Human Resources: Consolidated Chicken Products Case Sample Paper

Is there a reasonable basis for believing that the company is discriminating against women? If so, explain what it is and, if not, explain why not?

Yes, I do believe the company is discriminating against women employees based on these points: First Consolidated Chicken products employment ratio of Men to Women at the processing plant is in a ratio of 7:3 which shows a great disparity as it favors men hence resulting in discrimination of women at the plant (Fick, 2006). Secondly, the average pay between men employees to women is at different levels at the processing plant, there are cases where men and women employees do the same work or tasks and the male counterparts are paid an average of $ 3.38 higher than their female counterparts at the plant. Also, noting the fact that the average women unemployment levels within the area CCP Company operates is at 25 % while the men unemployment levels are at 10%, the CCP company should be hiring more women from the area to bridge gender inequality. Another factor to consider is the fact that women working office jobs such as secretaries were paid far less than their male counterparts who were working at the processing plant even though their job evaluation points were at the same levels. These factors show that the company does indeed discriminate against women at the workplace.

Is there reason to believe that women could file an equal-pay lawsuit? If so, explain the reason and, if not, explain why not.

I do believe the women working for CCP could file for an equal pay lawsuit based on these grounds; the levels of payment between men and women at the company favors men in that men are paid more than women even in cases where they both do the same jobs, this shows the company’s job pay criteria is not based on the quality of job but rather on gender. As an example, among the three job levels at the processing plant, men earn an average of $ 3.68 more than their female counterparts, and even in the office which was entirely staffed by women they were far less paid than any male paid by the company.

What additional information would be useful in determining the answer to question 2?

Another factor that the women employees could use to file for an equal pay lawsuit is the fact that the region where CCP operates shows women unemployment levels are high at 25% compared to the men’s unemployment levels of 10%, the women could also argue that CCP Company does not have an employment policy in that CCP hires employees based on the reference of current employees who employ their relatives on new jobs since the company does not have a job selection criteria. Another reason to warrant an equal pay lawsuit is the fact that women working office jobs are made to work on minimum wage while, all secretaries who work for CCP are women, thus showing discrimination based on job types.

What would be the consequences of each of Sam’s options to all of the people involved (e.g., women, men in the plant, the company, his family)?

The consequence of Sam’s first option would not change the situation at hand though it would continue to extend discrimination of women at CCP Company, for instance, if an additional workforce would be needed, the employment ratio of men to women employees would increase since current employees refer their relatives to new jobs. This would further increase the women unemployment levels in the area CCP operates. Sam’s first option would be a boost to the men working for the company since they would continue to earn a better pay package than the women. This decision could be detrimental to his family in that Sam would not be satisfied with his decision, this could lower work morale, and this decision could further obliterate the gains he has made in his career in the compensation section.

Sam’s second option of talking to John Birchwood, Sr. might yield results with a little planning and persuasion; this option could lead to more favorable employment terms for women working for CCP in that John might consider hiring more women employees and offering them better pay package. This would lead to a better working environment for everybody in the company and achievement on Sam’s part.

The Third and Last option for Sam would be to call the EEOC to investigate CCP, this can lead to legal action being taken against CCP and made to pay hefty fines or eventually lead to the closure of CCP; these actions would be detrimental to both men and women working for CCP since this action could result in them being jobless on the other hand Sam will be jobless but at least his conscience will rest and this will be an ethical decision to take.

How has the company’s strategy affected its human resource policies?

The CCP Company’s strategy of low prices has led to them keeping the costs at a minimum consequently, this strategy has led them to hire employees who can work for minimum wage, and the company has not had a clear-cut selection criterion for employment. The company strategy of hiring based on the reference of current employees to their close relatives has led to the company hiring employees without basing their decisions on the skill level or other relevant qualifications. This has made it difficult to rank employees based on points that have, as a result, reduced productivity in the human resources of the company. These factors have affected the human resource policy of CCP to take the above approach.

How should cultural norms affect compensation systems?

Cultural norms should affect compensation based on different factors and the effect of the norm in society or human resources (Henderson, 2007). Some Cultural norms according to Blank (2001) such as work levels between men and women should be considered since women take care of children and need maternity leave when they are expectant. Norms could affect how people should be compensated at the workplace since they are a factor to how productive people are as example, in the workplace old people tend to work minimal hours compared to young people thus norms affect the quantity and quality of work which are factored in when deciding on a probable compensation scheme for employees.

Should satisfaction with the pay be the only criterion for evaluating the compensation system? If yes, why should it be, and if no, what other variables should be considered?

Pay satisfaction should not be the only criterion that should be used to determine compensation systems, other variables that could be used to determine compensation should include: skill level in that person with different skills should be compensated differently, another factor that could be used is job description whereby if a person’s job entails doing jobs which add value and benefit to the firm, then the individual should be compensated considerably (Fick, 2006). A variable such as working hours should be considered as a criterion for evaluating a probable compensation system since it determines the work output of a particular employee in contribution to the Company’s production levels. Other variables are; professional training, years of service, milestones that an individual has achieved in the organization, bonuses that the organization gives to its outstanding workers, and benefits of overtime.


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Effective Communication And Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Communication

  • Process of developing a good relationship with other people
  • Interpersonal skills can be learned and developed
  • Effective communication is an essential skill and is related to success

Principles of Interpersonal Communication

  • Good listening is being interested in what you are being told
  • Judgment should come after the information is received and understood
  • Avoid distraction from noise or other people
  • Understand the meaning of the information before responding

Effective face-to-face communication

  • Appraisal – regular reviews and assessment of progress
  • Criticism – this should help individuals see their mistakes and get better at their job
  • Teamwork – the ability of people to work together and communicate effectively about difficult issues


  • Where there is mutual trust feedback can be received or given
  • Feedback should be specific and clear language should be used
  • Feedback should be given at the right time
  • Feedback allows the receiver to know how other people see him/her and helps him adjust behavior if need be


  • We normally communicate with people around us and they communicate to us as well
  • Be careful with what you say because words said cannot be taken back
  • Always listen to other people’s ideas they may be important and make a difference

What Would I Do If I Had A Million Dollars?

If you have a lot of money, what will you do? Essay on this topic is commonly assigned to students. This “what would you do with a million dollars” essay will inspire a great paper.

If I Had a Million Dollars: Essay Introduction

People around the world have all sorts of ideas and dreams. However, there is always a limitation to making such dreams or ideas a reality. Most of the time, the limitation is always financial, and whatever one thinks, or dreams of accomplishing it never comes to fruition. Therefore, I asked myself two questions. What would I do if I had a million dollars to spend? What if a million dollars were given to me, or I won them?

To be honest, having money is one thing, but having a lot of it is different. There are many things anyone could think about if they were given a million dollars to spend. Some will become crazy and spontaneous. Others will become extremely flashy and show off in all sorts of ways. However, a few may think of the future and invest some money before spending it all on material things.

What Would You Do if You Won a Million Dollars: Essay Body

I would do the following if I had a million dollars. I would first buy myself a good car, which I know sounds unreasonable, but I think of this as a way of showing I am worth a million bucks. Becoming a millionaire is a strategic process that needs a concrete plan regarding investments and risks that one would have to take. Nothing is as bad as having a lot of money and then having none in the future. Therefore, having that car might not be a good investment decision, but it will always remind me that I should work hard to maintain that status.

Secondly, I would put some money to take me through college. I will ensure that I have the best resources that will make me excel in college because that is the most critical step in becoming a rational thinker. I will need to make sound investment decisions in the future, and a college education will help me do that. Therefore, even if I use the whole amount of study, it would be worth it. However, a million dollars are too much for college. I will have more than enough for my college education.

Thirdly, I would buy a house. It will save me a lot in terms of mortgage payments in the future, and therefore, I would put that money to use better. Most people wish to own a house but cannot afford it. Therefore, having a million dollars will provide various opportunities like getting a house and fulfilling other wants. I will furnish that house with the best quality of furniture. This is important to me because my home would be where I would be heading after long work hours.

After all, the primary reason people work so hard in life is to own a good home, take care of their family, and live a better life. Thus, having a million dollars would enable me to get all that, and the exciting thing is that I would not have worked hard for it. That is not to say that I am lazy. It just means no one would grab the opportunity if it presented itself.

Lastly, I will put the rest of that money in a fixed deposit account so that I will be able to use it in the future to start a business and make millions of dollars. The good thing is that it will earn interest, which also comes in handy.

If You Have a Lot of Money, What Will You Do: Essay Conclusion

In conclusion, I would like to say that there are numerous ways to spend a million dollars. Personally, I would have invested it in my future education and career. I would have also bought a car and a house. I believe that making bad decisions regarding spending an enormous sum of money is possible. Therefore, I think that wisely investing is crucial.

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