How To Ruin Everything Essays By George Watsky Free Sample

How To Ruin Everything refers to a collection of essays whose author is George Watsky, who is also a musician and an artist. He has explained how he managed to conquer the little humiliations, as I can refer to him as a person with the capability to attack or attract the reader’s attention through his poet who is at heart. The author also states the need to accept defeat in life and how important it is to facilitate human progress in life without any hindrances. In his writings on How to run everything, he explains his life experiences and encounters remarkably, stating how he ended up in smuggling and being one of the international smugglers (Watsky). In addition, he elaborates on the incidences and the journey of battling to dominate in his middle school rap, together with his personal experiences with epilepsy. This confidence and attitude have made him learn and broaden his scope of life, with outcomes being his earning many hearts on YouTube who have subscribed to his excellent work.

The characteristics of being flexible and emotionally deep have made him a writer with a promising future in building his career and scaling to greater heights in life. The ability of the writer to depict various incidences of his life and the overall journey to his career progress show an individual who is determined in his work, and his extravagant writings winnings the heart of many people and a motivation to never give up. His revelations on the worse experiences of his life with some ruining moments show that sometimes they tend to give the best in life through his spoken word’s poetry. In his encounter and experience with epilepsy, he puts together the history of its treatment and diagnosis and refers to it as the most serious.

It’s evident from How to Ruin Everything by Watsky that his theme in writings is through the description of his life experiences which are challenging and remorseful, the idea of never giving up in life and trusting yourself at all levels in life. It acts as a vital pillar toward individuals or any person’s success, indicating that the journey is not smooth and full of horrifying incidences, the outcome is more beneficial and worth the struggles undertaken. The efforts of life to fit in the society and have a sense of belonging and purposeful identity in the poetry and music world, he strives to get consistent work leading him to the task of smuggling tusks at the border(Watsky). The job is a high risk, but the author had no option but to involve himself in the illegal business regardless of the consequences one faces when caught and subject to the law. This shows how far the storms of life can make someone involved in risky activities which can ruin their whole life upon being revealed.

However, the experiences in his life, despite their horrible nature, act as the base or background attributes to his poetry and musical work since they mainly involve his personal experiences in life at firsthand. This idea of him creating poetry from his personal life indicates how the author is good at relating to the reality or facts in life without having to make any assumptions. The explanation of his childhood and recent touching encounters juxtaposes how they work out (Watsky). They range from the stories of his struggles being a vegetarian while performing slam poetry on college campuses, his relationships, and his travel stories. All this plays a vital role in making the book outstanding and exciting to a reader with the personal information explanations depicting the authenticity of the text, making it confide with the reader in a way that it seems they were friends from the olden days, thus cultivating their continued attention to read more as it’s honest and lovable to the reader.

The Tusk is outstanding, my favorite in its coverage of the incidence where the author has involved the smuggling of tusks with his friends, which was a narwhal tusk over the Canadian border into the United States with the primary goal of giving it to an older woman at the age of 200yeras as a gift. This incident evidently shows how far one can go if only you are focused and hardworking since it was a challenging task to move with the Tusk through the border with its prohibitions (Watsky). This feels like one having a direct conversation with the author through his writings since it’s speaking about his encounter in life. Determination makes one get the best they desire in life. At the same time, despite the challenges they will face, never be out until their mission is accomplished. There is a clear relationship between success and the efforts to reach it.

The author’s ability to express his writing in a way that good writing would involve has made the reader, when reading the story, move with the mood and the emotions in the text. This engaging ability has been made through his funny and genuine personal experiences; for example, during his affair with epilepsy, he applies a lie that he is in love with entitled “What Year Is It?” whereby he elaborates on his scathing experience with epilepsy (Watsky). This engages the reader with its feelings being developed in the reader’s mind and might display empathy sometimes. The whole tragic events and experiences are somehow molding his career in music and poetry.

In conclusion, the organization, entertaining, hilarious, and surprising creativity in writing, and the whole work coordination of the author’s work in delivering his message to the reader and relating it to his personal life are outstanding. The significant relationship between their life experiences and their contribution to his works have made him produce recommendable poetry and music career, thus shaping his future into becoming the best he admired. The horrific circumstances show us how life has both devastating sides, which might even kill one’s dream and goal in life, but resilience and hard work without quitting will result in success. Struggles and success are two terms that are intertwined in the story. However, the author’s optimism makes him attain and soar to greater heights in his career even when things don’t go as planned and seemed to result in the worse. The relational concept is evident in the different parts of the writer’s text and depicts things relating to the reality of life.

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HR Challenge: Choosing A Performance Appraisal System Essay Example For College


The effectiveness of problem-solving strategies depends on the quality of appraisal systems, which depends on the degree to which they have been successfully integrated into the organizational setting (Cappelli & Canyon, 2018). As a result, achieving and addressing perfection is crucial to developing an effective business strategy. A five-tiered evaluation structure is the most effective way to ensure that all necessary goals are met.

Selection Process

Performance Appraisal Systems

Performance appraisal systems come in various types: grading, management by objective, 360-degree reviews, behavior-based appraisals, straight-ranking, and trait-based appraisals. The grading appraisal system allows the leaders to rank the skills of each employee using 1-5 or A-F. It is unreliable when independently used. A linear ranking system ranks employees from the best to the worst, assuming that the staff members share the same responsibility to the hospital. The other system is the management by objective, where the staff and leaders jointly make goals. It is a fair modern method that avoids bias through its self-awareness technique that promotes productivity. The 360-degree appraisal mainly focuses on obtaining feedback from stakeholders like clients to gauge their productivity.

Behavior and trait-based appraisals focus on employee task output and personalities, respectively. Such appraisal systems are ineffective because they could be subjective when obvious traits hide other characteristics. The hospital’s new three-level system corresponds to the linear ranking appraisal system that ranks employees from levels 1 to 3, believing that all employees are similar, which is unrealistic in a hospital work environment. Similarly, the five-level system categorizes employees from levels 1 to 5, lying under the grading appraisal system. An alternative system to ensure that all employees feel valued could be the management by objective, where the leaders and workers get to make their specialized goals based on their roles in the company.


The first option is the five-level appraisal system demonstrates the grading system as an effective way to group employees. The method would assist the hospital in maintaining its high-value staff, managing their financial responsibilities well, attracting talented individuals, and promoting vision and compliance (Sharma & Sharma, 2017). The option is disadvantageous as most people may fall under the ‘developing’ and ‘needing improvement’ level leading to untapped potential among the talented employees in the rank. It effectively spreads the 700 employees evenly through the five rank levels.

The second option is the newly adopted three-level appraisal system, whose benefits include eliminating unhealthy employee competition. The disadvantage includes low staff morale as minimal motivation is linked to it. The third alternative is the management by objectives system, which would be beneficial as it would allow the Human resources to be fully utilized, and the method has better communication. The method would need support from leadership, and in the high-demand hospital work environment, it could be challenging as it is time-consuming (DeNisi & Murphy, 2017).

In the case where the minority defers the opinion on the performance appraisal inflation system, and the management team overlooks their feedback in favor of the majority, the consequences could have lasting effects as it could lead to the loss of trust among the minority employees. It could lead to a long-lasting communication gap as some employees feel less valued than most colleagues (Daniel, 2019).

Course of Action

After considering the appraisal methods, the selected system is the five-level evaluation structure. The outcomes of the system would highly benefit the hospital as it would ensure employees felt heard, leading to higher retention, productivity, and engagement. The barrier to its effectiveness would be a generalization of employees, yet each employee might have different needs, and it could have minimal interactions between the employees and their managers (Daniel, 2019).

How the proposed HR solution contributes to organizational goals and strategies

Superior, outstanding, contributing substantively, developing, and needing improvement are the five tiers of the suggested HR solution’s evaluation scale (Cappelli & Conyon, 2018). Unlike any other method, this evaluation procedure helps the business achieve its stated objectives, making its workers more valuable. Despite being the current solution, the new three-tiered assessment method is not ideal because it demotivates most workers; this level of unreliability presents a significant obstacle that needs to be met head-on (Dessler, 2020). There must be an emphasis on quality and effective integration in light of valuable measures and concerns for success.

Success and productivity on the job are integral to the organization’s overall mission. Given the severity of the problems, top management must prioritize high-caliber responses and work to guarantee that the appropriate measures are put in place and effectively used before launching any strategy or policy action (Dessler, 2020). Empowering human resources to work tirelessly toward the setting’s goals and ensuring the appropriate tactics and strategies are put into place on an as-needed basis are both crucial. To ensure that human resources are adequate for the tasks, some policies are implemented with a particular focus on vital paths.

The combined efforts of everyone involved allowed for successfully implementing all of the suggested objectives and plans (Cappelli & Conyon, 2018). The appraisal technique is effective because it considers every employee’s unique history and skill set, which helps to propel performance levels to new heights. Discerning and assessing essential concerns that need to be implemented to help achieve the goals and objectives is all that matters in the organization (Cappelli & Conyon, 2018). Implementing the ideal procedures and necessary tactics for success relies heavily on a high-quality strategy and methodology. The best and ideal approaches must constantly adhere to integrated measures to guarantee that the correct success metrics and due merits are implemented.

When workers are unhappy with the current performance review processes, it can be difficult for the company to achieve its goals (Cappelli & Conyon, 2018). One reason it is important to prioritize quality and use the proper procedures is that employee motivation plays a part in achieving corporate goals. A successful and effective system can only be promoted with the help of the correct meter and approach, which in turn relies on fundamental metrics and critical factors. Essential and realistic measures must be taken, and proper management strategies must be used to facilitate this (Schoeneberg, 2016). Effective evaluation strategies should focus on pinpointing the best ways to track and analyze high-quality process results. Natural and appropriate methods are used to complete the job to the company’s satisfaction.

The role of the HR practitioner in advancing a proposed HR solution

Human resources professionals might improve their proposed solution by asking employees for their thoughts and concentrating on their essential needs (Dessler, 2020). A targeted and unified approach to opinion gathering is usually necessary to ensure the implementation of high-quality strategies and policies. For goals to be met and approaches to be applied effectively in the workplace, there must be an impartial and holistic evaluation method.

As a human resources professional, you can improve the recommended solution by tweaking it and checking that all the work is logged. For integrated processes to be successful, it is necessary to employ efficient interventions and vital metrics that aid in developing a targeted approach and eradicating negative circumstances (Cappelli & Conyon, 2018). By weighing the value of suggestions for change against their likelihood of success, HR departments may improve their response to problems and ensure that the steps needed to fix them are in place (Cappelli & Conyon, 2018).

Human resources are responsible for making and reinforcing expert judgments that will assist the company in overcoming its problems. Given the variety of factors and angles at play, it is crucial to establish and adhere to a solid methodology to increase the likelihood of a fruitful conclusion (Cappelli & Conyon, 2018). The HR department ensures the project runs well and takes the necessary steps to complete the essential deliverables.

Application of SHRM behavioral competencies to the process of solving an HR challenge

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) defines “ethics in practice” as a behavioral competency that must be used to achieve the best possible outcome in any given situation (Human Resource Management 2018). Ethical considerations are essential in developing the most important ideas and suggestions for action in every business endeavor. Integrated techniques should be established and re-applied appropriately, and the emphasis should always be on the most efficient means of achieving one’s goals (Human Resource Management 2018). Focus and vital integrations are essential in creating the ideal working environment.

Employee input is crucial to developing the best strategies and procedures for success. The consensus of the workforce is an essential factor that should be given due weight and evaluated thoroughly (Human Resource Management 2018). Whether standalone or part of a larger whole, approaches with a chance of success should always be built on the basics. Fundamental criteria, critical conditions, and observations can only be set up after the best possible measures have been taken. Professionals’ requirements for meeting various objectives often dictate the shape of an integrated practice (Human Resource Management 2018). A tremendous and fundamental measure of the SHRM behavioral competency, respect for others’ opinions, requires a weighting towards this value.

Communication as a Competency in solving the HR recruiting challenge

The appraisal system determines the performance of the employees under an agreement laid concerning the goals, future objectives, and mission, among other things surrounding an organization. They are important in that they measure achievements and shortfalls of employee performance, which sheds some light on the strategic plans and the future of an organization (“Competency model for HR,” 2016). Good mmunication should be considered for appraisal systems to be effective or yield the expected results. Communication methodology determines the accuracy of appraisal systems. Effective communication is important for managers to execute an organization’s basic duties, such as controlling, planning, and organizing. Analogously, effective communication from HR gives employees a good, positive attitude and a friendly environment through which goals and plans for an organization can be addressed for the betterment, which leads to the expansion of the organization and its success.

Appraisal systems can be improved by good communication through which the managers effectively perform their responsibilities. Effective communication forms a good foundation for planning, and this is because, when timely communicated to the manager, in case of a shortfall, the manager immediately communicates the plans to implement and improve the shortfall. On the other hand, in case of good progress, the manager can call for the employee’s promotion and an increase in salary. Organizing calls for effective communication about the progress of the tasks at hand. In order to achieve the team goals, there needs proper communication between the manager and their subordinates. Effective controlling of team goals, missions, and future goals requires written or oral communication. In addition, there is other importance of communication that inter-twins with appraisal systems, including motivation to the employees, source of information at all levels down the hierarchy, boosts an individual’s attitudes, improves socialization, and finally assists in the controlling process.


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Hudson Bay Company Free Essay


Hudson Bay is a full-line department store business that specializes in high-fashion garments, accessories, and soft furnishings in Canada. The Hudson Bay Company provides high-quality products at mid-to-high prices, as well as standard department store services. Hudson Bay shops are located in suburban and urban areas, as well as a commanding position in the downtown centers of Canada’s main cities, and are dedicated to providing outstanding value and consistent, dependable service. The Hudson’s Bay Corporation (HBC) began as a fur trade company in 1670 and grew from there. Initially, it focused on trade stations in the James Bay and Hudson’s Bay areas, but it gradually expanded and penetrated into interior Canada. Hudson’s Bay used an acquisition strategy to dominate the Canadian retail sector in 1970, and they were highly successful. However, their plan did not endure long, as the corporation abandoned its acquisition strategy and sold off non-essential assets amid the economic slump (Brett, 2021).. Later, they bought additional businesses such as Western Canada and Kmart Canada, and they expanded their product line by building Bed, Bath and More locations in the GTA. HBC also joined the ecommerce field with the introduction of, recognizing the necessity for online business. However, the corporation has never embraced internet selling, preferring instead to focus on conventional department stores throughout Canada. Until recently, they are more marketing centered on digital, service model, analytics, and consumer feedback since the pandemic. Their brand values are being communicated to Canadians via television advertisements and other platforms such as social media and movie theaters. This paper will discuss the changed dynamics of business that have influenced the operations of the business since the mergence of Covid 19 such as changed consumer behaviors, how the businesses responses to Covid-19 and also the measures it would have taken to respond much better to the pandemic.

Changed Consumer Behavior Due to Covid

Since the emergence of Covid 19, People are becoming less comfortable going to malls, which is reducing Hudson Bay’s client base. People who work from home do not choose to go to the mall since they are concerned about COVID when purchasing online. In this situation, the business loses consumers in the actual shop, which is crucial for brand exposure. As of the third quarter of 2019, Hudson’s Bay Company, a Canadian retail company group, had retail sales of around 5.47 billion Canadian dollars during the previous five years. This is a modest reduction from the 5.51 billion Canadian dollars in retail sales recorded in the same time a year ago (Karen, 2020). The revenue is lower in 2018 than it was in 2017. There are many reasons for this drop in income. However, consumer purchasing habits have shifted in the recent two years. Since 2020. People are unable to view fresh designs or goods in shops. People usually go to a shop to look around and then find something they like and wish to purchase. However, because to covid, they no longer have the opportunity to explore as often, which has an influence on their purchasing habit, causing Hudson Bay’s sales income to fall. Since the previous several years of the pandemic, Canadians have a greater risk perception of the epidemic and are returning to their normal buying habits. But, if we think about it, customer purchasing behavior differs depending on the amount of comfort in each retail sector. At physical retail and grocery shops, consumers are more comfortable returning to old habits, followed by restaurants and malls.

HBC’s Quick Reaction to Covid 19

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has put the 350-year-old business existence in jeopardy. When the Canadian government-imposed lockdown measures, the company’s first response was to ignore them, resuming operations days later, laying off over 600 staff to save money, and attempting to get into online retailing via its website. Its attempt to diversify online was ultimately unsuccessful (Rosa, 2020). They attempted to catch up on their e-commerce company in the face of tough competition, but they fell behind corporations like Amazon and other established competitors like Nordstrom. Customer expectations, on-time delivery, and other internet company operations are still a challenge for them. Furthermore, unlike Walmart and Amazon, HBC had inventory management concerns and was found to be inefficient, resulting in blowout sales every now and then, costing the firm more money and increasing inventory expenses.

Furthermore, the initial response to lay off a large number of employees, approaching 600, proved to be a hasty choice, as it became impossible for them to maintain their e-commerce operation with the current crew (Rosa, 2020). As a result, HBC’s selections did not result in a successful mix, which would have resulted in a larger client base, lower expenses, and eventually profitability.

Additionally, the management’s decision not to pay rent for its stores when the lockdown was imposed led to consumers speculation that the company is broke, heavy fines by the government and increased unsustainability of the business (Rosa, 2020). Unfortunately, its consumers currently have no many variety of stores to visit since a majority pf them were closed due to landlord wrangles. Consumers prefer going checking the products and it is unfortunate the business cannot meet this demand as it previously did

What HBC May Have Done Differently

Partnerships with significant organizations that currently exist in the digital world, such as Amazon and Walmart, is the ideal transition strategy that the company should have pursued at the time. Managing the COVID 19 pandemic would have been best managed if HBC management had recognized what had previously worked successfully, assessed the strengths, capitalized on them, and recruited experts to formulate plans consistent with their beliefs and aims. HBC must strengthen its flexibility to react to the changing environment in this age of growing client expectations, globalization, AI technology, and efficient procedures. Instead of purchasing and expanding into extreme companies, HBC might develop alliances and engage with other market players that have economies of scale or expertise that could assist HBC. For example, working with Amazon and Walmart to expand their consumer base, inventory management, and so on (Brett, 2021). They may also provide a more diverse experience for their customers, similar to Nordstrom and other retail behemoths. Rather of going large the first time, HBC should have first tested the market with new initiatives, partnerships, and collaborations to see what the results and profitability were like. HBC must balance change with stability. They had been dealing with leadership instability and personnel churn, which needed to be addressed. HBC’s shareholders and management must have the same ideals and vision for the company’s future development. Investors’ anxieties are heightened by leadership instability, which disrupts the business culture. Finally, HBC must adapt to the shifting retail market conditions. They must innovate the shopping experience, the aesthetic of their shops, and their e-commerce company. HBC will need to attract resources to assist it accomplish its objectives.


In conclusion, the optimum plan for HBC would have been to work with well-known companies such as Amazon and Wallmart. This would help the firm get off to a solid start in online retailing. HBC’s management should have learned from the failures of other firms who attempted internet retailing for the first time during COVID and failed, such as Sears’ sudden exit from the Canadian retail sector. Notably, inventory management and customer reach are two crucial factors that put Walmart ahead of many other retailers throughout the globe, allowing Walmart to keep its operating expenses low and consequently profitability at a desirable level. If HBC wants to continue in the retail industry, it must use techniques that keep costs down, consumers happy and assisted, stakeholder trust maintained, and ethical standards in accordance with shared value. To achieve the aforementioned, HBC must infuse innovation into its shops and consumer shopping experiences. Partnerships with retail behemoths like Walmart and e-commerce gurus like Amazon might help them save costs. During this COVID epidemic, HBC’s strategy priority should be strategic alliances.


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