Edwards. and Benjamin Franklin were three good cognize and esteem me around the same clip period and have many qualities in common. Although these work forces have similar chances in life. they had a really different positions in faith. I think this was caused by the different orientation they received as kids by their parents. their life styles. and the topographic point where the lived. In the undermentioned paragraphs I will explicate in item how these three outstanding work forces differed in their spiritual mentalities.

William Byrd was born on his father’s plantation in Virginia but brought up in Essex and remained in England for most of his early life. Aged 30 when his male parent died in 1704. William returned to Virginia to pull off the family’s 26. 000 acre estate and subsequently built a all right house there which stands today. William was stalwart and energetic and. like most Virginians of his clip. frequently in the saddle. A great traveller. he was no ordinary innovator: this was a adult male of civilization. broad achievements and considerable appeal. a affable host who had powerful friends on both sides of the Atlantic. William attended Felsted Grammar School near Braintree for nine old ages when Christopher Glasscock was its schoolmaster and so studied jurisprudence at the Middle Temple.

He was called to the Bar in 1695. served a short apprenticeship in Holland and visited the Court of Louis XIV. In London William was going known as a satirical author and humor. and in 1696. through the good offices of his wise man Sir Robert Southwell. he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society. His influence grew and he was appointed Virginia’s colonial agent in London and was therefore at the bosom of the struggle between Crown and Colony that was finally to trip into Revolution. No adult male had a better readying for stand foring the old universe in the new and frailty versa. William Byrd II was an aspirant English chevalier ; at the terminal. a protean Enlightenment figure.

Jonathan Edwards was a really admirable and enthusiastic sermonizer. His male parent and gramps were curates in the Congregational Church. At age 13. Edwards entered Yale University for theological surveies. After his grandfather’s decease Edwards had to take over the responsibilities as curate of the Northampton Congressional Church. After the old ages passed people began to garner to hear Edwards electrifying discourses on damnation and redemption. In his celebrated discourse called “Simmers in the Hands of Angry Gods” he warned and panicky people with his graphic descriptions of the horrors of damnation. and with his discourses on the ageless penalties confronting those who failed to seek and happen redemption. His desperate warnings. coupled with his pressing call for penitence. helped usher in the spiritual resurgence known as the Great Awakening.

Benjamin Franklin was a really well-thought-of gentlemen for his achievements as pressman. author. scientist. discoverer. politician. and many other things. As a kid his parents gave him an early spiritual feeling. He had been educated as a Presbyterian but at 15 he was doubting when he found differences in the different books he read against Deism. Franklin was a adult male that was ne’er without some spiritual rule and ne’er doubted the Deity. He besides believed in the Thirteen Virtues to accomplish moral flawlessness.

These work forces have given us first-class illustrations to follow and hold contributed to our history in many ways. They genuinely deserve the regard and award that people still have for them today.

My Accidental Jihad Sample

1. What is the relationship between the rubric of the essay and its content? Interpret the rubric and explicate what it means to you. Make you see the rubric capturing? The relationship between the rubric and the context is the author’s narrative of depicting the battles to be understanding towards her hubby refering his Muslim religion. Bremer’s hubby tells her that harmonizing to the Prophet Mohammad the greatest Jihad. or battle. of our lives is one that takes topographic point in our Black Marias and is a battle to go a better individual. Bremer finds herself in a battle to be less focussed on her demands and more tolerant towards her husband’s spiritual beliefs during the month of Ramadan. hence the rubric My Accidental Jihad. I think the negative intension environing the word Jihad. combined with inadvertent. makes the rubric highly capturing. It makes the reader ask “How can one accidently want to blow themselves up? ”

2. What is the importance of paragraph 3? Would the essay be merely as clear to the mean reader if the paragraph had been left out? Explain your reply. Paragraph 3 is of import because it explains some history about Ramadan and besides what takes topographic point during the month. I don’t believe the essay would hold been as clear had the paragraph been left out. I think it gives the reader a sense of the deepness of the fast. It shows it’s non merely a fast from nutrient.

3. What contrast is drawn between paragraph 7 and 8? Which authorship technique contributes to the color of the paragraphs? How convincing are the author’s statements? Do you believe her feelings are justified in both paragraphs? Explain your reply. I think the contrast between the two paragraphs is that Paragraph 7 is lively and Bremer is vivid in depicting their new love and besides in coming to the realisation that Ismail had all the qualities of the adult male she wanted to get married. In paragraph 8 she changes the tone to depict how during Ramadan their relationship becomes bland and how Ismail’s God is ubiquitous and austere. Bremer uses specific inside informations and besides centripetal inside informations to lend to the color of the paragraphs. I think her statements are converting in that she gets her point across in both paragraphs. I think her feelings are justified in that they are her feelings. In paragraph 8 she is holding a difficult clip maintaining sight of the qualities she found in him from paragraph 7.

4. What facet of Ramadan does the writer emphasize in paragraphs 10 and 11? How does she portray the world that accompanies intensified fasting and praying? What is her position of these rites? Bremer emphasizes the fasting from nutrient and the resulting effects that has on her husband’s energy. Bremer portrays her hubby as being lifeless. humorless. and unable to keep conversation and merely overall drained from the effects of his fasting. She seems frustrated by the rites. inquiring him sardonically what he’s learned from his fast so far.

5. How does the writer conclude her essay? Is the inquiry the writer asks her hubby carnival or unfair? Do you believe she truly uses an guiltless tone when she asks her inquiry? What is her intent in inquiring the inquiry? She ends the essay by explicating her realisation that during Ramadan she was being self-involved and that she now has a better apprehension of what love means to her. I thought her tone was sardonically guiltless at best. She was frustrated at the clip she asked it. so clearly she was non trying to acquire an existent reply. She wanted him to oppugn his fast.

Qwertyuiop: Secretary And Belmont Secretarial College

Based on the short narrative. QWERTYUIOP. compose about a character that you like. Give three grounds why you like the character and supply grounds to back up your grounds. In the short narrative. QWERTYUIOP. the character whom I like is Lucy Beck. She was the chief character in the narrative. She had merely finished analyzing in Belmont Secretarial College and was looking for a occupation. She was lucky because she got a occupation at Ross and Bannister’s. I like Lucy Beck because she was a determined individual.

In the beginning. Lucy had no assurance in acquiring a occupation. Even the principal in the college was dubious because Lucy was a really slow typist. Lucy was determined to acquire the occupation as she came from a hapless household. She was tired of eating macaroni cheese. adust beans and have oning second-hand apparels. She needed money to alter her life-style. Lucy was besides a brave individual. When she started working at Ross and Bannister’s she had jobs. The spirit of a former secretary. Miss Broome. was stalking the typewriter she used.

The spirit chased off all the old secretaries. However. Lucy did non allow the spirit frighten her. She needed the occupation and she courageously confronted the spirit and managed to carry her to go forth the office. Another ground why I like Lucy Beck is because she was intelligent. Although she was really slow at typing. her intelligence helped her to convert Miss Broome to go forth and non stalk the office any longer. She managed to garner information about Miss Broome from Harry Darke. a worker at the office.

Using the information. she praised Miss Broome stating that she was a good worker and that her late foreman. Mr Bannister. missed her a batch. She besides said that Mr Bannister still needed her services. In this manner she managed to acquire rid of Miss Broome’s spirit and she can go on to work in the office peacefully. In decision. I like Lucy Beck because she looked simple and undistinguished but she is able to support her work utilizing her ain intelligence. bravery and finding.